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Mrs. Surdi's Homepage

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Hello Kids! I hope you take the time to explore and learn on this site. See you in class :) Mrs. Surdi

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6th Grade Teacher's Websites

Here two other 6th grade teachers' website that will have valuable information on it.

Ms. Faron

Ms. Reardon

Summer Reading

Here are links to the summer reading assignments for the incoming 6th and 7th graders. Have a great summer.

Mrs. Surdi


Incoming 6th Graders


Incoming 7th Graders


Access important school information, contact information, the library's website and resources here at the Seneca Homepage

Hall of Heroes

Click here to access the file!

Policy Letters

Social Studies Policy Letter

ELA Policy Letter

Learning Styles

Click here if you would like to know your learning style.


Please email me at any point if you have any questions.

Mrs. Surdi



Unit 6.1


Geography Websites

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Map Skills Notes

Unit 6.1 Vocabulary 

Color the Continents

Map Skills Vocabulary

Map Skills Review Sheet

Map Skills PowerPoint

Map Skills Packet

Heritage Project

Heritage Project Task Sheet

Heritage Project Rubric

A MUST!!!!

You must know where the 7 continents are on the blank map

Reading Materials Unit One



South Asia


E. Asia


Middle East and North Africa

Songs and Videos

Click here to watch a Brain Pop video on latitude and longitude. Take the quiz afterwards!


Click here to listen to the "How to Read a Map" song. It's pretty catchy and covers map keys, cardinal and intermediate directions, and more!


Click here to listen to the "Latitude and Longitude" song. It's very informative!


Click here to watch a video about Latitude and Longitude


Click here to listen to the "Seven Continents" song


Click here to watch a very informational video about Latitude and Longitude


Click here to hear a song about the oceans


Unit 6.2



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Extra Information

What is an Ice Age video

This is a very informative site on the Stone Age

This video is cute and interesting/informative


Article from a rich child to his mother


Information on the discovery of the ball


Code of Hammurabi


 interesting/informative cartoon about Mesopotamia


Where did early humans come from?


Stone Age verse Modern Age ( cute)




Unit 6.2 Vocabulary Flashcards

Class worksheets and notes

Class notes
Class PowerPoint
Review Sheet
Vocabulary Sheet

Mesopotamia Rap

Mesopotamia Rap by Mr. Nickey




6.3 Meso/Egypt/India



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Chapter Three Online Flashcards

Review Sheet


Pharaoh Project

Pharaoh Project- click here to reprint the project


Helpful Websites and How to Access the VRC for the project: once there, click the “Pharaohs” tab on the right once there, type the name of your pharaoh in the search bar on the top right

Googleà Egyptian pharaoh symbolsà site #2 - click on kings and queens

Seneca’s Virtual Reference Collection:

Go to andthen click on Seneca Middle School under “Schools”

Click on “Library”

Click on “Virtual Reference Collection” in the middle of thescreen

Under “Encyclopedias,” click on “World Book Online”

VRC Log In Name: Seneca                            Password: main

Click on “Student” and then type in the name of your pharaohin the white search bar

Happy Searching J


SmartBoard Notes
Vocabulary and Review Sheet

Mummy Videos

How to wrap a mummy 
Kid interview about mummification
Kids explaining Mummification 
Interactive Mummy Maker

Egypt and Mesopotamia

Compare and Contrast Video
Compare and Contrast Video Technology
Agriculture in both river valleys 

Bubble Guppies

Nile Crocodile

Bubble Guppies - Only the Sphinx Nose

Nobody Nose song only


6.3 India

Rich sticky notes


Power Point






Review Sheet


Online Flashcards



India Intro 

Indus River Valley Civilization - Harrappa and Mohenjo-Dara and advancements

Indus Civilization - Nat Geo

Indian Caste System

Mr. Nicky

How Lord Ganesha Got His Elephant Head


What is Buddhism? This site has information and videos on Buddhism and the Four Noble Truths

Video about the life of Budda

Documentary on Buddhism

Click here to watch a cool video about the creation of Hinduism

Click here to watch a brief video about the main beliefs of Hinduism


Read more about the origins of Hinduism


Click here to read about several of the Hindu gods and goddesses!


