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Graham (Sale GC)

Hello Graham 

Turner Fighting Temeraire 

Thanks for your valuable time Graham ......... Please charge me a modest amount for consultancy and friendship. Lets see if we can generate something for your son to take Onbard...... (Onboard Promotions is my leg of my phantom company for advertising)

No rush on this Graham - I have been 14 years in the waiting - please do this for fun - Paul is still learning Full Stack - He will have to get round to Joomla / Wordpress then you will get commission - If he wants to move that way  I have 30 books to write on designing databases and Enterprise Solutions....... I just love talking to you Graham - should have done more years ago but Paul was in contract and the project is too big for just me.. 

All that I need from you is a splash page with the image of a fighting temarair by turnerr

With a drop down menu for site map and one icon / button of your choice / design for a link to 

And a button to

I then need a page that is a shopping page that i can expose through protopage of the subdomains that you are experimenting on and of work that you have prototyped with permission 

from wgtb to do it as a joomla show case site.i 

I would like to majke this a form commitment for hosting till 2025 
Then I would ask you to play with wordpress and give me an estimate how to set up wordpress like Manchester Active Plus  

You are a very very nice man graham an i would like you to work WITH me for the good of Junior Golf.......
This narrative has been but and copied to my Withington Golf Club website as a firm commitment to working with Sale Golf Club Development Back Office.......

Thank you Graham 
Lets chanhge the face of golf together.....
Alan Bramwell 
CEO Red Octopus Business Services Limited 
For Manchester Community Guardians - (BA019)
C2 Andy Burnham (Mayor)
Sir Richard Lees - Community Guardian Scheme 
Martin Keates - Chairman Withington Golf Club
Via Secretary Manager Pat Keen 
C2/2 Scot Currie - Ex Sale Golf Club

Thank you graham please lets talk about - Showcasing / Costs of Clones.  
BRAMIT..... Alan .... The Big Show / Spiderman ....and other nicknames


Plase log in to  South Manchester User Group toi join the fun.......

Password : Crystal

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New Business Start Up = Business Modal Canvas

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Sticky note

Having BP Checke: BP 121/82 Excellent Pulse High 104 - would be expected I am on Overdrive.. Temp 37.0 - Good Glass Jar - Mood : 1% full - Very Calm at the moment - Resting now - talking to Sandra. Sandra and Bemi wanting to borrow the machine - Approved - Conditionally for Law reseach and medical research........

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