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Oasis Project



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Oasis Project

The Oasis project is about the adoption of communications software by clubs and societies.

There are a number of Free web services that can be used but none better than Protopage.

The Vision back in the 1980's was for that a business should have and host its own cloud based web services using technology called a Stratbox. Simply kit with IIS enabled that allows it to host InfoNet Technology.  
That technology today means Bootstrap.
However, Web hosting is so cheap that to host a site without SEO / SSL can be achieved for a very small amount. But having your own server is so much more fun and is so much cheaper. An olde Vista box can be bought for less that £100 and it will serve you well.

So what more does Protopage Offer.

A great interface to your existing systems .- Newsletters E'Mailed out can be simply copied and hosted in seconds. 
Daily News alerts - Simple
Event Managements - Googgle Bookinfg Forms.
Online Suggestion Book - Google Forms.
Honours Boards
Centenary Handbook.
Club Rules
Directors Responsibilities
Secure Region for Members Telephone Numbers.
Team Match Organisation - Selection / Acceptance.
Interest Groups :
    The Gardening / Volunteers Groups
    The Directors Table - Directors Communications
    Compost Corner - Reports From The Green Staff
    Fine Dining - Event Management
    The Social Scene - Social Events.

Basically all the stuff that you see on notice boards that does not get communicated to Social Members. 

If the club want to return to the vibrancy it once had - then it needs to reach out and draw people in.

We have a passive business with lots of growth potential.    



Welcome to my Manchester Music Channel.

Watch this space for for FavX-TV 


A laptop be placed in the new centenary lounge liked to the large TV so that YouTube entertainment - Including all the golf that it has - is made available to members.

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07/07/2019 11:11:11 The Oasis Project

The roll out of Protopage as a www communications vehicle / hub for golf has commenced at Withington Golf Club Manchester.

WGC has been a test portal for Internet development . since Zac Ali developed the first website for the club.

The club has never turned to the membership to canvas what is required but has opted to go fo a number of solutions which supply little functionality.

Didsbury Golf Club lead the way for may years by conducting in house development but event Didsbury have slipped behind with cloud computing.

WGC did get ahead of the game for a short period of time when Jim the Junior Organiser took onboard the early Microsoft Blog. But this was short lived. Attempts to promote Deliceous/Wordpress/Wix/Facebook and Instragram fell on stoney ground. Howver after a false start Facebook did pass council approval.

This Protopage Website has not passed Council Approval - It is part of a larger InfoNet proposal.




The Golf Hub




Golf Central



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Service Issues


Search for South Manchester does not include WGC.Northenden or Didsbury

Goz World



Green Pages / Goz World II



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About Michelle Hay / Onboard Promotions.

Michelle advertises her business through Didsbury Golf Club and Stockport Marketing and has allowed us here at Red Octopus / Onboard Promotions to advertise her business on our Green Pages Website.

This we hope will be the first of many customers that will take advantage of our service.

We are not looking to compete with Didsbury Golf Club but we do offer a better service in that we promote clients websites. 

With regards to Stockport Marketing we can improve on the service which they supply by providing budget web services for new business start up.

All we have to do is promote Onboard Promotions first.


Kathy Gosling - Catering Services Manager - Stockport Grammar School
The training delivered more than I expected it to. It created a real buzz amongst the staff who were a little apprehensive before. I would not hesitate to engage Michelle to deliver more training. The team were still upbeat and still talking about the points covered. It was very easy to make the booking. Michelle was helpful and informative and replied promptly. I would definitely recommend Michelle. She has a perfect manner to get the most out of her candidates.

About Goz World II

What happens when your junior golfers begin to think about their careers - can golf help them progress in their professional lives.

he answer is yes - by bringing the juniors through the ranks they will become your  next generation golf club directors. 

So why not start them  early - by the age of 16 they will be the best players in the club. Why not get them involved in the running of the club. 

Communications is an area where they could thrive - the running of charity golf days is one area of scope.

Why not invest in their training - give them the skills to become managers and let them use the club as their training academy. 

Encourage youth - encourage personal development - set goals / objectives / 5 year plans - develop a youth policy - the game is growing olde - we need youth.


Michelle Hay

Click image to connect to site.

