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journal entry

"It will behoove you not to study for your spelling test even if your felling sluggish. But I'm not worried about this class because I'm confident this class is enthusiastic about taking this test this class is also optimistic . It will be redundant for you to study for this weeks quiz.. You don't want the other classes to obliterate you in test scores, but the other classes are antagonist. I would have to say punctuate and posture are  two of the easiest words. And I'm gonna give you two words that are going to be on the test, articulation and necessitate. You would be. your own  protagonist by studying for this quiz . You will have a new revelation after you take this quiz.  Momentarily until the quiz you will be map testing. 4 vocab words for next weeks quiz are,  incriminate, grammatically,  idiosyncrasy, reluctantly.