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Broadcom NIC 4401 Driver

Set up wireless profile in Intel Proset Wireless Util



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Why Optimize IE? Anytime IE is having difficulties accessing Internet pages, Internet features are not functioning or pages are being displayed incorrectly you should optimize the Internet Explorer. It is not a fix all but should be one of your first steps in diagnosing these types of issues. And yes, the steps to optimize the Internet Explorer appear to be monsterous but it's quite simple and will eventually become second nature.

BIOS, Driver, and Firmware Updates

Portables Vostro 1200 - System BIOS, A09 Latitude XT XP - ATI Radeon Mobility X1250, A05 XP 32 Dell System Software, XP 32, A03 (Urgent) System Software Update for Microsoft Updates **CRITICAL** Inspiron 1410, 1425,1427,1545 Latitude E4200,E4300, E5400, E5500, E6400, E6400 ATG, E6400 XFR, E6500, XT2 Latitude E6400 XFR Conexant D330,HDA,MDC, A04 Vista 32 & 64, and XP 32 Latitude E6400 XFR Conexant D330,HDA,MDC, A03 XP 64 bit Dell Precision Mobile WorkStation M2400, M4400, M6400 Studio Laptop 1535, 1537, 1555, 1735, 1737 Studio XPS Laptop 13, 16 Vostro Notebook A840,A860 Dell OpenManage Client Instrumentation, A01 : Latitude ATG D630, Precision Mobile WorkStation M65, M90, M6300, M4300, 470, XP and Vista 64 bit Desktops System Software Update for Microsoft Updates **CRITICAL** Dell OpenManage Client Instrumentation, A01 Precision WorkStation 370, 670, 380, 390, 490, 690, OptiPlex GX620, 320, 745, 745c, 755 Printers Dell Color Laser 1320C, A02 Server 2008 x64, Vista 32-bit, 2008 x86, Server 2003, Windows2000, Vista 64-bit, XP, Server 2003 x64, XP x64

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Ipconfig /all

Ethernet Local Area Connection
Name of adapter:
DHCP Enabled?
Autoconfig Enabled?
IP Address: 
Subnet Mask: 
Default Gateway: 
DHCP Server: 
DNS Server: 

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To reinstall the NIC driver for Windows XP, perform the following steps:

First:  Extract the NIC driver from the Drivers & Utilities disk.

Second:  Install the NIC driver from device manager as follows:

1.       Click Start, Right-click the My Computer icon, click Properties.

2.       Click the Hardware tab, click the Device Manager button.

3.       Click the + next to Network Adapters.  Right click on the appropriate network adapter, click Properties.

4.       Click on the Driver tab, click the Update Driver button.

5.       Select Install from a list of specified location (Advanced), click Next.

6.       Click Don’t Search, I will choose the driver to install, click Next.

7.       Click the Have Disk button.

8.       Verify that A: is entered in the Copy manufacturer’s files from box or use the Browse button to point to the directory the driver was extracted to. (i.e. c:\dell\drivers\….)

9.       Click OK to install the driver.

10.   Verify that Intel® PRO/100 M Network Connection or Intel® PRO/100 VE Network Connection is highlighted.

Click Next, click Finish.

Notes:  [Network driver is kind of difficult to find in these older models.  Have to extract, then go to device mgr Broadcom network adapter properties, then not let Windows search for the driver, then navigate to C:\Dell\Drivers\R54874\XP to install the network driver.]

Clean Boot

Clean Boot


General Tab

Selective Startup
  Process SYSTEM.INI file
, Process WIN.INI File
, Load Startup Items

Services Tab
Hide All Microsoft Services=>Disable All, Apply, Close, Restart

IE 7 Optimization

IE7 Optimization:

Advanced Tab > Restore Advanced Settings
Connections Tab > LAN Settings button > Uncheck "Use a proxy server for your LAN" if not using a Proxy Server.  (Chances are that you are not.) > OK button.
Content Tab > Clear SSL state button > Popup says "The SSL cache was successfully cleared" = click 'OK' button.
Privacy Tab > Default button
Security Tab > 'Reset all zones to default' button > 'Apply' button.
General Tab > 'Delete' button in the 'Browsing history' section (middle) > 'Delete all' button *OR* 'Delete files' button > 'Are you sure you want to delete all temporary Internet Explorer files?' 'Yes' button.
  Delete cookies' button' > 'Are you sure ...?' > 'Yes' button, 'Delete history' button > 'Are you sure ...?' 'Yes' button. > 'Close' button.
  'Settings' button on the bottom > 'Restore defaults' button on the bottom. > 'OK' button, then next 'OK' button.

