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The way to use The Directors Table within The Model Protopage Communications Portal to simply sign in with the password : director

Then simple add your HTML page and make your reply to the suggestion book that I am setting up.

We will communicate through the club suggestion book. 

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What is the club take / line on junior golf development ?
Reply here please.


Suggestion #1

I suggest that you post minutes of meeting on the notice board in a more timely fashion and contact the members that have made suggestions via E' mail with minutes of the meeting the day after the meeting.

Running meetings should be simple and minutes should be produced for members to see the day after - that goes for all committee  meetings.



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This Version of The Directors Table enables the sharing of thoughts by many clubs.


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2020 Newsletter 12 - 31/08/2020

2020 M&H Summer Newsletter 12 
After a week of constant heavy rain a big thank you must go out to the grounds team for their efforts to present the course so well for Saturday’s competition. On the course members competed for the Coronation Cup over a course playing very long due to the conditions.

Lee Foley produced the round of the day recording the best gross and nett score of the day as the six handicapper recorded a nett 67 to beat Dave Slattery by a shot. Carl Gray continued his good form of late and his nett 69 saw him take third place after a card play-off from Paul Allen who continued his recent return to form. John Seymour took fifth place after a five man card play-off after a nett 70. Mike Casey’s nett 73 was the best score by a player aged over 65.

Last Tuesday, the nine hole stableford was abandoned due to torrential rain and high winds. All entry fees will be refunded for those who competed. The three members who beat their handicap on the day will receive a complimentary sleeve of balls in recognition of their efforts.

By Wednesday, the weather had improved slightly for the midweek medal. Paul Allen shot a nett 67 to beat Stuart Bradbury, John Mills and Simon Jacob by a shot. These four were the only players to break 70.

In Midweek competitions members can enter the competition outside the reserved tee times providing they sign in to the competition prior to teeing off.

Last Thursday the ladies played for the Centenary Bowl. Liz Bradbury was the winner with a nett 78. Helen Card won the prize in Division Two, with a nett 81.

Congratulations to the Withington team of Ken Hulme (Vice-Capt), Gary Unsworth, Tony Dagnall and Dave Southern were successful in the recent Davyhulme Golf Club Senior’s Team Event with a very respectable 89 points and 3 point margin of victory from the teams from North Manchester, Clitheroe and Trentham Heywood all tied on 86. 

The team of Marcus Powell, Tex McIvor and Dave Southern were victorious on the Captain’s Picnic Team event at Leigh Golf Club with 81 points.

Sunday saw the long awaited playing of the 2019 Frank Wheatley-Jones fourball matchplay final. After the long wait the match itself was almost over before it had got started, as the pairing of Tom Broadfoot and Craig Snowdon were nine up after the morning session! The pairing of David Hunter and John Lee put some resistance in the afternoon session as they delayed the inevitable for a while before a Craig Snowdon birdie on 11 recorded an impressive 9 & 7 victory. The victory marked a superb achievement for Tom Broadfoot as he completed the singles and doubles matchplay titles in the same year. Tom will have the opportunity for a matchplay treble when he faces his doubles partner Craig in the Peace Cup final.

Coronation Cup
CSS Men 72, Ladies 75

1st Place – Lee Foley 73 – 6 – 67 =£100
2nd Place – Dave Slattery 74 – 6 – 68 = £60
3rd Place – Carl Gray 77 – 8 – 69 = £40
4th Place – Paul Allen 79 – 10 – 69 = £30
5th Place – John Seymour 75 – 5- 70 - £20
Over 65 Prize – Mike Casey 85 – 12 – 73 = £20

6th Midweek Medal
CSS – 69

1st Place – Paul Allen 76 – 10 – 66 = £50
2nd Place – Stuart Bradbury 78 – 11 – 67 = £30
3rd Place – John Mills 77 – 10 – 67 = £20

2019 Frank Wheatley-Jones Matchplay

Winners: Craig Snowdon & Thomas Broadfoot = £80 each
Runners Up: David Hunter & John Lee = £40 each

Centenary Bowl
CSS – 77

Centenary Bowl Winner – Liz Bradbury 99 -21 -78

4th EG Medal

Division 1 – Liz Bradbury 99 -21 – 78
Division 2 – Helen Card 109 – 28 - 81

Order of Merit

Another top ten finish for Craig Snowdon sees him return to the top where he holds a slender 18 point lead over Ben Currie.

