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Protopage is a website that monitors exactly we are doing in school.  It's a great website to learn some interesting facts, and to read brief overviews of things we are learning!!!  So browse the tabs along the top of the page, and have FUN!!!!!




Ms. Weiner's Class!

Current Events

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World News

What's going on in the world? Be better informed! Our authors have chosen an event that concerns them this week and they want to spread the news.


On the Political Front

 9/6/08   By: Kayla


   This week in current events, John McCain nominated Alaskan governor Sarah Palin to be his running mate. Also, the Republican National Convention just finished on Thursday the 4th. Barack Obama had his Democratic Convention last week. His running mate is Delaware’s Joe Biden.

      Other than politics, we have a hurricane season going on. Hurricane Gustav just hit Louisiana. It was weakened to a category 2. But, the there are two more hurricanes. They are Hurricane Hanna a category 1 and Hurricane Ike is a category 3. Hanna just made a landfall in the mid-Atlantic and Ike is heading to Southern Florida.


Hurricane Ike


by Hannah

            Hurricane Ike is going to be a major storm. Ike will probably go over Cuba. It could go over New Orleans. Ike is currently over the Atlantic Ocean as a category 4 storm.

            Ike started just off the Turks and Caicos Islands. It has been moving in a northwest direction. Then Ike set his wrath on the Bahamas. Ike is heading towards Florida. Ike is moving at 13 mph as of today.

            Ike has torn apart houses in the Carribian. Random pieces of roofs lie in the street. Many people are homeless. This makes me sad, but on the bright side, they have rain water.

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                    This historic vice presidential candidate has truly come a long way politically and geographically. Politically, she is the first female vice presidential candidate on the G.O.P ticket. Geographically, she hails from the great state of Alaska. She grew up in a small town in Alaska from a working class family. She later paid for college by entering beauty pageants, and winning! While in college she majored in journalism. She graduated from the University of Idaho. After college she became a sportscaster and that is why now, she is a very exquisite public speaker.

 After Sarah had children she joined the PTA.  After having volunteered for the PTA she ran for city council of Wasilla, Alaska and won.  She also became Mayor, and attempted to become Lt. Governor but failed.   After this she was appointed to the Energy Commission.  Sarah resigned from the commission after a year.  She ran for Governor and, like almost everything else she tried, she won.  After about two years as Governor of Alaska, she was chosen to run for Vice President with John McCain, Sarah is an extremely accomplished woman and she will soon be an icon to many people.

Audio/Video News

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Mama Mia!

By Jackie The movie, Mama Mia, was romantic, musical, and teenage appropriate. I saw this movie with two adults, a teenager, and my friend about my age. The songs and dances were thrilling and the actors were on beat with every move and note which was amazing to watch. Out of the whole movie, my two favorite songs were Mama Mia, and Dancing Queen. My favorite part of the movie was when Sophie’s (main character) mom found out that three men she knew were at her house/ hotel. I liked that part best because it was very musical and it had action that wasn’t overdone. The scenery of the movie was beautiful. There were mountains and water that surrounded the houses; boats’ sails were blowing in the wind and people were laughing and enjoying themselves. Mama Mia is one of my all time favorite movies. Before I saw the movie, I heard the soundtrack and immediately loved it. I would definitely recommend the movie and soundtrack to anyone.

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Shows, Music, Games

We rate that TV show, new video game or song that just hit the top 10.

Book Review of the Week

Book Review Of:


“TwilightBy Stephanie Meyer


          Many times when someone says the word vampires, you think horror movies, coffins, cobwebs, the whole nine yards.  But many people now might just disagree with you on that particular subject  Ever since author Stephanie Meyer started the Twilight  series, the word vampire has a whole different meaning to it.

          The book Twilight will take you inside the head of a clumsy 17-year-old girl named Bella Swan who moves from Phoenix, Arizona to the small, always-rainy town of Forks, Washington.  Bella, at first, hates Forks.  But before she can be completely sure if this was the right idea, Bella meets the intriguing, mysterious figure of Edward Cullen.  And suddenly, Forks isn’t as bad as Bella thought it was.

          But when Bella has to sit  next to him in Biology class, she finds that Edward isn’t very nice.  In fact, he completely avoids her.  This keeps up till Bella has a near death experience and Edward saves her from being crushed by a van. He doesn’t just save her, but lifts the whole van off of her…but that isn’t possible…is it?  So Edward doesn’t seem-human.  After a beach trip to La Push, she’s completely sure of 3 things.

