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Plain sticky notes

1. Identify and describe two concepts you learned during this unit. Did you find them rekatively easy to understand or now? One thing we learned about was the Hero's journey sequence. I actually found it to be somewhat difficult. I would sometimes get confused on what it wanted. Another concept we learned the vocabulary activities. They were all extremely easy. I never had a problem with them.

3. Identify 1 or more specific concepts in this unit you found confusing. I found the Hero's Journey circles to be confusing. I have had trouble understanding what each part is specifically asking for. I believe that if I continue to work on it, then it will gradually get easier.

5. Identify at least one concepept or skill you will devote more study and practice to. I will work on the Hero's circle. I will study the notes and ask help when I am confused. The more I practice it, the better at it I will get. As I continue to work on them, I think that I will understand them. It all just depends on how hard I work on it. The more I study the easier it will become!

6.How well were you able to budget your time during this project?Identify at least one thing you can do to better manage your time. I believe that I spent my time very smart and well, while working on this project. Each night I devoted much time to working on this project. To use my time better, I could work on staying focused. Sometimes I seem to get a little side tracked. I'm going to start working harder to stay focused.

7.Describe at least one specific action you will take(starting today) to overcome your mist significant learning obstacle. My biggest learning obstacle is reading. I am a slow reader. I can read at a high level, it just takes me a while to get it finished. To better my reading, I am going to read more and more every night. You know what they say, practice makes perfect.

Book Review

Plain sticky notes

Book Review

I heard so many people talking about "The Maze Runner" by James Dashner, that I had to read it myself. At first, I wasn't sure how much I would enjoy the book, but I turned out to really enjoy it! James Dashner did an awesome job of writing a thrilling action book, that will make the readers want to keep reading! It is about a boy named Thomas who wakes up one morning and can't remember anything about himself, except his name. Early in the book, Thomas finds out that he is stuck living in a small area called the Glade. Thomas talks to the people who live in the glade, the Gladers, abd they describe to him how the Glade is surrounded by a maze. The only way to get out of the glade is to get through the maze. Many peope had tried to get through the maze, but nobody had been able to successfully complete the maze. Thomas believed that he could be the first. There was only one problem that I had with this book, and it is that sometimes the book carried on to slowly. In the book, there would be stretches of several pages that would all describe the same thing, but this mostly only happened in the begining of the book. Throughout the novel, there are heaps of suspense built up! His book seemed to be intended to appeal to boys from around 13 and up. For the most part I really enjoyed "The Maze Runner". I really enjoyed how the book had so much action, because it made me want to keep reading and know what haappened next. The author, James Dashner, did an amzing job in writing this book to where people would want to keep reading. If you enjoy reading intense action books, then this is the perfect book for you!

Plot Structure

Plain sticky notes


The exposition was pretty long, but explained the book completely. The exposition took up about the first 19 or 20 chapters. In the exposition, it starts with Thomas in the elevator. Then he is introduced to the area (called the Glade) and he was told about the maze. After being told about the maze, many of the characters are introduced. The exposition gives you more than enough description and information about the characters. Also in the exposition, Thomas is told to try working every single jobe in the Glade. They told him to do that, so they would know his talents and what he is best at. The exposition was very well written and very important to help you understand the rest of the book.

Rising action

1. Thomas woke up one morning, and he wasn't sure where he was. 2. Thomas meeting the other boys. Thomas met some boys, and they told him where he was and everything about the area. 3.Thomas being on trial. Thomas saw that some of his friends were in the maze and had been stung by grievers. He ran into the maze to help them out. In the Glade you can not enter the maze without being a runner. 4.When Thomas spent the night in jail. Thomas broke the law and was charged with one night in prison. 5. Thomas training to be a runner. After his night in jail, he decided he would become a runner. He trained hard, in hopes that he would complete the maze.


The climax in the book is when Thomas and Teresa remember that they helped design the maze and had codes that could help them escape the maze easier. The found an easier way in the map also. After they figured all of this out, they prepared to enter the Maze and told everyone the gameplan.

Falling Action

1.Fighting against the Grievers. Thomas lead several Gladers in a battle against the Grievers. 2. Thomas typed in the codes to shut down the maze. Without those codes, they would have been stuck in the maze! 3. The remaining Gladers took a bus, which was taking them to a place of safety.


The conflict in the novel, is Thomas being stuck in the Glade. Thomas wants to get out, and go back to his old life. He was stuck inside of the Glade and the only way out was to get through the maze.


Thomas and the Gladers find a temporary place to stay. The building contained beds and blankets. There problem was never completely solved. I would have to read the other two books in the series to know the complete and final resolution.


Plain sticky notes


Thomas is the hero in "The Maze Runner". He is the protagonist of the novel. Thomas woke up one morning in an elevator, and had no clue where he was or what was going on. He only remembered his name. He was the newest person living in the Glade. He heard about the maze surrounding the Glade and thought he could get through it. Thomas decided he wanted to be a runner (someone who attempts to go through the maze). Thomas rose to be the hero, when he lead the Gladers through the maze. After getting through the part of maze he had to lead the Gladers in a battlle against the Grievers (monsters who live outside of the glade). He lead many Gladers to the end of the maze and then he entered the code and shut the maze down. Thomas always lead the Gladers and showed his bravery by never giving up during his journey. Thomas has one important flaw. he is having trouble with his memory. He can't remember anything about his past life, and that is holding him back.


Plain sticky notes

Dashner,James. The Maze Runner. New York: Delacorte Print ,2009. 1-384. Print

Zeitchik, Steven.Young-adult sensation 'The Maze Runner' gets ready to run the movie gantlet [Updated]. Los Angeles Times. Los Angeles Times, 4 January 2011. Web. 27 November 2012.




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