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Welcome to the Carmelo Anthony page.This home page talks about the charities he does and his family.I know what your thinking Carmelo Anthony a NBA player who did mistakes in life and really doesn't deserve getting to know. Well yeah he made mistakes, everybody in life makes mistakes deserves chances. But Carmelo also made some accomplishments and you get to what they are if you check this page out. He also had some ruff times growing up. Carmelo Anthony is not just a famous NBA player he is caring person he cares about people and he makes his goal and reach them. He wasn't a bad kid growing up it was ruff for him and his family. But now he goes back to Baltimore and visits his childhood neighborhood. He helps many people there and loves going back to the place he belongs to.Well i cant say all the information about him you just have to check this web page out for  yourself.!!!


Full Name: Carmelo Kiyan Anthony
Nickname: Melo
Born: May 29 1984
Birthplace: Brooklyn,New York
Height: 6''8
weight: 220lbs
Parents: Mary & Carmelo
Siblings: Robert,Wilford(brothers) and Michelle(sister) and Daphne(half sister)
Wife: La La Vasquez
Son: Kiyan Carmelo Anthony
Engagged: In 2004 on Christmas day
Son's birth: March 7, 2007
Ethnicity: African American(mother)and Puerto Rican(father)
Deaths: father died of liver cancer
College: Unversity of Syracuse
Career: Basketball Player
NBA: Denver Nuggets
Jersy #: 15
Best Known As: Forward on the Nuggets team




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The Carmelo Anthony foundation was establish in 2005, The Carmelo Anthony Foundation is the vehicle by which give back to the community through a vartiety of outreached programs and donations. The mission is to invest in programs,leaders,and community organization that empower and provide opportunities for under served children and families.The foundation aims to be a catalyst for positive change on Carmelo's home communities and to understand these areas and their changing needs. It's goals is to serve,lead and advocate for enhanced opportunity and positive change while building national and globe links and supporting visionary and proven approaches to community building. The Carmelo Anthony foundation launched the 15 on the 15th program in January 2009 which means that Melo's studio 15 barbershop can be utilized to provide haircuts to disavantage kids and unserved adults in programs through the Denver area. on the 15th of each month. 15 unprivilage children or adults will received a haircut. In 2005, Carmelo Anthony founded the H.O.O.D (holding our own destiny) movement 3 on 3 challenge. A basketball team for boys & girls ages 7-17 in the Baltimore area. The H.O.O.D movement is to build community spirt in Baltimore by providing a day of excitment. Carmelo's goal is to impact on the lives of Baltimore's youth by returning each year. Over the past 4 years, more then 5,000 children and families from Baltimore and the surrounding areas have experience the events designed to promote enpowerment in young people.


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Being Active

I think Carmelo Antony enjoys it when kids go out and be active and to play sports. He enjoyed playing sports when he was a little kid. He enjoyed being active because it kept him busy all the time and never made him stay on the street with the older kids doing drugs. When he was growing up he always thought about wanting to hang out with his friends but he didn't want to be like them. All his friends started to hang out on the street a lot . But before his friends were on the streets hanging out. They and Carmelo didn't know which way to go or which direction to take. They had struggles in their directions and desicions to take because well the drugs started to become more popular.That's why Carmelo stuck with sports it made him stay away from that danger as a little one. This is why when Carmelo went to the Olympics he had his son on his mind to keep him active. so being active is very important and will help you to become fit.


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Carmelo's sleeve

Carmelo Anthony wears a sleeve because LeBron James wears one and he wants to be like him. LeBron James is one of Carmelo's role model. When they are the court togather they play ruff. But when they are off he court they are really great friends.


Carmelo Anthony went to the Unversity of Syracuse. He lead them to their first championships and won. He went to college for 1 year and then ended up getting selected for the Denver Nuggets team.Carmelo enjoys playing in the NBA.