“First, Edward was a vampire.  Secondly, a part of him, and I don’t know how dominant that part may be,  thirsted for my blood.  And thirdly, I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him.”

          Twilight takes you on a series of twists and turns into an unexpected plot.  Twilight is horror with a spin, romance with a twist, and will keep you on the edge of your seat for the whole 473 pages.


(By Alyssa.)  

The Longshots

By: Alexis


     The movie,The Long Shot, was funny cool, and appropriate. The movie starred Ice Cube and KeKe Palmer. This movie was based on a true story and based in Illinois. The town comes together behind the local Pop Waner football team and their quarterback Jasmine Plummer (KeKe Palmer). Jasmine was the first female in Pop Warner football history. Jasmine's uncle Curtis ( Ice Cube) a former highschool football star trained Jasmine to lead her team the Harvey Colts. She lead them all the way to the Pop Warner Super Bowl and inspired the town of Wallace to reclaim some of it's former glory.




top 10 video games

By Kayla


Guitar Hero 3 is a music video game where you play awesome rock songs on a special shaped guitar controller. You play by using the 5 buttons on the guitar and the strum bar; there is also a whammy on the guitar to use for getting a higher score on the song or in a guitar battle. There are 4 levels: Easy, Medium, Hard, and Expert. Really, the game is about skill. There are over 70 rock songs, including:


and much more!



The game is rated T for Lyrics and mild themes. It's a addictive, challenging, fun game that I would reccomend to all the people who want to be rockstars or who do not know how to play the guitar (also for people who like challenges.) It is an rockin' game!


Kung-Fu Panda

Kung-Fu Panda is a comedy about a panda who wants to do more than just sell noodles. But when he is picked to be the dragon warrior to fight Chinas enemy he learns that kung-fu is harder than it looks. After lots of training he gives up. His master then gives him the dragon scroll which makes the panda believe in himself and it shows him that it just takes awile for your skills to kick in. With the help of some friends he defeats Chinas enemy and is thanked by the kingdom for his deeds.                             By: Melissa




Reading and Writing

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What's up in class!

Read what our five authors have learned this week in their classes. Finally, an answer to that age old question - "What did you learn in school today?" 

What a great start to the school year!

                                Language Arts and Reading


                                                                                    By Amy

 What a great start to the school year! We are very busy in language arts and reading. Take a look at what we are doing right now!


 1). Catherine Called Birdy

 We are reading a book called Catherine Called Birdy. It is about a young lady living in medieval times, named Catherine. (She is nick-named Birdy.) Her brothers are monks living in a monastery. One of her brothers, Edward, has asked Birdy to keep a diary so she can be “more learned, and less childish”. Her father wants to marry her off to different suitors for the money, but Birdy will do anything to keep them away. In addition to reading the book, we are completing a packet with discussion questions, written questions, and other things to test your knowledge on those weeks’ chapters.


 2). Daily Oral Language (aka DOL)

            To help us with correct capitalization and punctuation, our class has begun Daily Oral Language. It is basically a sheet of paper that has miss-written capitalization and punctuation. (Not to mention poor grammar!)

We correct it in pencil in the morning for morning work, and then go over it as a class at the end of the week. There is an article, or short story on the back of the page to complete over the weekend.


3). Word of the Day (aka WOD)

           Each day, when we come in to the classroom, there is a word on the board that is new. (For the most part!) We write the word down, look up the definition in the dictionary, and write a sentence using the new word. Every 20 words or so, we have a test on our newly found vocabulary.


4). Wordly Wise

 You may be familiar with Wordly Wise, but I you aren’t, here is the deal; Wordly Wise is a vocabulary book with 15 words each lesson. We do 1 lesson each week. There are 5 activities per lesson and they are pretty much he same from lesson to lesson. On Friday there is a test on spelling, and your comprehension of the meanings of the words. They are 2 easy test grades… if you study!

 So far it looks like it will be a good year for us 6th graders! I can’t wait to see the books we’ll read and show off our particularly enhanced vocabulary! This should be stellar!  


