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i'm bad at notes!

I miss you and am thinking about you so instead of finishing this note I'm going to call y

8/17 12:35PM EST - The 20 year old speaks

Alice I-Chi Otterpop Chen.

You went above and beyond. 
I just opened up the package that was lying on the doorstep last night.  I had wondered who it was from, and saw a little "Chen" on the label.  I didn't open it but saved it for this morning.  It haunted my dreams, and they decided what was inside of it were Camp Ribs.  So I opened it this morning with that thought in the back of my head, and came to find what you are very talented with: art. 

The memories of summer rushed back into my head, and you know what a big fan of memories I am.  The drawings and quirky notes only reminded me of the NINETEEN (maha) year old that had made them and how cute and funny she is. 

It is a beautiful book, and a beautiful reminder of my summer in California.  I will be sure to keep it for a long time.  So when I am 30, 40, or any other multiple of a decade, I will be able to look back and remember how good life was way back in that summer of '06. 

Above and beyond Alice Otterpop.

It is now Thursday, and for you, only 9:40AM PST.  You are probably at a free rotation with your adopted unit, or taking a much needed rest from you kids.  Yesterday would've been hump day, and that will have set you out to either coast to the end, or keep chugging right along (Hopefully without blowing out a tire ;P)  You also would have had ribs last night which could have explained my dream...weird.

But I have to get ready for a birthday lunch with friends.  It's been relatively quiet here in Maryland, and fairly uneventful.  I'm sending you Woodsey vibes and I have no doubt in my mind you are doing an absolutely amazing, stupendous, alicechenious, of a job :D


8/20 2:45AM EST - Tomorrow! TODAY!

Hehehe, like how I snuck session 4's slogan/theme onto there??

BUT YES!  Technically it's Saturday night for you right now!  You are in counselor campfire with all of camp.  You are exchanging stories for the DAY (day only) and hope that it will be quick so you can get your final rest.  Tomorrow will be change day.  You get to do unit chapel with your unit, and discuss all the things they learned and will bring down the hill, you get to do autographbooks...ok know what you did...I'm just jealous you get to do it now....I've been missing camp...

and you...

which is why you must call me as soon as you can!  I know you will have chapel, then dinner, then post-session, so it's ok if I don't here from you Sunday.  But Monday I'll be uber excited to see "Alice Chen PA" on my caller ID! =D

I've been thinking about you a lot while I'm out there.  It's been pretty uneventful.  Been to some parties, but they are...unevetnful themselves.  I kinda miss LA =/ and my LA/CALI/UCLA friends...

This week has gone by really slow...and I havn't even been back for a week...Only four days...FOUURRRR!!  That's not that much.

But I'm tired now.  I'm going to look through my birthday present from you before I fall asleep.  I'm eagerly anticipating and am anxious to hear all about your first Woodsey Week ever!  I'm hoping my note wasn't a nuisance and that you used up all the XOXOs I alloted you for the week =b  I brought my webcam back home, so when you want we can ( can) see me and chat and yup!

ok MISSS YOUUU!! But I get to talkkkkk too youuuu tomorrrroowww!! =D



Weird Times in Maryland

Hey.  Didn't know where else to write this without I'm grabbing for attention...

But yeah.

Today...I got...sad?  weird? nostalgic?

I changed phones today, but didn't save/send all the pictures/texts that I had been saving on my old phone to transfer to my new phone.  They are forever saved on my old phone until I either choose to turn it over to the recycle cellphone people, or my old phone officially dies. 

I'm not sure whether I'm more scared that I had been saving all of them on my old phone?  Or that I had been kinda really sad that I wouldn't be bringing those memories with me :-/

The other weird thing that happened was when I just went from my car to my mom's house.  I took a normal breath in through my nose.  And it hit me.  The crisp, clean, just-recently-rained-in, Maryland air.  It felt so good.  And it brought back almost all my memories of living here.  I was sad.  I miss that smell and that feeling.  Your nose (olfactory sense) is connected to your primitive brain.  I dont' know what that means for deeprooted memories, but I would guess that's where that link came from.  But yeah...just memories...I like them a lot and I hate letting go of them...or rather, losing the mediums and means by which I can remember and recall them. 

I took a large breath in of the crisp air and it felt great.  It's been weird also, because soon as it turned September...(12:00AM sept 1) the weather became fall.  Cooler, Fallier, Rainier, etc.  So it was nice because I think I really do the changing of the seasons, even though I definitely have a more severe than acute SAD (seasonal affective disorder, did you hear about that in psych?)

Anyways.  :-/ 
Just weird semi-sad semi-nostalgic feelings over here in Maryland.  And then I think of California and the life I'm living there.  Yeah it's creating new and great memories, but maybe at the cost of losing my Maryland ones?  :-/

Okay, I just texted you from my new phone.
1) to make fun of you
2) because I wanted to get a new text on my phone
3) because I meeeeeeeese you
    of course :b

that's all from here.  See you in less than 6 days!!

Been a while...

November the 7th, One Twenty Two in the AM

Hey you.

It's been awhile since I typed something for you here.  I hope you do well on your midterm coming up!  This weekend was a lot of fun.  The Getty was beautiful and so are you!

My DAD AND SIS ARE COMING! :-D  I'm excited!  You get to meet them again, and my dad will take us out to dinner!  Bring your notecards because the questions are going to come! :-P

You will be a great doctor, Dr. Chen. 

I'm going to call you now maha


(the 'E' should be more curvy like the 3, then it would look good)

Camp Note

Hey Alice.

I know you'll wander here at some point while I'm up at camp.  I should be packing right now, while you are making delicious pancakes (probably sneaking some choc. chips on the side =p)

I'm going to miiiiissssss youuuu.  It's gonna be weird without you around.  It's like...I planned on being ok with not being around my girlfriend 24/7, and I think I will be, but you are so very attractive (in every which way) that I wanted to spend my summer time with you. 

Ok, I should get things going now.  Thanks for all the support and fun and happiness and good times and talks and movie goings and smiles and xxxoings.  You are going to do GREAT at camp.  If you are freaking out now about planning, no worries, you are only Unit 1 =p.  But really, you're going to be great.  Camp and your kids may test you, but that's why UniCamp is so unbelievably awesome and magical (more magical than disneyland I may dare to say! fireworks...oh wait I DIDN'T SEE FIREWORKS AT DISNEYLAND! maha)

Ok...I'm really going now.  Have a great break in between and I'll see you on Sunday up in the Mountains!!

Can't wait!


Your Invitation...

Guest List: Alice Chen


crampin' your style... with all these mini folds of past notes.

i can't help it!  you're too good!