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Local Consultation and Delivery Network Group

Network 1 (Chichester / Midhurst)


Meeting: Monday 24th April 2006, 10.00am – 12.00pm

Venue: Western Area Professional Centre, Stockbridge Road, Chichester





1.     Welcome, apologies and minutes of last meeting (10 minutes)


2.     Central updates from West Sussex Children’s Fund   (10 minutes)


3.     Local Commissioning Budget Update and feedback from NW1 commissioning group  (10 minutes)


4.     Expression of Interest Presentation from PACSO (20 minutes)


5.     Review of NW1 Action Plan 05-06 (30 minutes)


6.     Identifying Unmet Needs in NW1 (30 minutes)


7.     Date / venue / agenda for next meeting (5 minutes)


8.     Any other business (5 minutes)





(Midhurst / Chichester)


Western Area Professional Centre, Stockbridge Road, Chichester.

on Monday 27th February 2006





Children’s Librarian, Chichester Library



Chichester District Council



West Sussex Children’s Fund



Chichester District Council









Chichester Child Contact Centre



Family Link Worker Service

1          Welcome and Apologies

Bella welcomed the group and introductions were made. Apologies were received from: Vanessa Wood (WSCC), Margaret Eva (Bourne Community College), Liz Sullivan (Family Learning), Verity Brewer (WSX PCT), Susannah Conway (4children), Courteney Bowler (WSCC), Amanda Eastaugh (Downland Housing).


Minutes of Previous Meeting & Matters Arising

  • Previous minutes were agreed as an accurate record.
  • Diary of Dates – this was trialed, however there was a limited response. Sarah Day offered to ensure any future ‘dates for diaries’ were feedback to health net.
  • Free training sessions – Bella has discussed the need for a network-wide programme of training courses with Vanessa Wood (VW). VW has taken this back to her team. VW will continue to work with community groups on a referral basis. If any groups have any specific training needs please discuss these further with Bella.
  • All previously funded projects were contacted re remaining funding for 05/06. 8 groups expressed an interest in funding and 3 were encouraged to submit full commissioning forms. Peaceworks, (£1,300), Cloud 9 Musical Theatre Group (£1,300) and Chichester Child Contact Centre (£300) were all awarded funding. Full commissioning proposal forms were completed.
  • The spreadsheet for local funding for Network 1 05 / 06 was shared with the group. There is £410 remaining.


2.                 Children’s Fund Updates


Participation Service – West Sussex Children’s Fund have been successfully awarded the Participation Service contract for 06-08. A participation worker will be appointed – the job advert will be circulated to network members. Spurgeons Childcare will work in partnership to deliver the young people’s advisory groups.


Local Area Agreement (LAA) and Child and Young Person’s Plan –

·         West Sussex Children’s Fund Co-ordination and Management Board (CMG) have now signed the Local Area Agreement – it has now gone to GOSE for approval. The CMG will oversee the Children’s Fund Budget for 06-07.

·         The Children and Young Person’s Plan is now under its second consultation period.


3.                  Local Commissioning Budget 06-07

  • A funding allocation for £17,000 is available for NW1 for 06/07. Priority for funding (in accordance with The West Sussex Children’s Fund Plan) will be given to previously funded projects. All previously funded projects have been contacted and asked to send in expressions for interest for funding. Due to The Children’s Fund joining the LAA, it was agreed that projects could apply for funding for 06-08. 
  • Four expressions of interest were received.
  • It was agreed a maximum allocation for £5,000 would be awarded to each project per year.
  • Brief presentations from Peaceworks, Chichester Child Contact Centre and Chichester Homework Library Club were made. Comments were feedback to the organisations. Please see chart below for main details. The group also received an expression of interest from PACSO however, no representative from PACSO was present at the meeting.


Action: PACSO to be invited to attend the next NW1 Children’s Fund meeting to give a presentation on their project and to explain how funding will be used in further detail.


Expression of interest: NW1 Children’s Fund 06-08. Total funding currently allocated £17,000 per annum

Name of project / organ.