This is a video about the lowest caste in the Hindu society: the Untouchables



Click here to view a video of Ancient India's history/accomplishments!

Learn about the contributions of Ancient India!


Click here to view an animated video of Mohenjo-Daro! Cool stuff!! 


Click here to see the ancient ruins of the city of Harappa. Very informative! 


Web widgets



Siddartha Guatama

Lord Ganesha



Hindu Social Order

6.4 Religion

Rich sticky notes

Class Notes

Review Sheet
Stimulus Packet


India Intro - Hinduism around minute 4

India Intro - talks about Karma and eventually Buddhism

Hinduism Intro 

Diwali Cartoon History

Diwali Nat Geo

Diwali History - cartoon 

How Lord Ganesha got his Elephant head

Caste System

Hindu Creation Story

Online Flashcards

6.4 Flashcards


Ramadan for Kids

The Pillars of Islam

Muhammad and the Birth of Islam

Muslim Learning

Top Ten Muslim Inventions

More Muslim Inventions


Life of Buddha 

Life of Buddha video number two


The Story of Judaism

DIp the Apple Song - Rosh Hashanah

Rosh Hashanah

Passover for Kids ending is not accurate but still cute

Story of Passover


10 Life Lessons from Confucius 

Confucius Biography 

Animated Confucius Biography


The Story of Christianity 

Separation of the Catholic Church

What is Christianity 

Jesus in the Desert

6.5 Med. Civilizations

Rich sticky notes


Qin Shi Huangdi Biography

Terra-Cotta Army 

Online Flashcards


Worksheet Packets

China Worksheets
Greece Worksheets
Rome Worksheets

Greek Constellation Project

Constellation Project

Constellation project on Google

Class Notes

Power Point 
Class Notes
Review Sheet


Plain sticky notes

Confucius Book of Virtues Assignment

Challenge/Extension Activity: Confucius believed in living a life that followed some basic principles, and he often preached those principles throughout his lessons. Those principles are: wisdom, friendship, integrity, respect, modesty, knowledge, and enthusiasm. You are going to create a “Book of Virtues” based on Confucius’ principles using the template that has been provided for you. On the inside left panel, you will write each of the 7 virtues and a quote from Confucius underneath it. You have the choice to find a Confucius quote that fits each principle (not one from today’s lesson) or you may challenge yourself to write your own quote in Confucius’ style. On the inside right panel, you are going to write about how each of these quotes applies to your life. For example: What does this quote mean to you? When in your life could you apply this quote? Have you ever been in a situation in which this quote would have been useful to you? You are being graded on neatness and effort, so be sure to decorate the book with color and any designs that are applicable to the assignment.

Daoism Extension Activity

Challenge/Extension Activity: The words yin and yang literally mean the “dark side” and the “sunny side” of a hill. In Chinese culture, they represent the opposites of which the world is thought to be composed: dark and light, female and male, Earth and heaven, death and birth. According to this belief, all good things in life have some element of bad, and all bad things have some element of good. Using this philosophy, fill in the yin yang symbol provided in class by following the directions.

Rich sticky notes

China Notes

China Powerpoint


China Notes


China Vocabulary and Review Sheet

Prezi Presentation on Taoism


Online Flashcards


Websites for Confucius Quotes


Confucius Videos from class:

