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Dear Steve 

You really are a true Pegasus Professional - (High Flyer).

The work that you do promoting yourself on the WWW makes you worthy of becoming a Pegasus Professional.

The only thing that you are missing in your portfolio is Protopage which makes you an active web user. 
You can use protopage as an advertising platform for your shop and sales.

Plus you could use it to work with members at MediGolf if you taught them Protopage / Youtube.

I hope this is to your satisfaction.

I hope that you will allow me to work with you and we could develop some interesting stuff together.

I am working on a project now with the hotel for golf holidays / Golf Breaks / Golf Schools - I would like your input on that.

Thanks Steve.....

As discussed you are invited to play at the Pegasus Professional Golf Tournamet at Hazel Grove 10 April 2020 - As Discussed I am trying to organise a charity event at WGC to raise the entrance fee but I have been rejected by council and been told that I need to do my own thing - In doing my own thing I have been stopped bty Patrick today hanking out Golf Hub flyers having gained approval by Mr President.

About Steve



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The Golf Hub

Steve is my personal golf professional...

Steve is based at Withington Golf Club in Manchester.

I am returning to golf in the Spring of 2018.

I will be requesting Steve  to give me a bi monthly  golf lesson top get me back into golf.

I want from Steve a YouTube Series of golf lessons. - I hope that he can call on his existing portfolio.

I hope that this in some way will help Steve promote himself as he is an excellent coach.


Mailto : Steve



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Chrities Logo

Withington Golf Club are sanctioned to use Chrites Logo -- Click Logo for Charity Golf Day for more Cancer days at WGC in 2020 - Booking Forms on The Golf Hub (10 / 11 April 2020)

Alan's Site Pegasus2020







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About Medi Golf

Medigolf is about members who want to keep their own videos on YouTube and request analysis from Steve.

A member using there own Protopage / YouTube could allow a Pegasus Golf Professional access to make comments.


Lesson 1 - The conclusion was that Alan should focus on Turn.

June 2017

I am no longer winning major competitions - please tell me where I am going wrong....

You are getting older Phil

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Hi Steve 
I have been waiting since 1988 for the Pro Shop to contact me and ask for my businss.

Please set up an acoount for me for your Black Friday Sales each year -

I would  like to buy n shirts from you at £60%  off - you can find the value at Withinton Golf Club website which is an Assurance Test Web Site for Protopage.

I have had a major incident / down time to report today / systems went down at 10"30

I and to find a client to do a production website for so I had to get a taxi to Hazel Grove...  

I have wasted 12 years of my life Due To David Goslin not implemetntig it in 2007 / Scott Curie to and yourself all that any of you had to say was yes to a Active Web Site

I have lots of website to now that I am in finally in production and will now spin them off 
Red Camel Services Limited 

Now that it is in production I can now a now the prroject

It is Project N - where N is the World Business Commuity 
The Application Name is SSNA - Structured Social Networwing 

In 2007 we created 101 websites using Word Press and Delicious 

Word Press canceled my contract Violation of Terms and conditions of contract - becuse tl
 i simply used a legacy E;Mail System that is no longer supprted.
Let this be a lesson to everybody - Legacy Software is as sofisticated and as valuable as the modern languages.

Thanks enough for today Steve - I have lots to do I have had an incident today and have to log it.

Thank Steve - I will be in to set up an account.

BramIT - The Golf Net Lauch Date 29 Nov date u

Incident Log BramIT N-001

I have tried to contact you today and have had no method of communication.
This is not new to me - Dave Gosling Refuses to answer his phone of answer his E Mail -
I am very disappointed with David we have invested Thousands of hours trying to support his business 

 I supported Peterborough as their Primary Product Tester - I use a product traffic light emulator to show test results - Green / Amber / Red  Simple - It was a test program that we used to test a rail set.

The kit has long gone and I have a project to build a control box - but I don't need it - a emulator /
an Agile test team might nees one - can you simply imangine a team of programmer simple woing on a Big Bang / Banking project where the Product Owner / Project owner had a control panel that lit up at first sight of an issue.

