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The Manchester Music Invitational has been held since 2007 when was a competion hels at The Mere Golf clun. 
In 2016 it became the Adam Bramwell Memorial Trophy at Hazel Grove.

This year events were organised at Cheadle / Styal / Withington / Chorlton and Hazel Grove - The event had to be cancelled because the booking system had not been completed in time to run the event.

Th Boking Sytsem is called Magnat Carta for all the Golf Clubs in England.

It has been our ambition to run an event called A Party In the Park where Noal Gallagher is the artist supported by Lucy In The Sky with Diamond. Th contact details fo Lucy has been lost but Noal is at Wythenshawe park on the 24th August. So we are holding a 4 day golf event - 21 / 22 / 23 / 24 at Hazel Grove Golf Club - Competitors will stay at the Midland Hotel.
There is no booking arrangements - People should phone Hazel Grove on the day requesting a tee time. It is intended that this be Twilight golf from 17:00 in the evening giving families time to enjoy Manchester..