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22/11 book 1/2 education - Green Onions




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History / Progress

This site was set up as a demonstration site for Claire Tomkinson - the intention being that I would help her, by example, develop her own site. For 6 months I attended Ladybarn Community Centre one afternoon per week prepared to undertake a development. But the decision was made that the IT department would take control.

This site has remained dormant and will remain so in this original form as it contains sample of YouTube work which other can benefit from.

This site is now part of my larger LearnIT initiative which I am pushing out to other locations so I am making  one amendment - that is to introduce a link to my Community Gaurdian site where you can finf out more about LearnIT. 




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Contact Claire at : Claire Tomkinson

Or telephone her on : 07818 572 468  


Welcome to Ladybarn Community Time Bank!

Time Banking recognises that everyone has a skill to share and that your community is full of residents with an amazing mix of skills and knowledge that you may not be aware of. It’s free to join and all you have to do is share a skill that you have and spend a bit of time helping someone else.

Everyone’s time and skills are valued equally. If you give an hour, you can get an hour back in help and support from another member of the Time Bank.

It’s really flexible and you can give as much or as little time as you like and you don’t have to commit to specific dates or times. No cash is involved at all. The only cost is your time.

Time Banking is not just for individuals. Community groups, schools and businesses are also welcome to get involved and share your skills, resources and equipment. It’s a great way to save money and promote your organisation throughout the Time Bank network!

There are lots of great reasons to get involved:

• Get to know your neighbours
• Help out in the community
• Gain access to help and services for free • Increase your self confidence
• Share your skills and learn new ones
• Make new friends

• Get out of the house • Improve your CV

• Complete relevant training courses • Attend social events and activities HAVE FUN

These are just some of the ways you can get involved:

• Dog walking
• Ironing
• Cooking and Baking
• Gardening
• Basic DIY
• Shopping
• Giving someone a lift
• Running a session or an activity • Teaching another language
• Odd jobs
• The list is endless!

If you’d like to join make an appointment to meet with the Time Bank Coordinator.

We’ll have a chat about what you could offer and what help you’d like in return. There’s loads of ways that you could get involved, and more members means more services will be available.

If you’re interested or would like more information contact:-

Claire Tomkinson

Tel: 07818 572 468

or pop into Ladybarn Community Centre for more information. 





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This site is passive to find some learning material follow the link to LearnIT.

I am Community Guardian (BA019) - my desire is to deliver my learning material into your centre, you will be please to hear that I have a teaching qualification and the WWW is now my chosen method of delivery.

However, it is my attention o make myself available to you for lessons - more on this from my Community Guardian website.


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Lesson ! - Contact Page

To create a contact page you will need to add this code as HTML:

Contact Claire at :&nbsp;<a href="" class="menu">Claire Tomkinson</a><div><br></div><div>Or telephone her on : 07818 572 468 &nbsp;</div>

Lesson ! - YOUTUBE


I was able to create a video for uploading from a free piece of Software called Picasa. I took images using a standard digital camera and uploaded them into a file, within Picasa it was then a simple case of following the instructions to create and load my YOUTUBE file.

Of course I had to be signed up to YOUTUBE as you will need to. 

The method was simple - try it.   




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Register / Time Sheet




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Hello Fawzi

It was good to see you looking so well and I am glad to find that their may be an opportunity for us to work together.

This is my personal E’Mail address - I use it to contact the team team - it is my workhorse.

Usually I refer to the team as The High5local illuminati - / Mr Pink /Mr Blue and Ms Scarlet etc as they are people who have full time jobs and act as my oracle.
Last night I recruited an Economist who have given up his profession as he has invested in himself and has just qualified as a pilot.
Tom will be tasked on Saturday to think about Macro Economics and International Trade and to be expected to discuss and document his thoughts ob Brexit as if he was still working for the Bank - This will be part of my BSG Elite Management Training program.
I am in the process of looking for an ecologist who can advice if ecosystems mirror business system and to express his opinion on keystone species / downgrading and upgrading and whether or not is there is a system that rejects international trade - possibly mass migrations ?  (Bob Paine - Keystone Species - Died June 2016) 

It is now nearly 21-14 pm at night - Good night

If you have an emergency call me on 079395252 24/7. - e’mail me your problem - title z task and I will take it up straight away. I can provide you with a data capture solution to an excellent spreadsheet within the hour. By Foundation Computing  or a collaboration website specifically for communications to one of your distributors.
Should you wish to take on our services the first thing the I would like to do for you - personally - at no charge is your distribution network under the Manchester Community Guardian Scheme. We could call your network SkyTech !

