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Spine Tinglers!!!

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Welcome for beyond whatever you see
                              Is something to scary you entertainingly
Dont blame us for we had a duty
                             To spinetingle you with creativity
So if youd like to go beyond
                            And break your curiosity bond
Do as you wish, be our guest
                            For we tried our hardest, we did our best
To warn you because you'll either pass away
                          From our smartness and frightful things to show and say
Were brighter and scarier then the sun's rays
                           Just one click, do it or dont you still lose both ways
However you've now stayed enough on this page to be interested
                      You might as well search inside and become with info invested
We've warned you through a way so keen
                       But just go in and you'll now Exactly what we mean

The Causcasion Mummies

Get wrapped with historical ancient information
about the old chinese mummies
in "The Causcaion Mummies"

The Listeners

Listen to your self as you read about "The Listeners"
Terrify yourself as you hear the conversation of a
man to an empty house filled with mesteriosity.

The Lottery

Duck as "The Lottery" will hit you with frightful

thoughts about a lottery thats not nice to win.

Around is a Mini Peek at Each Story

Sneek Peeks!!!!

                                             for the 9C Spinetingling Stories

Casey At the Bat

Casey at the bat will pitch entertainment at you
and you'll be struck out when you
find out the results of the game.

The Cask Of Amontillado

Go deep deep down into the catacombs with
the cask of amontillado and witness a horrifying
revenge plan that will burn you up.

The Red-Headed League

If your Red headed join the red headed league,
however it has been dissolved just like you'll be when you
read about the discovery of Sherlock Holmes.

The Most Dangerous Game

Play along with "The dangerous game",

but be careful because your the target.

Beware Do Not Read Beyond This Poem

Beware don't read beyond this poem" will not want

you to come close to the poem but

that's the fun part about it.


Edgar Allen Poe

Sherlock Holmes

Open it...!

Dont Stare too long!

This will Happen to you

The Cask of Amontillado

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“But when he ventured upon insult, I vowed revenge.” A story
about revenge, death, and mostly Amontillado. Follow the tricky
Montressor as he gets revenge from his “friend”; or “enemy” in
Montressor’s point of view. Does Montressor really have the expensive
Amontillado? If not, what could he possibly do to Fortunato in a wine
vault? If you like spine tinglers, where you have to read under the covers,
with the doors and windows locked, read “The Cask of Amontillado” by
Edgar Allan Poe.


This short story begins by Montressor saying he has
suffered a thousand injuries from Fortunato. He has bared
those injuries, both physical and verbal, as best as he could. He
swore to get his revenge. But when Montressor said about the
thousand injuries, it sounded like he was exaggerating. If this
person has caused Montressor that much injuries, Fortunato
would be in jail by now, and Montressor would be too terrified to
speak of Fortunato. So maybe Fortunato pulled a prank or
two on Montressor, but Montressor took them in the wrong
way, and now decided to get his revenge. But his revenge was
pretty harsh. If Montressor was exaggerating in those thousand
injuries, then it was completely wrong for Montressor to murder
or kill Fortunato in that wine vault. If there was a trial in court,
Montressor would be proven guilty. Someone like Montressor
never has the right to kill or murder someone, unless that
someone was a huge criminal, or a murderer himself. Montressor
in this case is a murderer. Other than the murdering part,
Montressor was also tricky, and smart. When Montressor meets
Fortunato at the carnival and tells him about the Amontillado,
Montressor starts to drive Fortunato to come with him to his
place, by not actually telling him to come. Like when Montressor
said that he was taking the drink to a certain person to test it,
Fortunato began to say that he could do it. So Montressor
started to say that Fortunato’s taste is nothing compared to the
bar owner. Then Fortunato began to “convince” Montressor
that he knows Amontillado when he tastes it. When Montressor
got “convinced”, he told Fortunato that the Amontillado is back
at his vault. So as they were going, Montressor started to tell
Fortunato that he is in very bad shape, and Fortunato should
just turn back. But that started driving Fortunato more and
more to the “Amontillado”, and Montressor’s plan was working.
As they were going deeper and deeper into the vault,
Montressor also began to offer Fortunato drinks, so that
Fortunato won't be aware of what will happen. At the end,
Montressor’s plan works, thanks to his smartness, and his
trickiness. All in all, Montressor was clever, smart, and tricky, but
he was a murderer in this case, since he didn’t have the right to
kill Fortunato.


