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Quo Vadiz / Quo Vadis

There is confusion here as to the spelling - can anybody advise which is correct.

Google gives both.


This site has been driven out of a community wellbeing project called Blue Flamingos.

Whilst WCHG staff volunteered to be part of a community wellbeing project the directors of WCHG have declared that they have no interest in improving community community community communication.

This should be a Manchester Community Guardian Project but there is no management at the town hall to report to.

So it is up to me to work with my community on this project.

Alan Bramwell 
Director of Community Systems  - Red Octopus Business Services Limited






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SSNA Failure

This is about personal wellbeing - In my case personal wellbeing is achieved by a nightly commitment to education / training and personal development. 

I am a digital champion and I research the IT Industry and design applications. I learn programming languages and develop IT online courses.  I recruit volunteer to participate in IT projects and I act as a Community Guardian to support businesses  that need support. 

I have had many disappointments and have spent hundreds of hours working with dishonourable people. Non more than David Gosling of Bitesize Golf who is a game player and a vampire - who now refuses to answer my phone calls or respond to my e'mail even though Richard spent nearly a year working for him for free.

We had an understanding with Dave in 2007 that he would promote SSNA - he has refused to add a single link on his website that would launch our SSNA project. Im 2016 Richard completed a communications portal for him so his business could go international - he refused to implement it.

David has continued to develop his own unresponsive websites - his work does nothing to promote his produce - his site has no traffic - he does nothing to attract people to his site. Whist David appointed me his IT Strategist in 2007 and I taught him Agile project management in 2016 he has contributed nothing to our project.

David Gosling is a game player - how he works is totally unprofessional - how he keeps his PGA status is a wonder to me.

Many many years ago JS advised me never ever deal with a golf professional they are a rule to themselves they deal with company directors and expect that everybody owes them a living they give nothing away for free they do not contribute to projects. JS was so so right.

When you read this Dave just reflect how much we tried to help you and feel guilty - you should.

Alan Bramwell 

Director of Community  Systems - Red Octopus Business Services Limited

Powtoon / Graphics

The only thing that Goz has contributed is 12 years of working with him is Powtoon - even then he has not given me a lesson and I don't really know it's full potential.

What David is good at is graphics but he has never divulged how he goes about it or shared his resources with us.

BSG Elite

BSG Elite was our Vision to educate his community - David advised us his community was 1500 professionals and 60,000 service users - Our drive to give David a subscription based website with lots of interesting content and games had the potential off £600,000 per yer plus revenue from professional website development.

12 years on and we have produced nothing but heartache and disappointment.

The Golf Hub and Green Pages should have been our flagship development - it is all lost due to David and his refusal to migrate to video content. I guess if you are locked in the dark ages then that's where you are.

He is just like Hitec Computers - Hitec do not want to expand their sales business - thatt are happy with phone and laptop repairs. At least they are honest and have told me that and still let me operate out of their premises in Cheadle.

SSNA may now never see the light of day - I can not tink of a way to promote it - perhaps my local school is an option.




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Time For A New Project - Erasmus 2020

Now that SSNA is dead in the water it is time for traditional it development and to do this we need a team.

Tiger Team

1. Product Owner  - Me 
2. Scrum Master -  Me 
3 System Designer - Me
4 Foundation Computing Programmer - ME
5 Interface Programming - Me
6 Enterprise Systems Development - An Other
7 Event Management - Me 
8 Promotions - Me
9 Financing - ME 

Project Objectives - Financial Accounting - Phase 1 Sage Interfaces.
Phase 2 SAP Interfaces 
Phase 3 Quickbooks Interfaces
Phase 4 Workflow Interfaces 

Project End Date....

The target date is 07/07/2020

The estimated workload is about 40 hours work.

But the team has a serious motivation issue due to the damage done by David Gosling - It is a wonder that my team is still talking to me.

Richard has a priority to produce a local business directory - this is a definite revenue stream. But Richard is employed full time in the IT industry - he has no reason to do this other than Lokuhl was his initiative.

