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Welcome to About Toulouse!

Welcome to this guide to Toulouse!

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The Crowne Plaza

Address: 7, place du Capitole, (Rue St-Rome), Toulouse, 31000

Phone: +33 5 61 61 19 19

Fax: +33 5 61 23 79 96

Nearest Station: métro: Capitole

Star rating:5 star(s)

This is a hotel right in the heart of Toulouse and right next to the Place du Capitol. Most people rate say it is a lovely hotel and say they would stay there again.


Hôtel des Beaux-arts

Address: 1, place du Pont-Neuf, (Quai de la Daurade), Toulouse, 31000

Phone: +33 5 61 23 40 50

Fax: +33 5 61 22 02 27

Nearest Station: métro: Esquirol

Neighbourhood: Hypercentre

Star rating:3 star(s)

The hotel itself was a very pleasant surprise. It's location was spectacular. First impressions were all very positive. In the evening we ate at the wonderful restuarant below the hotel

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Airbus are making a double decker plane called the A380. It is the largest public transport plane in the world!

Toulouse Rugby

Toulouse were the european champions in 2005, they beat London wasps 19-13. But they were knoked out by Leinster 28-41.

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There are so many so just visit this website

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this is the A380

Toulouse this year

Toulouse 13-41 Leinster

toulouse at night

Toulose last year

Toulouse 19-13 London Wasps