During the commotion at the carnival, protagonist, Montressor
decides to retaliate his honor after receiving insults from Fortunato.
Montressor shrugs off many insults from the drunk Fortunato, inviting him
to his home to sample a “pipe of what passes for Amontillado”. The
house was vacant. On the way down to the wine vault, Montressor gives
Fortunato more to drink. When reaching the vaults, he plasters
Fortunato to the niche where the cask is; he shackles him to the wall.
Montressor walls up the alcove. He thrusts his torch in the small space,
and puts in the last brick (stone). “For the love of god” screamed
Fortunato. Montressor simply responded “Yes, for the love of god.” He
piles up some bones of his great ancestors, and that was the end of



Fortunato in the catacombs

Red-Headed League

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Story Summary

Jabez Wilson was hired as a ‘red-head’ for the ‘Red-Headed League’, a league founded for the development of red-headed males in London over the age of 21. The head of league, Duncan Ross (William Morris) had Jabez copy the encyclopedia, and Jabez was not allowed out of the room. After a couple of weeks, the League was disbanded. Jabez went to Sherlock Holmes to investigate the League’s disbandment. Sherlock questions Wilson on what happened in the past weeks. After Holmes checks what Vincent Spaulding (Wilson’s assistant) looks like, he goes to the theatre to watch a play. Holmes then takes Watson, Mr. Merryweather, and Peter Jones (a Scotland Yard agent) to the Bank of France’s vault. Vincent Spaulding comes out of a tunnel in the ground and both Holmes and Jones captured him. They find out the Red-Headed League was just used to get Jabez out of the house so that Vincent could dig a tunnel towards the bank. Holmes then finds out that Vincent was the ace-criminal, John Clay.

The Review

The Red Headed League is perfect for reading whether in school or on vacation. It’s a spine-tingler building suspense on every page. It keeps you guessing whether you’re a child or an adult. Sherlock Holmes is a great role model and a great main character. Solving the crime of the century by defeating John Clay and still making it home for supper proves just how great Sherlock Holmes really is. The method of crime solving in this marvelous spine tingling story deserves “two thumbs up”.

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    The Red-Headed League

            Character Analysis: Sherlock Holmes


        Sherlock Holmes is a very unusual character. He is a detective and is usually hired on cases that involve lots of thinking and logic. He is able to analyze a whole crime scene with as little as a story and a smoke of hid pipe. In The Red-Headed League, Holmes heard the story from the point of view of Jabez Wilson, a red-head. Holmes then smoked his pope for a while and figures out the crime that is about to happen. Sherlock is also able to analyze little facts about a person’s life by taking a quick glance at him. He can notice if you’ve been writing lately, working, or even if you have a cat. Holmes also reads facial expressions and can tell your reaction to any statement, whether you’re shocked, tense, surprised, or even if you’re keeping in a laugh- all this through a glance.



Holmes and the three pipe problem

Sherlock Holmes at the concert

Jabez Wilson Finds the sign on his door

The sign read" The red Headed League Has Been Dissolved

Jabez Wilson

Caucasian Mummies

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The Caucasian mummies Mystify Chinese is about mummies being shipped to china. When the Chinese archeologists discovered the mummies, they all freaked out about what they discovered. They were all wondering how they got their in the first place. The mummies had really weird symbols of a sun on their faces and other symbols. The scientists made a huge chaos about the situation of mummies. The first idea they got about was that they came from Egypt. The people that did the discovery talked to the Egypt government and asked them questions like, does the mummies belong to you. They answered them and said,” yes we shipped them their”. No one knows why the Egypt government did that. But all they know is that China has just given it back to them.

Detailed Analyses

Detailed Analyses  

      The mummies were Caucasian found in China.
They were found by the teen Shan mountains in uremia.
The mummies had long red or blond hair.
They also had English cloths on and had a tattoo
of the sun on the side of their faces.
Some belief it was a religious thing,
 but no one knows for sure. No one really knows
if Egypt is telling the truth or if it was lying.


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I recommend that this story is told to middle scholars because, it can teach them about mummies. Also about how they lived, and what was their history like. I really liked this story because think mummies are interesting, and I like to figure things out. Mummies are just dead humans rapped around a lot of cloth. So there is nothing to be afraid of because they can never harm you. Mummies also bring back the Egyptian history that was hidden. It was really interesting reading about mummies, and how they were discovered. This story didn’t really freak us out because, We know that mummies are wrapped tight coffin.


