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Paul .........
This is getting too serious to ignore.....
Protopage has a major issue .....

It is not a product that can be sold on to gain revenue  

But it can be used as an engine - if they get the trojan sorted out... it might be my machine though as my phone is working.

What I need from you is a couple of days hard effort ... I need you to get your head around an establishment system as a feature to a hr solution.

I am desperate from a company structure program that we can market and sell on.

It is really really simple - you have it in your portfolio - it is a Bill of Material / a stock control system where buckets are job specifications which are locations in a business where people work - it is the basis of all HR solutions today - but nobody / nobody is doing a web application for it.

Apart from google - google is just a big stock recording program that does not drill down to work location / person....

You have it in you to achieve this - make it your next project - Visual Foxpro will do ! 

Company Structure

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Level 0

Parent : The Illuminati
Level :0 
Child : The Illuminati

Level 100

Parent : The Job Title - Establishment (Post)
Level : 100
Child : The Person


To write a basic data capture application using Google Forms will take about 1/2 an hour.

I am certain that with your portfolio you could come up with a SQL Showcase Applictaion within three days.

Giving basic add / amend / delete functions.

Level 1

Parent : The Illuminati
Level : 1
Child : The Multinational

level 101

Parent :  The Person
level : 101
Child  : Primary Cost Centre 

Fields fosr proportional costing 
say 10 secondary cost centres with associated proportional costing percentages

Level 2

Parent : The Multinational
Level : 2
Child : The Brand

Charge Element Table

Parent : Employee Reference 

Field 1 : Cross Charge Value 

Consider systems requirements - consider holding charge elements by accounting periiod - consider SQL structure to perform systems requirements.

Level 3

Parent : The Brand
Level : 3
Child : The Operating Company 


Use your imagination to decide how many buckets / levels are required to structure a multinational company down to employee.