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Rich sticky notes

Current Installs

No installs current as of 02172006


Recovery repair in process on customer Hector Chabel. Install SpySweeper and Back Up Data to DVD when finished


Customer Scott Rearden will pick up his finished computer install on 02182006

Dennis' Status

im in till 3

Joe's Status

joe will be in next at 330pm saturday March 4th



Waiting for callback on customer Joel Ruvalcaba. Broken powerplug on Toshiba laptop has to be repaired at board level. Could become costly $250. -  $300. dollars in labor. . Customer should know this is an intensive repair.

Talked w/ Anthony and Joel to do repair/trade for emplyee services. Will start tomorrow 02182006 at 16:00 hours

Install Times 4/4/06

Any install we sell right now will be finished the soonest after 1pm.