By: Alexis                                                                                                                                                      9/28/08


In math class we are learning basic sixth grade math. Also accasionally we learn out of a ninth grade algebra book. Lately in math class we have been studying perimeter and area. One other thing is, coming up on Tuesday my math class is having a big chapter test. The test is going to be on one point one to one point seven. Also we are getting our mid marking period grades in this upcoming week.

Upcoming Social Studies News

The Renaissance Faire

by Bevan

The Renaissance Faire is a special field trip where a few classes take a journey back to the Middle Ages. On this field trip, we get to learn about the food, behavior and lifestyle of the people who lived in this time. Luckily, I have been on this trip before and I know what a wonderful opportunity this trip will be for your child and possibly you as well.


There are a few rides, and then there are games like mini jousting, crossbows, arrows, test your strength and darts. Throughout the day, you will see shows like magic, dancing and comedy. You will also see many shops lined up along the side of the walkway. You will get a variety of shops including weapons, pottery, clothing, puppets and tons of food places.


At the end of the day there will be a final houst. A big production is made and the day goes out with action and romance. Good will conquer evil a

or evil will conquer good; wither way you end the day with a big bang.

♥Reading & Language Arts♥

By Sophie

This week in reading and language arts our class has finally settled into the routine. There are a few things that we have to work on each week. Feel free to look and see what we are doing!

Every day, we have DOL (daily oral language) which is a grammar worksheet. On the back of the sheet, is  a paragraph that we have to find a certain number of errors and then rewrite it useing the correct grammar. This paragaph is due on the following Monday.

Each day we have WOD (word of the day) which is a word that we have to find the definition of and then write a sentence that includes the word and expains what it means. Every twenty days, there will be a test on the twenty words.

We are reading a medieval fiction book called Cathrine, Called Birdy. This book is about a young lady named Cahtrine who lives in the medieval times. Her father, a very greedy knight, tries to marry her off to suitors for money and land. Cathrine also has three brothers. Two of them are off fighting for the king and the other one, Edward, is a monk. Edward makes Cathrine write an "acount of her days" because he links that it will make her "more learned and less childish". Her best friend is the goat boy, Perkin. He is also the wisest preson that she knows.

Along with reading this book, we have to comeplete a packet that includes vocab and quetions.

Lastly, every week, we have Wordly Wise. This is a book that has vocab and spelling words that we will have a test on every Friday. Also, the book has many lessons that help you understand the words that we have to comeplete.

Well, that's all for this weeks language arts and reading come back and check it out next week! 




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Math has never been my favorite subject but this year I might disagree with that. Ms. Wiener has made Math not only bearable, but fun too. We have been mainly working on the order of operations which I wasn't all that good at. Oh well. I can't wait to find out what we're going to be doing for the rest of the week. I hope it's something fun.



In math, we are pretty well into the swing of things. We just had a test on the order of operations. It was easy, and it was only a minor quiz. Other than that, we are reviewing all the other stuff we already learned, like exponents and negative numbers. We have not done a lot, but I know we will do lots of exiting stuff. That’s all that is happening in math!


by: james

Social Studies Stuff

Stuff About Social Studies

by the one and only Gabby

I really can't wait for the Renaissance Fair! Like Bevan and some other people, I've been going there every year since about 3 years ago! But I know it's going to be so much more fun with friends! I'm not even trying to get on the good sides of the adults who read this; it really will be more fun with friends. Plus, we don't have enough money to go with my whole family this year so I'm glad I get to go anyway. So anyway, we just turned in our Tri-folds and they were pretty fun to do. Well, except for the reading and underlining thing but you get the point. We just recently read the Soc. Studies text book on CD and, in my opinion, it was kind of boring. The voioce was so slow and I was tired enough as it was. I, personally, learn much better reading it myself than listening to a slow voice, but that's just me. It's hard for me to concentrate on boring voices, you know. I also have no clue what I'm going to wear to the Renaissance Fair. It'll probably just be a boring dress. Ugh, I hate dresses.


Science Class

Science Class Update!

By Alyssa


In Science (with Ms. Matera) we are learning about clinical trials and how to perform them, what a good trial includes, how to identify independent and dependent variables in a clinical trial, and much, much more!  Also, we are learning a lot of vocabulary terms.  Earlier in class, we watched movies about diabetes and pellagra and wrote about their clinical trials.  Monday we have our chapter test, so good luck to everyone on that.  On Tuesday, we will be starting our next unit.  (I believe it will be about the human body and how medicine effects it…!!!)  More to come, next week!