Confucius's Life

Confucius animated video

Temple and Cemetary of Confucius

Top Ten Confucius Quotes

More Quotes

 Confucius podcast


Ten Life Lessons from Confucius




Chinese Social Classes

Click here to learn more about China's terraces and look at photos

Watch this video to learn more about Ancient Chinese oracle bones


New Discoveries about the Chinese Oracle Bones


More about the Oracle Bones

Oracle Bone actual pieces, explains purpose

 Chinese Writing, paper, printing and gunpowder

 Click here to learn more about the Great Wall of China



Mr. Nicky's China Song

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year Story






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Review Sheet

Echo and Narcissus

God Project

Minoan Reading

Online Flashcards

Mr. Nicky - Greece Song




Mr.. Nicky

Greek Cartoon about LIfestyle


Greek Links


Greece's Geography Video


Another video on Greece's geography


Videos about Greece


Battle of Salamis Video from class


Minoan video


Click here to view the King Midas video that we watched in class  


Click here to watch a video comparing ancient democracy to today's democracy


Click here to view a video to see what life was like in ancient Athens  


Click here to see a video comparing the Ancient Olympics to modern day Olympics

Click here to view a short film on the Trojan War  


Girl Meets World - Trojan War Video


Truth of Troy: Trojan War Video


Cartoon of the Trojan War


Want to act out a Greek myth/play with your friends? Go to this site for some scripts!


Hippocratic Oath Grey's Anatomy

Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great Short Intro

Constellation Project

What is a constellation

Myth of Orion Constellation

Constellation Project


Windows to the Universe

Constellation Legends


Fakebook Project

Greek Quick Links

Fakebook Template

Fakebook Guidelines

Web widgets

Map: Greece





Rich sticky notes





Review Sheet

Vocabulary Quizlet

More Websites

Mr. Nicky

Romulus and Remus Video


History and Geography




More on Roman Aqueducts


Why Caesar Died


Colosseum Video




 Very interesting documentary all about Augustus' life and accomplishments in Rome.

A reenactment of Augustus in front of the Senate after his Uncle Julius Caesar's murder. Julius Caesar was his great uncle and had adopted him since he had no heirs. This scene shows how Augustus was so young and how he handled such sudden power. It also shows a glimpse of what it looked like in the Senate.

A video showing Augustus' house

The Colosseum

 What is Christianity?

The First Christians


Dog of Pompeii

Web widgets

Map: Italy


Romulus and Remus


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Class Notes and Worksheets

Review Sheet

Class Videos

Medieval Europe's Religion 

6.6 Vocabulary Flashcards

Here is a link to online flashcards for this chapter.

Byzantine Empire/ Islam

Plain sticky notes

Ch. 11 Review Sheet

Name: _________________________________ Date: _______________ Pd. ____ Chapter Eleven Review Sheet- Byzantine Empire Directions: Place the main idea on the front of a card/flap and record information about each detail on the back of the card/flap. **Know all the vocabulary words on the chapter 11 vocabulary sheet. 1. Byzantine Empire a. Similarities to Roman empire 2. Constantinople a. Modern day location b. Landform c. Important center for trade 3. Hagia Sophia a. What was it? b. Importance 4. Justinian code a. Purpose 5. Justinian a. Advancements during his rule 6. Islam a. Religion founded by and how b. Faith spread (how/why) c. Five Pillars (describe each one) 7. Muslim a. Inventions b. Restrictions placed on non-Muslim under Muslim rule 8. Byzantine Orthodox Church vs. Roman Catholic Church a. Cause of split b. Characteristics ( include the head of each church) 9. Vocabulary a. Caravan b. Astrolabe c. Caliph d. Icons e. Hippodrome f. Cathedral 1.

Ch. 11 Vocab

Byzantine Empire Unit 8 – Chapter 11 Vocabulary List (pgs. 322-338) Lesson 1 1.Byzantine Empire 2.hippodrome Lesson 2 3.cathedral 4.icon 5.Justinian Code 6.Hagia Sophia Lesson 3 7.Islam 8.Muslim 9. caliph 10. pilgrimage 11. caravan 12. Quran 13. mosques Lesson 4 14. astrolabe

