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SQL Server

Construct Code Samples for SQL Server Updates And Enquiries.


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CMS Lite

Write CMS Lite - a clone of the Verastar Ticketting Process. To be used for Inter Departmental Communication for OIS / MIS / EIS Application Development.


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Waterfall / UML Lite

Define Waterfall / UML Lite Specification Standards Xenophon of Athens was an ancient Greek philosopher, historian, soldier, mercenary, and student of Socrates. As a soldier, Xenophon became commander........

Onboard Promotions



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Onboard Promotions was devised in 2016 to promote  Verastar.  .
In 2017 Verastar was offered the opportunty tu sponsor The Adam  Bramwell Golf Dat for hust the price of a Trophy.

The offer of having a professional tournament in the name of Verastar is still open but now the price is negotiable as it includes internet television and multiple golf club notice boards.

Blue Flamingos


SSNA - Blue Flamingo Wellbeing


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A great feature about  Protopage is its MIS/ EIS reporting capabilities. An employee can work in a restricted zone whist Management and The Board can see what they are up to - This is the perfect application for The Directors Table


The Wellbeing Event at The Wythenshawe Forum Focussed more on Job search than general well being.

But the NHS were there hence the creation of my NHS SSNA Site

Intelling AI


Vision 21

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Project Mayflower


Please tell Alex to look at the Avatar Sales Promotion - The Software is just what his team needs - It will address the high turnover of staff that Alex has.

Web widgets

Verastar Community Systems






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Hello World

There is lots going on here - you require passwords to see what I have proposed in the past. Let this be a record of some of the standards which I have attempted to bring to Verastar.

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About Alan

I have been a Operations Supervisor / Senior Programmer / Senior Systems Analyst / Technical Consultant / Consultant / Designer / Strategist / Guardian / Teacher

Positions where I have had to manage projects and teams of managers.

About This Site.

This site contains the personal development content of Alan Bramwell, password protected so no other team members can see.

This site  was created in 2016 at the requst of Mr Derek Beswick of Verastar tp project learning material into the management team.

It was then used to report business opportunities raised by Ala into the Senior Management Team. Giving Alan a reporting channel above his line manager.

The site is part of Project Nimrod and is in its 30 generation.

Andy has been offered a password for Design House which is Alan's Next Venture and is reported hear.

On 27th March Alan forced the issue by creating an Ex Employees Social Club and a Golf Tournament with a Verastar Trophy. This was simply forcing the issue to demonstare that SSNA had realy been implemented in 2016 but as it was not accepted as a vehicle for documentaion it could not be closed.

Alan has now respectfully closed the Implementation  which has 6 hours of documentation on if.

When the mist has cleared Alan will review Nimrod Day and extract the good stuff.

Today is Nimrod II day - Alan has reviewed his associates and has selected a company to to business. 
To read about this go to his BBCommuniSYS Ltd Website - Sports Aid for his Design House Division

Skills Set

IBM Assembler, Macro and Command Level CICS/COBOL, BMS, COBOL, IDMS, VSAM, DLI, CIMS/ESCAPE, DB2/SQL, JCL, JECL, SNA, RJE, MRJE, Tubes, IDCAMS, Selcopy, Ditto, CA-SORT, CA-EARL, Cobol Report Writer, FOCUS, EASYTRIEVE, CULPRIT, RPGII, REXX, EXEC, EXEC2, CLIST, TSO/ISPF, SDSF, SAR, VM/CMS, TICTOC, FileAID, CICS Playback, DOS, Win3.1,WIN95,WIN98,NT, WIN XP, Win 2000 Advanced Server, WIN Millenium, Win Vista, Win 7, Win 10, MAC OS, DISPLAYWRITE4, Word, AMIPRO, WORD for Windows, Lotus 123, Lotus Smartsuite, Microsoft Office, Office 365, Open Office, Microsoft Publisher, Visio, Microsoft Project, CA-Superproject, Project Managers Workbench, Openworkbench,Unirpay5.2/5.3/Consolidated 5.4/UNISTAR/UNI2000/UNIPOST, Olas Report Writer, Westinghouse Utilities, Dynam/T, DYNAM/D, DYNAM/FI, EPAT, CC Mail, MEMO, Memo for Windows, Outlook, ICQ, SSADM, FileZilla, AptanaStudio, Visual Studio, PHP-MySQL, ASP.Net/SQL Server, HTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3, Javscript, Angular, Bootstrap, Wordpress, Protopage, Wix, Prezi, Powtoon, Sharepoint(user), AJAX, JSON, XML, JQuery, Agile Project Management


