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About this website.

This is not the website of golf professional Scott Currie - it is a model of a  standard which I believe should be adopted by all Bitesize Golf Professional. 

My name is Alan, I am a good friend of Scott Currie who is a golf professional in Manchester. I am Community Guardian (BA019) and I am a Digital Champion for Manchester City Council, I have known David Gosling since 2006 when he was with Young Masters Golf, (YMG). 

When requested I help Scott with his IT - it is good to see that Scott has started to develop his own website. It is good to see that Scott is now Facebook and Twitter active too.. 
From what I can see most golf professionals do not want to communicate on the www, David Gosling of Bitesize Golf is an exception, he sees value in it to his community. It is to his Bitesize community which I direct this comment. I like Davids efforts and ethics.

I believe that as a golf professional you should have a CMS web site, which this is an example, and communicate to your community on a regular basis. I have demonstrated on this site that there are now web site builders, like Wix, available where you can easily develop your own stuff and with cloud computing you can implement on-line forms which will populate cloud based spreadsheets. Having a page on your club website is clearly not enough.

So get active - do not be a passive professional, golf is in a decline - reverse that trend.

If you require support setting up your own CMS site then contact David (for a small fee we can support you with your Wix site development)  - they will forward you my E'mail address.

Get SEO Savvy today - Book a lesson with Steve Marr..

Stop Press


This in now the BSG-Elite Protopage Communications Engine.


Medigolf is an innovation in the keeping of training records.


Each player needs to nominate his home pro.


Note: Other professionals can then access the records and update them.


It is intended that MediGolf records are maintained by societies and that group assessment will play a major part of the golfers progression. 




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Scott Currie

Scott on the web


Scott Currie On The Web

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Work In Progress

Scott has now started to develop his own Wix site - so watch this space.

Sticky note - Jam

You will see references here to a Jam website - this was a standard that I adopted before WiX came along. It is unique that it is a single page website tht has good functionality and a style of it's own. It is a reminder to me that we did this work - the advantage of WIX is that they do not initialise it after the evaluation period is over. I stromgly recommend Wix on longevity.

Bitesize Golf



Feed a Lead


Feed A Lead

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Vision 21

It has been discussed an agreed that I can not become a broker or take the lead in such activities for the sale utilities to golf club.

It has been said that selling utilities to golf clubs would bring good income to a broker.

It has been said that I can develop software for use by a broker and conditions of usage can be made.

Scott has agreed to talk to Lee about this venture.

I have agreed to produce a WAR PLAN.

This document will be called Vision 21 and will be made available as a download for you all to read.  


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Note : Source code examples from this project will be used as Generation Project Code Samples.

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Be Prepared. If we get sales I will require an API which extracts sales by day to JSON and for TrainIT the same transaction to an XML file for performance comparisons. I will also be requesting a google drive spreat sheet to JSON interface as a TrainIT exercise. As this is our joint venture I do not need Times for these. I am again calling on your goodwill.

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This is your first commercial project as a software house !
I have a budget for this project - use it. 

I need

1. Splash Page
2. Sample ASP.NET / SQL Server input page - as per Feed A Lead prototype.
3. Sign-in page behind which is :
4. SQL Query 1 - Total database query
5. SQL Query by date.

Note Feed A Lead timestamps its records.

I need you to record all your time. I will discuss invoicing when we chat.  

My transaction took me 15 minutes I hope that you will spend just a couple of hours at it as you can clone for your splash and sign-in.

On the splash page please be inventive with your company name - Redcamel Enterprises  fits the bill.
Other options are Scott Currie Enterprises, BSG-Elite or High5Local  all fit the bill. 

High5Local - Greenpages

Please expose the High5Local Finder under the banner Greenpages.

To be used for Businesses Signing up for utilities and Bitesize PGA Pros.

Again - Calculate your time please


Please design a TrainIT page that shows code samples.

Please make the first example how to connect to a SQL database and how to invoke a stored procedure to action an SQL update.

Plus record time please. 


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Login : Alan


For access to the Golf Society Medigolf Records

BSG Elite Pegasus Award

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2019 Award

The 2019 BSG Elite Pegasus Award has been awarded to Ben Currie For his playing ability.