When you reply to me could you please use this e’mail address and


I have been thinking very hard about where to start your development / communication.

It could be either 

1. My Commercial Sector
2. My Wellbeing Sector
3. My R@D. Sector 
4 My Education Sector

I also have a speculative website called acme industries - where I dump ideas before deciding contracts -

That is where we shall start : 

Please go to

Where I will start some thought of the day under project swiftbox 

No No No……. Lets start this as a Time Bank Project - that way I will record my time.

Taak A1- Establish Lemantech Steering Group by 22/12.2019
Contract to be agreed by 11/12/2019 for swiftbox 

C task - As a leisure task - Log as Trining (Green Onions) create swifbox and  lemantech active Websites.
C - Develop Directors Table / Genesis Systems and Feed a Lead Foundation Systems for Fawzi to evaluate by 11/12/2019
C - Define Agile Communications Schedule for Fawzi - Morning Scrum- Thought of the Day - Daily Tasks - TrackIT Weekly Task / PlanIT Monthly Task

That enough - too muck going on here now - Let Fawzi lead as Product Owner / Budget Holder - Act as Business Analy for this project.

Note To Self …… Do Not / Do Not  act as Product Owner for this project unless Richard Gilbert decides it should be a Redcalmel Initiative or Paul Takes ownership as a training module. Dicuss…


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22/11 book 10 hours education


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Book 1/2 hour wellbeig - Blue Flamingo

Red Camel

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22/11 .Book 3 house -  Design House Red Octopus 


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21/11 2019 Book 12 Hours bsg Elite - Green Onion
21/11 2019 book 2 hours to Ambition - RecruIT


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22/11 . book 1/2 hour - See Keystone 21/11 . - Commercial - Red Octopus / BSG Elite


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22/11 Book 1/2 Daily Scrum - Commercial - Red Octopus


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Evolution - InfoNets 22/11/2019

Day 1 went well - we have a very polite 10 minutes of introductions and collection of business card and plan to communicate via E'Mail t arrange a meeting - say December.

I then thought for a very long time and went to Chorlton Water Park to see if there was a project there that might present a synergy.

There was - with the RSPB a project called Swiftbox whicjh is looking for volunteers in December and January - No dates after that.

The plan is therefore to volunteer for the RSPB and produce a colaborative network for the society - this will give me the opportunity to evaluate Flock 

So that is my top priority - to contact RSPB.

Now onto International Tradiing and distribution sytems.

1. Review Ingersoll Rand Order processing system / Distributor Communications Systems under Terry Ives in 1974 using Kalamazoo registers -  Discuss wil Fzil Order processing - delivery Leadtimes - Distributor / client communicatons - Consider SkyTech Distributor network / CMS Lite Development bespoke development of Partnership Package - Review Red Octopus Parnership Records for Collaboration Software Service. (There Is ONE - Registered 21/11 - Contact them for Brexit Strategy.

2 Operating Comanies - Review with accountants policy on Sales Company Litimed - Is there still atax beefit.  Disregard current Accounting contact - that is for national developments  - google local Manchester Account for Red Octopus .

3 Review Counter Trade 
4 Review Bonded warehouseing
5 Scope Exchange rate mechanism - Virtual Currancy BramIT Dollars / Triangulation
   Obtain quote from Richard for a Master Price File module. Discuss with Fawzi discount policy / trading      classifications.
6 Africa ! Contact Manchester University about The Milawi project - find out what is going on.
7 Government funding for international trade initiatives - write to Mike Kane Mp  (A1 Priority Kane takes months to answer - Go to offices in Wythenshawe asap)
8 There was lots more that I thought about but I did not have my dictaphone or phone to record toughts 
    Action : New blue book required for project Mind Mapping
9 Prioity ask Fawzi to consider doingf a thought of the day communication - 15 minutes thinking time in the shower everymorming - Email by 10:00 say
10 Weeky task wed 20::00 Product Owner Status Reporting (TrackIT)
11 Consider TrackIT application development - Bounce off Paul as a retro Visual Foxpro  get quote NOW - z task 23:00 Time out day over - Brainstorm during sleep......... Or at least till 03:00. Get Sandwich NOW not eaten today !  Goodnight !

