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NHS Medicare 2020



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This Space is for my Private Health Care Scheme - As it is Richard is my Carer - He is the one that looks after my interests / me as well as working with me on Nmrod / Xenophon / Mayflower / Zues

I think that we will operate under Zues at the moment - Unplanned Priority Tasks - Fly BY Wire...….


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14/03/2020 13:05:00

Still lots of angre issues brought on by obstructed people - using humour to defect angre away.

Laughingly told Crisis team that I was going to slit my wrists after saying to them that I needed somebody on my side and that I am frustrated at getting no response from Katy for  a week and that I have been asking her for 8 moths to see her manager and for 3 months for PIP.

Earnie Croft my ex support worker used to have great fun with me talking about how line management were not responsive and did not project my ideas to senior management - Earnie would have laughted his little socks off about my end game for Verastar and my strategy with the Police and NHS.

Watch this space for GMPInfoNet  





Zeus - To Do

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How Not To Do IT.

This is a Trickle Feed Project - I spent 12 years with Unicom / Verastar trying to implement a strategy for Sales.

I did get to see their systems - Nothing to be proud of - no front end security - no logical view - no menu system - no screen linkages (view linkages)

Did get to learn their development platform get my PC configured to Verastar Standards and a demo of a MVC View creation.

Was not allowed to bring my PC into work for training by Nick Durham - Was told I did not have the experience to work in IT !!!!!!!!!! 30 years of being a top top project manager holds nothing to Verastar.

In 2015 I told them that the Provisioning process simply needed a bit of string maniputation and a switch case to deliver automated provisioning - Signatures was written in JavaScript in 2 hours but there was a refusal to give me the switch case rules. How they expected to do my job is a nystery - requests for flowcharting was requested - rfused . Requests to minute morning meetings were refused. Soft of makes learning impossible.

Stuck it for 4 years - did not reverse engineer the system - nothing to learn - not a complex business - just sales as a core business. Should have had API to business partner. Good payslip EMail - liked that but payroll cycle is wrong - no dummy payroll to allow in period pay ajustments. Suspect that they will not run dummy payroll year ends and will not do tax return 06/04 - might have year end payrolljy0

……….. Done it again doing shift deletes what I am typing - NOW is the time to STOP writing essays here ----- Add Sodexo /  Verastar / GMP to Zues as an example on how NOT to do IT.....

Todo lists

Todo list

Bronte Ward
Progress Robert Lizar Solicitor Contact
Progress Katy Totman - Care Worker Contact
Progress Ward Manager - Emma Fisher Contact
Progress Named Nurse Contact
Progress Scanning to NHS Record Contact
Progress Working on Forrest Gump / Fin Obrian For Toms Son
Commence working on Zeus - unplanned / unstructured Nimrod
Continue to try to get Paul on track
Continue to update Richard
Log Zeus Tasks - OnGoing
Ask Martin for IT Pitfalls (T Task - TrainIT Verbally)


Do shopping
Calypso - Angular Project Mapping
Appolo - undefined
Unit test Man
Assurance Test Man
Ferranti 2020
Pegasus Infonets
Foundation Consulting
Foundation Computing
Wildfire Infonets
Warmer Communication
Redcamel Systems
Hitec Computers
Gatley Computers
Manchester Discount Card
Manchester InfoNet
Business Monopoly
Find lost note - Business xxxxxxx Protopage Business Register (B - Rich)
Red Octopus 2020
Red Octopus
EmmaNet (NOW)
OT Scheduling - BronteTV
SellIT (Paul - NOW)
How not to do IT - Fin Obrian (C / T Task - Whenever)