Plus my drive to do anything with IT has gone. I like Social Bookmarking and education - that is about it.

Erasmus 2020



Design House

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Erasmus 2002

Produce and Establishment  payroll 

1. Payroll Channel
2. Personnel Channel
3 Post Channel
4 Occupancy Channel
5 Pay/Deds Channel
6 Payroll Giving Channel
7 Expenses Channel
8. Acting Up
9 Hayes Tables

Time assigned for foundation systems design 5 hours - Using SSNA Cloud Computing - Google Forms 

Design House

Erasmus 2020 is a product of Design House - Sanctioned at Southmoor in 1998 as part of the Payroll Front End for Ingersoll Rand - before the closure of the data centre and move to AS4000 

Software Houses

Software Houses 

1. Design House - PlanIT
2. Systems House - SSNA
3 Foundation Computing - Foundation Applications
4 Red Camel Systems - Enterprise Solutions / Interfaces
6 Onboard Promotions - Sales and Promotions
7 BSG Elite - Training Academy
8 Red Octopus - Financials





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Hi Alan,

Hope you are well; Would you be interested in the below role?
Agile Business Analyst - Crewe - £35,000-£40,000
Firstly, apologies in advance if this has reached you in an error - if you know anyone who might be suitable we do have a fantastic referral scheme (£200 in CASH!).
I’m currently working with an amazing company who pride themselves being passionate about supporting people so that they can realise their potential. This company will help to improve people’s lives by being even better tomorrow than we are today. Their vision is to improve the health and wellbeing of as many people as possible. You'll get to work with friendly and supportive colleagues at all levels of the organisation and you can expect your line managers to proactively invest in both your personal and professional growth. 
You will get the opportunity to help shape the engineering team and work with the latest technologies to ensure we continually improve as a team and drive the business. You will have access to all the tools and resources you need to do your job (software, training, etc). 
Who the company is after;
• Help shape the bigger picture through detailed business designs, Agile processes and functionality that support the business needs to the agreed time-scales and quality.
• End to end Business Analysis support for various software improvements including personalisation and Omnichannel opportunities.
• Analysis of large and/or complex change initiatives.
• Work with the business to influence and input to the definition of the desired business outcomes, opportunities and desired future state and vision
• Work with stakeholders and the team to investigate operational issues, problems and opportunities
In return the company will offer:
• Competitive salary + Bonus scheme
• Flexi time
• Contributory Pension Scheme
• 25 days holidays +bank holidays (You're even able to buy up to 5 more if that isn't enough for you)
• SMART benefits
If you are potentially interested in a new role, then please get in touch as soon as possible by sending an up to date version of your CV in response to this email or calling me on 0161 955 4270.
Get in touch,





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Red Octopus Telecoms

See Manchester Music site for protopage sales promotion on You Tube for Red Octopus Telecoms


Hello Colm

Thank you for allowing me to work with the Neatly promotion.

I looked at the team and decided that it would be best if Shellie headed the team due to her closing experience and that I should use my strengths as a lead generator - and that Anita should use here knowledge base to learn off Shellie.

The dynamics of the team were working well but the product did not sell.  For the life of me I do not understand why sales companies do not do mail chimp / survey monkey to give their sales force hot leads.

As you can see from this site I have a view point on the Intelling Business that it needs a front end to the Sage Payroll System to deal with little payroll issue.

I identified Ben and Fraser as being resource units that could work with me on Erasmus2020.

Once again thank you for your interest - I am sorry that your product does not sell.

Blue Flamingos Phase III



Golden Triangle


Golden Triangle


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Inspiration for Golden Triangle came after talking to Chris, Dave and his son.

I realise that having approximately 20 current projects was losing focus and difficult to communicate.

So I have decided to rationalise my projects into 3 topics.

1. Red Octopus - General Business Support / Multi Media Marketing and Sales
2. Blue Flamingo - Community Systems 
3. Green Onions - Education / Recruitment and Trainiing.

