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Arden Syntax Overview

Der Arden Syntax für Medizinische

The Arden Syntax for Medical Logic Modules (MLMs) is a language for encoding medical knowledge. It was previously adopted as a standard by the American Society for Testing and Materials as document E 1460, under subcommittee E31.15 Health Knowledge Representation. Adopted in 1992, this became Arden Syntax Version 1.0

Beginning in Summer, 1998 sponsorship of this standard was moved to Health Level Seven (HL7). Maintenance of the standard is overseen by the Clinical Decision Support and Arden Syntax Technical Committee of HL7. Arden Syntax Version 2.0 was formally adopted by HL7 and ANSI in August, 1999.

The move of Arden Syntax from ASTM to Health Level Seven had its origins in 1997. The HL7 CDS TC first met in June, 1997, organized as a Special Interest Group by Carol Broverman. It continued as a SIG until April, 1998, when it became a Technical Committee and split off the Data Warehouse SIG. In Summer, 1999, the Arden Syntax standard was transfered formally from ASTM to HL7, and Version 2 of the standard was formally endorsed by HL7 and ANSI.

Associated SIGs have followed, including the GLIF SIG (created in September, 2000, and later renamed the Clinical Guidelines SIG), the Clinical Trials SIG (created in May, 2001) and the Electronic Health Record SIG (proposed for creation at the October, 2001 meeting). All of these SIGs are sponsored by the CDS TC. The Data Warehouse SIG ultimately was disbanded because of lack of participation. In order to make the overall technical committee less technology-specific, the Arden Syntax was spun off into its own SIG in January, 2001, under the sponsorship of the Clinical Decision Support TC.

Each MLM contains sufficient logic to make a single medical decision. MLMs have been used to generate clinical alerts, interpretations, diagnoses, screening for clinical research, quality assurance functions, and administrative support.

With an appropriate computer program (known as an event monitor), MLMs run automatically, generating advice where and when it is needed. For example, one MLM warns physicians when a patient develops new or worsening kidney failure.

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"Lehre ist für das Lernen weder eine notwendige noch eine hinreichende Bedingung" ([Kerres M. Multimediale und telemediale Lernumgebungen. München Oldenbourg, 2001; 2. Aufl.], S. 39)

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