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This tune is so amazing, makes me relax, forget´╗┐ about things and it takes me to a another forgotten world.. BIG summer tune.

Very nice video I especially like the´╗┐ on screen lyrics. The on screen lyrics match this version! I have counted 6 versions.


1. Glossy screen with little glare, hard to beat that ehh? This monitor also has excellent color saturation, as well as a deep contrast ratio that makes gaming on this thing simply stunning. I adore rotating this screen vertically to impress others, and although it's not completely practical, it makes viewing websites a joy. The built quality is also rock solid, the stand it comes on has been literally abused by yours truely yet it still works like a charm.


2. The brightness may be somewhat lower than other newer displays, or maybe I'm just so used to the screen that I've forgotten what a bright screen is. When it first came out the drivers were horrible, but that's been fixed.


3.  I've owned this screen for over a year, and it's still bar none one of the best 22in lcd's out there. I have loved owning this LCD, and the only way I would consider a change is getting a larger screen (maybe two of these). After all this time I just now learned that it had built in speakers. Go figure, that could have saved me many times over. Live and learn.


I just purchased hp lcd monitor this week

I just purchased new hp lcd monitor this week. The backlight angles up oddly, which makes the color temperature different all over the screen. When playing a full-screen game at native resolution I notice that the image tears over 4-5 horizontal sections which it does not do on any other monitor I have tried. You can not slouch while using this monitor or the screen will be much darker, you can't tilt it down far enough to help this. The stand wobbles at even the slightest nudge and the display tilts when I turn it on because of the positioning of the power button. The display and border are glossy effectively turning it into a fingerprint magnet. There are nooks and crannies you can't dust with most cleaning products. It is very difficult to rotate at all, especially if you have the cables in its cable sleeves because they tend to pull when you're stretching it out all the way to spin it. It does not automatically rotate the picture on-screen when you rotate the monitor, the USB cable goes to the hub on the side of the monitor.