On-line Training Works

Another Logo / Another Link

Stockport Business Awards

Award Logo from Michelle Hay site (Click Link)

Health and Safety

Health and Safety Logo

Stockport Marketing

Michelle Hay - Stockport Marketing Member

Onboard Promotions







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2019 Newsletter 24

2019 Newsletter 24
Saturday saw the mid-point of the summer season with the 4th Summer Medal being played. It was the hottest day of the summer so far. In Division One, Colin Webb was the winner shooting a nett 69 to beat Matt Savka on a card play-off. In Division Two, Ian Boasman shot a nett 66 to beat Paul Mellor by two shots. In Division Three, Stuart Wilson shot the round of the day as he produced a nett 63 to beat Peter Bishop and Alex Cairns by four shots.

Andy Taylor and Mark Edwards played off for the Centenary Cup after finishing tied last week. Andy was victorious as his nett 70 beat Mark by 5 shots.

Centenary Cup
CSS Men 71, Ladies 74

Division One – Colin Webb 74 – 5 – 69 = £40
Division Two – Ian Boasman 78 – 12 – 66 = £40
Division Three – Stuart Wilson 97 – 24 – 63 = £40

Centenary Cup Play-off

1st Place – Andy Taylor 86 – 16 – 70 = £100
2nd Place – Mark Edwards 84 – 9 – 75 = £60

6th Nine Hole Stableford 

1st Place – Barrie Molyneux 23pts = £30

Gilbert Cup
CSS 74

1st Place – Dianne Emmett 118 – 44 – 74 CPO
2nd Place – Angeline Crawford 90 – 16 - 74

2019 Order of Merit

Ted Lacey continues to lead the way. Andy Taylor’s play-off victory sees him move into the top 5.

Top 5

1st Place – Andrew Lacey 472
2nd Place –John Gill 390
3rd Place – Andy Taylor 346
4th Place – Seamus Kerlin 340
5th Place – Ollie Beaumont 320

30th Place – Peter Rice 224

A full list of the eclectic standings can be found on the howdidido website.

2019 Scratch Challenge

Colin Webb shot the best gross score on Saturday and moves into second place in the standings.

Top 5

1st Place – Martin Keates 718
2nd Place – Colin Webb 602
3rd Place – Craig Snowdon 544
4th Place – David Hunter 438
5th Place – Liam Snowdon 428

7+ Handicap category – Mark Edwards 288

Gross Eclectic

Mike Dobbie continues to lead the way.

Nett Eclectic

James Baldwin breaks through the 50 barrier and stands on nett 59.

A full list of the eclectic standings can be found on the howdidido website.

Forthcoming Events

Wed July 3rd – 4th Midweek Stableford (men only)

Thurs July 4th – 4th EGU Medal (ladies only)

Sat July 6th – Lady Captain’s Prize to Seven Day Members (mixed gender) – Please note scores will be reported on a divisional basis for the purposes of the order of merit. Prizes will be on offer for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. Winners will need to attend the prize presentation on 
Thursday 11th July at 9pm.

Tues July 9th – 7th Nine Hole Stableford

Match & Handicap

2019 Newsletter 27

2019 Newsletter 27
On Open Championship weekend members remembered former club professional Bob Ling as they competed for the Bob Ling Memorial. In Division One, order of merit leader Andrew ‘Ted’ Lacey continued his superb summer as he shot a nett 65 to beat Paul Lilley by two shots. In Division Two, Hollie Bees carded a nett 65 to beat Dave Southern by two shots. In Division Three, Alex Randerson shot a nett 67 to beat a trio of golfers by three shots. Ted Lacey was the overall winner of the Bob Ling beating Hollies Bees on a card play-off.

On Wednesday in the midweek medal Gary Moore shot a nett 67 to beat Ian Cheshire and Dave Astley by a shot. Ian took second place via a card play-off.

On Thursday it was a special day for Lady Captain Lynne Ingham as the ladies competed for Lady Captain’s Prize. Angeline Crawford produced a superb round as she shot a nett 68 for a six shot win over Val George. Biddy Schilizzi was a further shot back in third place. Aggie Calderbank produced the best front nine and Moyra Levy had the best back nine. Nicola Prenty was nearest the pin on the tenth hole.

In the nine hole Sunday stableford Craig Snowdon produced a flawless round of seven pars and two birdies to card 21 points and beat Kevin McMahon a card play-off. It was second consecutive nine hole competition where the winner has broken par with their gross score!

