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When I see St Annes i think of St Andrews University and the Golf Hub. 
The connection to the Royal family and charity.

Which is my motivation for driving out Magna Carta - a Golf Shop for every golf club in England - Then the World under the banner of The IFOC.

Please look at HS2 Manchester where i hope to gain sponsorship for DWP Training / New Phoenix University.

Red Octopus AGM

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Red Octopus AGM

December 7, 2023

1 Nimrod 1.0

Do you know why The Intonrt is clearing down?

I am going to have to go with your software as it is – re-name it GatleytSSC fault.

then supply the infonet as Magna Carta AS INFONET with country / county / postcode (3 Characters).

Answer : RJG

2 The problem is Time – I am busy.

2 Red Octopus Share holders

1.0 Alan Bramwell

2.0 Richard Gilbert

3.0 Emma Bramwell

4.0 Susan Bramwell

5.0 Andrew Clark

6.0 Paul Edwards

7.0 John Goddard (WGC)

8.0 WGC Members (1 Share)

9.0 Jobie X

10.0 NIck X

11.0 Tesco Club Card Holders (Tesco Infonet) – 1 Share to Tesco Charity.

12.0 St Annes Hospice

All will receive a dividend as a percentage of the profits from The Infonet – dividends being decided by a collaborators table.

The current factor for James Dunn (representing WGC Members) is 0.00000001

3 Change to Nimrod Schedule

Holidays start 07/12/2023 to 02/02/2024

See Tesco Infonet for Christmas Shopping List – Match Box

Notes :

Meeting Ended 10:00:00 with email to the Tiger Team – Note Mike Kane POF (Product Owner Finance) MP is not on Share Holders list – he is not communicating.

King Charles and Prince William have not been included as they have not been invited to the AGM we will be writing to them again in 2024. They are still Product Owners even though they do not reply to my letters – and are not on the circulation list for e’mail services.

It should be noted that members of the Tiger Team refuse to monitor Red Octopus as they are given the impression that the Charman is Bi-Polar. This development is real – it is Tangible. The IFOC – The Infinity Federation of Co-Operatives is Operational Alan Bramwell is President – It is a New World Order for Greta Thunberg. will plant acorns in Forest 404 ha members in high Education and America still to be contacted post-AGM / 2024 EGM when RJG has completed The Infonet / Intranet Services. (New Phoenix University).

Toast :

Aftermath – Kahlua and Baileys

5. A.O.B. Oppenheimer the IFOC / Greta Thunberg

6. EGM - Tom Davies

EGM will be 02/02/2024 where we will invite Top Davies to Project Own Pankhurst/Tantalus - Pererloo/Longhorn Agile Project Management - Red Octopus Post Code Lottery - The Erica Society Foundation Trust.

The Birdie