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Verastar Community Systems



Clear Blue

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SQL Server

Construct Code Samples for SQL Server Updates And Enquiries.


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CMS Lite

Write CMS Lite - a clone of the Verastar Ticketting Process. To be used for Inter Departmental Communication for OIS / MIS / EIS Application Development.


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Waterfall / UML Lite

Define Waterfall / UML Lite Specification Standards Xenophon of Athens was an ancient Greek philosopher, historian, soldier, mercenary, and student of Socrates. As a soldier, Xenophon became commander........

Onboard Promotions



BSG Elite



Foundation Consulting



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About Foundation Consulting

Foundation Consulting was proposed to Verastar as being a new division.

Where proposed applications are built using Google Forms before conversion to SQL Server.

During his period at Verastar Alan grew close to the development team and believed he had all the qualities to become a Scrum Master as he has been the project manager for many Agile like projects over his 40 years in the IT Industary.

Alan believes that Verastar has a captive audience and a move into the IT services sector is the next best move for the company.

Alan has now moved on to persue his own interests for his new company Red Octopus Business Services Limited.

Alan has a belief that the ticketing process which we use in the CRM is a perfect Agile tool and will now look towards producing a commercial package called CRM LIite. That is if his partner Richard can find time to write it.


Foundation Consulting was launched to Senior Management at Verastar on Friday 18 Janauary 2019 being proposed as a new division. Sadly the system at Verastar does not render this site - it will have to be viewed on mobile phone..

Foundation Consulting is now part of the Red Octopus Brand. 

Design House




Red Octopus Broad Band




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Red Octopus Braoadband come Free with Pegasus software and free of commission charges.

Switch Broadband

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Switch Broadband

At switch broadband we simply monitor your status -  when your broadband comes up for renewal we simply make sure that you are given the best options - that you go to a supplier that has no sales commissions and that you get the best start up and retentions contract.

We will aim to find you discount in the first year - standard process in the second / third year - Retentions discount in the forth year an loyalty discounts after that.

We  have to chase around every two years to find the best deal - let Switch Broadband give you the best deal.

Under The Hood - Graduate Training



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Paul Edwards

This is what is being looked for  ;

You now work as an Associate Consultant - for Red Octopus Business Services Limited - I will need your professional CV for me to be able to promote you.

I am enrolling you in the BSG Elite academy to commence your cross training.

You will start today by simply watching UTUNE Videos in your spare time - Allocate 1/2 hour per night for personal development - start to go to bed later if you need to make up time.

You need certification - You dropped out of University.

Action :  1 Enrol on Harvard University CS50 today.   You can work through that to gain you certification should you need it.
Action 2. Watch Agile Videos on
               1. Create your own Protopage.
                2. Enroll on EDX Agile trialing
               4 Do Agile course - bookmarking all the links that they send you and copying the html that they project into your protopage. Clone the house.
When you demonstrate that you can clone the course I will set you a small Agile Project(s) Called Nightmare Park and Monopoly.
Designed to expose your abilities as a structured programmer and an OOD Designer. The Course will be called ‘Under The Hood and will expose your skill set.

You will learn in Under the Hood ASP.NET / Sql Server / MVC / C# and will have a Microsoft Certified Mentor in the form of Richard Gilbert.

On Completion we will target you with a senior position at Verastar Based in Sharston - They Need a man of your status and ability.

Note : This text has been copied into where we will develop a graduate trainee plan for Verastar Community Systems a division of Red Octopus Business Services Limited.

There will be a price to pay for all the time and trouble that I am putting in for you - I am employed by Wyjthsahewe Housing Group under Time Bank.

All my time spent on you will be logged as personal trainer under WCHG Time Bank.

I hope this is to your satisfaction.

As a service I would do your Wix CV site for Ambition - But that is now part of your Training plan for Foundation Computing 
As A Foundation Computing Technical Analyst you will need to learn Wix and Wordpress and Facebook.

Now : Today…..

Crate yourself a facebook page with a facebook group - Include me and Emma in your Group
2 Create a Wordpress Blog to record your training Progress / Time Bank Times.
3 Create you Wix CV - Include that you a re now working as an associate / Graduate Trainee for Redcamel Systems (Richard) and Verastar Community Systems ()ME MVC0 and Foundation Consulting / Computing.
Create yourself a Gmail Account and start to write.

Write an article od Pseudo Code and the value of cross language training
Write an Article on Basic Database Design and Database Design Standard.   Do This add Design House to your CV.

Paul - You  need to work for Verastar.

Lesson #1

Nightmare Park.

Primitive Computer Graphics / OOP

Lesson 2 - MVC / C# / ångular / ˙html5 / ∆ava ßcript5ch text note

BSG Elite Training

Lesson 2 - MVC / C# / ångular / ˙html5 / Java ßcript
Lesson 2 Manopoly - More Computer Graphics . - OOP / Pseudo Code.

Array Processing 
Structured Programming.

Introduction to MVC

In this lesson you will learn the basics of MVC View design and object handling.

You will design an application that link to a dos based basic program which demonstrates Under The Hood knowledge of computer programming.

We will then with the support of our Life Skills Mentor discus how we can bring these skills up to date we will look at c€ and angular.

Lesson 3 - New business Start Up

Foundation Computing / Verastar Community Systems

Morning Guys I hope that you are up early and ready for a new day.

I have a busy day a head of me - I am scheduled out all day.

I am trying to build a team hear - You know how hard I work.

I am looking for a volunteer for a google exercise in a new business start up call UK Golf Club Conferencing.

It will mean about an hours work / possibly two.

The exercise is to scope and cost Foundation Computing projects for new business start up.

I seem to be the only one doing any work in this team - I get a little support from Richard when I ask - Richard is good there but produces nothing tangible that we can sell.

Foundation Computing is a step down fro ASP.Net SQL server development by Richard at Redcamel Systems but we appear not to be able to get that off the ground.

So I am looking for a Time Bank Volunteer - or I will pay you if you insist.

I need this development doing before 09/09/2019 if that deadline is missed it will be 10/10/2019

Who is able to meet this commitment.

This is the start of our business so take it seriously - this is not a false start.

The client is The Co-Operative College Manchester.

Red Octopus Business Systems Limited