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History - Project Nimrod Closure Report

Project Closure Report for Priject Nimrod

9 am 11/11/2007 - 11;11 am 2019

This it was sanctioned 2016 when Derek Bewick Requested that I Train his management team in the Art Of Communication.

Dereck had requetsed from me - generally . - for those in his deparment that had Ambition to become managers.

I prepared for this creating my personal CV on a site calle Ambition which was designed for his team to communicate thhei online CV. CV are difficult objects you  need many for the different types of jobs that you have.

A contract was agreed with Derek and we shook hands.

The contract was this - I will undertake a project called Erasmus that will detail all aspects of communication and create a course called Effective Communication.

That a donation of £7 needs to be made to my Sports Aid project as a tangible gif / payment and that as I am kind , a Community  Guardian and a Dragon  I will undertake the cost of OIS/MIS/EIS

 OIS reporting was delivered by a corporate News Paper Called Locuhl. Local contains a local business supplement called Green Pages.

MIS Reporting would be delivered by this Verastar Website.  Note: This development is part of project Nimrod - a BBCommuniSYS limited Initiative. Since 2012 BBCommunsYS Limited has held Ex Parts Social Club Events at Withington Golf Club. The Society pays the club about £100 per year for the use of its facilities - but it does not open in the winter so the society uses The Gardenrs as the 19th hole.

On 27the March It was decided that it was time to have an annual golf event and that a trophy was needed.

In 2015 Feya at Veraster agreed to support Alan in the promotion of a Professional Golf Tournament and an organising committee was formed.

The business venture was discussed with Adam and Adam agreed only to be involved with the golf day and that the business should be left to dad.

The Golf Channel was created 
The Veraster was also created as being the name of the tournament ran by Feya.

Marketting was contacted regarding the promotion of The Verastar.

April 2016 The Verastr died - Feya was the first person roun my house that evening to support me after Adams death.

The week before Adams death Feya noticed something was wrong and I was instructed to go to Wythenshawe Hospital to seek advice.

The NHS sent somebody out to see Adam and had a long chat with him. They concluded that he was fine.

That night I spoke to Adam in his bed abd asked him if he was ok. I said to Adam you need a project - I will teach you to become an Ajile Project Manager - went to tesco and spent £60 pounds on what was needed.

I said you first project is to book a holiday in Greece to play tennis for two weeks. Myself and Adam joined The Northern and played Squash and Tennis every night.

Adam died the next day my last words to him were if you do anything silly I will follow you.

The following day he died. 

When social got to hear of my story The Mancheser Health Team had to be notified - I was put on suicide watch for thee months - NHS called every day to see me. I am stiil cared for by the NHS I have not yet recovered from the loss of Adam.

With Regards to MIS Reporting ts site is now into it's 30 version and is getting difficult to manage - it contains so much interesting stuff - I have a version dedicated to AI implementation. One night myself and Feya sat outside her house in my car for about an hour discussing AI and OIS applictation development.

The next day I did an extensive study of AI and launched it through
The alanbramwell site is currently beig used to deine Boottrap design standards for Foundation Computing.

