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Hi! Welcome to the Avatar: The Last Avatar Fan Page!!!!! So, feel free to come here and enjoy the site!!!!!

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Avatar Story Plot

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Aang is a twelve year old boy who has been born the next Avatar after the dissapearence of the previous Avatar, Avatar Roku. The Firelord Sozan at that time (one-hundred years back) new that the next born Avatar would be born amoungst the Air Nomads. So in his plan to gain world control for the Fire Nation, he wiped out all the known living Air Benders. But, Aang trapped himself in an iceberg along with his flying Bison, Appa, to protect the bison and himself. One-hundred years later (now he would techincally be 112) Two teenagers, Katara(15) and Sokka(16), were fishing near the waters of their native land, the Southern Water Tribe. They came across Aang who was trapped in an iceberg. Katara was the only known Water Bender of the South Tribe and used her Water Bending skills to free Aang. Since Aang was actually 12 years old, he was very mischevous and loved having fun. But soon, times would get serious when he would have to begin his training learning the other 3 bending skills:


Water, Earth, and Fire


to finally defeat the new Fire Lord: Fire Lord Ozai. Along the way of the journey, he makes new friends and makes new discoveries.