Ed's written notes:
How to OptimizeIE7

You may want to follow through using the Flash walkthrough, click here

  1. Open Internet Options
  2. Click on the Advanced tab
  3. Click on the Restore advanced settings button
  4. Click on the Connections tab
  5. Click on the LAN Settings button
  6. Make sure the "Use a proxy server..." box is unchecked if you do not use a proxy server.  Chances are you do not.  Click OK to move on.
  7. Click on the Content tab
  8. Click on the Clear SSL State button and then click OK on the window that pops up to confirm.
  9. Click on the Privacy tab
  10.  Click on the Default button
  11.  Click on the Security tab
  12.  Click on the Reset all zones to default level button and then click on the Apply button
  13.  Click on the General tab
  14.  Click on the Delete button
  15.  Click on the Delete all button if the customer does not use IE to store passwords, otherwise delete Temporary Internet Files, delete Cookies and delete History.  Click the Close button.
  16.  Click the Settings button.
  17.  Click the Restore defaults button and then click OK.
  18.  If you are in Internet Explorer close it and open it again to test the changes

Windows Zero Configuration

Windows Zero Configuration

Start > Connect to > DW Properties > Wireless  > [ ] Use Windows to configure my wireless ntwks settings

Properties > Wireless Networks > Preferred Networks automatically connect to  .... in range
Wireless properties
Put in WEP

Unable to connect

Device Mgr
IPconfig /all
DnR Network card
90% Internet fix
Command Prompt:

netsh winsock reset catalog
netsh int ip reset c:\resetlog.txt
netsh interface ip reset log.txt
ipconfig /flushdns
Replace network card

Optimizing IE6

How to Optimize IE6

You may want to follow through using the Flash walkthrough, click here

  1. Open Internet Options.
  2. Click on the Programs tab.
  3. Click on the Reset Web Settings button.  Click the Yes button to confirm and the OK button when it tells you that the web settings were reset.
  4. Click on the Advanced tab.
  5. Click the Restore Defaults button (click the Apply button to save your progress in case of lockup).
  6. Click on the Connections tab.
  7. Click on the LAN Settings button.
  8. Make sure the "Use a proxy server..." box is unchecked if you do not use a proxy server.  Chances are you do not.  Click OK to move on.
  9. Click on the Content tab.
  10.  Click the Clear SSL State button and then click OK on the window that pops up to confirm.
  11.  Click on the Privacy tab.
  12.  Click on the Default button (if it's greyed out then it is already at default; move on)
  13.  Click on the Security tab
  14.  Make sure that the Internet icon is highlighted and click the Default Level button (if it's greyed out it's on default; please continue)
  15.  Click on the Local Internet icon and click the Default Level button (unless greyed)
  16.  Click on the Trusted Sites icon and click the Default Level button (unless greyed)
  17.  Click on the Restricted Sites icon and click the Default Level button (unless greyed)
  18.  Click on the Apply button as the next steps may cause Internet Explorer to not respond/crash
  19.  Click on the General tab
  20.  Click on the Delete Cookies button and then the OK button to confirm deletion
  21.  Click on the Delete Files button
  22.  Checkmark "Delete all offline content" and press the OK button
  23.  Click the Clear History button and then the Yes button to confirm
  24.  Click the OK button to close Internet Properties
  25.  If you are in Internet Explorer close it and open it again to test the changes

Solving 90% of connection issues

Solving 90% of connection issues

Checking device manager.
Check IP config

Wireless Zero Configuration:
Double click Wireless Zero Configuration
Startup type must say Automatic
Service status needs to say Started
Close all windows

Network Properties:
Network Connections
Right click on Wireless Network Connection
Click on Properties
Click on the Wireless networks tab
Click to check the option next to (Use windows to configure my wireless network settings)
Click OK

Checking Internet settings:
Network connections
Right-click wireless network connection
Click properties
In the box labeled (This connection uses the following items:
highlight Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)
Click properties button
In general tab make sure that both IP and DNS are chosen automatically
Click on Alternate Configuration tab
Make sure that Automatic private IP address is chosen
Return to general tab
Click on Advanced button
IP Settings tab
In the IP addresses box "DHCP Enabled" should be showing
Default gateway box should be empty
There should be a check by "Automatic metric," at the bottom left
Click on DNS tab
"DNS server addresses, in order of use" box should be empty
"Append primary and connection specific DNS suffix" should be highlighted, or a dot in the radio circle.
"Append parent suffixes of primary DNS suffix" should be checked

"DNS suffix for this connection" field, down at the bottom, should be empty
Check, Register this connector's addresses in DNS
Uncheck, "Use this connector's DNS suffix in DSN registration"
Click on WINS tab
"WINS addresses, in order of use" should be empty
Check, "Enable LMHOSTS lookup"
In the "NetBIOS Setting" box, the DEFAULT option should be highlighted (or a dot should be in the radio circle)
Click on the Options tab
Optional settings box should have "TCP/IP filtering" in it.  Highlight it, if not already highlighted.
Click on Properties button
Uncheck the "Enable TCP/IP Filtering (All Adapters)"
Make sure all options with radio buttons are "Permit all" over each of three boxes.
Click OK if any changes have been made
Close all windows

