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NSW AMES in Perth

NSW AMES was well represented at the recent AMEP Conference in Perth.

NSW AMES Presentations

Susan and Liz presented 3 of our new  online resources designed to assist learners with workplace communication.


Jane, Ms Susanne Gunning, Gold Coast Institute of TAFE, and Dorothy presented different delivery options for The EnglishatAMES course, CSWE online.


Dorothy, Maria and Geoff Kay, Compued, Perth, and a team of online presenters from Alice Springs, Coffs Harbour, Gosford and Sydney, presented a hands-on workshop shareing the project findings from the NSW AMES cross RTO project – JobEquip.


Jane and Liz showed how ‘voice training’ in the online resources can be used to improve communication with patients.

Jo showed the developmental process of our recently completed interactive low-level literacy CD-ROM Maths Words.


Owen discussed issues which directly contribute to the success or failure of a Performance Review process and tabled a model for discussion.

Anna Koorey, and Linda Garner presented online resources with complementing booklets, activities and assessments for low-level students.


Svetlana Chekhourdina discussed issues relevant to the most recent wave of Russian migrants.


If I missed anyone please email me the details and any pictures you'd like included.


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Liz and Susan

Dot and Maria preparing

Maria and an online team

Dot is a voice over the airways

Geoff explains DiscoverE

Participants play with protopage