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Intro & Date

Perfect You by Elizabeth Scott Printed in 2008


The main character, Kate was never really realizing the good things about life and everything she noticed about people was usually bad. While her parents deal with their losses and fight all of the time, she is discovering more things about herself then ever before.


Their Home School The Mall

Main/Supporting Characters

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Kate Mom Dad Todd Grandma Will Anna Sam Jennifer T. Jennifer M. Jennifer S.

Character Analisis

Kate- Thinks the worst about people most of the time and wants to be Anna's friend again. Mom- Is a nice and caring person, but when it comes to her husband she has less tolerance. Dad- A very optimistic person that believes anything can happen if you work hard, which isn't really the case with his vitiamin selling job which sells one bottle perday at the most. Todd- A lazy good looking guy that feels bad about being the main reason for his parents becoming bankrupt Grandma- Doesn't like her daughter's choice in husband and whats to break them up, she lives with them to "help out" during their hardship. Will- Was always with a new girl every two minutes (rumored) but really started to care about Kate even though she thinks that she's just another girl to him. Anna- Used to be overweight and was Kate's only friend and has always liked Sam but he made fun of her when she was overweight, but now acts like Kate is invisable so she doesn't ruin her image Sam- Acts like he likes Anna but she knows that he cheats on her a lot but is afriad to say anything about it, and is "friends" with Will but their mothers are just in bussiness with eachother. Jennifer T,S, and M- All of them friends that Kate spends time with but Jennifer S. often feels left out.

Main action

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Kate's father had decided to quit his job to sell vitamins because of a "sign". Her mother tried to come up with a budget that he does not follow and uses Kate to work for him. Kate and Anna used to be the closest of friends but when she comes back to town from her aunts looking better than ever, they begin to drift apart.

Events That Led Up to the Climax

The Outcome

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