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Savage Chickens

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check it! =] [♥] roland ,, wuhts up bro! [♥]marie ,, forever luved ! hehe ya right jk [♥] darren.. man such a wannabe! lol jk [♥]bigxuy.. stop hatin! [♥]brandon,J/ ,, hello ,, turn stray! your scarin me ! [♥]natasha,, mii cousinn! ♥ elle yuhh gurl [♥]joelle,, mii tender flake! hehe,, [♥]lyndsey,, mii barbie doll.. lol =] [♥] alisha bear <3,, nice ,, to see more just go to log in and the pass words :bear


ayee'ss calender ..




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something to mee..

wuht do yuhh think ?/

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