Foundattion Computing was launched on 19th January whist I was working at Verastar as a division of Red Octopus Business Serveces Limited. Andy knows all about Red Octopus I requested a meeting with Derek Beswick to discuss my business plans and he passed me over to Andy - I indicated to Andy that one srtaegy would be to give all the employees in the company a shsre of Red Octopus as a company Share Scheme like I had working under Geoff Unwin at Hoskyns where I was a Principle IT Consultant.

The EIS reporting would be done through ThE Directors table which is a clone of the Green Screen application use by Sodexo to communicate monthly corporate news.

As you can see Erasmus contained a number of IT projects which are good for my CV.

On the 27th March I decided to launch Nimro after  19 yearss in the build. When the project was siscussed with Tim Snaeth - Microsoft Evangelist in 2000 I was told t wait for Longhorn - I waited 7 years as a Microsoft Beta tester and on the 2/2/200t bought my Vista Machine (Stratbox) - IIS was still a prouct option Nimrod was still alive. But I had lost the leading edge Microsoft had launched the new blog and I then decided that computing had changed we had moved into cloud technologies so I about a business strategy to develop Foundation Solutions using Free SSNA software. SSNA was born.

The first real use of SSNA came on the 27 Mach 2019 when I announced to the world that I was self employed in the voluntary sector as a community Guardian (agian) with the title of Directot of Mult-Mudia Journalism. and away we went.

I wrote articles from 8pm to 3pm in the morning concluding with.

Red Octopus is not a business vuntire it is a business game for student of business and new start. That it shoul be used as part of The Business Modal Canvas process - Market Rereach - BEFORE and ivestmnt it I T Services are made. Before you contract you web developer. Note: This is not a replacement fo traditional web development you will have to pay for one traditional splash page and SEO. The standard that you should adopt is the standard now used by The Wythenshawe Reporrter - It is a fine example of SSNA.   

On the 28th March Andy phone me about The Verastar - I have been instructed that the company does not need an Ex Pats Social Club and that a wesite dedicated to communicating and Marketing Verastar is not required.

I said to Any that The Verastar website is part of my personal CV - it contains all my mainframe skills.

I agreed with Andy to keep this website as part of my personal CV and a record of what I achieved at the company in the past 4 yaer to improve my IT Currancy.

I will - Next Week work on a new CV which is an online CV in the public domain. My Pulic latest CV will be called Verastar. I will suggest that everybody should use Protopage for the purpose of recording their Training Records with a company. It is private and secure. I had a spreadsheeo over 3 pages long with my training dates which included courses like :
Speed Reading
Finacnce for Non Financial Managers
A Marketing Experience
Computer Opearations Supervision
Business Sytstems Analaysis
Business Systems Design
And many many others.

Thats enough --- I could go on for ever and I prised Andy to get it done. 
My next Task of the day is to contact my MP Mike Keep again and recommend that Andy and Feya get awards for services to industry.

Andy will now edit and approve this site - It will contain a link to Sports Aid where we are moving back to.

28th May 2019 is now suspended.

This is the close off report for project Nimrod. 




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BBCommuniSYS Limited was formed as a Phanton  Company for Mr Tony Goddard - Diector of Communisis Broadpiint.  It was intended that I took Communisis into the world of Multi-Media Marketting.

It was . where I learnt became a Marketing Executive. The It skills I developed. Developed Shop floor Conrol System, and Infonet Services - Gained Experience of ASP.Net/ and Sequal Serve and developed Trainig system on a Extranet Service -a home server called a Stratbox. (Strategic Box).

Stratboxes should really be used for online marketing assurance testing BEFORE investing in IT services.

The Startbox was devised by PGA Systems for the purpose of Actively Report Golf Club Business and developing revenue streams for On-Line Marketing. On-line Marketing on a Stratbox would raise £50 per company per year at currenr rates if Marketing Stockport is to be used as a standard.

The Shopflor control system devised at Communsis were  updated at Arrow Mailing when hand held devices became available.

Read up on Arrow developments here.


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Watch This Space for Project Xenophon.