Community Guardian will no longer be the centre of the triangle as I am not getting the support that I need.

The centre of the triangle will be Ambition - that will give me focus.

Thanks Chris for such a great contact - It is just what I needed to resolve a conflict - I am certain that Adam is looking after me !

Brought to you by Design House


Golden Triangle

Golden Triangle - An elite area of cheshire. - Click Me.


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Alice Smith

Hi Alan,

I have a really interesting proposition for you, if you were ever thinking of moving to a more client facing role / going hands off, have you considered being an Implementation Consultant / BA – SQL Server, Change Management, ERP, Project Management, Business Services, Client Facing, join a rapidly growing  Software Company– Up to £43,000 Travel included – Flexitime

The Role

This is an exciting opportunity for anyone looking from an IT background and move into the Business Analyst / IT consultancy sphere. You will be trained up by the CTO and Senior BAs to manage key accounts, bridge the gap between technical and stake holders/ buyers, gather clients requirements, analyse data, Data manipulation, model data, ensuring it fits in with the companies software, and much more. Soft skills are extremely important; you will be trained to do the rest, a willingness to learn, excellent communication skills, highly personable and client facing are key. You will need a technical background in order to bridge the gap between your technical team and client requirements – but that doesn’t have to be industry experience, tech. You don’t need previous BA/ IT Consultancy experience, as long as you have the right personal attributes and a technical background, they will teach you the rest!

The Qualities

·         Extremely good soft skills            

o   Highly Personable

o   Good Listener

o   Excellent communicator

·         Technical Background – E.g BSc or previous experience in Programming, Data, Support

o   Gather Requirements, an interest in Data analysis and manipulation

o   Developing in SQL Server

o   Excellent Excel Skills

o   ERP Experience

·         Client Facing

The Company

A fast growing Software Business who bring on new clients every 5 to 10 days – they have a fun and fresh company culture and a good work life balance is integral to their business! They use the lates tech so you’ll be working with happy devs who make bespoke applications and apps to enhances businesses ecommerce security – they are cutting edge which is why they have grown so rapidly and bring on new clients all the time.

Keen to hear your thoughts, 


If you would prefer Oscar didn’t send you emails with latest vacancy updates please click the Unsubscribe link. If you want Oscar to completely remove you from our systems please click the Remove Details link. Otherwise we will keep your data in line with our data retention period. Our Privacy Policy can be viewed here and provides an overview of why we have your data and what we do with it.

Alice Smith
Tel: +44 (0)161 828 8140
Mob: 07528 858 327
FacebookTwitterLinked In
Oscar Technology

This e-mail, including any attachments, is intended for the above named recipient(s) only and may be confidential. In receiving this email your personal data has been processed by Oscar Associates (UK) Ltd in relation to the provision of recruitment services. To find out why we have processed your data and what we do with it please review our privacy policy. You can ask us to remove your details from our system by emailing remove details. If it has come to you in error you must take no action based on it, nor must you copy it or use it for any other purposes, or disclose the content of the e-mail to any other person, or store or copy the information in any medium. If you have received this email in error, please notify immediately quoting the name of the sender and the addressee then delete it from your system. Any views or opinions expressed within this email are those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of Oscar Associates Ltd. Registered in England number 04255059. Registered office: Freetrade Exchange, Peter Street, Manchester M2 5GB. VAT No.: 7873193859888899999&&&&***

Payroll Services




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Cox and Co

ssp  - Statutory Sicx Pay
smp  - Statutory Maternity Pay
spp - Stauttory Paternity Pay

P14 -
P35 -
P45 - 
P46 -

What is a P14? The P14 form was an end of year summary and was completed for each employee who earned the Lower Earning Limit or above. Since the introduction of RTI, this form is no longer needed and has been replaced by the full payment submission (FPS) and employer payment summary (EPS).