06/06/2020 Todo list

06/06/2020 Pay onesellf to work on TrainIT
Inform Tyler that i am now being paid to do NHS Strategy Docuument for Carl
Start TrainIT Word Document - 06/06/2020 11:11:11on DesktopBuy milk
Write Tree of life Adams Apple on wall painting in remeveable marker
lizzy 11:10 Victimisation - Enquire why Margaret link and NHS Infonet pages information had been removed - from tree of life - why are other patients being allowed to contribute and my work being taken away - victimisation.
Jamie 11:12 Ok to write Adams Apple in permanent marker on Tree OF Life
13:00 Clear with Carl First #PP NHSCARLGALE message.
11:18 Tell jamie i am now on strike - because Tyler refused to accept that i am working with Carl
11:20 Play fight with James - educated about Saturday - Jewish Sabath r
11;26 James requesting plastic cups for wine at lunch
11:30 Primary phone now on charge on James Charger can progress Belly Air with Tom
Phone Tom - Get Plan for Belly UP / Class of 92 Air Ways
11:33 Start work on Quo Vadiz
Continue work on - Tree Of Life

Todo list

Do shopping
Buy eggs
Buy milk

Life Plan

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Just have fun doing IT Projects.

Eat  within budget

Don't drink

Have meds strategy - explain meds strategy - Baseline - go natural




Have faith


Be Patient








Domt give up

Don't give in

Don't take to court

If all fails - resign

If that fails get the sack

Have fun

Do what the Government says

Ignore your health worker - She will not discuss Nimrod

Communicate Upwards

Use Nimrod if informal and formal methods of communication fail

Do not bully

Say Please / Now !

Sleep - Get lots of Sleep

Lose Weight


Run - impossible

Play Golf - dependant on running

Go to gym - no budget

Get PIP for health reasons / budget

Progress Q

IT Strategy - Zues

IT Strategy

Do whatever it takes to get the job done with budget / within timeframe.

Nimrod has no budget / No time frame

The only consideration is Paul and his circumstances - Paul brought his plight to my attention nin April 2020 invoking a strategy of development  for the NHS as an Assurance Region / Golf  Being The Development Region.

There is no strategy / plan for a production region now that David Gosling rfuses to communicate and that Chris Smith does not want our service.

The collaborator contract between David Gosling and myself is a useless piece of paper - I often wonder if David had any intention of honouring his contract, The man is a game player.

What is sad about this is that he could have encouraged Adam and worked with him on The Golf Channel.

Sad Sad Days

I will always be angry with the NHS they killed him - all he needed was a few days in  Crisis to discuss his weight loss in Bronte and for the NHS Psychologist to explain wellbeing to him that is all - a few days in ward would have saved his life.

I went to Tesco and spent £60 on project management kit and assigned him a project to plan a Europen

holiday where we could plat tennis - not golf.

My life plan is to follow Adams lead should he kill himself.

I would like it that if one day I lose my mind and become a vegitable that I be put to sleep so that I can join my son and family.

My living family don't talk to me / will not look at the charitable work that I do - the training and education that I give.

Every night I talk to my Angels - my son - I sleep in his room - he watches over me...… Save.

I am certain that he looks after me as scripts that I write get unexplainably deleted !!!!! Happens so often when I am uncertain about a task !!!!!

I am certain that this is the right thing to say - writing relaxes me.

I am going to do more now …..

But I am going to switch to google documents and set up ZEUS.

It about time I started to track Paul.



Rich sticky notes

Status Report

  1. Status Green
  2. Defcon 1
  3.  Worried might lose your task list - last night notes have gone missing - were on top of my C pile with your stuff
  4. Will Advise of progress Daily - Please contact me if you want a demo of my massive project - over 150 websites ang growing.

Green - I can continue without any assistance

Defcon 1 - I have a little concern.

Promised delivery date : 04/04/2020

Expected delivery date 16/03/2020 at 20:00:00

If needed sooner just say Please Now.....

Better still give me a date time to implement ad I will put it through change control and do the development in a secure / TOP SECRET Zone under Project X

Appolo 2020



Mary 14/03/1720 Connections

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Sticky note

Nice little project for you Paul here HTML To MVC then Database conversions of html tables to 1. Visual Foxpro 2 PHP MySQL 3 MVC C sharp SQL Server 4 ,,,, No SQL If you were smart you could create a table of language converters Table = lamguage / code description / actual code Should be simple if you and Richard both start to use protopage and google documents you could simply include the url of a google page then you have a book to print and sell. SellIT - IT Computer Programming Made Simple Or would you like me to do it there must be about 50 lines of code!

