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Blue Flamingo

Plain sticky notes


Q QE-2 When are we going to talk next to Planwen you talk to me

Rich sticky notes


Product Oner BramIT

Peasus Agile Hyper Project Manager -  P

Task Covert M to H  
Write in Basic - Convert to Dbase / Visual Foxpro

Takk me abot our chirmas card list / pruct costs

Aet up a Nradband compay 

order a taxi now send a syick note to Chris Earle ...
No phone sales at Verastern . 

Ask for a Q call back - give your mobile and e-mail and ask fir all thieir  contracts to be sent to by taxi NOW 

07/04/2019 Hello World

Hello World

07/04/2019 Protopage Service Issue

Hi Guys - I have been using your site since 2007 and I have been alha testing it for 7 rears now. I have just discovered that you can do MIS/EIS type devolopment linking two propages together 

Andrew says I am a legend at google - I go there for my Starting Up a new business training - I am now working with the NHS and shotly Brexit using your software.

I hope soon to announce 1500 sites can I have your suport help with some SEM

Thanke Alan
Agile Consultant / Protopage Consultant

Am I still within conditions of usage using two protopages together it exposes restricted zones on the secondary MIS/EIS site.


Service issue when linking sites the link takes an age to render - but it does eventually

Development suggestion you have to click the chevrons to see zones it might be best to expose all public zones as new users seem to miss your chevrons.

Just a suggestion

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