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Atherleigh Park Infonet




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SuperNet / My Net

Intranet technology costs about £24k for 300 people we could charge just £1024. per year for a Q-Core  access control module for protopage passwords.
The user would sign in with their password and be presented with a list of protopage framesets that they have access to with their passwords. Simple Stuff you could do it in an evening.
We could call it  MyNet  

What do you think Paul - its only a week ends work.

I would ask Rick but he is taking an age to do protosearch 

My Audience for MyNet would be Verastar Clients / Virgin Clients 

In Patient Nursing Report

Rich sticky notes

Section 1

This is not accurate - I do not live in Wythenshawe - I live in Baguley.

12 Incidents

I have no intention to injure myself - If pushed I will stand up for myself.

19 - Discharge

I disagree with this statement - I do not need to be on a CTO

13 - Incidents

This section is not accurate - I did not writie my business plans on the wall. I am a Freelance IT Consultant operating out of Hitec Computers - I still have an interest in Verastar / Sodexo / GMP  / NHS 

The marker pen on the walls of my room was a training session for my named nurse - it is called In Transition and describes how thoughts are processed into reports and project plans. 

This drove out a lot of Q activities which i wrote on the daily activities board. The nursing staff wiped my efforts clean - Trying to communicate with nursing staff was impossible - I did get a number of them to initial contracts with the NHS which I will move forward at some time.

My Disaster Recovery Solution for phone downtime was not implemented. - I offered to purchase a mobile for the office use - I was not allowed leave.

14 - Constraint

I was a passive patient.

Section 2 - Hearing

This is accurate

15 - Safety

No Comments here

Section 3 - Adjustments

This is not accurate - The adjustments that have to be made are that the mental health team need to review the projects that I am working on. For 15 years judgement has been made about me without looking at my systems.

The refusal to look at Medicare should be investigated.

Section 4 - Nursing Care

This section is of major concern whilst it says i was offered a named nurse it was over 10 days before I got to see my named nurse - I requested to talk to nursing staff every day but no body offered their services.

Eventually I did get to see Donna and I went through the process of InTransition with here - Writing on the walls the processes that I go through during the analysis of a project. I prepared a training document for Donna but she was taken away from me - However I did get her to register a Protopage and requested that she roll it out in the office as using the IPAD Tablet had issues.
During my stay at Atherleiigh Park nobody was interested in hearing my story about my experience at The Audi Garage - This Report misrepresents what happened at Audi.
During my stay at Atherleigh I had no discussions with nursing staff about my wellbeing.

I am interested in hearing comments on what observations were made about me - I did not attend the quiz or the Bingo!
The report says the aim is to accurately assess mental health - I saw no evidence of this.

Section 5 - Observation

Observation Level 1 Is not explained

16 - Safety

No Comments Here

Section 6 - Contacts

What this section does not say is that there was no telephone services available in the ward and taht requests to contact Advocates / Solicitors / Family were not serviced. The report states that I played Bingo and attended the quiz - This is not true - I befriended a couple of characters that had vision. I acted as a Peer Mentor and a Advocate - As I worked for Stockport Mind for 3 years. For fun we held a Parliamentary meeting in the morning - It dod not really take off - People were not interested in affecting change.
I did make it known that I was analysing the office load and the usage of Rio and that I would be making recommendations about a restructure of the ward to effect nursing / client contact. For fun I invoiced the ward manager - I got no response. 

Section 7 - Health Team

I was not aware that I was under South Mersey Community Mental Health - I thought I was under Brian House.

17 - Vulnerability

The report states that i could present myself as vulnerable. This is not the case I am highly confident and capable individual - I have strong communication skills and have studied psychology and transaction analysis. I am a negotiator.

However - i do fail with the NHS because the NHS refuse to listen.

This report is nonsense - It again talks about being grandiose and the possibility of financial loss.

I operate on a shoe string - whilst i have the desire to sell 100,000 servers I am investigating creative ways of achieving this by undertaking discount schemes with car suppliers. This is my Manchester Discount Card Business.

If anything I have a Genghis Khan Complex - I am trying to set up a Meritocracy.

Section 8 - Strengths

This Is accurate.

18 Community

The community mental heath team give me no support - they are not interested in my goals and objectives - they do no look at my systems - if you were to ask them about Empire Systems they would not be able to answer you. They have not seen the shear volume of specifications i have in my home that will be addressed one day.  