Brief project description

Requested funding

Comments from Network

Peaceworks – Peer mediation

Development of conflict resolution, listening and life skills through a school-curriculum based project. 2 peer mediation schemes to be launched in Selsey (Seal and Medmerry Schools) and deliver module 1 inputs at East Witterings and Portfield Schools

Up to £10,721.50 per year

£5,000 for 06-07 and £5,000 for 07-08 could be applied for. Peaceworks to actively try and work with schools in Selsey locality (Sidlesham, East Witterings, West Witterings, Manhood, Seal, Medmerry) to ensure locality delivery. Several children from he primaries also feed Chi High Girls, Chi High Boys and well as Bishop Luffa. Chris highlighted the recruitment and retention of peer mediator trainers was an issue. Bella Cobby offered to investigate the advertisement of these on WSGFL.

Chichester Library – homework helper

Free access to ICT hardware and software, fee broadband internet access, introductory lessons to on-line learning for parents and children and support for completing homework. Homework help offered on Tuesday evenings (promoted for Yr6 and 7 at all schools in Chichester) + parent / carers introductory sessions. Funding for more data sockets + 4 more laptops (H/W support to be promoted for Year 5 and 8 children.)


£5,000 for 06-07 for computers and data sockets to create children’s and young person’s study area, £5,000 for 07-08 for staff salaries to support Homework Support Sessions could be applied for. It is hoped they will be able to run twice a week and from 4.00pm. Young person’s evening at Selsey Library to be trialed this academic year with possible rollout at Southbourne and Witterings next academic year. Homework support at Chichester library to be promoted at all primary and secondary schools in Chichester locality for Yr5 – 8.

With current 4pm – 6pm homework support arrangements transport for children was noted to be an issue. Sarah Day offered to feed this back to Chichester District transport forum.

Chichester Child Contact centre

Provision of a safe, neutral place where children of separated families can spend time with their non-resident parent where there is no other viable alternative. Open fortnightly on Saturday mornings for 3 hours. Funding for general running costs.


From the discussion it was felt that the Contact Centre needed to look at its sustainability plan. It was suggested that a total funding of £2,000 for 06-07 could be applied for with the idea that by 2007 the centre would be sustainable. £1,000 should be use for running costs and £1,000 for sustainability planning and promotion of the service. Referrals to the centre should also be taken form JAT and FLWS and other early intervention services – promotion of the service would therefore be needed. Solicitors should be encouraged to apply for legal aid funding for the centre from the families who are referred – this could be through a fund raising event. The centres evaluation strategy could also be strengthened by telephone contact following a visit to the centre to ensure comments from users are noted.

PACSO (Parents and Carers Support Organisation

Support for parent and carers of a child or young person with a disability. After school club, monthly Saturday club, fundays during Easter and Christmas, summer holiday programme and half term films. Funding for playworkers at 10 Saturday clubs per year and the cost of office hire and fees. Clubs cater for 45 children (5-15 years) with additional needs and their siblings.



PACSO to be invited to attend next CF NW1 meeting (24th April 06) to give a presentation  / answer questions relating to the proposal.


Action: Bella to contact Peaceworks, Chichester Child Contact Centre and Chichester Homework Library Club to ask for full commissioning proposals by March 13th, 2006.


Action: Clare Skerritt, Sharon Errington kindly have offered their support to assess full commissioning forms on March 14th, 10.00am Durban House.


No new unmet needs or commissioning priorities were identified for the area at this time.


4.        Date / venue of next meeting

Next meeting: Monday 24th April 2006, 10am – 12 noon at Western Area Professional Centre, Chichester


5.        AOB – Jo Losack – Chichester Youth Council have been given a small amount of funding (£100 a term) for young people’s projects run by young people. Please contact Jo for further details


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Sent: 07 March 2006 11:55
To:;;;; Pilley A;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Thomas Elaine;;;;;;;;; Parsons John; StGiles Jan;;;;;;;;;;;; South Maggie;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Day Sarah;;;;;;; Brewer Verity;;;
Subject: Children's Fund Network 1 minutes

For Attention of Network 1 Children's Fund Members

Sent on behalf of Bella Cobby

Dear Children's Fund Network 1 members

Please find attached the minutes from the recent Network 1 (Chichester / Midhurst) Children's Fund Meeting. Please note the next full meeting will be Monday 24th April, 10am - 12pm at Western Area Professional Centre, Stockbridge Road, Chichester. If you would like to be part of the commissioning assessment group (meeting arranged for March 14th), please feel free to contact me.