Bob Ling Memorial
CSS Men 71, Ladies 74

Division 1 – Andrew Lacey 76 – 11 – 65 = £40
Division 2 – Hollie Bees 84 – 19 – 65 = £40
Division 3 – Alex Randerson 85 – 18 – 67 = £40
Bob Ling Memorial Winner - Ted Lacey 76 - 11 - 65 (CPO)

4th Nine Hole Sunday Stableford

1st Place – Craig Snowdon 21 pts CPO = £30

3rd Midweek Medal
CSS 69

1st Place – Gary Moore 82 – 15 – 67 = £40
2nd Place – Ian Cheshire 91 – 23 – 68 CPO = £30
3rd Place - Dave Astley 90 -22 – 68 = £20

Lady Captain’s Prize
CSS 74

1st Place – Angeline Crawford 84 – 16 = 68
2nd Place – Val George – 97 – 23 = 74
3rd Place – Biddy Schilizzi – 103 – 28 = 75

Best front 9 - Aggie Calderbank – 35 nett
Best back 9 - Moyra Levy – 37 nett

Nearest the pin on 10th - Nicola Prenty.

2019 Order of Merit

Andrew Lacey’s superb summer continues as he picked up another 100 points for winning division on Saturday. Andrew is entering his third month at the top of the standings and appears he has one hand on first prize. Hollie Bees enters the top 30 following her win in division two. With nine events to go all is still to play for whether you hope to catch the leader or are just hoping for a top 30 finish and a place in the order of merit final.

Top 5

1st Place – Andrew Lacey 642
2nd Place –John Gill 434
3rd Place – David Silvester 390
4th Place – Andy Taylor 370
5th Place – Ben Etherington 362

30th Place – Dale McDermott 272

A full list of the eclectic standings can be found on the howdidido website.

2019 Midweek Order of Merit 

Gary Moore’s win last Wednesday sees him move into the top five. Lee Hanvey continues to lead the way.

Top 5

1st Place – Lee Hanvey 272
2nd Place –Paul Fitzpatrick 242
3rd Place – Paul Cragg 206
4th Place – Gary Moore 184
5th Place – Pete Cobey 148

A full list of the eclectic standings can be found on the howdidido website.

2019 Scratch Challenge

Brian Monks made it two wins and a second in the last three weeks as he charges through the field and into the top five.

Top 5

1st Place – Martin Keates 832
2nd Place – Colin Webb 760
3rd Place – Craig Snowdon 612
4th Place – Ben Etherington 578
5th Place – Brian Monks 544

7+ Handicap category – Mark Edwards 288

Gross Eclectic

Mike Dobbie on gross 59 leads a large group by a shot

Nett Eclectic

Stuart Wilson continues to lead the way on nett 45.

A full list of the eclectic standings can be found on the howdidido website.

Forthcoming Events
Tues July 23rd – 8th Nine Hole Stableford (mixed gender)

Thurs July 25th – Bob Ling Memorial (ladies only)

Sat July 27th – Cairncross Trophy (mixed gender) – This competition is a board competition and double points will be on offer in the order of merit and scratch challenge

Sun July 28th – Professional’s Day (mixed gender)

Wed July 31st – 5th Midweek Stableford (men only)

Sun Aug 4th – Gents’ Open (men only)

Match & Handicap

Flood July 2019

Course Update
Dear Members,

I am writing to you to update you with information regarding the course, following the recent flooding.

Following the heavy rain that fell on Saturday and Sunday, regular updates were received by the club from the Environment Agency on Sunday regarding the rising levels of the River Mersey. Whilst a flood warning was issued and there was the potential of using the River Mersey Basin, they did not open the flood gates. 

There are also gates located by the weir at Northenden (exit gates). One of these was partially open. This resulted in the flooding of the course from 15th hole, over the entire golf course including the garages and trolley shed. All ground machinery had been removed.

Following a meeting with engineers from the Environment Agency yesterday, they confirmed that the gate should have been closed. In the short term, they will use sand bags to prevent further flooding, whilst they investigate the cause of this problem once water levels allow. They will then fix a metal plate to the gate before a new gate is installed.

