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Hi! My name is Amanda Foley. I am currently enrolled in the Bachelor's Plus Program at Ashland University, Columbus Center to receive my K-12 Intervention Specialist licensure. I love learning about the Language Arts, Phonics, in particular, and I hope to teach Language Arts in the future! My e-mail is

Course Expectations

Upon completion of this course, I hope to have gained more knowledge as to the types of technology I can use in my classroom. Technology surrounds us all and it is important that I know a variety of technological strategies to effectively use in my classroom learning environment. I cannot wait to learn so many new things!

Technology Level

I believe my technological skills to be in between a beginner and pro level. I can easily navigate my way through a variety of software on my PC. If I am unfamiliar with a certain program, I can easily learn how to use it through thorough demonstration by someone who is more technologically savvy than myself!


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