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Rich sticky notes

6th Grade Everyday Math Book

Monday:  SL 5.8
Tuesday:  SL 5.9
Wednesday:  SL 5.10
Thursday:  Test

Students have differentiated work in their notebook.
Practice Math Facts (see Math and Science Links)
Play a game on Everyday Math Games online


Curnett / Eyolfson

Monday:  PE
Tuesday:  Music
Wednesday: Art
Thursday:  PE
Friday:   Music


Life Science

We are now studying life science.  Students have worked with the microscope.  We will have a test one the plant and animal cell this Friday, January 16.  We will be learning about the digestive system, respiratory system, circulatory system and excretory system.

Earth and Space Science

We are studying Earth Science.  I would like students ( and parents too) to visit my science blog weekly.  It is my goal that we begin to see some high level thinking from our students, and I am excited that parents will participate.

Physical Science

Each Friday, students will be doing a lab using the scientific method.  We will be doing an array of Physical Science activities.

Question for the Day

Describe the plant and animal cell to a family member.  Be sure to tell how to differentiate a plant cell and an animal cell.

What's Going On?

Reading With Reptiles

I will begin assigning jobs for the reptile.  We will not begin reading with reptiles until after CSAP (beginning March 9) as I do not wish to take students from their classroom.
Thank you,
Mrs. Eyolfson


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