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There is a fault with this - when you hit shift it deletes your txt - I have just done a great great letter about this project - its has been lost - I am going to have to write it again.

Watch out for Nimrod I will do it in google overnight tonight. When it is quite and peaceful and I can sit back think quietly and visualise a Vision - Vision 2020



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Please may i see my named nurse in my room for 15 minutes today please to take notes and report my concerns to the management team / doctors / consultants and to have these notes scanned into my medical records ASAP Verbal communication to Martin - Duty Supervoisor ! 14/03/2020 11:00:00


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History of Forest Gump

I like to work nights as I get the opportunity to talk to staff.

Tom says that his son is interested in IT that he is 15 and that he builds his own computers - is studying computer science and is working whilst he is still at school - has 2 jobs

I have said that I will Create Fin Obrien - The Third Policeman that has been written on the wall in Beech Ward Bolton Hospital above the window in the conservatory where we played Parliament as the Mugwump political party.  

It was during a Mugwump Part meeting that I was physically assaulted again by a patient that is now in Bronte - I have requested that food be brought to my room but have been rejected. There may be an incident one day if he recognises me - be warned there will be consequences if I am assaulted again.

I have been subjected to a number of outburst by patients whilst in Bronte - I have not reacted to the abuse - I have defused the situation - people are so frustrated on ward - there is no task ownership.

BrexIT -Phase II

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BrexIT - Phase II

The plan is to do a multi currency international trading system once I have seen what directory services Richard Gilbert is delivering.

The plan toi train Paul Edwards up in Full Stack development is not going well - there is a falure in setting up protopage ppegasus agile communication between teem members - a number of request have been made to all team members  to sign into protopage and commence task tracking.

This is a great example of how projects go wrong.

I could have set out a project plan but this is not a project Nimrod is about friends working together to better themselfes an to improve their employment prospects.

For sure if this was a managed project with a budget it would have been finished in July 2007.

David Goslings failure to fund this project as was agreed when he appointed me IT Strategist for YMG and his refusal to implement developments for him at YMG and Bitesize Golf has cost us hundreds of hours of lost time.

In 2016 Richard produced for David a perfectly good working portal for the distribution of electronic documents internationally - David failed to populate the database as he failed to populate the shops that I , Richard (ASP.Net ) / Charles Ocean Design but the strategy was to convert The Bossons Database into a number of business applications.

Paul Edwards has had 14 years to move with the times and have our support but he chose the easy life settled with Visual FoxPro for one business - Paul could have elected to work 1 hour a night with me on Projects Nimrod / Xenophon / Mayflower and he would be full Stack Agile now with assured employment and a salary circa  70k a year.

Now he is facing unemployment and does not communicate.

How he runs his projects I have no idea - all I knoe is that he is excellent and Ferranti used to love him - I assume his employer does or he has been underselling his skills - who knows.

Vision 2020

Incident Reporting

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At lunch today there was an incident in the dining room - the man that vas violant to me was at it again with a patient.

I quietly told Martin that he was the one to watch - he is nasty.

Finishing my lunch I left my place on the table to avoid going near him in case he recognised me.

I was asked nicely by Julie - who I was in dis agreement this morning about minute taking - which has resulted in this site being created.  please put your pots in the sink.

I said certainly I will do it NOW ……..

 At risk of harm I undertook the task - I do as I am told or when asked politely - when asked politely I will break off an A task to do a NOW task - to allow others to move their life forward - you never know if their task is on the critical path or part of a Disaster Recovery Plan.

I am on Disaster Recovry I have seen that NHS Networks detect Protopage Viruses and have requested that the IT department know that critical web pages might be blocked and to request that they support me.


It would not surprise me that if they do not like the idea that I am on NHS Watch - that they will block Protopage.

If they do then I will go to Human Rights - My MP / Parliament and make a claim of victimisation - freedom of speech and that government need to introduce a Social Networking act allowing clients to monitor NHS Services in the public domain.

Informed Martin on the way out - simply that Please and Now are my favourite words and that he as an ex programmer should understand the consequences of delays and cost of projects.

For the GMMH Lets Talk Project - Sexual behaviour of young adult males. I have listed 26 classes that a task can be assigned - I am looking to Martin to discuss with me which 20% of these tasks should be non chargeable.

I have little hope of him doing this as the workload on the department does not allow it - sometimes we have to wait as long as 20 minutes to get attention.

A little frustrating when all you want is a bit of milk for your coffee. Or cup - of some coffee.

The coffee room never has cups or coffee - If you want a leson in stock recording Inventory Control I will gladly give you one - infarct I will bookmark that now and assign it as a C task - to do when I am relaxing at night.   


C Tasks

Todo lists

Stock Recording - Martin NHS 14/03/2020 12:50:00

Buy Coffee
Buy milk
Write Stock Recording Procedure Manual - Spec
Build Model Database
Email Guys
ScheduleIT / PlanIT

Nonduality with Peter



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