Best wishes
(See attached file: 27th Feb 06 N1 Mins of Mtg.doc)

Bella Cobby | Extended Schools / West Sussex Children's Fund | Location: Room 16, Durban House, South Bersted Business Park, Durban Road, Bognor Regis, PO22 9RE
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Sent: Tuesday, March 07, 2006 1:17:50 PM
To: Brewer Verity;; Brooks Kathryn;
Davies Alison;; Cassidy Paulette;;;; Parsons John
Cc: Palmer Sue (WSCC)
Subject: Young people's project
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Hi all

Thank you to those who attended the meeting yesterday, It was great to have different ideas and perspectives (integrated working at its best!)  We now have a clear idea of the planning that needs to take place with the schools.

thanks again for all the work everyone has put it -this is looking really good!

all the best

Sue d'Authreau
Integrated Services Manager
Families and Schools Support

Direct Line:  01243 642577
Mobile 07834 681844


Notes of Mental Health Project Team Meeting 6th March 2006



Sharon Reynolds, Connexions, Alison Davies, Primary Mental Health Worker; Anita Haigh, Healthy Schools; Courteney Bowler, Integrated Services Manager; Peter Godfrey, Arun Youth Theatre Forum; Verity Brewer, Public Health Manager



Paulette Cassidy, School Nurse; Kate Brooks, primary Mental Health worker




Funding can be carried over into the next financial year, though the project should be completed as soon as possible


Before the performance


Preparation in lessons (What mental health awareness do young people already have? how many teachers? Would they want guidance on this?)

Draw and write activity-prompt questions, find out attitudes. Could measure again at the end


Should we meet with teachers who will be involved?


It would be possible to attend a performance by appointment.




This has a clear structure with ground rules. The play is performed by young people so has credibility (they use the same language etc) There is a narrator/joker who passes questions and ideas on to the players ensuring the audience is still at a distance.


Project team will attend.


Provide list of services (not all as some do not give out direct numbers) + advice that they can access through school nurse, pastoral staff, GP etc







After the performance


1.Immediately After:


Divide into groups with young people from Arun Youth Theatre forum to lead each group with low key assistance from project team

Gain immediate feedback from young people


2. After ‘internalising’-when? same day or later in class ?


Further questions for young people…

Whats your preferred method of getting info (chat room?Internet?friends? teachers? Parents?) What sort of info do young people need about mental health services? Would you know who to talk to at school? Outside school?


Young people could design a leaflet to be distributed at school


3. After 3 or 4 weeks:

Primary Mental Health workers to offer a drop in.

Further discussion with groups/individuals about value of project.


Other Ideas


Teacher’s evaluation


Similar performance for parents?





Contact the Information Services in Bognor -Sue d’A


Contact the Information Services in Chichester discuss project and their application for funding-Sue d’A (on Courteney’s behalf)

Younger Disabled Audit


-----Original Message-----

From: Sue Lee []

Sent: 31 May 2006 16:21

To: Wood Amanda []; Robertson Alison (RTP)

SurreySusxTr; Smith Alison (5FJ) Hastings St. Leonards PCT; ; Fadero Amanda (RXH); Adams Sue

(RXH); Javaherian Angela (5L6) North Surrey PCT; Ann Spence

[]; Wells Anne; Brewer Verity; Mattock Carole

(Q19)SYSXHA; Becher Caroline; Squire Catherine (5L6) North Surrey PCT;

cbutler; McGruer Celia (5L6) North Surrey PCT; Ball Chris (RDU) Frimley

Park Hospital NHS Trust; David Ogilvie; Chaffer Denise; Denise Matthams

- Royal West Sussex; Blincow Derek RDR); ;

Greatorex Helen; Iain McNeil - EEMS - Director of Service Delivery;

James Dougan; James Jane (RA2) Royal Surrey County Hospital; Parsons

John; Jon Ota - South Downs Health NHS Trust; Griffin Katie (5LT)SDWPCT;

Forester Lesley; Wollam Linda (SERO) SERO; Bray Lorna (RXC) East Su

(RDM); Simons Maggie (5LR) Hailsham HC; martin lewis; Mary Jones - H&StL

- Bexhill & Rother; McGruer Celia (5L6) North Surrey PCT; Ellwood

Michelle (Q19)SYSXHA; Patrick Geraghty - Surrey Heath and Woking;

Crawshaw Paul (RTK) Ashford & St Peters Hospitals NHS Trust; Flynn

Phyllis (RTN) Surrey Oaklands NHS Trust; Robert Owen; Sally Bonynge;; Baker Sarah; Guest Sharon; Sharon Sanders

Surrey Health and Woking PCT; McCarthy Shirley (RXD) CAMHS; Coleman

Shona (RTP) SurreySusxTr; Strong Lesley; Giddings Sue; Wilson Sue (5KQ)

East Surrey PCT; Taylor Tim Dr; Brewer Verity

Cc: Mike Wood; Mattock Carole (Q19)SYSXHA; Samantha Riley

Subject: FW: White Paper audit of services for disabled children

Importance: High


Dear Children's Lead

Mike Wood, Director of Service Improvement and Carole Mattock, Head of NSFs

is currently on holiday and I have picked up this email addressed to Mike.