Whilst water levels have fallen and the golf course is draining well, there remains a lot of standing water on the 15th,16th, 17th and 18th holes. The ground staff are working diligently and efforts will be made to pump water out of the holding pond by the 16th tee when possible. This will aid standing water on 17th and 18th by drains that are in place. 

The course remains closed and will do so until Friday. This will allow the course to drain, staff to pump water, clean garaged areas and tidy the golf course where possible. The Gents’ Open on Sunday will be cancelled. Saturday’s competition the 5th Summer Medal will also be cancelled. Depending on the amount of rain over the next few days and course conditions it is hoped that we will be able to offer a non-qualifying competition on Saturday over a yet to be determined number of holes. The bar and catering facilities will be available open on Wednesday, Friday and the weekend.

For members wanting to play golf, Northenden and Fairfield golf clubs have kindly extended courtesy of their courses subject to availability. Members are reminded that they can also play Ashton Under Lyne and Marple as part of their membership package. In all instances members should contact the pro-shop of the club in question to check for tee-time availability.

We will continue to keep you informed both through email as well as on our social media platforms – twitter and facebook.


Tex McIvor

Course Update Aug 2019 Flood

Golf course update

Due to the hard work and dedication of the Ground Staff and the other members, the club will be opening holes 1 to10 (excluding 8th as it’s not fit yet) from this Friday. Booking via BRS is available now. The course will be closed on Monday for greens maintenance and the team will be then concentrating on the back nine. Given a fair wind we will do our best to get the course back as soon as practicable.

The Club has written to the Environment Agency, holding them responsible for the Clubs consequential losses, as they failed to maintain a lower sluice gate and the river came onto the course. The Mersey Basin was not operated during the period, and had the gate been sealed there would have been no flooding.

The Chairman feels that this will undoubtedly lead to legal arguments from them and our own solicitors, but in the mean time we are working to get the course back up to scratch, this will take time but we do have other courses available as you know. We will be gathering our additional costs and consequential losses in order to make a formal claim, in the next couple of weeks.

The Board is meeting tomorrow (Thursday) to decide how best to communicate progress to all members. In the meantime Patrick has any details, but until the water has finally gone we cannot actually get on the lower end of the course. We continue to pump water back into the river, and we will get there in the end. We have asked the Environment Agency for additional resources, but they have yet to respond.


T McIvor

Course Update 12 Aug 2019

The Board met last night to go over the action plan for the recovery of the course and to set out what we have done in terms of various issues that have arisen as a result of the flood.

The good news is that we are opening 9 holes, and have a plan to have the whole course fully open within three weeks, sooner if the weather permits. Most of the water has now been pimped off the course. We have asked the Environment Agency for help but they have failed to respond despite our contention that it in wholly their fault that the flood occurred at all. It WAS NOT deliberate as the flood basin was not operated; it was due to a broken sluice gate allowing the river to enter the course, near the weir in Northenden.

There has been some odour, but this is diminishing, we are sending water samples to be checked, so members will have to play at their own risk until we have confirmation that there are no bugs in the water. Please be careful when playing. 

Steve Marr is running a mini competition if you want to join in on Saturday, the course is available to book through BRS. The Club will extend the holes playable as time goes on, we hope to get 14 open within a week or so. Please remember we had scheduled a maintenance week on the course from Monday, hence Monday closure to scarify, verti-drain, top dress and over seed front greens and then the team can concentrate on the rest of the course. The green staff are working their socks off obviously, please let them have your appreciation when you see them.

The Board has written to the EA setting out our views as to culpability and who needs to cover both our loss of income, and additional costs in prepping the course.

We have flood Insurance and both the legal department of our Insurers and the loss adjusters have been in touch, it will be some time before we are able to process a claim, in the first instance this will go to the Environment Agencies legal department.

The Board continue to keep the best interests of the membership at the forefront and we will be issuing regular bi weekly updates as to progress of all the elements.

Anyone who can spare a few hours to help the green keeping staff during clean up operation let Patrick know.


Tex McIvor

Course Update 14th Aug 2019

You will no doubt have seen that the Club is running a 9 hole qualifier this Thursday & Saturday as we get the course back to a level where it is playable. The Ground Staff continue to work hard and they will be working over the weekend to speed up the course recovery. 