Rich sticky notes





2014 Alternative Notes

Online flashcards

Rich text note


Separation of Catholic Church


Mohammand and the Birth of Islam


The Five Pillars


Muslim Learning

Spread of Islamic Faith and Empire


Byzantine Rap


To Ten Islamic Inventions

More Islamic Inventions

Byzantine Art: Mosaics, History, and Characteristics


Byzantine Architecture: Hagia Sophia

 The rise and fall of the Byzantine Empire

Middle Ages



Plain sticky notes

Review Sheet

Chapter 14 Review Sheet 1.Deforestation a. Impact 2.Domesday Book a.Purpose 3.Charlemagne a.Reasons for the fall of his empire 4.King John a.Characteristics/ leadership 5.Magna Carta a.Definition b.Purpose c.Who supported it d.Impact on the king e.Impact on the nobility and knights f.Impact on the serfs 6. Feudalism a.Social order b.Benefits to the nobility (what did they get) 7.Serfs a.Characteristics/ rules 8.Knights a.Characteristics/ rules 9.Manor a.Benefits of owning land for the lord b.Effects on towns c.Purpose for Three-field rotation 10.Guilds a.Definition b.Purpose (there are five of them) 11.Women a.Characteristics/ rules 12.Crusades a.Purpose b.Alexius Comnenus c.How did they increase wealth? 13.Bubonic Plague a.How did it begin? b.Spread c.Benefits for the serfs

Rich sticky notes


Unit 9 / Chapter 14 Vocabulary


Lesson Two Pgs. 396-398

  1. Domesday Book
  2. Middle Ages
  3. Magna Carta

Lesson Three Pgs. 401-405

  1. monk
  2. nun
  3. convent
  4. missionary
  5. monarch
  6. serf
  7. knight
  8. chivalry
  9. guild
  10. nobility
  11. Lady
  12. feudalism
  13. manor system
  14. three-field rotation

Lesson Four Pgs. 407-411

  1. epidemic
  2. Crusades
  3. Bubonic Plague




Online Flashcards

Medieval Times Town Packet

Viking Reading

Viking Questions and Task Sheet

Viking Rubric

Web widgets

Map: Europe




Plain sticky notes

Review Sheet

Name_________________________________________________ Date ___________________ Per ______ Chapter 15 Review Sheet Directions: Place the main idea on the front of a card/flap and record information about each detail on the back of the card/flap. **Know all the vocabulary words on the Chapter 15 vocabulary sheet Lesson 1: 1. Renaissance a. Definition b. Where it began c. Advancements 2. Renaissance Artists a. Style 3. Printing Press a. Definition b. Effects on Society (how are books made prior to the printing press and what were some results of the printing press) c. Creator 4. Reformation a. Martin Luther b. Causes c. Church’s Response d. Indulgence Lesson 2: 5. Exploration/Trade a. Why Europeans conquered the Americas b. Reason for Ocean Routes c. Importance of exploring India 6. Columbian Exchange a. Definition Lesson 3: 7. Colonies/Mercantilism a. Mercantilism b. Encomienda c. Benefits for the mother country d. Triangular Trade

Rich sticky notes


Renaissance Documentary


Printing Press Importance

Printing Press for Kids (short)

Leonardo da Vinci

Renaissance Overview


1. Name: _____________________________Date: ___________________Period:_______                    


Unit 10 / Chapter 15 Vocabulary

“New Beginnings: The Renaissance”



Lesson One: (pgs. 430-437)

1.    Renaissance

2.    Johannes Gutenberg

3.    commerce

4.    indulgence

5.    Martin Luther

6.    excommunicate


Lesson Two: (pgs. 438-443)

7.    circumnavigate

8.    conquistador

9.    Columbian Exchange


Lesson Three: (pgs. 444-449)

10. mercantilism

11. encomienda

12. triangular trade




Class notes

2014 Power Point

Online Flashcards


Maniac Magee



Rich sticky notes

Power Point

Vocabulary and Questions

Part One Vocabulary

Part Two Vocabulary Black Book

Part Two Vocabulary Purple and Green Book

Part Three Vocabulary

Maniac Questions

Text of Maniac Magee

Read the book online


Maniac Magee Movie

Meet the Author

 Jerry Spinelli talks about his journey to becoming a writer listen to Jerry Spinelli and his wife Eileen talk about their lives listen to what Jerry Spinelli thinks about Maniac Magee


McNab Writing

Web widgets

Map: Pennsylvania

Grammar/ Lit. Devices

Plain sticky notes

Sticky note

This tab is filled with sites and information to help you write better. Please take the time to read through this and try to apply the information that is being provided.

