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22/07/2007 Wordpress

Wordpress have deleted the 50 sites that I have created for your YMG Pros under Violation Of Conduct.

I used an old Freeserve email account which gets round their registration process and allows me multiple sites.

I have contacted Protopage and they have assured me that I can have as many sites as I want.

I have created your Goz World Protopage account for you - I will keep Young Masters Protopage to annonce the delivery of my learning and software update.

Can you please amend your primary site to have a links page to Protopage sites and can you mailshot all your professionals to create their own website.

I have amended the Goz World details to be in your name - I will no longer have access to it - Use it well. Use it with YouTube and oneday I will set up a central service when Golf Professionals around the world (Your Group) start to use YouTube.



the password that you need for all our systems is : gozworld

That is this sie and Lifeskills.


Myself and Adam are working on The Golf Channel - We hope to run a Professional Golf Tournament


Adam died in Apriil - The Golf Channel is Frozen.

Our work will now be called The Golf Hub


BSG Elite is announced.


David Gosling announces that Junior Golf Training has now reached Elite Level.
So we Launch BSG-Elite Protopage and commence work on BSGElite.Biz which is our training platform for the intellectual activities of the Kids that we agreed upon in 02/02/2007. when I was appointed IT Strategist for YMG.


We leave message on Chris Smith answerphone that Dave Gosling has been offered ownership of the YMG Protopage website to make whatever posts he sees fit about his ex business compared to how great his new business is.

Bitesize Golf has moved on Leaps and bounds since David left YMG which is still locked in to using his old teaching methods.

David Gosling was the energy behind YMG - it needs to be told that what David has done for Junior Go;lf deserves a medal.

Let us remind ourseves what we did for YMG.

1. We took control and amended the website as it had lots of errors.
2. We cloned the website and created Lady Masters Golf
3. We created a forum
4. We created an On-Line quiz and Quiz Administration System
4. We Created a Tournament Registration System 

The effort too six moths and was Out souced to Ben Fish at All In One Computing.

We also outsourced a Tempory Shop to Redcamel Systems which was delivered using an ASP.Net Starter Kit.
We delivered a primary shop through Ocean Design ang David was supplied with the administration procedures.

None of the above development as David could not pay for the work as his access to finaces had been cut.

We also purchased 3 Toshiba Laptops so that we were all on the same version of Micresoft Office.
The developmet and cost of equipment would of accounted to over £20,000 of work because working with David proved to be a disatesr and what should have taken 2 month took 6.

The same story applie when we re-engaged with David to creat a couch registration service for Bitesize Golf - David again engaged with Red camel Systems and it went on for over a year and we did not get to complete the project.

Now Richard refuses to work with David.

The new website created by Bitesize Golf has not been approved by Red Octopus Business Services as it is not a responsive website and does not render on a mobile phone.

We have continued to try to support David by giving him code samples of what he should be doing but he refuses to answer E'mail and will not pick up when we phone.

Working with David is an experience but we hope taht tthe learning that we created back in 2007 can now be passed on to the YMG Children.

The coaching can be founf at and the intellectual studies at

09/08/2018 Goz Announcement

Goz Announces that Protopage is nonsense and that he on is working on Bitesize Golf as a hobby and that he is working in the Hotel Business.

This will change my message to the kids - do not expect to making a career out of becoming a club professional - both Dave Gosling and Scott Currie have moved out of Golf.

Dave Annonces that Bitesize Golf is just a hobby - a long way off his thoughts in 2016 when were trying to make it an international conncern.

I think what Dave does abd what he says he does are a long way apart - I can not make it out !


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Communication from Goz 09/08/2018

Dave says this about his Bitesize golf Business and Protopage.

"I was enjoying building something as ahobby as much as anything else, but you’re making me feel trapped, closed in,like whenever I do something there’s this red camel or bloody protopagedistraction."

Responce 09/08/2018

David - 

I am sorry that I am making you feel trapped - Agile Project Management - As I explained to you is about giving the team daily updates.

As you know creating learning material takes a great deal of effort - I have spend hundreds of hours collecting stuff from youtube. 
With regards Redcamel - you know him well it is Richards handle - remember he is the man that spent many many hours of his free toime developing a coach registration system for you - which you did not implement and have now gone your own way, 

Redcamal is a Microsoft Certified Developer that was prepared to work for you for free.

Richard is a great man and a great developer - he produced you your YMG Shop for free back in 2007 and did not get a thank you for it.

I hope that you do well with your hobby Dave - A phone call from time to time explaining it is a hobby to you.

It is also my hobby but I am registered as a Community Guuardian and helping you is part of that scheme.

Like it of not Protopage will not go away and we are locked together a associates.

I can simply say that we are now associates both with the same hobby looking after junior golfers and in the true day of light there is no business opportunity.

However, I will continue with my subscription based service - like your hobby but I will direct mne at junior golfers and coaches.

We could have controlled the design of websites and created a statnderd for golf clubs in the uk had you taken my instruction set. 

Games / InfoNet Standards



Rich sticky notes

Web Standards

In the 1990 we declared that the web standarsd for an infoNet site was as follows :

There Should be a slash page which loads quickly
Animation on the splash page is allowed in the form of DHTML 
That the Splash page should link yo a site map
That the site mape should use Target=(blank) to open pages in a new window
That Frameset was allowed in the active windows.

In 2001 the Standard was set for the Splash Page by Ferryhalim with the introduction of Flash

The web moved forward and tuse of DHTML, Framesets and Flash has been dropped.

In 2007 BBCommuniSYS Limited decraed that the standard for a site map should be Protopage.

In 2018 Red Octopus Business Services declare that the standard for InfoNet Responsive web pages should be Bootstrap.