My greatest achievement will be my university 

Section 9 -Progress

This report is nonsense it reports grandiose delusions - My systems are live and are extensive we aim to roll out protopage to the whole of the world. Once Protosearch has been written. Protopage has been stable for 15 years but has iPad issues. is part of my training program. has been reported to the royal family. is a work in progress.

Section 10 - Leave

I have no comment on this section - other than I was no granted Escorted Leave / Un Escorted Leave when Requested.

Section 11 - Insight

I am insulted by the comments in this section - It states that I have lack of insight. It is the NHS that does not have insight into Alan - The NHS refuses to look at Alan's lifestyle as a Community Guardian -  No where in this report of on Alan's record will you hear about his work as a Guardian.

Social Circumstances Report

Rich sticky notes

1 Patient Details

These are correct

13 Adequate

The care that i need is the roll out of Medicare and My Study Buddies

24 Insight

It is frustrating that you keep saying i lack insight.

2 - Coping

I have a major issue here - hearings do not allow you to express yopurself or present a report to state your case.

I was bought in on a section 3 because i asked a salesman about commission rates. This is no reason to be sectioned.

14 - Issues

No Issues

25 - Section 2

No Comment

3 - Adjustment

The adjustment which I would like to see is an allowance for me to make an hour long presentation about Quo Vadiz.

15 - Strengths

These are nice comments.

26 - Treatment

No Comment

4 - Offences


16 Summary

This is an interesting summary - it is accurate but goes without explanation.

I an an IT Strategist = Contracted to Young Masters Golf. 
It is my strategy for YMG that junior golfers have their own Protopage Accounts for recording their own personal wellbeing. Whilst in Laureate House myself and Peter Dewer (Buddhist / Non Duality) came up with a Medicare Wellbeing Questionnaire. Medicare was originally done for CBT.

27 - Vulnerability

It would appear that my appearance makes me vulnerable - ask me do i care,

No - I like to wear track suits

5 - Dates

2007 - This report does not mention why i was sectioned in 2007.
In 2007 my place of employment burnt down - I had been working on a special project for the company - setting up an IT Services Division call BBCommuniSYS. I was told to go on sick till a decision was made about the company - I elected to suffer from Stress. 
The opportunity that I had undertaken was to teach 60,000 junior golfers IT Management and Programming.
The contract fell through after 6 months of effort due to David Gosling losing control of Young Masters Golf.
My vision was destroyed. I decided to end my IT Career and turn my house into a home - My house was a data centre. I went into Crisis whist workmen stripped the contents. Whilst in crisis I was offered a pirate film - I was angry - I hate Piracy, I went to an internet cafe on the  main road  to find they had data protection issues. So I went back to Crisis and wrote a complaint - The police were called and I was sectioned.

My family are my worse enemy - they will not acknowledge to work that i do. They fule the bipolar fire.

In 2009 your report states that i presented at A&E with a plot to kill president Obama - that is not true
I had gone to Greater Manchester Police where I used to work concerned about an e;mail that I had received - I happened to mention the security surrounding Obama and I mentioned how the police had sectioned me - I was Sectioned again.

Your report mentions pressured speech in 2014 0- an incident that i do not recall,

In 2016 my son commited suicide and i admit i wanted to die too so i came under the watch of the home base team.
 in 2016 David Gosling ha re appeared with Bitesize Golf so we agreed to work with him again. We produced a portal for his golf training material and i said that the BSG Elite University would be my project.

Sadly  i was in no fit state to support David and left him and Richard Gilbert to deliver the portal - again we had problems with David so we pulled the plug.

My vision of developing protopage had gone - but in 2019 my brother in law cane out of contract and asked me for help and support.

the solution for Paul was Full Stack Training - but the cost of going to Manchester University was prohibitive.  So I had to Kick Start an IT Project - So I presented myself to A&E to be sectioed so that I could work on a new Payroll System for the NHS called Front Pay. This would be an.extension to the Sodexo Casual System. 

Paul was a disappointment to me 0 he decides not to go the Full Stack Route chosing Lavarel / PHP/MYSQL instead.  Whilst I want Paul to work for me he has found a job doing Power BI and hand held devices for GRN's.

It was during this time when I observed that Tees and Wear were using protopage. - So engagement with NHS was required. 

I openly admit that I have contacted the Police with gun treats and virus on my computer the result of which have been that I have been  sectioned.