Rich sticky notes

All Roads Lead to Rome

After tea - switched off for the night - I have tried to switch off all day but because of NHS communications I have had to code all day.

Mary chatted to me to ask about a bruise on her arm - I said do not worry that is from a needle - sometimes when you get a bruise sometimes you don't - look at the state of my arm. I then went on to say how when I tried to give platelets my arm swelled up and I could not do it - my wife could not give blood because of her veins. I started to give blood when a friend got told that his session had detected that h had lukemia.

I lost a school friend called Motts - we went on school holiday together - he never came back to scholl.

After about 20 years of giving blood - laughing and joking with the nurses cos I used to get in late in the day just before closing to get rushed through I made a flippent remark when the young nurse asked me when I last had sex - I said be serious lok at me would you ant sex with me.

She accused me of sexual harassment to her manager - I was told never to come back again.

The world has gone mad.

I was diagnosed with cancer and lost a kidney - I was lucky I had a sonic test for my bladder and it showed a large growth on my kidney - I had a kidney removed - I often ythink had I had blood tests would it have shown and would the kidney be saved.

I say the wrong things at the wrong time - I said to a mental health nurse when I had stress that I was going to KILL OFF MY ALTER EGOS - being test sites for the Royal House Hold so that they could register them themselfves should they want to use SSNA Social Media Technolog - Perfect for International Communiations  and possibly space communications Appolo 2020 or trips to Mars ….

Now that is delusional as if Nasa do not have their own

Watch the film Hidden Figures - it parallels the start of my career where I was a trainee financial accountant and was asked to go to the new IBM Data Centre to help with the design of a new payroll system / assurance testing.

It was there that I pulled COBOL Programmers guide off the shelf and started to code my own TDD test reports to reconcile my input with THE GROSS TO NETT payroll.

We designed a dummy gross to net into the payroll cycle so that we could clear all errors before he final run - we were penny perfect.

We did the same with the year end schedule with dummy runs from Febuary when the year end

tables are released - one year I discovered that the government had printed the tables in correctly for national insurance - we got dispensation as did the whole of the uk.

For us wage negotiations started on my dads birthday in August - he was a trade unionist - I waited till 11 Nov so that I could develop the pay changes required and build testing into the software release -Testing was complicated as the package Unipay / Uni2000 had its own language and it was an evolving product originally it was simply with no tables and no perform function. When these arrived it became a real class based language the only thing that you could not do was string manipulation - but it had its benefits it had a date difference command DD, Which meant you could do realy complex code with Dated Events.

It is something that I want Paul and Rich to look at in C.

I have a C qualification and the training material for Paul but I think he is giving up IT - too old to train an olde dog new tricks - That's why I outsource to my best mate Rich -  but he has a lifestyle and a partner so stuff just takes a long time - he is a great guy for doing it at all - Rich does Exam Cram I hope that he is experimenting with new stuff whilst doing Xenophon work (working at home to gain new skills)

That's it for now - this has to be cut and put into a google document - sometimes its nice just to relax and brain dump.

But I would not recommend protopage to do that - I use it to cross over machines - my other machine is logged into my book gmail account - I must look at what I have written one day soon - I might be repeating myself.

Look Another task - another project.

IT Support



CBT Form



Rich sticky notes

Nimrod - TrainIT - CBT 05/05/2020 12:00

Genesis Document - Full of typos - No Glasses...…

05/05/2020 12:00:00 to 12:24:00 - Cost £500 Virtual N-Dollars  

My CBT Form on this machine will not work whilst I am In Google Mode - it enters forms design.

My CBT Record is not good.

Last night my maimed nurse Alex continued to ignore me and worse still I was not allowed to talk to Martin who has technical knowledge about databases and PHP.

I ended up slipping a note under the door.  At end of shift Mike gave me the note back - Martin had not given me the Session State query that I am so desperate to get.

This leave me full of hatred for the NHS and a desire to take them to court for obstructive practice and neglect.