The P35 is an annual return that is completed by all registered employers after the tax year end, including 2018. This return gives details for everyone you employed at any time during the tax year. These details include: Pay As You Earn (PAYE) Pay Related Social Insurance (PRSI)31 Dec 2018

P45 is the document you receive when you leave a job, and it contains all the information a new employer will need about your old salary, your tax code, and how much tax you have paid during your employment with them. It is a legal requirement for employers to send P45s to all ex-employees after they have left.8 Jul 2019

HMRC's reference for a P46 is an 'Employee without the form P45'. ... If you don't have a P45, or fail to complete a P46, your employer will normally need to use an emergency tax code against your salary, meaning you can over pay tax. To get help from the tax office about your P46 or P45, call HMRC.

Peterborough Software







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Q Slattocks


Hi how are you feeling if you are still not well
If you are still unwell go to the hospital
as soon as you are up and running 

Write me a keystone web site allied 
With a password of Goldenpyramid

Call the website Q
Do a link to your Old bosson Database as OSMI 
Obsolete and slow moving industry
Transfer your Current Stock recording to a RedApple folder 
Configer and test
chage it to r and d 
disaster recover - say you think that you migt have a major virus - you have lost email addresses and your communications systems are down

Clock how long it takes you to learn 1 protopage 
Website - then test setting up 7 more for your family tree 
Say you use Protopage at home - the website id and that you have reported a D task - a disater tas - log all your work and time and create a paper log in your diary for yours and jobies funerals - then pass is to me for my funeral account - do it on a scrap of paper first - write on the postit genesis - archve it were it is safe,
Then set yourself upaslattockqo  - register o as a global variable 
then select 7 random names of your choice as internal variales - then set me up relational email databases.......
1. Visual Foxpro q
2 Angular - calypso 
3 MVC Csharp SQL Server  red apple ajbb
4 Excel - Google Forms

You then need to get the souce for a bill of material code - its on the www
and the interfaces.
You should be abble to do this over a weekend 
then create a Q-favorites bookmark for 101 websites and o them at your leisure 
Starting at register q - slattock q
I ownthis task i have made a donation to a number of charites that i will now name.
junior golf development - level 1 
bill gates foundation - level 2 
water aid - level 3 
manchester city - level 4 
Manchester United foundation level 5 
Stockport county Foundation lavel 6 
The class of 92 Foundation 7 
 The Royal Windsor Golf Club level Q - to top secret Design house project

Your Test database for this is films - The trailor game 
Create a Keystone level 0 wesite in visual fox pro called the railor game - in raw html with the link going to imdb ithik and a second link to site q under construction 

and  a third to protopage support website with your invoice for distster recovery testing that they should have completed by now - you have been drafted in as an additional resours for the Darlington Chemicals incident when a member of staff was identified deleting keystone source - you assisted over the phone in the evenings to desing a reentry rewrite of a payroll systm for peterborough sofware - you were part of peterborough software disaster recovery project m for alan bramwell roject xenophon - 
were asked to keep genisis notes of what was said and red apple notes for ideas on improvement - the solution was simple a batch projec with associated test data 
more later it gone 1:12 
I dont want you to put out by this i dont even know if you want to work with me 
The clint is Lenantec - the assurance region is Tesco i have authority to do this by by 
pul shop manager who i manipulated into him doing and after hours transaction breaking the licencing laws as a mystery shopper -
I ineviewed a number of staff as i do everynight to bounce ideas of and elaluate knowede leves of staff 
todays starr were 
dragons den 
Mr Black 
Abiblical tern - Danial and the lions den that i forgot for a moment cos i could not visualise this 
the memory technique for this exercise tthe ket stone milestone was a fire hydrant 
now - you thin of what the numbers on the fire hydrant are - do not research it think whet relationships you can think or - take to yor birthday to do this - mile keystone planning date is 11/11/ @ 11 oo
please set your reporting schedule ad we will compare notes.....