Rich sticky notes

Contractions and Commas

Watch this YouTube about contractions, then go to the website below and work on the second worksheet link. At the second link you will find a sheet of all types of contractions and then a worksheet that you should complete and hand in to me.

First, watch the YouTube video below on commas. Then, go to the second link and scroll down the page. You will see a section that says Comma Worksheets. Click on the link for the worksheet and complete it. Hand in the worksheet when you have completed it.
Youtube - Bruno Mars
Comma Worksheet

Use of Commas - explains the rules

Grammar Rocks song

Comma Commerial


How to use semicolons

More on how to use semicolons

Grammar Packets

Grammar Packet - Number One

Writing Conventions - Number Two

Punctuation for Various Types of Sentences - Number Three

Fig. Lang. Packet

Lit. Devices Packet

There, They're, and Their - Song

Go to this website and practice using the correct form of the word there, they're and their.

There, They're and Their Website

Another online quiz

Third Quiz
Fourth Quiz

Once you finish you will go to this website, download the worksheet, print it out, complete it and hand it in to me.

Parts of Speech

Grammaropolis Website - good for the songs but also short clips that explain the different parts of speech.

Grammaropolis Songs

Noun Town

Verb Song









Prepositions by Bazillions 

School House Rocks Songs








Tale of Mr.Morton - Subject and predicate

Compound Sentences

Dependent Love Story

Independent and Dependent

Fragment Sentences


Thrift Shop Parody - Pronouns

Pronoun Song


Verb Rap

Grammar Rocks Prepositions

Predicate Nouns and Adjectives

Predicate Nouns, Adjectives, Direct and Indirect Objects

Practice identifying PN or PA

Your vs. You're

Song from class
Quiz One
Quiz Two

How to Write a Hook and other ELA information


This site is great for helping your understand the different parts of a well constructed essay.USE IT! :)



Affect vs. Effect

Good site that explains the difference

Video number 2 - good examples


Dialogue Video

Dialogue Rules Video

Writing a pargraph or essay

Power Point on how to write a topic sentence and a paragraph using TLFC

Fill in the blank notes on how to write a topic sentence and a paragraph using TLFC

How to write a hook and introductory paragraph

Roots, Prefixes, Suffixes

Interactive Website


Prefixes and Suffixes worksheets found here


Base Word Baseball


Worksheets and explanations found here


Word Grammar and Other Writing Facts


Test your knowledge of word parts (prefixes, suffixes, and base words


More Games

Linking and Helping Verbs

Linking Verbs Song

Helping Verb

Noun Quiz

Common and Proper Nouns

Possessive Nouns

Possessive Nouns Quiz #2

Possessive Nouns Quiz #3

Singular and Plural Nouns

Singular and Plural Noun Quiz


Pronouns Quiz # 2

Pronoun Quiz #3

Noun Quiz

Parts of Speech Online Quizzes

Soft School Online Quizzes

This is an online quiz for parts of speech


Figurative Language




Rich sticky notes

Point of View

Point of View Powerpoint


Point of View Notes

Author's Purpose

Author's Purpose Powerpoint


Author's Purpose Notes



Idiom Powerpoint

Idiom Worksheet

Idiom Video


Alliteration Song

Another Alliteration Song

Figurative Language Reveiw

Review Figurative Language Quiz # 1

Review Figurative Language Quiz # 2

Quizlet Figurative Language Review

How To Write a Summary

Short video from class
Steps: - All steps must be done in 5 words or less
1. - Who was in the story?
2. - What happened in the story?
3. - When did the story happen?
4. - Where did the story take place?
5. - Why did the story happen?
6. - How did the story happen?
Another Video

Black History Month

Rosa Parks and Harriet Tubman


Harriet Tubman Bio


Rosa Parks Bio.