Instances are :

1. Not getting my medication when I wake

2. Wong medication

3. Fiction in my notes by Alex

4. Failure to analyse state of mind

5  Failure in record keeping - I should have unescorted leave but it has not been recorded - but the OT confirmed I had it !!!

6 General lack of respect for patients short term needs - leaving us hours waiting for a 1 minute task.

7 By attitude encouraging patient discoed

8 Not taking witness statements for physical assault

9  Not providing medical support for back injury sustained in assault

10 Not giving details of assault incident number

11 Not contacting the Police for Assault Event

12 Generally being obnoxious and arrogant

13 Being Paris Focused - Neglecting waiting patients

14 Not becoming of the NHS Service Levels expected by the public.

15 Treating everybody as a mental case when clearly so many have minor anxiety and frustration issues#

16 by doing (15) so costing the NHS and the British tax payer millions of pounds a year.

To contract this and to justify it the level of nursing you get and physical observations more than offsets the issues related here.

Mine is an acute case of long term mismanagement of my case by the home treatment team and Greater Manchester Police.s excellent - as a tax payer it is what I expect as a community guardian the

The Police need to be told that I am working on Disatster Recovery projects / Bomb alerts and suicide 1 second response times. If the NHS were to communicate this to the police all woulfd be well and goiod - as it stands every time I hit an implementation phase in my projcect and am doing production tests I get sectioned even though the police come round and we end up having fun fun fun together.

The police service is excellent - as a tax payer they provide a valuable service and as a community Guardian an invaluable service. 


Nonduality with Peter



On Strike - The Tree of Life

Rich sticky notes

On Strike

Tree of life is a Wythenshawe Charity that I have registered to volunteer for - where I go when I have a car to assist in the IT Department - training people in ECDL and SSNA.

My training at the moment is limited to The Bideford Centre as this is the only centre that I have access to at he moment. I am based out of Woodhouse Park but there is no method of transport to get there.

So as of 06/06/2020 I will be setting up The Tree Of Life - TrainIT Project (06/06/2020)

In preparation I have booked a meeting with Martin for 24:00:00 hours at the start of his shift.

Whilst it was Martin who stated the time I know he will not attend - so the plan is to record my concern with NHS 111 which I did - on the understanding that it would be relayed to my GP. I expressed concern to 111 about me not being looked after by the NHS that I had been assaulted ant that nothing was being done about it - that I was experiencing back pains and stomach pains - possibly a ruptured stomach or aggravated appendix and that I suffered from extreme anxiety not bipolar and that I would never work again due to the severity of my anxiety and what medication was doing to me

I told  the  nhs that I was a hyper project manager and that it was frustration of not being listened to that was now making me ill.

The NHS left me on hold for an age - I had to put the phone down to go to the toilette. When I rang back the lines were so busy I decided to wait till after the meeting with Martin had failed.

When the Meeting with Martin failed I reported it to the night shift supervisor Tyler who to me tat the NHS had been on the phone and I was not to ring them again.

Why am I not getting the service that I need to protect myself - I am constantly abused by Stacy at every ime I come in contact with him - he has abused and assaulted so many people on the ward that our requests to have him transferred off ward is rejected - we are not allowed AOB at morning meeting to discuss him / general fighting on the ward - the ward is out of control due to bad time management of the office and the team will not listen to suggestions on how it can be resolved.

The ward is in chaos and no body is doing anything about.

On 06/06/2020 I will stop taking all medication / advice / showering / eating / in protest of how we are all being treated - I am on hunger / maedication strike as of 00:00:01


The Tree of Life contains Adams Apple now.....

Links to the NHS infonet  have been removed by somebody

TrainIT 06/06/2020

Quo Vadiz




Rich sticky notes

PlanIT 06/06/2020 13:05:00



NHS Invoice 0001 – Red OctopusBusiness Services Limited – Training / Strategy Division – Warmer Communicationsand Pegasus  InfoNets


Dear Paul 06/06/2020 11:11:11


We now start work for the NHS – We are only on £7 per monthbut it is paid work for your CV – you do not have to disclose the amount youare being paid.