Not sure, considering the tight deadline, if you are able to assist with

supply of this information. Please let me have your response by close of

business Monday 5 June.

Regards Samantha Riley

Deputy Director of Performance Improvement

Sue Lee

Personal Assistant to Mike Wood

Director of Service Improvement

Surrey and Sussex Strategic Health Authority

Tel: 01293 778803

Fax: 01293 778888


-----Original Message-----

From: Kate Green []

Sent: 31 May 2006 15:18



Subject: White Paper audit of services for disabled children

Dear All,

I have been asked by Yvette Marks at DH to identify some SHA

Performance Directors who would be willing to offer comments on the

attached, by 6 June. I apologise for the rather tight deadline. If you

would like to offer comments please could you reply to Yvette at

Very many thanks - do let me know if I can be of any further


Kind regards

Kate Green

Administrator, Office of the SHAs

020 7716 7079

Kate Green

Administrator, Office of the SHAs

020 7716 7079

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                                              East Pallant House, 1 East Pallant, Chichester, PO19 1TY               
                                        Tel: (01243) 534679  Email:

Date of Release: 17 March 2006                                                                                                          Reference: 797


Chichester District Council is giving 1,100 children from 50 local schools the opportunity to experience what it feels like to deal with a real-life emergency and cope with hazardous situations within a safe environment.

The Safety And Me (SAM) junior citizens event, which finishes on Wednesday 22 March, is currently taking place at The Venue, Spur Road, on Quarry Lane Industrial Estate in Chichester.

Year 5 Primary School children from around the district are practising many different skills as part of the annual event.  These include making a 999 telephone call, planning how to escape from a fire in the home, placing a body in the recovery position and using a water rescue technique.

SAM is a partnership event organised and funded by Chichester District Council, Western Sussex Primary Care Trust, Sussex Police and West Sussex Fire & Rescue.  Other partners include West Sussex Road Safety Team, Westgate Leisure Centre and Sussex Ambulance Service.

Councillor Heather Caird, Health Portfolio Holder, said:

“It’s vital that children are encouraged to take some responsibility for their own safety from an early age and the Safety And Me event enables us to specifically target children.  The organisations we work with are extremely experienced in communicating these safety messages and the children really enjoy taking part.”

John Kingdon, Head of Environmental Health Services, said:

“‘Safety and Me’ comprises ten hazard scenarios including road safety, healthy eating, fire safety, stranger danger, responding to an accident, rail safety and water safety.  The purpose of the event is to ensure that children pay attention to safety hazards that often don’t get the most publicity.  Most children know not to talk to strangers but they ignore the continuous danger from cars and water.”

Imogen Stephens, Western Sussex PCT’s Director of Public Health, said:

“This event is a really important part of our health promotion activities targeting young people.  We know from the success of previous events that sharing messages about accident prevention in this way leaves some really powerful memories with the children.


For more information please contact: Michelle Harris, Public Relations Assistant,

Chichester District Council on 01243 534754.

Note to Editor

You are invited to send a reporter/photographer to the event on Monday 20 March 2006 at The Venue, Spur Road, Quarry Lane Industrial Estate at 10 am.  Councillor John Ridd, Chairman of the Council, together with other District Councillors, will be in attendance.


This e-mail and any files transmitted with it are confidential and intended solely for the use of the individual or entity to whom they are addressed. However, any views or opinions presented are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of Chichester District Council.

If you are not the intended recipient or the person responsible for delivering the e-mail to the intended recipient, be advised that you have received this e-mail in error and that any use, dissemination, forwarding, printing or copying of this e-mail is strictly prohibited.

Communications on or through Chichester District Councils computer systems may be monitored or recorded to secure effective system operation and for other lawful purposes.

If you have received this e-mail in error please notify the Chichester District Council administrator.

E-mail or phone 44 (0) 1243 785166