In addition, we aim to open the following holes from Friday:

10th already in play 
11th to a temporary green
12th Par 3 
14th, 15th & 16th as normal - some areas may be marked as Ground Under Repair. These areas are PROHIBITED from play; relief must be taken, without penalty.

We have sent several communications to the Environment Agency and finally managed to speak to a representative today. They have confirmed a temporary repair has been carried out to the damaged sluice gate, prior to a full replacement. They did not repair the damaged gate before the deluge despite knowing it was faulty. 

Clearly the Club has, on your behalf, set out a series of claims in principal, to the EA legal department, who have yet to get in touch. These cover direct loss of income, indirect loss, direct and indirect costs.

I am meeting our insurer’s loss adjusters today to discuss the various elements of a potential claim either through our own insurer, Aviva, or the EA. We will keep you updated on progress. It may well be that we engage our own solicitors.

My contact in the EA is chasing their legal team to contact me today. The Club Board continues to push for both the rapid recovery of the course and proper representation regarding the negligence that caused the flood. 

Turning to the various generous offers we have had from surrounding golf clubs, they remain in place; however you must book a time slot through our own Pro shop so they can verify membership.

Clearly this flood has had a devastating effect but the staff are working hard to recover the situation. The course is slowly coming back , bit by bit, and we will ensure you get up to date information as we aim to have the whole course back within a couple of weeks.

T McIvor

Chairman's Report 22 Aug 2019

I thought it an appropriate time to update everyone concerning the various activities the Board is committed to following our recent Board Meeting. Although the minutes from every meeting are available, there are some key points worth communicating.

The Course

Following the flood, the Ground Committee and team have moved heaven and earth to get as much of the course as playable as possible. Match and Handicap have a plan to move to qualifying competitions as more of the course becomes playable. At present there will be 9 hole qualifiers and the team are going to increase the number of competitions. As we move towards a full course this may mean playing with mats in some areas of the 13th ,17th and 18th as we have instructed our consultants to scarify, verti-drain, reseed and top overdress the most damaged areas as long as the weather holds out. 

We believe this is the fastest way to get the damaged fairways back in regular order, but it is unlikely to be before the end of September, just to enable the seed to germinate and grow. If we can move things forward quicker we will, but the advice we have been given is that this would be best case at present. 

Match and Handicap will continue to advise which competitions are qualifying, which will be delayed, such as majors, and when they will be planned. In the meantime the rest of the course is open for play barring 13, 17 and 18.

If mats are to be introduced in some areas, the Club will provide in order to protect these treated areas.


As you know the Club is covered for all direct and consequential loss. Our Insurance Company have been swift to meet with us and draw up the outline of the claim. Their agent confirms all the elements we have asked for are covered and the General Manager is busy gathering data and estimates and export reports for a variety of elements. Apart for the obvious issues, we have made it very clear that we believe the membership should expect to receive a form of discount to take account of the inability to play the course in the middle of the high season through no fault of our own. 

The Board specifically tasked me to put this to the loss adjuster, and he believes this is a legitimate element of the claim we are making. He has not yet had formal acceptance from Aviva for what is a substantial claim, but will be dealing with us directly from now on as the costs and losses emerge. The company will pay us interim payments as required, as we will have lost income on green fees, societies and functions through this flooding.

Environment Agency

We have had a number of conversations with the EA, they have provided details of their legal department for our Insurers, and we are talking to the Operation Manager for the area. 
They did offer some help in terms of men and pumps, but it was a little late in the day, as our staff had done all the mop up work by then. They have confirmed they knew the gate was damaged prior to the flood, and should have been quicker to repair; it was a number of weeks prior to the high river levels when it was noticed.

The Board are clear that the EA are wholly responsible and although we are advised to claim through our own insurance as it will much swifter, there is little doubt that Aviva will be looking to recoup costs from them.

We will continue to update everyone as things progress, in the meantime ask a member of the Board, should you have any concerns or issues.


Tex McIvor

Course Update 23 Aug 2019

Course and Competitions Update
Dear Members

The purpose of this email is to update you on the status of the golf course and the impact on competitions in the immediate future.

As you will be aware at the end of July the course was flooded by water from the River Mersey. The water in question sat on some parts of the course for a significant period of time. The ground staff have worked tirelessly to pump water from the course. As the water has receded, it has revealed significant damage to sections of the course. The Board of Directors have acted swiftly bringing in experts to advise on the best strategy to help the course return to its optimum condition in the shortest timeframe.

