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Welcome to My Study Buddies

Hello World! This is the second of my Open University Study Centres. I have now elected to use Protopage as the integration to my bespoke sofware. Protopage allows me a degree of flexibility that I find very productive. Sadly I managed to lose all my preparation when I exposed my Social Network using Wordpress. (Conditions of use!). Hopefully the stability of the Protopage product will prove its true value.

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Behind Closed Doors.

Welcome to my Social Network


It is not for me to say how much networking should be happening with the Open University. I have elected to play a passive role and jump in when things start to happen.


I may use this application just to communicate with my tutor.


The advantage that it has is it is with me whereever I go. I need not own a computer nor be concerned with what sofware my tutor has.


I can write to it using my mobile device and access it from an computer in the world.


I need not care where data lives nor be concerned of its security.


I can control access to who sees what and interface it with my learning material.


It is like having your brain out in the open for anybody to see.....


The great advantages is the clarity of communication and speed.


(But it is radical!) 

A very powerful tool...... But is it the right tool ?


The proof will be in the pudding!!!!


BramiT 06Vi07


Revisting Burns and Staker


There are times in your life when you realise just how humble you are!


Wesley D. Sine (Cornell University), Hitosh Mitsuashi, (University of Tsukuba), David A. Kirsch, (University Of Marlyland)  produced a piece of work of some substance which was published in the academy of Management journal, Vol 49, N01, 121-132.


This work 'Revisiting Burns and Staker: Formal Structure and New Venture Performance in Emerging Economic Sectors' it is a study that 'examines the effects of formal structure on the performance of new ventures in the emergent internat sector during the years 1996-2001'.


The convergence of internet technologies that was announced in 1998 is only now begining to show itself on the unsuspecting world. The arrival of Vista, Longhorn and Leopard will have an effect upon emerging economic sectors far greater than the impact of the personal computer back in 1984.


The work of these intellectuals is a fine example of the quality of work which students should aspire to. At my age I can only but admire the depth of knowledge an the hours of work that has gone into such a study My time has passed and I can only imagine what would have been my destiny taken a different path. Given the chance I would not hesitate to emulate theses fine scolars. This work should be inspirational to any child that reads it. 


But there again I would not have arrived here understanding what they are talking about. 

Read this and admire it:







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Y159 Results

I am very pleased to say that my results for my course were exceptional. I achieved all my objectves and based upon the results have elected to continue with my OU Education My expectations were that I would need to undertake a level 1 T175 Networked Living course, to warm me into the task. This I no longer feel is required and I can plan for the level 2 M256 Software Development withJava course, scheduled for February 2008.


I achieved success in the academic parts of the course and satisfied the criteria in the four section required. Where I underachieved was in the following areas. 1. Selects and evaluates appropriate evidence from the course material. 2. Clearly identifies and reference sources 3. Aware of learner needs and the use of study methods.

Course Feedback.