Ladies Masters Golf

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Stuff here

Golf Rules Explained

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Stuff Here ....
Rule 1x
Leaving the golf course 

See the Rules of golf - have a book in your bag  - Or download the R&A App for your phone.

Read Me

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Scott has decided that he has no interest in teaching golf any more.
Which is really sad after 20 years of working on the golf hub.

Scott has gone the same way as David Gosling - David has lost interest in BSG Elite and not longer talks to me.
It has been three years since Adam died - Scott did not attend his funeral an has not asked me round to see how I am.
I have been asked by Alan Wilding not to visit Scott so it makes life very difficult for me at WGC.

I ask Scott to present Snag at Stockport Grammar school with James from Hazel Grove.

Hopefully James will accept becoming the BSG Elite Pro - Goz does not want it Scott does not want it.

We will keep the title BramIT / Scott Golf - Elite

Good luck at American Golf - Look after Ben he is doing just fine.

I have asked Ben if he wants to take over BSG Elite Program - He is not interested either. His position as a Pegasus Pro is now quetionable.

I will search for a Junior Pro with a business interest



Cancer Research

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Scott has indicated that he no longer wants to have any interest in being a golf professional and that he now works for American Golf.

Scott can maintain an interest in our business if he participates in BSG Elite and the running of our Pegasus Charuty Golf Day.

So - The drive to promote protopage as the go to package for golf club central communications is over to Steve Marrr

BSG Elite Junior Golf Training



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About BSF Elite

BSG Elite is about the commercial and management training of junior golfers.

Working as an IT Strategist for YMG in 2007 i was tasked to create training material that would support junior golfers to become Pefasus Professionals (Capable Of Running a Golf Club)

Adam Bramwell was a Pegasus Professional - he had all the commercial skills have been trained by the American Golf University. Plus he has all the IT and marketing skills having achieved over 106 Million views on the internet of his Flip Recipe production company (Snaresallday).

The American Golf Training is now available to Scott to render into a course for Ben. The complete American Golf Training is available at Northenden Community Library and is awaiting the attention of Scott.

Pegasus2020 - The Directors Table / Suggestion Book









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Junior Golf Donation

10% Donation to Junior Golf when purchases on services / sales from Hitec Computers Cheadle.

C21 Quiz

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C21 Quiz

Negotiating Skills

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One thing that it has taken me 14 years to discover that being noble does not help your negotiating skills.

Even if you sit at level 10 in your pay scale negotiating at level 5 when they are the judge needs to be taken into consideration. Being noble does to pay the piper. 




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Snaresallday Database

The Snaresallday Dtabase for The Golf Hub will be a Company Structure of The Worlds Golf Clubs.

Wildfire Infonet



Xenophon Fun

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Pegasus Shop



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Site under Construction - 

Clone Of Bossons Database PHP / MBS / Angular Site - Progject Q


Its for Fun 
Get To it Do it when you can 

But the firs step is to do a go compare 
A. Switch case 
It is with ate go compare is based upon the process is called signature write I javascript on the vverastar site 

Re Write this as a replacement to zing tree - Zing Tree is a decision process - don’t know how it works but it takes ages 

In fact it is not a replacement it is for companies with an IT department. If you have an IT department but no budget you could alway put the request out  as a class 
Of F Fun T Traing . R and D 

Verastar were doing a r and D on angular so I join In and produced my bitesize bsgelite training module with the for application documentation project definition which you will both use as AnalyseIT  an analysis of all project object down to file type / datdictionart

This should keep to going for a couple of years at your speed.
Do this in angular Paul and put your company up for sale atone Million Pouds - MVC To Angular Conversion  - PHP to Angular Conversion

I have got som module for you to investigate that will excite you when you talk to me - ask me what they are …….

You both must be stressed out 

We are still in disaster recover mode - it needs chasing - who is going to do that for me 

 It is a  .js vinous that stops access to website 
And I have a apple problem that is dropping e mail address and is stoping me registering new e mail.
Who is going to become disaster recovery communicator.

We need to start thinking like we are a big company not just guys looking after our own careers. 