After forethought - Meeting att Tesco to discuss  Match Box and now SwiftBox - Write to head office / find Cornishway contact details for Nutricienist (Medicare / Swiftbox0i 

Northenden Price Comparison - Swiftbox weekly shop in high street Green Grocer / Meet and fish - Discounted to £26 . - Review at end of week how far it went - milk from Tesco £1.50.

Next meeting with Northenden to discuss Wythenshawe Community Centre - Real Food Distribution - report findings on Northenden Community Lirary website and Blue Flamingo for Natioan communiaction and Wytheshawe for good foods.

Discuss with Pauline Swiftbox menus content requirements - compare against Slimming World.

23:07  - Late for Bed.... 


Thinking Time 23/11/2019

Today I spent 5 hours just thinking before going to football.
Topics were 
1,Gym Time
2 Reporting Standards
3 Contra file creation
4 TDD Testing
5 Automated Assurance - Contra File Comparisons
6 Advertising

Recall Going to the Blue Lagoon to do report writing....... Think about phases of report writing 
Think about leaving empty pages for Supervisor Introduction and Senior Manager Addendum and IT Services Manager QA / Approval. Draft Instruction to QA for Spelling / Grammar / Third Person writing.  

When To arrived I found myself very very chatty - I talked and talked to Tom about stuff - Including about my dad and pets - I was just happy to see him and Phil and have somebody to talk at - Phil said nothing all day. I found that quite sad that Phil had nothing to contribute about his youth - he did talk a little when we talk about the downgrading on the railways in the 1960 - but not much.

I am quite sad now that I let my thinking upset my football - I was obsessed about the new advertising in the stadium and found myself  QA ing it rather that watching the match - my most dissappointing aspect of it all was that they showed Odin as the corner flag sponsor but they did not show the match sponsor and that Pioneer was shown as in the Pioneer stand but it gave no www on Pioneer or what the company does. A real bad effort really - that can do better including the match clock that shows the time and not what is left.
I am really glad that I am really sharp today and that I have been really invented - I did test comparison at Sodexho using standard MVS Compare functions for report but it has not dawned on me till today that I could create a signature for a report for SAR rather than just doing field comparisons and I will need to talk to Richard about outputting a Contra file as part of the reporting process as a signature for file content. 

Business Opportunity Flockbox - Field Sales Distribution of Business cards.


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Medicare is still a project that I am working on 

As I was working on this project i hit major problems that impacted on my health.
I recorded them here for safe keepings - now that the problem has appeared to go away i have deleted my notes.

Forest 404

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1. Accepting Richards Invitation to Loin Forest 404
2, Setting up Xwnophon
3. Creating Red Octopus  Entry Point
4 Requesting Action Plan / Involvement.
5 Setting up infrastructire / Tme Bank./ Lokhul Reporter

The System / Time Bank

The more I think about it the more I am convinced that f404 puts us on the right track and will deliver the golf hub and greenpagesinfo 

So I am happy to wait before I do anything but I am having difficulty getting my head around where you will get your data.

How do you propose to populate your data base - do you have a clever method of harvesting data from the www - or will you expect businesses to register.

Shady hollow - you could slot in with your current load - it is not difficult and I would like to here your comment on scheduling that.

Q Core I am convinced that the way forward is to write q- core access management with Xenophon task management and time bank task recording. Where 

Task management and task recording are two ERA’s.

We will then be able to say that for additional ERA;s We will charge £5,000.

An additional ERA might be Sales Ledger. 

If we get no takers it will give us the opportunity to think of our own ERA’s and charging mechanisms.


What do you think


Lokhul Reporter