The option of doing nothing and letting the damaged areas repair themselves was evaluated. However it was concluded that this was not a viable option for the following reasons:

Even if we experienced optimum weather and ground conditions it could take lightly damaged areas until next Spring/early Summer to recover sufficiently to allow “play as you lie”. Heavily silted areas could take considerably longer, with the risk that the grass and its root system could die off completely. If this occurred the cost and timescales to fully recover would be several times that of undertaking immediate remediation measure. Therefore the following action will be taken.


The longer grass folded over and coated in fine silt from the flood waters will be lifted by a machine drawn spring tine rake. Root systems might limit machine raking under trees. 
Lightly damaged fairways

Verti-draining (which takes place annually as part of the course conditioning programme) will be undertaken to open the matted surface to improve the rate of sub-surface drainage and aeration. This is will be followed by raking using the machine drawn spring tine rake. Fine material will then be removed by a single pass of a Koro scarifying machine, and conveyed into a supporting trailer for disposal. 

More heavily silted fairways

The greater depth of silt will be broken up by circular multiple passes of the machine drawn spring tine rake, with the loose material collected for disposal. This will be followed by verti-draining. Subject to inspection it may also be necessary to scarify using the Koro machine to remove remaining silt deposits. Areas suffering the most severe damage are then likely to require over-seeding followed by a light top dressing, to protect the seed from bird damage. Both lightly and more heavily damaged fairways will receive a further pass of verti-draining when the annual conditioning treatment of rest of the fairways is undertaken in late Summer/ early Autumn.

Flooded Bunkers

Areas of bunkers which have suffered prolonged flooding are now covered by a surface algal slime. When the bunkers have dried out sufficiently the top inch of sand will be taken out to remove the slime, and replaced with fresh sand. Waste sand will be spread in adjacent non-critical grassed areas to aid drainage and aeration.

To ensure that the golf course returns to its usually standard it is imperative that this work commences immediately. This will impact the playability of the golf course over the immediate future. Until further notice the number of holes open will remain at 15. The 13th, 17th and 18th holes will be out of play to allow the course to recover in the shortest possible timeframe.

Competitive Golf

With the course being limited to 15 holes this will impact competitive golf in the short term. Going forward Saturday competitions will be non-qualifying competitions played over 15 holes. Qualifying competitions can only take place on a course that has a standard scratch certification. Over the next six weeks a number of significant competitions will take place including three board competitions, the Summer Medal Final and the conclusion of the season long Order of Merit and the Order of Merit final for the top 30 qualifiers (including ties for 30th).

Whilst we recognise it is not ideal to not have qualifying competitions, the M&H committee feel it is important that these competitions are played over the maximum number of holes available. The committee will still have the discretion to reduce handicaps via general play for members performing well. General play reductions can only be made in half or full shot reductions so any reductions will be at the discretion of the M&H committee however we are keen to see good golf rewarded appropriately. Reductions will also take into account what category the handicap falls under. Regrettably, category one golfers can not have their handicaps adjusted via general play. A list of all handicaps reduced via general play will be included on the weekly newsletter and displayed on the competitions board in the locker room.

All midweek Wednesday competitions will also be played over 15 holes and be non-qualifiers. In addition to Saturday and Wednesday competitions we will also be holding weekly Nine Hole competitions on Tuesday evenings and Sunday afternoons with the exception of Sunday 8th September. These competitions will be handicap qualifying competitions. Booking is available via the BRS system for the competitions this Sunday (25th) and next Tuesday (27th). Tee times are reserved at particular times but members may play at any time during the day.

Sunday September the 8th is the date of the Mersey Championship at Sale. This competition is open to all male members with a handicap of 28 or lower. The entry sheet can be found in the locker room.

You will be aware from the Chairman's recent note to members that a claim is being made in respect of members' loss of the use of holes due to the flood damage. This is at an early stage and members will be updated when there is further to report. 

We thank all members for their patience and continued support at this time and look forward to seeing as many of you as possible participating as the summer season reaches its climax. If you have any questions relating to this email please do not hesitate to get in touch.

King Regards

David Hunter Eric Botham
Golf DirectorGround Director





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Pegasus Manifesto

Agile Pegasus Manifesto.........