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About The Pill

Methadone is a drug prescribed by doctors all around the world; As a pain killer. All over the markets, even though doctors and hospitals know that it kills people. They probably think its just another way to make money. That is why they didn't want to do an owtopsy on people who take the pills, because they know that its killing people and they aren't doing any thing about it. HELP STOP METHADONE!!




METHADONE KILLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The tragic Story about Jenni

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Jenni-Feb 22 72-May 10 06

The tragic story of Jeni is: One day I woke up one morning and I got a call from my cousin and he said " My mom is dead." Well of course Me and my dad went over there and my grandpa and uncle said to take me and Alex to my grandma's house. A few other things happened and sooner or later we were at the hospital with her. We figured out that they could not save her.We all said our good byes, cryed and tryed to move on. Key word, tryed. We soon figured out what had killed her;methadone. One of the reasons she dyed was because she was taking depressing pills along with the methadone and the methadone had a little bit of depressing stuff in it so that was to much for her. Another reason is that methadone is a pill that kills. it has to much muscle relaxer. We think that it relaxed her heart muscle.We are prbably about to sue the people who perscribed the medician. I will have more up dates later. That is the story -sn

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