1st Place – Craig Snowdon 486
2nd Place –Ben Currie 468
3rd Place – John Seymour 408
4th Place –Martin Keates 320
5th Place – Liam Snowdon 318

30th Place – James Baldwin 164

A full list of the standings can be found on howdidido – Order of Merits 

The Scratch Challenge

Craig Snowdon increases his lead at the top.

1st Place – Craig Snowdon 1032
2nd Place – Ben Currie 912
3rd Place – Martin Keates 710
4th Place – Liam Snowdon 506
5th Place – Colin Webb 480


Gross Eclectic

Ben Currie has tie Liam Snowdon on a score of 57.

Net Eclectic

Stephen Bloor on nett 41 has extended his lead to eight shots.

A full list of the standings can be found on howdidido – Eclectics

M&H Rules Tip

If your ball comes to rest on a man-made path then you are entitled to take relief. You must identify the nearest point of relief where the path no longer interferes with you stance. From that point you then must then drop the ball from knee height within one club length. When taking relief from a path you must take full relief and no longer be standing on the path.

Forthcoming Competitions

Tuesday 1st Sep – 12th Nine Hole Stableford

Wednesday 2nd Sep – 4th Midweek Stableford 

Thursday 3rd Sep – President’s Prize to Ladies

Saturday 5th Sep – President Day. 

A draw for tee times will take place on Tuesday. 

Match & Handicap

2020 Newsletter 15 - 22/09/2020

2020 M&H Summer Newsletter 15
Saturday saw members competing in one of the clubs premier events – The Autumn Meeting a board competition with scratch and handicap prizes.

In the scratch completion Martin Keates came out on top for the tenth time in this competition! Despite a lost ball on the second Martin produced a gross 73. Martin’s victory capped a superb week for the club chairman after he won the Cheshire Seniors Championship at Eaton Golf Club. Martin recorded an aggregate score of 150 to win by one shot.

In the scratch prize John Hill backed up his top five finish in the club championship to come second one shot behind Martin. Gareth Ross, Ben Currie and John Seymour all finished with 76s to round out the top 5.

In the handicap prize Ben Tomlinson emerged victorious with a nett 67 one shot ahead of John Hill who finished runner up in both the scratch and handicap prizes. Dave Southern lost out to John Hill for second on a card play-off after he also finished on nett 68. Gary Joce edged out Peter Rice for fourth place after both carded nett 69s.

There was some superb golf played in last week’s midweek competitions. In the nine hole stableford Mike Burton scored a superb 24 points. On Wednesday in the midweek stableford Phil Hill and Stuart Green both finished with 43 points with Phil Hill winning via a card play-off.


Autumn Meeting Scratch Prize

1st Place – Martin Keates 73 = £100
2nd Place – John Hill 74 = £60
3rd Place – Gareth Ross 76 = £40
4th Place – Ben Currie 76 = £30
5th Place – John Seymour 76 = £20

Autumn Meeting Handicap Prize
CSS Men 71

1st Place – Ben Tomlinson 94 – 27 – 67 = £100
2nd Place – John Hill 74 – 6 – 68 = £60
3rd Place – Dave Southern 82 – 14 – 68 = £40
4th Place – Gary Joce 85 – 16 – 69 = £30
5th Place – Peter Rice 90 – 21 – 69 = £20

14th Nine Hole Stableford

1st Place – Mike Burton 24 pts = £50
2nd Place – James Baldwin 23 pts = £30
3rd Place – Neil Dixon 22 pts = £20

7th Midweek Medal
CSS – 69

1st Place – Phil Hill 43 pts = £50
2nd Place – Stuart Green 43 pts = £30
3rd Place – Lee Hanvey 41 pts = £20

5th EGU Medal
CSS – 76

Division 1: Carol Southern 92 – 17 – 75
Division 2: Janet Mellor 105 – 26 - 79

Order of Merit

Neither of the top two picked up any points this week leaving Craig Snowdon with a 56 point lead. Ben Tomlinson’s win in the Autumn Meeting sees him move into the top 30.

1st Place – Craig Snowdon 556
2nd Place –Ben Currie 500
3rd Place – John Seymour 452
4th Place – Saleem Bhatti 417
5th Place – Gareth Ross 374

30th Place – Jake Eyre 208

There are two events remaining in the 2020 Order of Merit. This Saturday is the Starkey Salver with the top 25 picking up points with 100 points each for the winning pair. The week after sees the Summer Medal Final and Supplementary Medal. Points will be on offer for the top 25 in each event with 100 going to the winners of each event. The 2020 Order of Merit will be concluded after the Summer Medal Final and Supplementary Medal. The top 30 finishers will qualify for the Order of Merit Final.