Thanks  lads Have fun
Oh as parts o the lads team we have a number of projects 
1. Tygercubs Golf - Scott 
2. Gods Electricians  - Peter Ben
3  Pacific Nations Rugby Andy 
4 A musical Legacy Adam 
5 FlyIT  - Me / Tom 

These are all small projects they just need about 1 days work each  

Please do A musical Legacy First For Adam - Then we can clone it ——— allow 7 hours to do it  - Then Clone it as Broadband Provisioning  its all the same process - its just a switch case.  converted to a sql command using a tsingular Microsoft table - I fact Paul Make this your current project it is a clone of bossons.

Thank Lads 
Thats a lot said but it lays out a lot for you - it should keep you Busy 

See - This project step back to 1874 and is the basis of Q written by Paul used in the Peterborough software project UNISTAR
Paul has effectively worked for Peterborough Software since 1978 When I taught him Structured Basic for Monopoly On The Commodore Pet for his dad JAE Senior Executive Feranti Computers 
When this is started and I see that there is a site under construction for Feranti Manuracting / Business and Commercial Systems I will Be a happy man
John a Joe Evens - HR Exec always said that we should start a little shop - Hitec Computers is that Shop

God Kuck Lads - See / Hitec Computers BramIT 


Scott Got Me Ito this Mess with Dave Gosling he is back on board as a frien he has just replied to my email after 1 day - but we have not spoken for 4 years 
This is an agile project - I am the Dragon / Product Owner / Hyper Planner.

Scott Is now Scum Master - Communications Office - Progress Chaser

He like us all is busy Report to him every month 
01/01 02/02 03/03 04/04 ---  Annual Status Report 07/07 
Financial Accounts 06/04
Product release dates as per Peterborough Sofware Statutory Sofware release
First Module To be produce - Tottfom - Post Tax Calculation Program C

Input Prorams a validation 
program B database update

Ra/Rb?RC - Batch reporting .... More I will spec it by 04/04 I have had enogh of this project 

Alan Bramwell - Community Guardian (BA019) 

David Gosling will be sick in the stomach
His Contributor facto has been set to Zero - he will gain nothing from BSGElite College 

Hip Hip Hip Horray - I am so so happy I am going to the pub tonigt 
Next Release 04/04 

Scott Please give me a list of 101 golf clubs in this format

City / Town Bolton / Manchester 
District - Withingon / Hazel Grove / Romily / Reddish 

And another list of your to 7 clubs in order of preference
St Andrews - R And A 
Austin Texas 
Pebble Beach
The Royal House Hold Windsor 
Sydney Australia

List of Favorite Golf Books With ISBN

I know that you are busy - it should take you an hour - production data required by  11/1/ 2020

Uni Test data required by 04/04 - Data Capture for Assurance Testing Required by 03/03 2007

Project late due to David Gosling not providing data for Deliceous GozWorld and Conversion to Protopage when Wordpress trashed 101 sites for beach of validation.
Worpress has moved on and is now considered a mainline Language - Wix ist still native

Our Structure is now 
q - Paul 
Protopage - Scott
Wix - Scott 
Wordpress - Scott
Facebook Scott
Twitter Scott
Instragram Scott
SoundCloud  Scott 
Pin ...... Pinterest or somethink Scott
Any other Social Media  sites scott

We now need standard html code - like bootstrap for these codes of a page of boot....
in fact Scott can do Bootstrap - Wil Ben for fun.

Scott can Pay Ben to do it if he wants for pocket money llike what my dad did for me running the Bowling Club

This whole process has been for my dad and Greenbank Bowling Club

I will now spin all this Off Greenback Bowling Club / Algamated Union / Ingersoll Rand

We are looking good - We are Writing Ingersoll Rand Systems. Where I answerd to the board of Directors. J.S Firth / George O;Brian Director / Derek Capey Chief Accountant - Chorlton Golf Club
Eddie Lawson It Services Manager (Phantom Director

My Team Trevor Harrison - Appointed to replace me act acting up Business System manager - Ex Sandiway / Romily / Now Hazel Grove Managers

Watch this Space for the Ingersoll Rand Story / Feranti Stories Ingersoll Rand  

BSGELITE IT Training / Paul

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