This report is quite good as it explains the times that I have wanted to to be sectioned and I feel now that I have a good grounding o present to the NHS findings about mental health care with observations about their Paris and Rio Systems.

 Where I am concerned is about the comments on my vulnerability is for in my old age I have gone a bit odd. I now like to grow my hair long and have grown a beard to like like Moses.

I do A Day In The Life on you tube and I am thinking of presenting The Promised Land. But I admit - I do not dress smart I wear a track suit all the time which with my bladder problems causes an issue.

What I am trying to say here is that It was a lifestyle choice of mine as a Community Guardian tp help my brother in law that i engaged with mental health services.

However, my experience at Atherleigh Park was not a good experience which will now lead to the initiation of Project Moses.

The report ends stating that i had tried to buy a car for £40,000  - this is not true - i was trying to negotiate a discount whereby i could give a free server loaded with programs to teach children computer programming.

I am very pleased that you have reported that I tried to take control of the meeting and to get Emma to take minutes. I did offer those in attendance at the meeting Associate  Consultancy Positions so that they could contribute in the development of  Nimrod NHS2025 (Moses)

17 Harm

I am an actor - which in hospital I acted as a patient with anger management issues and pretended to smash my head through the office window for being ignored.

I also got hold of an inmate that was causing problems and threatened to hit him - why has this not been reported.

Why has this not been reported.

28 - Other Relelevant Information

Why does this not contain my list of companies and projects :

Nimrod 2025
Empire - HRH
Shady Hollow
Magna Carta
BSG Elite
Quo Vadiz
The Golf Hub
Manchester Discount Card
Green Pages Info
Moses - NHS
Forest 404
Verastar Intranet
Verastar Micronet
Verastar SuperNet
Verastar HyperNet
The InfoNet
Ben and Jacks - Click and Collect
The Erica Society

6 - Home and Family

You get so much wrong,
I do not live in Wythenshawe - I live in Baguley.
I have one Child not two - Adam died.
Emma does not live in Stockport she lives in Timperly.
I do not have a supportive relationship with my ex wife - she is a bully who refuses to look at my projects and will not allow me to promote Adam's life.
I have never had a position of data entry! 
You report i had a job that only lasted one week - that is in correct - it lasted three weeks - the product was withdrawn - the company was happy with my effort.

18 Damaged Property

Why is there no record that I conducted a Training Session in my room for my Named Nurse - Damaging the paintwork.

19 - Bipolar

I have no symptoms of bi-polar - I have attitude issues whereby i think that the Police and NHS should service the community better than they do at present.

20 Emma Bramwell

Emma does not communicate with me she is selfish and she has been spoilt. She is doing well in her career but is unprofessional.

I have seen no evidence to show me that Emma is a thinker.

I have given Emma lots of opportunities to drive projects forward - to date she has shown no interest.
She is my daughter and I love her but she is a great disappointment.

7 - Discharge

I do not live in Wythenshawe

21 - Nearest Relative Contact

No Comment

8 - Finance

I do not get ESA - I draw a Pension

22 - Other Bodies

No Comment

9 - Employment

You have reported that there is no opportunities for employment.

This is not true.

I work in the voluntary sector for Wythenshawe Community Housing - Time Bank.
I am working on  Training Program for the DWP called DWP Training - this is not approved by the DWP but it is work.

I work on developing my IT Skills and motivating my team members.
I work 7 days per week - i never stop.

23 - MAPPA

What is MAPPA

10 - CTO

This is a true reflection of my status.

11 - After Care

This section is interesting - have it expanded

12 Care Plan

These conditions are acceptable but nut needed


Rich sticky notes

Why Moses

The implementation of Moses within mental heath services would see a dramatic improvement in services and a reduction in costs,

In a nutshell - this is what needs to happen.
1. The Control Room should be manned by Grade 2 Support Staff doing input to Patient Records.
2. Nursing staff should be released to interview patients about their well being with hand held devices recording to patient Medicare Documentation.
3. There should be a process of patient validation before Medicare to Paris/Rio interfaces are achieved.
4. Patient observations should be tangible and Patients should have the opportunity to create their own daily diary.
5. Patients should be given the right to be observed off medication. 

Forest 404



Project Backlog Report



Action Line






Tribunial TV



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I was working for Hitec Computers when I went to Audi to discuss Salesman's Commisions / Stratbox Sales.
Contract of 100.000 units for Refurb.




Rich sticky notes


A new company for Hitec needing Business Modal Canves.