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The Movie blog

The Best Damn Podcast of the Year!
- Because the 2006 Weblog Awards says so. :D

A New Logo Perhaps?


Who am I?

Joel Gustafsson (a.k.a. Al.x), lover and frequent visitor of the Movie Blog, listener to the Audio Edition since ep # 1. I'm keeping my eye on you! ;)


Have a browser with tabs of all the days topics and IMDb.
That way you can:
1. Look up actors and movies quickly.
2. Quote correctly.
3. Give the name of the person instead of "Someone wrote a comment..."

Ideas for new podcasts

• Smallscreen - TV and DVD reviews and discussions. Battlestar Galactica anyone?

• The Commentary
- Audio commentarys to cult movies like Conan, Terminator, etc.


You should totally do The MovieBlog Awards where you guys are all dressed up in tuxedos sipping champaigne, discussing and awarding the best movies and actors of the past year. I'm serious. That would be a treat. You could ad some lounge music and the sound of people mingling in the background. And no musical numbers (except for maybe one or two by Doug).

Yes I know!

The Blog, the Podcast and the choice of what to do with them belongs to you, John. This is just my two cents. :)

Features for the Audio Edition:

Movie reviews, News and roumors, Top 10 Lists - Just keep up the good work! :)

Followups on earlier audio editions - I don't have the time to read through all the comments posted so it'd be nice if you quoted and responded to the best ones on the A.E.

Interviews with people in the movie industry

We'll eat all the podcasts you guys can dish out! ;)

Retro reviews of older (cult) classics and overlooked films

Talk about movie scores (team up with maybe?)

Eye on technology - Blu Ray vs. HD-DVD, home cinema stuff?

Keep an eye out and report when production video diaries are updated.

...or not! I don't know! :D

The Blog

Ideas for the blog:

• More surveys/polls - About anything and everything.

• Fan submission - Like digg where we can post news. Could be on the main page like a news ticker.


Give cred where cred is due
We submit posts to TMB for several reasons:
Don't forget the "subitted by...", "posted by" or the "thanks for the heads up".

Fast Forward >>

Stuff to avoid:

• Rants - Keep them to a minimum
• Sports talk - Doesn't belong on tMB:AE
Questions for Doug - You know the problem.