You are my brother - fill your head with thought do not do what adam did - this was Adams plan that we never got to do 
Adams first task was a trip to monaco to place a bet at the casino and to walk around the grand prix track - he wanted to go up snowdon i tried but i failed 

in fact i need thast as sooun as possible create a plan to climb evereest in daily sprints - hourly progress with a phantom number for the milestone with phantom gps f1/f2 where f1 is lontitude and f2 is lattitude - date you report 1960 for design house project whit as milk the resear a website for 

kings and queens 
Football Players 
Business Men 
The Beatles 
Sad Cafe Band Members 
Thats the number of languages that i know
This is called Synergy - it is a super project planning exercise -
I am outsourcing mv cv to you the keystone website for this exercicse for you i your family tree 
this is your hobby - where is your family tree - do a website at your leisure - at 10 minites per website.
infact as this is a priority - send your family tree to me you are the keystone so i will do that now so that we all can work on this together... 

Why have you never asked me to do a r and you know i a am a stock recording consultant 
i wil see if i can write the test scipts tomoors to parralel run 
The website will be white as milk q - i am rewriting q 

PMJ444 = Union Services



AJBB Industries



PlanIT 06/06/2020



NHS Application



Rich sticky notes

Project List

All aspects of Information technology - leading edge development.

Introduced  Personal computing to the business but was told that I could not do any more systems than the time and attendance UNISTAR that I developed with Peterborough software .
I was senior tester - client fo PS helping them grow fro a portacabin to a £57 Million business.

In 1994 I was working for Hoskyns out of the Birmingham Offices when I was Head Hunted by ……. just been asked to do a website for New Manzin Chinese and English -- Will do overnight for FREE.....

Back to IR / Hoskyns / Royal Mail - Had a really really great time with Hoskny in Birminham - Team Building for Courtaulds / Powergen / Timegate Computer Services and was asked to run the Dairy Crest Load - Which would have meant relocation to Birmingham … So I took to big buck and went to do Royal Mail Systems in Chesterfield for PS before moving back to Manchester to work for the police and Sodexo under ExtraUNIT my company.
Did well - got the Y2k Project for Sodexho - Stripped 9 hours off the nightly nightly schedule with a company structure rewrite phase one.

Sorry this is a genesis document now - I have no glasses with me and can not see my typos... I will cut and paste this into a word doc for future use …. on second thoughts its about time I did a cv upgarade.

I hate having to try to justify myself in such few words - I have a lifetime of experience and stories to tell...… 230 wiords left …..
Now For Plato …..

#orderprocessing#productioncontrol#progresschasing#kraus#stockcontrol#markettingexperience#financefornonfinancialmanagers#thenextinstanceofnow#speedreading#brrainstorming#telephonetechniques#effectivereportwriting#operationsmanagement#basicsystemsanalysis#practicalsystemsdesign#statutoryyearend#worldpumptradeanalysis#gleneaglesinternationaltradeconference#leedsuniuserconference#tddtesting#discoveringuktaxtablesincorrectlyprinted#requestedtokeepsectrets#ukdispensationforincorrectnitables#jobaccountingsystems#importexport#masterpricefile#kalamazooregisters#bandacopiers#introducingphotcopiers#introducinggolfballtypewriters#introducinglaserprinters#wangwordprocessing#assemblyorderrelease/commercialinventory#perpetualinventory#customerservices#riskmanagement#costbenefitanalysis#joblosses#rdundandcies#closures#acquisitions#corporatetakeovers#newpayrollsysyems#isamtovsamconversion#introductionof4gl#introductionofcicspaging#introductionoffloppydisk#creationofproceduremanualy#projectsxenophon#minerva#mayflower/genesis/socrates/appllo/phobos/demos#proceduremanuals#systemsdocumentation#umllite#calypso#angular#cyclops#manuals#timerecording#proprotionalcosting#proportionalcharities#nominalledgerinterfaces#bacs#contrarecords#idmspointers#Nimrodpointers/projectzeus#nhsprojects……...  Now that was a big word !!!!!  214 remaining - now cut and paste into hplan.

More NHS Stuff

see password : defcon3

Defcon 3 - do not have address book - with Susan for Xmas card list.....