Choose Wireless network:
In Network connections, Right-click on Wireless Network Connection
Click 2nd option "View available wireless networks"
Have customer choose their wireless network
Close all Windows

If after all these settings are correct and still not able to connect to internet, powercycle router

Wireless T/S Steps: XP 111222

STEP: Disable the LAN Proxy Settings
STEP: Reset TCP/IP and Winsock Settings in Microsoft® Windows® XP
STEP: Flush the DNS Cache
STEP: Delete ARP cache entries.
STEP: Configure the Network Adapter for DHCP
STEP: Restart the Computer
STEP: Turn Off and Then Turn on All the Devices on the Network **(power cycle)**
STEP: Determine if Connected to a Wireless Network **(Check connection again)**


Disable the LAN Proxy Settings
On the tools menu, go to Internet options, then go to the Connections tab, then LAN Configuration. As jmwills said, if you have not set those settings, no proxy will be configured. What I recommend, is to uncheck all the settings in there.

Configuring wireless


Configure wireless router

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Changing your Network Security Key

Changing your Network Security Key

If you need to change your security key just follow these easy instructions.

  1. Click once on the "Network Connection icon" in the bottom right corner (in the systray next to the clock).
  2. Click on "Network and Sharing Center".
  3. On the left side under "Tasks" click once on "Manage Wireless Networks".
  4. Right-click the network profile that you wish to change and choose Properties.
  5. On the "Wireless Network properties" windows click on the "Security" tab.
  6. From here you can change the Security type, the Encryption type and the Network Security key.  There is also a "Show Characters" checkbox.  I recommend checking this so you can see what you are typing in.  After making your changes press the OK button.

Vista Wireless setup

Vista Wireless Setup Tutorial

. Click once on the Computer Networking icon (the 2 monitors icon in the systray)

. Click on "Connect to a network"

. Click on the Network that you wish to connect to then press the "Connect" button at the bottom of the page.

.Type in your net work security key and press the "Connect" button at the bottom of the page.

. On the next page there are two options:  "Save this network (save the network profile created, incl the wireless security key)" and "Start this connection automatically (set the system to automatically connect to the network when it is in range)"

. Click on the "Close" button to continue.

To check on the wireless status:

. Click once on the Computer Networking icon (double monitor icon in systray)

. Click on "Connect or disconnect"

. The next page will show a list of networks, and the one (the top one, usually), that it is "Connected" to.

Simple Troubleshooting Steps

Simple Troubleshooting Steps

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No Post, Wireless




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20080811 In 3:00 pm, 20080810 In 3:00 pm, Out 12:25 am 20080809 OFF - expected pd holiday 20080808 In 3:00 pm, Br 11:12-over, Out 12:40 am

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1.  696ZSC1.J.e.o.4. LatD520.  Battery issues.  WQ. Trx.
2.  34T9VF1. J.e.c.35. Vost 1510 info ab hooking up to big screen TV.  Dell sound wks.Ref'd to 3rd prty TV techs.
3.  H8L2RD1.D.J.e.c.37.LatD630. Dispatch PDVD7.0 non-BD
4.  B1GR8F1.D.J.e.owned.53.I1720. dps Media Dir CD, Fusion Waybill # & Fusion osri w/ media dir & Intel Matrix Storage Mgr drvr


3.  Kybd 32-bit dx: "invalid scan:  expected 0044, read 00046."  Keys are either typing nothing or typing wrong characters. (KB rplcd)
6.  Virus removal by antivirus may have deleted essential system files, so computer cld not start.after a cold shutdown (will restart, though).  RS Mike O rec'd PC Restore.
7.  "System Shutdown by NT authority. Data executive prevention generic host process for Win32services"per nxtek is described in MS KB, 894391where 1 WUpdate caused it, and it's fixed by another WUpdate.  Since cust had 50 secs to shutdown, tho' cld get into safe, nxtek rec'd PCRestore.

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1) Display setting when using 2 monitors:  S-video.  Fn-F8.  Selected monitor's settings will be primary, and look funny on other monitor.  In Vista: To use both monitors select the alt monitor, and check "Extend the desktop onto this monitor."
3) Avoiding osri for no startbar, no icons. & MS KB 307545.
4) (16-bit color, stuck in low resoln) Video driver installation issues DSN 111360
5) Antivirus 2009=>unable to connect.  Sysresto + turned off popup blockers + set IE to default.
7) Wireless connectivity NetBT.  Sysresto, powercycled.

8) 0x50 is ram-related. Mem swap game. C/b related to OS re-installed with wrong OS media.
9) yojxo4 won't scan bec err=0x80096010 (WGA not found).  Try removing svsg errs and d/l-ing it again.
10) Err=button monitor cannot open product.txt file + frozen when using other apps.  Reins'd ATI drvr express.  Clean boot stopped err @ startup.  Cust chose to figure out which is culprint in msconfig

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