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Abot Sandra Cisneros

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Where She's From

Sandra Cisneros born December 20, 1954 in Chicago. Sandra went throught rough times throught her youngster years. Her Mexican father, Mexican-American mother, and her family moved through a series of run-down apartments in the poor neighborhoods of Chicago's South Side. She confined in her room alone with her pen and paper.

Her Books/Poems

Sandra wrote more poems than she wrote books. She spoke about living on "Mango Street". And the book about Mango Street was based on about where she lived. She said the book inspired her because she sometimes reads it and reminising about the house on Mango Street. She said all her poems and books were about HER life and what she expierenced and how she lived. Her second best selling book was "The woman Hollering Creek" it was so popular the book made a street sign.

Her Family

Sandra Cisneros' family was very strong. Sandra was one of 5 brothers and her mom was a stay at home mom and her father was out of the states most of the time. Sandra father stayed in Mexico to support the family and had a workable job to support 6 people and even his self.



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The Title of Her Book on A Street Sign

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