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Anne was named after her father. I know Anne doesn’t sound like a man’s name, well, that’s because it’s not. Her real name was Howard Allen O’Brian. On her first day of school, a teacher asked what her name was. She blurted out Anne because she was self-conscious of her real name.

Anne Rice was born on October 4, 1941 in Mercy Hospital, New Orleans.


"Obsession led me to write. It's been that way with every book I've ever written. I become completely consumed by a theme, by characters, by a desire to meet a challenge." -Anne Rice

She was the second of four daughters.

My opinion;

I think Anne Rice is very creative. Her vampire novels are well loved and she has many obsessive fans. To me, she seems like a great person. I think she deserves the rewards she gets and is brave to announce her reborn faith in public, telling them her past of writing vampire books was over. In my opinion, she is a very impressive person.

Anne was raised in a Catholic Irish-American family.

Her parent’s names were Katherine and Howard O’Brian.

Anne’s mother died in the July of 1956 when Anne was fourteen. Two years later, Anne’s father remarried and was transferred to Richardson, Texas. Anne didn't want to move.

After being transferred, she attended Richardson High School. There she met her future husband, Stan Rice, in a journalism class.

In 1973 Anne made Interview with the Vampire a novel within five weeks. It was turned down at first, but in 1974 it was accepted by an agent named Phyllis Seidel at a Writer’s Conference in Squaw Valley. Then everything went uphill with her writing career. The book was sold to Vicky Wilson at Knoph. After that she continued the Vampire Chronicles. Her books focused on love, death, immorality, existentialism, and the human condition. Her books got so famous that some bands were inspired by them and used phrases and names from them in some of their songs. Her incredible stories led her to the fact that some of them would become motion pictures. The unique books have sold almost one hundred million copies.

In 1960 Stan went to Denton but Anne moved to San Francisco. Stan telegrammed a proposal for marriage to her in the same year. She accepted, and they married shortly after they moved to Haight-Ashbury, San Francisco.

She had a Master of Arts degree in creative writing and earned a bachelors degree in 1964. Anne also earned a BA in Political Science and Creative Writing. She also published a short story in Transfer called ‘October 4, 1948’ in 1965.


In 1966 on September 21, Anne Rice had a daughter named Michele. Afterwards, Anne began graduate school. In 1969 the Rice family moved to Berkley. Then Anne Rice wrote ‘Interview with a Vampire’ in the form of a short story (which later became a novel). At this point she didn’t know how much publicity this book would cause her. She also wrote a novella called ‘Katherine and Jean’ which publishers showed interest in. She started the PhD program but didn’t like it so returned to SFSU to finish her masters degree in creative writing. She finished this degree in 1972, two years after being informed with the awful news that her daughter had Leukemia.

In 1973 Anne made Interview with the Vampire a novel within five weeks. It was turned down at first, but in 1974 it was accepted by an agent named Phyllis Seidel at a Writer’s Conference in Squaw Valley.

In 1996, after being atheist for most of her adult life, Anne returned to her Roman-Catholic faith, which she had not practiced since she was fifteen, and then stated publicly that she would never write another vampire book again.


In December, 1998 Anne went into a diabetic coma.

After being married to Stan Rice for forty-one years, he died in 2002.

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