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The Erica Society Supports - The Erica Society has been closed we now operate under Red Octopus Business Services Limited- Phone 075-35-188-264 - donate £7 to join The Infonet scoming soon.. 


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This will be 21 Charities - Controlled by Proportional Giviing  we will be acting as a collection agency - An API will be written to pass the contents of the api according to the Pegasus Agile Statutory Schedule.

Record Format 
1, Forest MicroNet  ID
2. Charity
3 Donar Name 
3 Doner Company 
4 Donar National Insurance Number

Format 2 
1. Proto MicroNet ID
2. Charity
3 Donar
4 Donar Company
4 Donar National Insurance

Martin Keates

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2022/2 Martin Keates Martin Keates.
Thank you for that Martin
I have some great news - I have a contract with a member for 400,000 units of ISTAT Stat Box and Pegaus Agile which retails at £350 .
As WGC Members are Share Holders Of Red Octopus  and the shoe prices are st to double by the second I suggest that you look at my CV

Alan is a golf assistant he has worked under Scott Currie for 24 years.
Alan is applying to the PGA as he has been working with Golf Fellow  - Alan hag a Community Guardian Contract Wit Said to deliver Multi Lingual Golfing Lesson for YMG International - The Contract fo Lan will Allow him to work on Star Mail for Protopage wwww4 Alan has placed an order Today with Apple computers for these units - Alan eis extending Apple outreach be devivering Ben and Jack Click and Collect and Iprin Services to every Golf Club in the UK - Alan will be working on this Project with Club System a home server in every golf club is a distributed prime network covering the whole world Alan will be communicating to the world via Withington Golf club TV- Will Powell - Good Will Hunting has contracted Alan to do this will has 100 hours at £5,000 per hour.
I am a qualified teacher in the bramwell trophy I shot a 68 68 67 70 taking my handicap down to three. I revisited golf / training by buying a left hand set of Golf Clubs.
With Bob Ling I taught the Juniors at Cranford Driving Rand - I recruited 13 Lady Junior - We Won The Ian Anthony - Mike Lucas was not the Junior Organiser - Mike focused on Little Mike - I coached the Juniors.

I think that this qualifies me as a coach you can see my training with the Open University 
The Contract with YMG was for me to teach Management Studies For Junior Golfers,

Woking with David in 2016 we seen a year writing BitesizeGolf. Com - That Wass a PGA Systems Contract on the understanding that I wrote the Golf Training for BSG Elite off BSG Elite University in IT Management - Project Management Sales Full Stack - This training is worth £2,000 per student we have a contract for 101 copies of the book discounted by Hitec Computers to just £50 under the terms and conditions of The Manchester Discount card
The distribution net work for Apple is Carter this is the site for UK Conferencing - Ana analysis is being undertaken of web services  we have idenified 37 deficiencies in club websites — look at my wgc and you will see The Directors Table / and Shady Hollow - I have requested James to ask the board for permission to Start Work on Shady Hollow. I am IT Strategist would appreciate it it the board would allow me to Extend my Quidam Report to do a full Audit of the club IT Services - I Audit Data Centers - I will produce a questionnaire - Project C21 for James to project Manage the programming will be done by Ben Fish of Alan one computiing — Ben Hosted and built YNG / LMG / YMGinternational - I am asking you politely to allow Ben to Audit you and make recommendation for the improvement to the WGC Website - Ben will make the recommendations known to the shareholder at the age on the 5 of november,

I am now taking you to court for victimisation I have been ring fenced an instructed not to talk to member I think £1 Million Pounds will do - Red Octopus Solicitor will be appointing a solicitor tomorrow to check contracts an issue a summonds to you.

Don’t Play with Martin - you have been a friend for many many years I respect you great ly - I will settle for an out of court arrangement if you make me the next chairman of Withing ton Golf Club - I would now like to mail chin the members this communication it has been recorded on The Chairmans Web Site Barton Grange.