At Ingersoll Rand we were really great - we just ad NCR Paper which was colour coded - you just had to go round every hour to check progress.

This idea of having comuter system to project manage team - is great - but what about the little people that can not get OIS development done that have project Managers that will not upwardly progress their 
systems request.

In It you have to thing about the little people at the coal face who day in and day out that need a little bit of help - If you do not help these people they will not be efficient and will eventually get sacked.

It happens all the time - Nick Cosgrove at Communisis was a bully - He picked on the little peolpe - I am a guardian of The Yellow Card worker - My dan was a Union Sectrtary for the AUE - it always the little people that came tor help.

I spent many years working with my dad at Ingersoll Rand - We did all the Union Negotiation together - before the Unions spoke with Management - 10 December Every year is The KeyStone date to settle the consolidated rate of payment - so that payment can be made before 22 December (My Mums Birthday.

If we missed this date - there was no chance of calculating payment till my sister birthday in Apri.

This was the program / project plan for the Primary Testing / Assurance of Peterborough Software 
a company that I worked for as a tester and a designer and a programmer and a operation analyst
Since 1974 When we moved the ICL 1901 computer to the new data centre at wythenshawe a IBM 370 Mainframe - I discovered that using the alloc command for storage allocation that the mainframe you could set up multiple partitions.

I am not bad at my job - when I was working at Hosknys I was asked to do an audit of the FM South Division - I was working out of the midlands - triaining and many other project to bring the Mancheter Data centre over so it could be closed.

I picked up a RACF Cobsultant and we popped down got there early an was put into a room with a terminal - we were asked did we want coffee - we said yes.

When the sec went out of the room I simple said to my mate - whats the default password.

Two mins we were in.
Right i said letes see what Peterborough Software Accounts they had - I was employed by Hoskys to Oust PS Consultant from the business and to Manage their Pacjage Product Strategies - this included OLAS - Online Accouting by QSP in Gateshaed

I signed into an account - don't know the company ad wrote down the names of tho top ten paid people.

Can yoiu imagine the look on their faces when I said that they had jusy a little problem - easily resolved. 
They said that they had a major problem with the Glaxo Chemicals Contract in that try as hard as they can they can not get the online systems running.

I said oh thats an easy one to fix - the manuals are wrong - you need two instancies of the parameter file in the JCL - the second Instance is MFiIlE 2 - Try in now - lets test it then I will show you haw to change the defaulf password.

1/2 hour / job done - they were so so happy with us.

But that is nothing to what happened in 1997 or 8.

See I do Government White Paper for my sins.

Testing the Year End Release - This starts 02/02 - Remember that all you project manager - Package Product year End Testing - for Sage / SAP / Linux Applications has to be Paralalll Run and signed off Run and Pree Year End Testin has to done by 22 Dec - 22 Dec to 02/02 is your problem solving time.

Implementation of Product Release is 01/01.

All application development is frozen - stacked for 0/2/02 to test the product.

Do as I do in November Stack development tasks to test the new release - I did changes for union negotiation each year - commencing 22 July - Birthday with my dad - Union secretary at Ingersoll Rand before Primary negotiation with HR in October,

To Tip if you are a BA - if your company has a Union - which is unlikely now - makes friends  tlak and share idea about what can and can not be written - discuss program changes with the ;itte men !

Anyway - the government had printed the NI Tables incorrectly and had to issue dispensation.

But the best story is Tesco - Me Richard and Charlie went to Tesco  before the Cinema - we shopped 

Charly is Gemstra now in Austalia - I think that he is still working on his idea SUPEFM that you can produce a code generator for the latest generation Languages.

Richard is Redcamel - Currently working on a Business Directory for me.

So - Tesco - The billing System was wrong - if you bought two for one product - Tesco paid you.
I tested at Wythenshawe and then I tested again at Altincham - it took week to find the right sales condition - I used to go every day - god know how much petrol it cost me.

But I did get a product eventually - I wont tell co I cant spell it - I bought 2 an was pain 29 pence.

The sales person said - that cant be right - I said yes it is I asked the manager at Baguley said that it was correct that it is Tesco policy to move unwanted stock.