A full list of the standings can be found on howdidido – Order of Merits 

The Scratch Challenge

Just fourteen points separate the top two in the Scratch Challenge. Martin Keates can not be caught in third place following his win on Saturday.

1st Place – Craig Snowdon 1260
2nd Place – Ben Currie 1246
3rd Place – Martin Keates 950
4th Place – Liam Snowdon 664
5th Place – Brian Monks 606

There are two events remaining in the 2020 Order of Merit. A week on Saturday sees the Summer Medal Final and Supplementary Medal. Gross scores from both events will be combined with points for the top 25 with 100 going to the winner. The following week sees the Order of Merit Final and Supplementary Medal. Gross scores from both events will be combined with points for the top 25 with 100 going to the winner. The 2020 Scratch Challenge will conclude the Order of Merit Final and Supplementary Medal.


Gross Eclectic

Ben Currie remains tied Liam Snowdon on a score of 56.

Net Eclectic

Oliver Rokka has reduced Stephen Bloor’s lead to five shots.

A full list of the standings can be found on howdidido – Eclectics

M&H Rules Tip

Out of Bounds

You are not allowed to move an out of bounds post. The out of bounds is determined by the inside points, at ground level, of the stake. The stake is therefore out of bounds so it can not be removed. (See R&A Rules Definition of Out of Bounds).

You are, however, allowed to move stakes defining a Water Hazard or yardage markers as these are Obstructions. (See R&A Rules Definition Water Hazard)

A ball finishing on the path on the right hand side of the 5th fairway is out of bounds. A player must return to the tee and take a stroke and distance penalty.

Forthcoming Competitions

Tuesday 22nd Sep – 15th Nine Hole Stableford

Wednesday 23rd Sep – 8th Midweek Medal

Thursday 24th Sep – Ladies Autumn Meeting

Saturday 26th Sep – Starkey Salver

The Starkey Salver is a board competition. The format is fourball better ball stableford.

Match & Handicap

The Golf Hub



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New Business Start Up = Business Modal Canvas

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Having BP Checked: BP 121/82 Excellent Pulse High 104 - would be expected I am on Overdrive.. Temp 37.0 - Good Glass Jar - Mood : 1% full - Very Calm at the moment - Resting now - talking to Sandra. Sandra and Bemi wanting to borrow the machine - Approved - Conditionally for Law reseach and medical research........

Stop Press

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Stop Press 30/08/2020

Dear member 

The board has, over recent months, carried out a review of the club's operations. The review was necessary because of the unavoidable truth that the club has over recent years either been loss making or has marginally broken even - even with the benefit of exceptional income such as a large VAT refund, renting out parts of the club's car park for coach parking and to a motor cycle training business - and with the benefit of licence fees payable by Highways England (for access over our land to the M56 bridge for maintenance purposes). The club's finances have left it unable to invest in its infrastructure as it would like, to the detriment of the clubhouse and leaving the club unable to finance the improvements and maintenance projects as it would like in respect of the course. Further, the marginal position of the club's finances means that the club itself is under existential threat on a forward looking basis.

Against this backdrop, the board has carried out an essential review of the club's operations with a view to:

- reducing cost;

- increasing revenue;

in order to attempt to avoid the prospect of the club having to significantly increase subscriptions in order to stay afloat and to allow the club to move forward and significantly improve its offering to members. 

Reducing costs

The largest cost of the club is its human resource. A substantial percentage of the club's annual revenue is currently being spent on wages and salaries and other benefits, for the club's office and bar and the club professional's retainer and other commissions. Overall, these costs are unsustainable.

Increasing revenue 

- last year the club took in house its catering operations, but has not, to date, put in place a satisfactory solution. The board regards this as an unresolved opportunity, not only to maximise established revenue streams, but to create new ones that will appeal to the members and enhance the membership experience; 

- the board believes that the creation of a role which has a greater focus on golf related revenue generation represents an important opportunity. Such a role would focus on optimising society and green fee revenue - as well as optimising membership numbers by developing recruitment and retention strategies;

- the club has agreed terms in principle with Steve Marr (our club professional) to take over the professional shop, whilst retaining Steve as a consultant and as the club's teaching professional. This will allow the club the opportunity to generate a profit from shop sales, whilst retaining Steve's services for the benefit of the members. 

Operational changes 

Unfortunately, to allow the club to both reduce its costs and to create new roles which allow the twin objectives of reducing costs and increasing revenue to be achieved, it has been necessary to make the existing roles of general manager, finance assistant and steward, redundant. In their place the club is creating the new roles of club secretary and commercial manager. By way of explanation:

- the club secretary role will be a part time role which is administrative in nature only and does not include any management responsibilities.