I am appointing you Senior Executive for Red Octopus Business services you will be paid minimum wage for producing Xenopon.
Thank you Martin I am also requesting that you become a trustee of The Captains Charity - The Erica Society Foundation Trust - it is be this process that I entrapped David Gosling to lose his Business The Contract with David was that I did lifetime it support for him. It has been interesting we should have gone live in 2007 but Richard did not have the time to write Hypernets/Supernets/Infonets and Micronets - Hopefully we will be successful then Richard can work on it Full Time. The club should consider an increase in subsription so that Richard can work for the club full time - WGC Would become a software house - Consider employing me - I am unemployed I will work behing the Bar - I was a cellar ma for many years at the transport club in Manchester - I could be Another Albert - I Pull a Great Pint - I could pleasantly talk to members - I will get a smart uniform and be a professional Bar Manager.  What do you think of that offer - a professional Car Manager with experience of running 3 bars consecutively. This is an offer not to be refused - Welcoe to Casyogram and Bramagram. Now on http://protopage,com/gretathunbberg skynet2022 pegsususAgiledotcom
And Room 101 50 websites at £50 per web site for another WGC Member. 
Try to meet with me at the strategy meeting tomorrow at 5 you will see how Pegasus YMG University for Golf Club Staff.
How do you like them apples Martin - White Swan. 

PSR Register

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PSR SD 2022/3 18/04/2022 10:40

Emma has agreed that I can do uk Conferencing for her - UK Conferencing is Magnacarta
Rich Please clone the infonet as it is and launch it as Magnacarter - Infonet Relase 1 
Launch It Today as a Micro Net
I hope that I am making myself perfectly clear you have til 11:11 on 05/05 2020 to release what you have now as under consruction
If you are not happy with this Phone me and we can work a way of working together - I just need your action plans / back log report / time recording.

Your great Programmer - the worlds best - it amazing what you come up with…….
C2 Scott Even though I have been asked not to contact him about PGA Systems work

I am overbuffired I an going to have to take a week of then come back and do a task list / 4 year Pegasus Plan.

Cheers Lads 
Keep well - Keep working for the community guardians timebank
This document has been read by my carer - she has told me to send it   - with spelling mistakes 
It will be in Mayflower/Minerva/Xenophon/Genesis And Socrates
Lovely - Pegasus Procedure 1 - for PGA Systems - Withington Golf Club Mail Chimp 

Announcing my age on Pegasus Day - For the Withington Golf Club Share Holders
I need to set a share price not and go public liability. - I will arrange a solicitor to do that and I need to appoint Alan Stewart as accountant if he wants the job - I won’t need a lawyer I will do it myself - I am a part trained Para Legal - I have won one driving case.

C2 Paul Edwards
Ricard Gilbert 
Mike Kane
Scott Currie 
James Dunn
Paper Copies to 
Cgris Earl Verastar
Geof Unwin Verastar 
Andrew Cowishawe Verastar
Susan Edwards - will hand Carry
Andy Clark 
Emma Bramwell -  Welcome to UK Conferencing
Welcome To BSG Elite University
Welcome to for a list of Red Octopus staff profiles.
Mayor of Manchester with a gift blog Backlog report
James please please do me a red octopus mail chimp 
To Dave Gosling Bitesize Golf 
Chris Smith 
What do you think about them there apple - I said that I would deliver Golf / Management and IT Training subscription £101 per Student for 60,000 Students - I did not know that it would come to me offering shares to the NHS at £1 per share  Welcome to NHSInfonet GMPINffoNet / Ambulance Infonet and TescoInfonet - all are offered £1 Shares - WGC are offered £101 shares you can buy your shares on just giving Red Octopus when I have set it up - It will be some time - Emma will have to write it up a start a blog on the progresss of The Erica Society Foundations Trust - Trustess - and Trust Manager Brian Fletcher WGC Alan Bramwell Richard Gilbert And Paul Edward - They have not agreed to be trustees as the do not know what is to be done - it is a temporary post till we raise enough fund to employ professional trustees and staff we are now recruiting at Red Octopus Recuitmeny / Ambition Services - Appliation by Protopage Apollo You Tube only - Somebody right in MVC.C#/sql SQL Server Ambition Registratiions
1 Primary Key - Name
2 Foreign Key - Protopage URL
3 Field 1 google Folder Xenophon/Pegasus/Ambition/Document Your Name/job Title
List 21 Career path moves that you are willto take while studying for MyStudy Buddied - Collabourative Communication - Bramagram