Now you and I know that is rubbish - if they wanted to give away stock they would send it to a food bank for charity.

I said me and Richard discovered it - he does the Tills systems for Tesco and I help him with the testing - I sit next to him and he hals me with Visual Basic.

So - The  Transaction when I cleared the shelves gained me £29 

The reason why am doing this now - because I have currently got a problem with Protopage and have recored on thier incident log - I have been on the job since 10:30 

It has been a desperate day - I have needed a production site to work on to test.
I had to sell my care an buy Adams Car Back - It has cost me £3,000 pounds out of Emmas Education Budjet / Development Bugget,

I have now got to test setting up websites I am going to do two Conferencing Websites - as I have been asked on Linked in to attend a conference on 4th December In Manchester.

Thanks for allowing me to protect your web.
The test today was for Hillssborough Golf club - I did a phantom test with 1 l - then a production test with the right name - the system was down.
When it came back up I tried to create the correct name - but it said the site was already taken,
Looks like there is a registration problem.

JB Pipe has paid for a test and we have agreed Chisties - I usually pop monies into Christies collection buckets - this time I will simply Change the name of The Golf Hub - to Charities Test Site.

See I did Charities as a Payroll Giving Deduction Element for Ingersoll Rand - I have already done my tesy of Just Giving as a Water Aid project - that test exposed the Business Rules for thei site is a life expectancy of 3 month - that is a SSADM condity called ENITITY LIFE CYCLE ANALYSIS.

No Body does it realy - believe me - But I try by setting virtual dates - It was easy for me at Ingersoll Rand 0- I used to do THE Directors Payroll - I was the only person in the company that had access to Bonusses.

I had open access to everywhere at IR and took over the computer room on secure / special projects
Whicjh included a International Trading project tthat had no budget. Processing Govermant Tapes from all over the wor;d - done in Selcopy a very very low level language - like machine code / assemler  - 

I had to reverse file stucture in Hex a decimal - there was no specs and it took guesworrk an a few calculation to deteemine that they were variable lengh wariable blocked record wit multiple record types.
It was really really  hard - I did it in my lunch hour - it took me about a month.

Ist problem was that the mainframe would not read thet tapes - I had to Ditto the tapees in HEX to see how to get round that - Once I established that they had an additional tape mrrk it was easy - I simply uupdated The DYNAM/t Tape management system  as a Peterborough Software Alpha test tape and hid the running cost as a Product Test / Production Test and charged it accross the group.

When I eventually got asked I simply said that I was thinking about doing an Expats Pay Element to give a the option of multi Currency Payment for when they travell - I was thinking of doing a simple one - but 
then why not spec it like we used to do in the old days and have our guys write it as assbler and sen it too them - we could do it as a user hook - but I am not doing that - I need the solftware th Natiive PS or they wont support It - I have a great realtionship with PS where I use Red Star - I can get the results to them by 10am in the noring - Colin usually get back to me same day - but we are delat with as a D task - Disater Task . - Payroll System down are a D task - there are penalties if you don;t pay people on time - the little pweople depend on having their weekly pay on time as we know.

Any way thats my story of Peterborough Software .
There is a Linux develoopment going on in Stockport - I have evalualted HTML on a SUSE Linus Box.

Bill Maac at WGC gave me 5 PC for me to do Netwoking - I wanted a Linux Box on the Network - but I blew up a monitor when I guessed the monitor speed - I tried again.

I did Beta Testing for Microsoft Vista afer consulting with Tim Sneath about MicroSoft srategies with IIS.
In 2000 he told me to wait for Longhord wich eventually came as Vista - I went int PC World - Configured one of there computers and did the test.

I used to do PC Testing In Macro when shopping there - We had a relationship with Macro - I used to operate there hen we were doing macine upgades at IR - I was transporting disks one day - having worked 48 hours without sleep - I noded of at the wheel near mancheter univercity to find my self stopped through the light with people beeping at me - Never again. 

I will now put a link on my IT Site as Peterborough Software Pegasus Agile Alpha test - Production Environment.

Thank a lot Steve I think your Business Acumen is good but not the best.