Onomatopoeia -Minions

Onomatopoeia song

Batman Onomatopoeia

Parts of a Friendly Letter

Video on how to write a friendly letter

Another video on how to write a friendly letter

Samples of friendly letters

Notes on how to write a friendly letter


Youtube lesson used in class


Hyperbole Video # 1

Hyperbole video #2

Hyperbole Video # 3

Simile and Metaphor

Brain Pop on Simile and Metaphors - username and password are sachem


Simile and Metaphor Jep. Game


Simile and Metaphor in Pop Music


Play "Fling the Teacher" simile and metaphor game


Another simile and metaphor game


How well do you know similes and metaphors?


Rich sticky notes


Your ELA Final in on Friday, 6/21 at 8:15 a.m.


Final Review Packet

Figurative Language Packet



Grammar Packet


Novel Review Packet


Vocabulary Review Packet

Extra Practice Worksheets

Answers to Extra Practice Worksheets

Social Studies

Your Final is on Monday, 6/24 at 12:15 p.m.


Click the links below to access the final review information review questions review packet 

ELA Assessment

Reading Comprehension

Rich sticky notes


FUN notes

Weekly Reading Comps

Week One

Week Two

Week Three

Week Four

Week Five

Week Six

Week Seven

Week Eight

Week Nine

Percy Jackson

Rich sticky notes

Rick Riordan

Rick Riordan talks about Percy Jackson series

See a trailer

Meet the Author - Why Rick Riordan wrote the Percy Jackson series

Rick Riordan's Website

Class Notes and Outlines

PowerPoint from Class

Blank Outline

Gods and Goddess Flashcards

A Hero's Journey

A Hero's Journey description 

A Hero's Journey in Disney Movies

Wizard of OZ, Harry Potter, and Star Wars - 7 mins

Wizard of Oz, Harry Potter, and Star Wars - 9 mins

Hercules' Hero's Journey

Hercules' Hero's Journey Prezi

Online Novel

Entire Novel ( pages do not line up to our novel)