In 2018 David Gosling (EX YMG) Declare that his interset in Bitesize Golf was only a hobbyand that it was not a business as he now works in the hotel business.

In 2018 Red Octopus Reminded YMG that in 2007 BBCommuniSYS Limited were contracted to them when the Protopage web standards were declared and that Protopage would now be launched as a YMG project. 

In 12 years of requesting Daving Gosling hs refused to accept an implement Protopage as instructed by his IT Strategist.

Alan Bramwell continues to service David Gosling under the Banner of Community Guardian (BA019) where he offers his services for free.

In 2018 Alan extended his Community Guardian support to Chris Smith of YMG in the hope that YMG will see the value of Protopage and how Ferry Halim should attract traffic to the YMG Site.

Ferry Halim is copywrite. Red Octopus InfoNet sites are open source which can be cloned by Junior Golfers wanting to become IT Professionals. 

YMG Junior Gofers obtaining basic HTML skills can join Red Octopus as a Tier 1 developer. Initially they will join BSG Elite untill such time that they thsy can showcase their own work to the Red Octopus Standards (Which Includes Protopage).

When they have reached this SSNA Standard they will be eligible to join Red Octopus as an Associate which will involve them forming their own Limited Company.

This is a valuable introduction into the business world.

They will then be given tuition to University Standard and invited to become a Tier 9 developer - this will require 3 years of training during which they will commence learning with the Open University to work on an Opens Degree. 

There first course with the Open University will be an Openings Management Course, their second course, having demonstrated that they can work at University Standard will be a Java Programming Course, By this time they will have already completed the Harvard University CS50 course and obtained certification which would allow them to become a Tier 5 Red Octopus Developer.



You will not find the word InfoNet in the computing dictionary - it is a standard declared by Alan Bramwell for information reporting of a personal basis - it demonstrates that a person has basic HTML Skills.

InfoNet Technology can be learnt in two hours.

After a two hour introducing students are recommended to commence web hosting with Godaddy.

After just two hours a student should be able to host an internet service in the form of a simple slash page called index.html

They should be able to manage a link to a page called sitemap.html which inturn links to a page called page1.html.

Do this and you are part of the team and you can register with BSG Elite

YMG Central



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These registration procedures developed in 2007 are no longer used - they are not active - I can not remember how they were done. We now use Google forms - Which you will learn.

YMG World



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Rich text note

YMG World is the central function of a SNNA Network that was developed by BBCommuniSYS Ltd in 2007 for Chris Smith / David Gosling at YMG.

See The Legal tag in golf central that states golf central is owned by YMG.

Golf Central Replaced YMG World when 50 sites were taken down.

Press Release

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Red Octopus

Red Octpus Business Services has waited 12 years for David Gosling to bring his business up to Elite Standard.

In August 2018 Davis announce Bitesize Golf was at Elite Level and alan Bramwell Release

David then declared that his business was not a going concern and that it was just a hobby. This contradicts what was said in 2016 when David declared he wanted his business to go international and Alan had his team develop a coach registration service for him.

Alan has spent hundreds of hours servicing David Gosling as a Community Guardian (BA019) for Manchester City Council and that all that Alan has asked is that David implements Protopage as a sitemap for his site.

Alan worked for David in 2007 when his company BBCommuniSYS Limited declared that Protopage should be used as a web standard for Active Web Sites.........

Alan now work as a Freelance Business Consultant for Hitec Computers who offer him 15% discount on their stock and services for his effort.

Alan is in the process of reshaping the business by introducing active computing and internet sales.

The discount Alan earns is extended to David Gosling at Bitesize Golf should he chose to develop the shop that he developed with BBCommuniSYS Ltd in 2007.

Alan will request if Chris Smith of YMG wants to Parner Alan in this venture.

Alan hopes that working with David we can unite junior golf and launch tjhe Red Octopus Junior Clothing Brand.

Alan has set Red Octopus as a Brand and has already launched his Manchester Discount Card - which features Hitec Computer.

Alan hopes that he can work with Verastar - a leader in Business Broadband to promote The Manchester Discount Card. 

Alan has a teaching qualification and hopes to work with Manchester Adult Education and the Co-Operative College delivering new business startup training.

Alan has a strategy for developing youth to become the next generation managers and IT Consultants.

Alan is a computer scientist and works on declaring new IT standards - his latest venture is to use Angular to help with web application specification - a process that he calls UML Lite - Alan is prototyping this specification with a project called Nimrod. Alan is a professional projects manager and has declared his UML Lite PProject Calypso - this can be found at 

Alan hope to teach the children of YMG and Bitesize Golf HTML/CSS/Bootstrap/Angular as a Lifeskill and is prepared to employ them as Tier 1,2,3,4 developers with Red Octopus at Red Camel Systems.

Red Camel Systems is Richard Gilbert - a 20 years plus Microsoft Certified Developer. Richard has mentored Alan for 20 years - Aland current learning is MVC and VUEJS which he hopes to develop courses for at The Adam Bramwell Acadamy.

Alan lost his son Adam in 2016 the Adam Bramwell Acadamy is a tribute to the nan who ahs over 91 Million views on YouTube. Alan hopes that when the world sees his active standards which he declared as SSNA (Structured Social Networking Archictecture) that he declared to Tim Sneath of Microsioft in a Manchester Developer conference in 2007.

Alan has been an innovator since 1980 where he introduced Personal Computing into Ingersoll Rand.
Alan is well placed to teach the children involved in golf.

Alan - a good golfer himself studies golf on the www and has created to hold 
YiouTube lessons that he finds when he is active on the web. Protogage is the perfect tool to record favorites it is a little-known utility which has great commercial value.

Alan - a IT Professional for over 30 years says Protopage is the best service on the www for lifelong learners and should be taught at schools in the uk.