I will pop in to see you to see if I can do you a Golden Sunday sales day - I don't like term Black - Its too negative - It may be Black for the business community but for the little people who have no money it is essential.

In fact I will call It Santa Net - It is near chrimbo.....

I need to test secondary web pages on a protopage web site and write a user manual.
Tired need my tea.
Happy Chistmas ..... 

I want 10 shirts for Chistmas presents I will give you my mailing list - will you do that for me please.....
 I have some vouchers here for high street shops do you want them - I cant be bothered using them - and i have to give them to somebody - I think I have two - You and Scott can have one each.

If not you are having some Champain for your new years celebrations.

You are my friiend - I have always liked you and your contributions to the WWW need recognising.

Welcome To The Golf Net



The Golf Net Launch

Protopage has been in Alpha test for 12 years due to the refusal of David Gosling to implement GOZWorld

The Contract with David for YMG was done in Feb 02/02 2007 
The contract was to fix his broken website,
1 Create Lady Masters 
1 Create YMG International
2 Create a Management Trining Program / Website / Computer Science Web Site / Pegasus Agile Project Management Website and Finanacial Servies services site / Pesions and Banking / Virtual Bank for childrens Pocket Money - Business aware ness - elenentory Nominal Ledger training / Company Structure Trainiing / Accountancy Interface Trainind to ECDL Standards for Excel Sprean Sheet.

Now using Google form as Google has now moved forward....

Contarcted to YMG on a £10,000 contract fot IT Strategy we have continue to work on the project.
The companies that were conracted to David were 

Priimarily Slattock - for Legacy System Conversion as R and D - Slattock being Ferranti International
Recamel - Ricard Being Sodexho - PHI Division fo NHS Contract. R and D
AIOC - For web hosting PHP / MySQL Development
Gemtra - Austalia - For PHP / My SQL Conversion - To latestt future technology - Now Anllar
Branigan - US OF A to work with Gemstra on an UK/US aliance
Ocen Deigh - Charses for Shops
AIOC Again for Foruns
Hose on the Hill for Help Desk Sytems
BBCommiSYS - ME a volutary divison of Communisis Broadprint
Arrow Mailing - Paul / Craig as a new division for the company.

The product is an InfoNet of home servers.

Dragun / Product owner Me  - Investment on Hardware Upgrade to Vista - On High End Toshiba Laptops for Account / Communications Director and CEO

Redcamel again - For the Provision of ASP Starter Kit and Hostin on a home server fot the distibution of documents Internationally using the Portall Starter Kit
Plus the delivery of the Time Tracker ASP Starer Kit.

Any Project X - Sectret Project which David Might want - Like the Purchase / Collabouration of compnies.
Rimarily Unicom / now Verastar  Manageg now by Chris Earle Reporting to Geof Unwin As Non Exec 

Unwin being my boss at Hoskys when i was their Priinciple Consultact - Techbical Project Officer 
for the FM Division 

Duties a Time Gate computer service was to be the first person in to evaluate the aquisition.
Drove out a primary task for me to act as a sales Consultaion for Time Gate new busines.

My involvement with my Hoskyns project are still to he documented - CV are only two pages lon max - that is the rule of a CV and you staten you last 5 years project - that is an issue for me and has been my greatest problem since the Yea 2K when I was advised to leave the IT industry by my Job Centre at Longly Lane.

I have been determined for 20 Years to prove them wrong.

David Gosling - I have phoned you 10 times today !

My last task today is to set a new alpha test site , I should use GozWorld 2 but i will not - 
David feel free to use GozWorld - you have the master password

I wiil now set up David Gosling - as my phantom illuminati member - I am running out of colours - Mr Black. 

Happy Days - I will sleep well tonight..... No more thinking to do.

Watch Out for Slattocks website.






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About Medi Golf

Medigolf is about members who want to keep their own videos on YouTube and request analysis from Steve.

A member using there own Protopage / YouTube could allow a Pegasus Golf Professional access to make comments.


Lesson 1 - The conclusion was that Alan should focus on Turn.

June 2017

I am no longer winning major competitions - please tell me where I am going wrong....

You are getting older Phil