- the commercial manager role will encompass managing the bar and catering as well as over viewing the profitability of the professional shop and being responsible for golf revenue generation. The role will have a focus on widening the offering to members by creating new and enhanced revenue streams (utilising on line technology) in areas such as pre' and post round and on-course, food and beverage, as well as organising regular club events and entertainment. The role will also be charged with increasing revenue by hiring out the clubhouse for outside functions and hospitality. 

The board is very much aware and sympathetic to the fact that the redundancy of the existing general manager and steward roles will result in Patrick Keane's and Kath Donegan's employment with the club coming to an end. Nicola Sinclair will also leave with our thanks for her dedicated work in the office. As many of you will know, both Kath and Patrick have served the club loyally and with distinction over many years and members will rightly be concerned that they have been treated fairly. I would therefore like to assure members that the board has deliberated long and hard over many months before reaching the conclusion it has that the reorganisation is essential to the club's future viability and success - and it has done everything it can (and will continue to do everything it can) to ensure fairness to the affected employees. 

What does this mean for the club and the membership?

The board believes that:

- the future year on year benefit directly associated with the reorganisation will be somewhere between £35,000 - £50,000 per annum. It is hoped that the additional revenue generation aspect of the reorganisation is capable of doubling this benefit. If that were to be the case, it would amount to an annual benefit to the club of between £70,000 and £100,000 per annum. To put this into context, to raise the same sum across 400 members without the restructure would require an average increase in subscriptions of between £175 and £250 per member. 

- the membership experience will be enhanced by the new service lines that the commercial manager will be expected to deliver. In addition, as a "not for profit" organisation, any improvement in the club's finances will allow the club to reinvest in the clubhouse and course. By way of example, any such reinvestment could, over time, take the form of the creation of a spike bar, a new or expanded terrace for serving food and drinks, a permanent half-way house, a new and more appealing clubhouse entrance, the purchase of new course machinery and course architectural improvements. 

Inevitably, the reorganisation we are embarking upon carries with it some risk (although the financial risk associated with maintaining the status quo is far higher). The main risk is likely to be in the transition period as the club moves over to a new operational structure and in the recruitment of the right personnel into the new roles. However, for the reorganisation to be successful, it will undoubtedly require the support of the members. It is recognised that this cannot be taken for granted and will require the club to deliver the enhanced services that deserve the members support. 

I would also mention that the board is aware that, regrettably, news of the restructure was leaked to at least some members before the board was in a position to inform the membership and explain the need and rationale for it, with the suggestion being made that prior consultation or the consent of the members should have been obtained before any restructure affecting the club's employees was implemented. However, because of the very nature and the sensitivity to the individuals concerned of proposals such as these, it would not have been possible to debate them sensibly with all members in an open forum and comply with the employment law requirements which govern the process. 

Finally, the board firmly believes that with the right recruitment into the commercial manager role (and make no mistake this is likely to be the most important appointment the club will ever make), the future of Withington Golf Club can be bright and exciting. We hope that you will support your club and join it on the journey. 


The Board of Directors

WGC Golf Shop



The 19th Hole


19th Holes

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A day in the life - 31/08/2020

The 19 Hole for WGC had been nominated to be The Gardeners Arms due to the location to the Tram Station. However, we have reservations about holding events there due to communications issues.

So as of the 31/08/2020 we will be promoting the Crown Inn in Northenden - basically church  because it was open serving excellent cheeses  when Withington and Didsbury Golf Clubs were not serving food.

It saddens me that the working man can not visit his golf club after a hard days work for a few holes of golf - fine ale and snacks, - In the age of the microwave there is no excuse.

With UBA Eats now operating and restaurants offering discounts for take aways with free delivery service is it now not the time to review what bar food is available. Why can our restaurants not be open till 10pm offering a take away service to the local community.

Covid-19 Event Management



Programming The Withington Golf Club Shop



Pegasus Agile



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Q Core. 09/09/2020 - Pegasus Agile

How  do you feel about doing some Lavarel / PHP  / Bootstrap work.

I have a you tube video that creates  a clone of instagram.

It might be a way of getting you and Paul to work together on my project.

Other wise is I will get Paul to write the program and have you amendi it to make it responsive.

This will be a Kaban project not a scrum project - it will be a scrum project for Paul.

The difference being Kanban does not have a delivery date fotr its sprint.

Please see    Pegasus Agile.