This week in reading, we just finished Februrary and March in Catherine Called Birdy. Next week we will have to do literary devices, vocab., and Catherine Called Birdy questions. This week we have 6 questions (thank goodness). Plus(get ready for this one guys) we have our first W.O.D. test! O.M.G.! Everybody in the class will need to study well because, how can someone remember all those words in one day. The test is this Thurs. so start studyingBye.


By Michael

Social Studies

Hi everybody! If you're wondering what we're doing in soc. studies, then this should sufficiently tell you!

Thats all for now!

                                                                                                                                                        By Kali

Oh Yeh?

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Anything that's interesting!

We might discuss the Eagles or the Olympics. Maybe a new book! We could give some great advice to help solve a problem that we've noticed. This is the miscellaneous category.

The end of an era

This Sunday was a very heartbreaking moment in history for all New York Yankee’s fans because the Yankee stadium is now closed. The stadium is now 85 year old and has hosted over 37 world series . Well nothing last for ever said the Yankee’s player but at lest they won the last game ever played there 7 to 3. To find out more about this historic event go to . This will only be a remembrance in the heart of all the fans from now and on.


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Looks Like The Phillies Will Make The Playoffs


After this weekend, it looks like the Philadelphia Phillies will be going to the playoffs again this year. The Phil’s won their games on Saturday and Sunday against the Florida Marlins. The team was lead by Jimmy Rollins, Chase Utley and Ryan Howard, who were getting base hits and hitting home runs. The Phil’s record is now 88 wins and 68 losses and they are in first place in the National LeagueEast ,1 ½  games in front of the NY Mets and 3 games ahead of Milwaukee for the Wild Card. There are only 6 games left in the season and the Phil’s play the Braves and the Washington Nationals. Unless the team falls apart and loses most of their remaining games, we will be watching them in the playoffs again this year.

Go Phil’s!!Win the World Series!

in boy scouts

In boy scouts, we do lots of fun things, like camping and learning. We learn all sorts of stuff, like knots and first aid. With camping, we go to all sorts of places, like a ski resort or a wilderness survival camp, where you build your tent! If you are interested in joining, you can find me at 6th grade recess.


By: james


the NFL

The first week in the N.F.L.



It was an exciting first week in the NFL with news ranging from the leagues most famous name having a season ending injury to a nobody running back have an amazing debut to Delawares own Joe Flacco having a nice game. First up is Tom Brady the New England Patriots starting quarterback tore is ACL in the first quarter and got a season ending injury! Next have you ever heard of Michael Turner? Well listen to this, he was a nobody coming into this season but on his first game he scored 2 touchdowns and rushed 220 yards getting an average of 10 yards a carry! Im sure we all know who Brett Favre is, but have you heard of Aaron Rodgers? He stayed in Favre's shadow for his whole NFL carrer but on his first game he was great he threw one touch down and threw for 178 yards! Lastly Delawares own Joe Flacco had a good game to he threw for 129 yards he had i 10 yard rushing touchdown and he had no interceptions or fumbles. well that sums up week one so for anyone who has not been watching sports center there you have it 

the weather

This Monday, we are supposed to be having partly cloudy skies and a temperature of 58 degrees farehnheit. On September 16, it's supposed to be mostly sunny, and temp. range is between 54 and 76 degrees. On Wed., Fri., Sat., and Sun., it will be sunny and have pretty high temp. On thurs. though, it will be only mostly sunny, but still with high temp. This week I wouldn't sugguest wearing pants or long- sleeves; because it can get preety hot at recess, TRUST ME!  Well, that's the weather for this week. So go out there and enjoy yourself.



By: Michael



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People all over  America are going crazy for a new game called  Soulcalibur IV it is a great  game with fantastic graphics .This is a  the world’s premier weapon based fighting game which  returns to deliver a next generation fighting experience . This game got a rating of 8  from Gamestop and is a rated t game mostly  because  Mild animated violence. Over all this game is the sort of game kids put on the Christmas wish list . I would recommend those  who have a playstation 3 (ps3) or a Xbox 360 to get this game. So hurry up get off the computer  and go to the store and get this game before it runs out .


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