Your role with Red Octopus Business Services Limited – Is ITServices Director – Training Division – Warmer Communications and PegasusInfonets

Your first task is to use Protopage / Google form to log allyour daily IT Tasks on Bsitting project. And to accept ideas (SSR – System ServiceRequests – PSR Program Service Requests)  from me – thus working on my cube and goldenpyramid that we have chatted about.

I want to see a work in progress / under constructionwebsite as soon as possible for a home server doing and mvctransactions in two separate sub domains.

I want a web standard where cookies are not allowed andsession state is maintained within a Nimrod database by client and that yourewrite for security access – Session state monitoring and system accounting.(Talk to me about EIBAID and CICS Tables / BMS – Screen Painting / SecurityStandards / Physical and Logical Database Views and TDD Batch Testing Standards/ Development / XML – JSON Requirements)

TestIT / TrackIT / Erasmus2020 / CRM LITE / UML LITE beingPrimary functions / utilities that we need before we can start work. If we cannot do these simple tasks we have no business.

This will launch Foundation Consulting and FoundationConmputing and will lead us into Redcamel Systems . Richardcould have done these 14 years ago Paul but we have been waiting for you andyour next contract……… System and job accounting and GenerateIT will be reallyinteresting for you to play with.

Whilst we are talking about play – go buy a Rasberry pie /two of Ebay / Amazon – we are going to do Super Computing next year – training forkids in Ruby and Rails……

Ohhhhh do this NOW sign up to Harvard university. Do the firstfun exercise – pass that – When you do the second exercise do it in JacksonStructured Code.

University CS50 course – do the first module – do a snailrace of 7 sprites racing across a starting grid to a finishing line with arandom number generator of who should move – you will do that in ½ hour.

Its called scratch and it’s a child’s game where you picktiles to program – but it is really interesting it gives the impression that tis multi threading – tell me what you think. The second exercise is simple butit involves real C code – I need to know / document the ide that they tell you touse – I have lost my notes. I did the solution it was simple but I fullydocumented it and go a failure by the robot – please try to get full marks andtell me what the robot is doing – does it recognise structured Jackson or is itcommenting that throws it off ------- you might chose to finish the course andget a qualification.


When I get home I have a Ciuty and Guilds C course that I amgoing to transfer to HTML and a C Sharp book that I need to replace as It fellapart when I did all the examples. I could not get my head around methodoverloading – I need a business example. I think I have it in Overlayingawhiteboard with different colours of pen – it is the only overloading examplethat I can think of and will not ranslate into code. I really need a StockRecording  example – perhaps reorderpoints for purchased parts / manufactured parts and . emergency breakdowns ----will that do as an example. (Rich)

More specs to follow today…

 Keep Going – Keep learningand Time Bank all your learning time if only in a diary of a log of what you havedone / achieved so far ----- back date it to April 06/04/1999 when I startedworking with you and started my strategy of infiltrating the NHS Mental HealthSystem.

Which has been really beneficial to me as I am getting greattreatment for my feet and potential bowel cancel.

Plus I have had the tranquillity to work on my books and hadresources paid for by the NHS…..


06/06/2020 12:00:00

1 hour chargeable

Hargeable NDollarrs 1,000 units  £7 Payable – End of todays work….. Over toyou – please phone 07535188264 – and E’Mail Richard for his Phone number – I nolonger have it…. case)

And introduce yourself to Carl Gale NHS Manager that you arenow working for


Invoice 0001 £7 discounted to £0 by The Manchester DiscountCard to Carl Gale Bronte Ward in payment for Glasses and Paper. Remainingbudget £93  - Payment of £7 to JuniorGolf Development Charity donation by nurse Sandra for community guardian contract. For Bank Shortages andBank Manager Communication Systems (Nimrod).

12:42:00 Over Budget now – need to go for lunch……



Peer Mentoring



Todo lists

Todo list

Do shopping
On Line Workdhop 07/12/2020 10 am
Buy milk