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Advocacy / Mentoring

My New Nickname 04/04/2020 10:00 Shorten to Julius Montgomery A man of great stature -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Giften to me by William V N - who thinks that female nurses are gorgious - like EMMA A Caruthers Shoebag (First Name) Ronald Dumpling Sod (Second Name) These men work in Bronte Hospital Wythenshawe - cleaning up and cooking meals for very hungry patients.

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GMMH Crisis Team - 0161 922 3801 Complaints No (Mon - Fri) 0161-773-9121 To Complain about Norman

04/04/2020 Praise / Complaints / Suggestions

Complaint log : The Black Swan. See Google Documents ........ Praise Log : The White Swan Suggestions : SuggestIT

04/04/2020 Xenophon / Mayflower / BramIT

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Greta Speach.......

In a speech at the summit, Thunberg said to world leaders: "This is all wrong. I shouldn’t be up here. I should be back in school on the other side of the ocean. Yet you all come to us young people for hope? How dare you! You have stolen my dreams and my childhood with your empty words. And yet I'm one of the lucky ones. People are suffering. People are dying. Entire ecosystems are collapsing. We are in the beginning of a mass extinction. And all you can talk about is money and fairy tales of eternal economic growth. How dare you!"[58]




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My name is Alan Bramwell, I am a Consultant, I thrive on Super Project Management.

You can find me at Hitec Computers in Cheadle where I offer a free consultancy service. I undertake projects as a Digital Champion on a voluntary basis depending upon your requirements.

Where bespoke development is required I offer an Outsourcing Service where we earn a little on commission contracts.

On this home page I will indicate just what is involved in Team Building when setting up a Super Project.

Phase 1 - Communication.

The first phase of setting up a Super Project is to create formal lines of communication.

Phase 2 - Ownership

To commence a project you require :

1. The Champion
2. Project Sponsor 

The Champion is the initiator of the project he/she will be tightly bound with the project at all phases.
The sponsor controls the budget - all projects have cost. 
It is a good Idea to establish a set up budget and individual project budgets.

Phase 3 - Project Management

Appoint your Super Project Manager.

Discuss renumeration and bonuses for project completion.

Phase 4 - Project Tracking

Appointment of Management is essential you will need Senior Mangement involvement - preferably a company director.

You will also need a line manager to track process of the project on a daily basis. This manager should be close to the product with an interest in the success of the projects.

Phase 5 - Information Base

This phase is the most important phase of the project - It is to determine the sources of information to assign project Oracles and confirm an Assurance Test team.  There will be a quality assurance phase which will require extensive involvement by the oracles.

Phase 6 - Control

This is the establishment of the Steering Committee - collectively they will decide which projects are to be undertaken.

Phase 7 - Project Specification

This is the establishment of sub project co-ordinators. As different projects require different skill sets it is clear that you will want to employ people with an interest in what they are doing.

Phase 8 - Resource Definifition.

Each project co-ordinator will need support in defining resource definition - the scope of each project should have been established by now and the resource skill set needed to perform said task establised.

Phase 9 - Project Scope

For sure there is more to a project than you first imagine - however many project get through 




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Tom - Please find me how fast the univerce is expanding - Is It T Where T is the difference between C Programming language development Time I is Cobol and M is protopage - Possibly

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Rich Linux Test Environment / MVC Test Environment

Q1 How Much Faster is M Sharp Creating Databases than C Sharp / MVC 

Application - Linus Testing


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Priceless 04/04/2020 06:00


Time to clear the air as I believe that I am wasting my time trying to support your projects...…
I get no updates from Paul and get cryptic remarks from Rich.

I am certain that you both think I am just a useless waste of space......…Because I do not know how a modern day development infrastructure is done. And I do not have the will or drive to learn programming. You both need to take note that I am at retirement age and that there is no point on me going back to university for 3 years which is what it will take to get employment - then I would only be on 245k per year - no point....

I am really saddened by your comment Priceless Rich
I expect comments like that from SUPEFM - he never respected  I was glad to get Charlie out of my life - I did not need his negative comments / insults.

I have invested thousands of hours in Redcamel Systems when I first saw that you had drive and potential with PCSkills Test and your other projects.
And I have invested over £700 in web hosting over the next 5 years to set you up whenever you are ready..

I have never pushed you - you have gone at your own rate - all that I have asked is a site

under construction with an explanation of where you are going .

Now that I know you are not working on the golf hub business directory I can start it myself - It will take me about an hour to program the data capture - sadly- I can not gain revenue from my development. that is why I have been leaving it in your capable hands.

Now I know where we stand I will stop my project.  looks like it has had its day..

For the want of two hours programming

SUPE(R)FM 04/04/2020 06:30


Computer Scientist Charlie White - Now in Australia was attempting to do a code generator called SUPEFM

Charlie helped me in 2000 set up Windows 2000 Advanced Server - And a little VB - I found him hard to work with and unmotivated - he was quite abusive towards me.

Now sadly Charlie is in my Black Swan Book - We do not communicate.

Where we have seen the web grow is in applications that build websites - Which what Charlie did for Sodexho - Perhaps Charlies Vision is now alive and the SUPEFM that he was creating relay lives in Wordpress and WebAdoew / Wix and Webflow / Godaddy and a raft of others.

Well done all of you but the idea was Charlie White - SUPEFM 2000 in Rusholme Manchester. April 2000 November 2000 - Concluding at a MSDN Conference in Bolton where Tim Sneath of Microsoft told me to hold fire till Longhorn arrived.

I exited the IT Industry - Beta Testing for Microsoft till 02/02/2007 where Vista arrived and I launched my IT Services Company BBCommuniSYS Limited with Richard Gilbert as my primary Microsoft Developer

I have worked with Richard for 14 years now on The Golf Hub project.

To date / 94/04/2020 I am still waiting to see Richards Vision for his personal projects before taking him to do my development for me.

t is a long waiting game - but I am sure it will be worth it,

I still consider Charlie a friend and Oracle - just go through Richard to keep in touch as I know Charlie will omly abuse me.

Charlie Welcome to SUPE(R)FM - web building by BramIT

Now to do a WIKI about Charlie - Scientist......


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I have just had a discussion with the hospital about the continued increase in my blood pressure and my fluctuations in blood pressure and that my care plan needs to be fociused on Hyper Anxiety - this time brought on because of a computer virus - knocking out my primary E'Mail Services. I have tried a secomdary E'Mail account and have not got any responses. I am now going to have to do a Wiki and a Mail Chimp process whiuch I will have to learn and start with Room 101 - 101 Golf Clubs in a Hyper Hub Around Manchester - 64 in a Super Hub - 8 in a standarrd hub.

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Innovation Decision 04/04/2020 07:00


I have just had a little tactical kick off

to announce that I am now programming for Redcamel Systems

I will after my year end for Red Octopus announce that Red Octopus is now trading and that I will be paid an annual bonus only fo working on Red Octopus Ssystems - my start date will be 02/02/2021 - till then I will be working for Time Bank - Wythenshawe Community housig
You Rich are still the main man in this enterprise - you are the only man that can generate income.

So - you are now head of Innovation and I will rprt into you on a daily basis my ideas in the form of program service requestes and system service requtest fo I am a sstems analyst / senior designer / not a programmer.

If we can justify a development and project income then we will look to see who will fund it.

I hope that this is to your satisfaction and takes some of the pressure off you to deliver your directory services for me.

I hope that we are still friends after my little kick off - I hope that you find SUPE(R)FM funny - Telkl Charlie that I am doing a Wiki on him......

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Medicare WW4



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