Chapter One - Audio

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9 Part One

Chapter 9 Part Two

Chapter 10

Chapter 11

Chapter 12

Chapter 13

Chapter 14

Chapter 15 Part One

Chapter 15 Part Two

Chapter 16 Part One

Chapter 16 Part Two

Chapter 17 Part One

Chapter 17 Part Two

Chapter 18 Part One

Chapter 18 Part Two

Chapter 19 Part One

Chapter 19 Part Two

Chapter 20 Part One

Chapter 21 Part One

Chapter 21 Part Two

Chapter 22


Chapter One

1.       expelledpg. 2, 5 lines from the bottom

2.      dyslexia pg. 7, 6 lines from the bottom

Chapter Two

1.       hallucinationpg. 16, lines 2-3

2.      juvenile delinquent pg. 22, line 19

Chapter Three

1.       smothering pg. 33, line 20

2.      resented pg. 39, line 10

Chapter Four

1.       hastily pg. 44, 3 from the bottom

2.      disintegrate pg. 55, line 19

Chapter Five

1.       recoiled pg. 60, line 18

2.       incinerates pg. 69, line 5

Chapter Six

1.       armory pg. 79, line 8

2.      sneer pg. 81, 2 lines from the bottom

Chapter Seven

1.       quest pg. 98, line 10

2.      prophecies pg. 102, line 3

Chapter Eight

1.       sire pg. 113, last line

2.       warily pg. 115, 2 lines from the bottom

Chapter Nine

1.       feigned pg. 132, line 20

2.       usurp pg. 136, first line

Chapter Ten

1.       vulnerable pg. 154, line 10

2.       melancholy pg. 156, line 11

Chapter Eleven

1.       mournfully pg. 169, line 6

2.      petrify pg. 184, line 13

Chapter Twelve

1.       nostalgic pg. 189, line 15

2.      distorted pg. 194, line 1

Chapter Thirteen

1.       deceitful pg. 199, 7 lines from the bottom

2.       resentfully pg. 201, line 11

Chapter Fourteen

1.       embedded pg. 212, line 10

2.      billowing pg. 214, line 16

Chapter Fifteen

1.       skeptically pg. 224, line 15

2.       dismissively pg. 225, line 12

Chapter Sixteen

1.       deception pg. 253, line 3

2.      vagrants pg. 257, line 20

Chapter Seventeen

1.       morale pg. 269, line 11

2.       hospitality pg. 280, line 3

Chapter Eighteen

1.       transparent pg. 284, line 18

2.       agitated pg. 286, 6 lines from the bottom

Chapter Nineteen

1.       predicament pg. 304, 7 lines from the bottom

2.       grotesquely pg. 307, 3 lines from the bottom

Chapter Twenty

1.       reconciliation pg. 326, line 9

2.       disoriented pg. 330, line 5

Chapter Twenty One

1.       evade pg. 335, 4 lines from the bottom

2.       menacingly pg. 341, line 3

Chapter Twenty Two

  1. obliged pg. 359, 6 lines from the bottom

  2. vengeance pg. 371, line 11


Theseus and the Minotaur

Disney Golden Touch

King Midas Golden Touch

Muppet Golden Touch - skip first minute

Another King Midas

Hercules and Chiron


King Sisyphus

Jason and the Golden Fleece ( Myth Warriors)

Jason and the Golden Fleece

The search for Medusa

Perseus Slays Medusa

Perseus and Medusa (Short clip)

Different perspective of Medusa

Pandora's Box

The Labors of Hercules

Hercules and the Golden Apples Part One

Hercules and the Golden Apples Part Two

Hercules and the Golden Apples Part Three

Persephone and the Winter Seed

Apollo’s Tree with Plot Elements and Characterization

Difference between the movie and the books


Bellerophon and Pegasus

The Story of Arachne

Arachne Myth



Echo and Narcissus Reading

Journey of Odysseus

Odysseus and the Cyclop

Greek God Websites

See my tab on Greece to find some interesting websites, however here are a few:

Overview of Gods and Titans 

Greek God Overview

Greek God Rap



The Fates

Cerberus guards the Underworld

Greek God Family Tree

Greek Gods

Genres, Short Stories, and Story Elements



Rich sticky notes

Short Stories

"The Problem with Bullies"


"Tuesday of the Other June"

 Cyberbullying Reading 

Cyberbullying planning and question


"All Summer in a Day" Part One

"All Summer in a Day" Part Two

"All Summer in a Day" Part Three

Class Notes

Conflict Notes


Conflict Smartboard


Poetry Notes

Poetry Power Point

Rhyme Scheme Notes

Rhyme Scheme Power Point


Echo and Narcissus

Scary Stories

May I Carry Your Basket

Science Fiction

What is Sci Fi

"The Fun They Had"

"The Fun They Had" movie

"All Summer In a Day"

Alternate ending to the story, "All Summer In a Day"

"All Summer in a Day" writing assignment rubric

Notes on Dialogue from class

Dialogue tag sheet from class

The Jetsons - short clip

Jetsons meet the Flinstones

Jetsons - Getting Ready for Work

Jetsons - Packing 

Jetsons -Domestic Efficiency 

When Science fiction becomes science facts

Class Notes

Realistic Fiction Notes

Realistic PowerPoint

Sci Fi Notes

Sci Fi PowerPoint

Horror Fiction PowerPoint

Tall Tales

Pecos Bill

Pecos Bill ( only part of the story)

Slue Foot Sue and Pecos Bill

Johnny Appleseed

Paul Bunyan Part One

Paul Bunyan Part Two