The support which I recieved from th OU was outstanding. This was more an evaluation of the OU as a learning partner than a test of my ability. My objectives were these. 1. To baseline my knowledge base. 2. To evaluate OU Student System.. 3. To evaluate my own communication skills an literacy. Since 2000 I have been conducting a study on education services and have experienced a nmber of learning environment. These include. 1. Full time government funded courses. 2. Atomic government funded home study. 3. Centre based electronic study. 4. Self financed part time education. 5. Self funded University education. All the above working towards acredited qualifications. In parallel to this I have been working within a community which educates a significant number of children on an unacredited program whilst working to develop my own solution. My OU experience was as much a self evaluation as an evaluation of the OU. Of all the courses which I have taken The OU is well out in front in terms of the delivery of students expectations. The Delivery Of Learning Course,(4), which I attended was a complete and utter shambes in terms of content, heatth and safety, learner resourses and learner support. Given this was is an entry point into teaching it is of major concern. ECDL Evaluation. (2). was interesting in that I declared that I wanted a specific qualification, having signed up paid my subscription and commenced study. I soon realised that I was on the wrong course, Learn Direct missed the mark there. It was also interesting that I completed the study and passed all the exams before the learning material arrived, the qualification took an age to arrive. My return to education,(1), was interesting too, I waned a 'C' programming qualification. This was a 15 week course which I had to negotiate my way onto with my tutor. I was accepted on the basis that I would not disrupt the class. In my first session I was advised that I would complete the 15 week course in four weeks and that they had prepared a special program to allow me to complete another two 15 week courses in the said time, (networking and web design - Good revenue!). The third of my research units was in centre based tuition. This was undertaken to evaluate the ECDL training which I commenced in (2). The realisation that the contents were 90% the same came as a shock, (More good revenue). I sent my time, as a Trojen, looking at courses that I had not subscribed to and utilising the print services, (Cost Benefit Analysis at work here), They bonus of free coffee and food.was welcomed too! Eventually I compressed my learning into four days when the UK government withdrew funding. I completed all the ECDL / ECDL Advanced / Web Publishing and Web Publishing Advanced before the funding ceased. Hot from that experience I was keen to teach in the community so I evaluated the C&G7302 course material before commecing the study - sadly my frustrations with the tutor resulted in my leaving the course and insisting upon a refund on the basis of a failure to deliver matarial to the standards of my expectations. In 2007 I decided to baseline my learning method at University level and infiltrated the ranks of the Open University. I selected a openings course in Management. I did not read the course material and that I compressed my learing into one session over three evenings and 'On the Critical Path' and the results were exceptional. This was directly due to the encouragement and enthusiams of the tutors and the OU. I expained my situation and they were 100% supportive in every department. One lesson learnt from this exercise was that some of my work was to the level expected quality expected of a Masters student, this came as a surprise, (it was also inapproprate). I learnt that the expectations of the OU are driven by the constraints an limitation of the learning material. (For the openings courses). I was surprised by the lack of community study - I expected to become one of a comunity of learners seaking social stimulation.. I observed fo 19 week the activities of the students without participation. (It being critical that my social networking research and development not infuence the learning of other) In conclusion: My study in the use of Social Networking within a learning environment was a great success. The positives are: 1. I know more about Management my qualifications show. 2. Futher education can be great fun and that a bad learning experience can be put behind you. In conclusion: The OU has returned my faith in teaching, (my C&G Experience damaged me having had success after success after success). I would like to close with a special thank you to Joe. It is quite a mystery how we got the refereing wrong given that this was the focus of my only tutorial. This is not a reflection upon Joe as a tutor as he clearly had success with his students. (He picked me up when Theresa went sick). With regards to the needs as a learner. My pre-assessment stated clearly my needs. I satisfied these and more too. For me education is about personal goals and achievments. For 30 years I have used Manchester University to further my projects. Further education helps me focus. In February 2008 I will commence a Java Course. It will take 9 months to complete. Before I start the course the material will have been completed and the model embedded into my Structure Social Networking Applications. I loved my experience with the OU and now look forward to the next enterprise. Vision 23 is now under way. The OU has restored my faith - £100 was such a small price for so much fun and support, it is monies well spent. . Thank you Theresa and Joe. Kindest Regards Alan IT Strategist, (Feb 2007 - ) What Next?.............................. Quo Vadis - Scheduled 10/10/2007, (iQuidam). Quidam (pronounced "key-DAHM"; IPA: [kiː'daːm]) means "a certain one/thing" or "anonymous passerby" . The work that you are now reading is in preparation for my next course M256 Software Development With Java. The objective being 1. 'The integration of Java applets into a SSNA CIS Infrastructure', (Code Name - Minerva.) Minerva was the daughter of Jupiter. She was considered to be the virgin goddess of warriors, poetry, medicine, wisdom, commerce, crafts, and the inventor of music. Jupiter, (02/02/2007), Nimrod / Vista Integration. (The result of Vision 22 April 2000 to Jan 2007 - Nimrod (נִמְרוֹד) means "Hunter"; was a Biblical Mesopotamian king mentioned in the Table of Nations) 2. Baseline Java Education Need and scope team / personal development plans. 3. Define Java development standard. SSNA is my term for 'Structured Social Networking within Community Information Systems. Welcome to - pre learning for Y159 Understanding Management, (Dec 2006).





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Please join the My Study Buddies Community today and we will display your membership just as soon as we have automated the process - In the mean time I will Hand Crank it from time to time.

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This site is now going to be heavily geared to NHS Revalidation and Peer Mentoring.

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InfoNet Launch 30/03/2020 10:10:10Rich text note

We have made a major breakthrough with the discovery of an existing NHS Protopage learning website.

Triggering Maxim's Law set up anf training at Bronte Ward