Man with Religous symbol

Area of incident

Mummies from china

The Listeners

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Review of the poem

A mission is a mission and he can’t complain

He must do as he’s told and he won’t be blamed

He must travel for miles and miles

And if he doesn’t hell be put in trails

Travel for days as the sun is rising

Travels for nights to reach his place

And as he reaches there may be a fright on his face

The place is a house an ordinary one

Its just what hell find wont be fun

Finding a house with dimmed lights

Dark shadows and creepy noises all cause of fright

“Hello” is anyone there? He cried.

He waited and waited for a reply

The night was cold but the silence fated and died

No respond but someone was there

He was very sure and no longer could bare

He waited once more and wouldn’t dare say

He just turned and strode back away.




A traveler goes to this assigned house he was told to visit.

He knocked on the door and no one answered, he called out but still no answer.

He felt as if someone (or some people) was there, he let them know that he kept his word and came to the house. He strode of away.




In the poem the author is referring back to the ghosts that haunted the house that the traveler approached. The author was specific about the listeners to be things not seen but can hear everything that can go around them, and also see everything. The listeners were in the house. The stayed there still while the traveler was calling out for some one to reply back to him. The listeners dimmed the light in certain areas in the house. They were told to tell that certain person that the traveler asked about, to tell him or her that he came and no one would answer to his reply. They were sensed in the house. Only in a specific room, with the lights turned on. The traveler while he was outside calling. And that’s the only reason that they were called the listeners because they observed by starring and listening and not talking back. The way the traveler was describe and the way he felt towards the things that were unknown living in that house was a lot of fright. The listeners not only were just there but they made the house very dark and mysterious. The people where phantom listeners and listened to him so quietly. They were able to hear everything this guy was saying and they were they’re filling the place up. He felt their strangeness and he was really scared. The listeners never opened the house for anyone because the house was dwelled with them. When the traveler called out for someone to reply they never replied because they never wanted him near the house and wanted to scare him far away.


Walter De La Mare

Deserted house that the man goes to

Anyone home

Tell them I came

Beware: Do Not Read...

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Beware do not read beyond this poem is a spine tingling poem that tells the reader to get away and not read the poem which actually drawing the reader in with its unique vibe and parallelism. It’s about a woman who is so conceded that she surrounds herself with mirrors and one day when the villagers where coming for her she “so calls” disappears into one of the mirrors. Now every person who had ever lived in that house has lost a loved one. The writer tells the readers using parrallism to not go further on with the poem but when you keep reading this you are drawn to the poem more then ever.



The poem do not read beyond this poem is a poem as about a women so in love with herself that she surrounded herself with mirrors. Until finally it got so far out of hand that she locked herself indoors and her whole life became the mirrors. Villagers broke into her house one day but she disappeared into one of the mirrors. Now who ever lived in that house had lost a loved one. it tells to stay away from the poem because its drawing you in. in the poem it tells you to stay away from the poem but it actually drawing you more into the poem and suddenly you are the poem and it sates 100000 people disappeared in 19698with no clues left behind. 


Do not read beyond this poem is a spine tingling chiller that run up and down your spine. This poem is a suspense rising poem, with its parallelism that draws you in and makes you want to read more. The misspelled words are all apart of the illusion, to draw you more in because the reader’s interest and curiosity makes you want to figure out what the poem is about. The pace of reading, the beat, and rhythm is slowing thrilling and suspenseful. Its unique PARRALILSM draws you into the story making you curious and anxious to see what awaits you. Hold on wait that’s not all that compels the readers into the story, have you forgotten the misspelled words. The way the writer writes the poem is not like every other poets writing, it skips words and misspells them and some don’t even make sense. What you don’t probably know is that the misspelled words are a storytelling tradition. There is another thing you have probably noticed the irony. The title is like a danger or beware sign telling you to back off but intentionally grabbing you in. irony is what probably makes the whole poem I mean its just a paper how dangerous could it be, until you actually do read it. The main character in the poem is the old lady and the mirror. The mirror is an analogy it represents self-love would recommend this poem to people of all ages who love to read spine-chilling anxiety rushing shrilling poems.


