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Allie's Weekly Schedule

Hi friends! You can find me at the following locations: Monday: Desert Sage Elementary School Tuesday: Desert Sage Elementary School Wednesday: Skyview Middle School Thursday: Desert Sage Elementary School Friday: Desert Sage Elementary School I have a voicemail box at Desert Sage if you need to leave me a message! You can find school contact information below in "Allie's Links."




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Why are games important?

Dear Families, Games are fun way to work on speech, language, and logical thinking skills. Best of all, maybe your child won't even realize they are doing something good for them! Different games rely on different types of thinking. For example, if you love Pictionary, you may be a very visual learner. If you love Scrabble, you probably love spelling and vocabulary tasks. Games are also a fun way to reinforce working on speech sound errors. You can have your child say their target words for a certain amount of practice time (5-10 minutes) with the reward of playing a game. I have included some links to fun games here for you. Enjoy! You may even find some you played when you were a kid! Have fun! Miss Allie

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