Action get a CV Done. ASAP....

With regards to employment gaps : I work for a number of voluntary causes when i take time off from paid employment.

I work 20 hours a day for myself and who ever i chose to work for --- since 2007 i have worked for Unicom / Verastar on a number of occassions - Basically my employment ceased in 2007 when there was an arson attack on where i worked - i have chosen to follow a career of futher education and training with short term contracts to futher my cause - i have been in sales and sales support from jan 2015 with verastrar untill jan 2019 when i resigned because i had come into a lump sum of money. My mansager Andy refused my resignation as we were working on improving things - so i had a bit of a moment with his new senior manager and it was decided that it would be in my interest to leave. I gave Andy a glowing 360 degree assessment - he was not my line manager he was the main office manager over my team. I was simply an admin assistant validating salesmans contracts. Listening to customers - checking quality. I was happy with my lot whilst creating content for my university at home in the evenings.

It was the perfect job for me - local - no stress - simple - The big stuff i do on my own.

I love life - i love who i am - i am only saddened that my son commited suicide the day after i decided what his projecct was to be.

He now has over 110 million youtube views - he should still be alive ....

The NHS Killed my son - we brought the NHS out to see him the night befre he died - they said he was fine.

The NHS killed my career - they said i was bi polar in 2007 after all the work that we did the NHS will not look at it.

I get myself sectioned when i want to - to get at what I believe is valuable - the NHS - I want it to remain a british institution.

I do no like PFI - NHS should be for the people --- not for Sodexo......

Now cut and paste this too Al

UTKTPREA/Sort/UTKTPREB. Jourmaling / Audit Reporting

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1 Date/Time
2 Journalid 
3 beforevalue 
4 aftervalue

When writing t the primary dataset  write a recovery journal.

Create a batch suite to read the journal and print changes by journalID before clearing the Audit Report file down.

Create a recovery job to allow the rebuild of a database from a batch security/ Audit trail where transaction date can ce specified as a recovery variable.

Batch Jobs 
UTKSEC - Backup
UTKRES.- Restore
UTKTPEA - Audit / Journal Extract
UTKJRNLBUILD - Journal Rebuild

Business Story 11/11/2020

Stock Repcording dayabase required for

TK Builders
WGC Shop
Pegasus Storage Management
WGC Ground
WGC Ctatering
Verastar Stationary Cuboards

Clone Bossons Database please.




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Blazor 11/11/2020

Right we are working on a blazer project called Blazor

It is a click and collect shop program where the user inputs where he / she has seen an item - a description and cost of the item and generates an e.mail to the business

See protopage,com/quovadiz Blazor.

I will get Paul to write the shop as a clone of his bosses site.


First Contact 

Stainton Golf Andy

XPOS Tills System by Crossover

Possible development here for transaction to trigger e,mail to customer.

Contact :

Click and Collect.

1, Develop Stck Trcording Susysem Using Bossons as a core application.

2 Develop a Purchasing / Trackong system in Blazor.

3 Think about stock recording / Blaxor interface.

4 Goods received system

5 Stock recording system
Thackers Chemists

6 Picking System
7 invoicong
8 Receipts
9 Order processing system

The Oasis Project



Olympus - Operation Cost Control

Rich sticky notes

Rich text note


Onn. to payroll one to many

Cost Capture

Payroll - Restricted to coct elements.

Ann - Operator
1nn   Annual Budget hours
2nn - Annual Dudget Cash
3nn - ytd hours 
4nn ytd cash
5 -persdata single events
6 - persdata datd events
7nn Narrative - Memo Data
8nn this period hours
9nn this periiod cash

cc - Proportional Costing
cc0c - cost code 0 code 
cc0p - cost code 0 Percent

Ditto for cost codes 1 to 5

Cost data 

Cost data Dated Events

Personel Records

000 Emplyee Referebce Number 
001 Code 001
001 Code 002
101 Code 101

001 to 101

Date in post 
Date out of post 
code 001 to 101