Stop! Do not Read Beyond

The Lottery


Lottery Prize

Lottery Prize

Shirley Jackson

Lottery Box

Casey at the Bat

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Ten thousand eyes were on him as he rubbed his hands with dirt. Five thousand tongues applauded when he wiped them on his shirt.”

Casey. In his position, had so many eyes on him, people depending on him, hoping that he would hit the ball, and make a homerun. People yelling, chanting, and cheering, some people were yelling bad things, which didn’t make Casey feel good at all; it makes him feel uncomfortable. “Strike one, strike two.” People began to yell “fraud” over and over. Casey gave the pitcher a scornful look and it made the crowd quiet. That look made them think that he would not let the ball go by again. “And now the pitched holds the ball, and now he lets it go, and now the air is shattered by the force of Casey’s blow.” Casey had had one more chance, to make it all right, he was so confident that he’s going to make it, but though he was wrong. “strike three, you’re out!” the pitcher said. Casey was acting conceded, he was being stubborn, he was too good for the game, and the people. Casey was reacting to the audience that way because everyone was expecting him to win, so he thought that if he missed both pitches that the crowd would be depending on him more than they already were. Casey was so sure that he was going to score the third time, he thought of himself of someone who was great in baseball, who didn’t need to care at all about missing the first two pitches that he’s get the third pitch. Casey, doesn’t have the right to do that because people pay to go to this game, and they would want their team to win, instead of just show off and miss the first two pitches.


Casey at the bat

Casey Playing ball

Most Dangerous Game

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The Most Dangerous


The Most Dangerous Game-summary

            The Most Dangerous Game is a very action-packed, adventurous, and suspenseful story. When Rainsford, a hunter, finds himself stranded on an island, he wonders along shore. Then, he runs into a very well-known and fierce hunter named General Zaroff. Zaroff was living on in island looking for a new game to hunt. Rainsford is offered to stay at zaroffs mansion on the island, and he accepts. After a while, he finds out what new game Zaroff is hunting and he is shocked! You would guess animals-nope! This game was reason, outwit, and think beyond the present. Its humans! Rainsford is given a knife, cloths, and some food. He is left three days in the jungle, and so the game began. This game is a test of survival and skills. Trapping and planning ahead, leads him to survive. Now he can defeat General Zaroff and get off the ship-trap island!


Who Is General Zaroff

    The most dangerous game is an adventure, full of action, and mysterious, just like General Zaroff. You take one look and you definitely do not want to mess with him. He is fierce, smart, a sharp-eyed hunter, and dangerous. He is a very well-known hunter who is tired of hunting animals.  So what game is he hunting now? Humans! He supplies these people with a knife, clothes, and some food, then they’re off into the jungle for three days. If he can find them, they’re dead. He is a tough, muscular man you don’t want to mess with! What he doesn’t realize is that other people have feelings, and perhaps maybe he will see what its like to be outwitted and defeated.  You see, he thinks--- knows, that he is undefeatable, and has no competition… until he meets Rainsford. The deal is, the survivor gets a great reward, and the loser… DIES!!

Rich text note

          General Zaroff: The Most Dangerous Game! 



General Zaroff is an adventurous, fierce, mysterious and tough man. He is a sharp-eyed hunter who doesn’t exactly hunt animals. He hunts humans! How? He fattens them up, gives them a knife, clothes, and food and gives them three days in the jungle. If he finds them, they’re dead. If he doesn’t find them, they are free.

The reason why he doesn’t hunt animals is because he’s hunted every game out there, and he needs a new and better challenge. Humans can reason and outwit Zaroff. He has never faced any animal that has given him enough of a challenge. His logic is that he is undefeatable, and no matter what game he hunts, he will never be outsmarted. But the real logic is that a human might actually outsmart him. General Zaroff wants to hunt humans because humans don’t think like animals. Humans have a mind that can challenge General Zaroff in a way he’s never seen before. This is why he wants to hunt humans rather than anything else.  

He lives on an island far off in the sea called Ship-Trap Island. There, he has a huge mansion with a deaf servant named Ivan who is strong, kind of dumb, and a Cossack. He has a room of animal heads on display. These are heads of animals he’s hunted and killed. So, you can kind of guess he’s very well at hunting and you really wouldn’t want to mess with him. You can well say that General Zaroff is the most dangerous game!  


General Zaroff