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Iron Throne: benefits of the Kingsguard


Feifdoms: Top three get a sword


Raven: Top three get Ravens


Fourth Tract: Loyalties

Possibly an bannerhouse track, meaning if bannerhouses pay to get high enough on this track, they can then voluntarily break with their lords?


And also, have positions on the track provide power each turn:

1-4: 4/turn

5-8: 3/turn

9-12: 2/turn

13-16: 1/turn

17/18: 0

House Card Text Abilities


- Kill one of your opponent's attacking or defending Footmen units. - Loras Tyrell, old

- Discard your opponent's Defense order in the area of the battle. - Brienne of Tarth, old

- If defending, ignore strength. - Ellaria Sand, current

- Your opponent may not use the Valyrian Steel blade during this battle. - Jaime, current

- Reduce any of opponent's support to 0. May immediately remove one Support or Defense order from anywhere on the board. - Tyrion, current

- Spend X power to gain equal Strength - Tywin, current

- Attacking (footmen, transports) are at +2 strength - Vargo Hoat, old




- the Strength of your opponent's House Card. - Queen of Thrones, current

- the text ability of your opponent's House Card.

- the text ability of your opponent's House Card. You may then immediately use your opponent's text ability as if it were printed on Willas Tyrell. - Willas Tyrell, Current

- when attacking, gain one sword. - Obara Sand

- +2 strength if fighting someone higher on the Iron Throne. - Stannis, current

- choose one of your opponent's discarded house cards


If You Win:

- Do not remove your current march order. It remains in play, and you may use it to March again (using the normal rules of Marching). - Mace Tyrell, current

- you may upgrade one of your Footmen who participated in the battle to a Knight. - Renly, old

- Steal any one Influence token (Valyrian Steel Blade, Raven) until the next "Clash of Kings". - Doran Martell, old

- expend one power token to choose and discard one House card from the losing player's hand. - Melisandre of Asshai, old

- gain two power tokens - Jaime, old

- remove any one of the losing opponent's Order tokens from the board. - Cersei, old



If you lose:

- immediately kill one of your opponent's units that participated in the battle. If that was the last enemy unit, you must still retreat, but your opponent is not considered to have taken the area. - Arianne Martell, old

- gain 4 power tokens - Petyr Baelish


Graphics/Gamemaking Progress

Last Updated 7/26/06 14:00


1. New Player Mats (9/9) DONE!

2. New House Card Sets (18/18) DONE!

3. Wildlings General Cards - DONE!

4. Deck V Event Cards -

5. Special Order Tokens - Open to revision

6. Write rules -

7. Create Playtest Mapboard DONE!

8. Create playtest Tracks- DONE!

9. Purchase games - DONE!

10. Paint Pieces -

11. Paint Counters -

12. Print playtest materials -


1. Playtest

2. Fix Everything

3. Playtest again

4. Finalize rules

5. Playtest again

6. Typeset rules

7. Print Everything

8. Post online

Suggested Piece Mix


                                        Foot      Knight       Ship     Siege    Total

14 "normal" houses:      10           6               7            2          350

2 Free Cities                   21           0              9            2           64

Targaryen                      21           0               9            2          32+3

Brotherhood                    17          4               4            2         31

Total                                 220        88            132        36       480


Thought: mix up the pieces a bit more between bannerhouses and their lords (ie Tyrell relies on Redwyne for their fleet so, ships could be split between them differently, etc.) These changes should remain minor - never more than 1 or at most two pieces switched.  So something like this:



Totals: 220/88/132/36


11 6 6 2 Stark

09 6 6 2 Bolton

09 7 7 2 Lannister

11 5 6 2 Crakehall

12 8 5 2 Tyrell

09 4 9 2 Redwyne

09 5 9 2 Greyjoy

11 4 7 2 Harlaw

10 6 8 2 Baratheon

10 6 8 2 Florent

14 7 8 2 Martell

10 7 7 2 Tully

11 6 5 2 Frey


14 7 8 2 Arryn

16 4 4 2 Brotherhood

19 0 9 2 Free North

19 0 9 2 Free South

16 0 8 2 Targaryen +3 dragons 

(0 knights would require changing the upgrade-from-knight-to-dragon rules.)

 - We'll make them cost a full 3 mustering points. That way they can only be mustered in Bastions which will hopefully mean that, even when created at the beginning of the game, they'll take a while to get somewhere. - Lugi

Suggested Player Breakdown

6 Players:
Player 1 - Stark, Tully, Targaryen
Player 2 - Lannister, Frey, Florent
Player 3 - Crakehall, Arryn, Martell
Player 4 - Harlaw, Tyrell, South
Player 5 - Greyjoy, Brotherhood, North
Player 6 - Redwyne, Baratheon, Bolton

9 Players:
Player 1 - Tully, South
Player 2 - Lannister, North
Player 3 - Stark, Crakehall
Player 4 - Arryn, Hightower
Player 5 - Harlaw, Brotherhood
Player 6 - Baratheon, Bolton
Player 7 - Martell, Frey
Player 8 - Tyrell, Targaryen
Player 9 - Greyjoy, Florent

The 9 New Special Order Tokens:

Good idea from FFG Boards: Add an additional force march OTO to every house for the longer game...  possibly another recruit, too?



"Reputation of the Flayed Man" - All attacks against Bolton are at Strength -1. Raid Phase

Alternatively, "Fear of the Flayed Man". - Lugi



"The Boar's Charge" - Any units in the area that this power is played in may bypass one adjacent area and attack (not simply move into) the area beyond. If this force loses the battle, it must follow the normal (one space) rules for retreat from the embattled area.  Good strategy: intentionally lose a battle next to an empty castle area to sieze it despite being three space away. :)



"Spirits of the Arbor" - Add +1 Combat Strength to sea battles this turn. Raid Phase


Harlaw/Drowned Men:

"Cult of the Drowned God" - Any units lost this turn are placed aside and may be remustered on a controlled coastline during the consolidate phase, in accordance with Supply rules. Raid Phase



"The Fox's Tunnel" - If controlling both areas, may move any amount of units between Brightwater Keep and Storm's End in accordance with Supply.  Must be played in the area marching from... March Phase



"Lord of the Crossing" - Must be played on one of the two Twins. That Twin cannot be attacked from the other this turn. Raid Phase


Free Cities North Guild:

"Golden Winds" - All ships may move two spaces this turn so long as they do not take part in any battles, directly or supporting. Raid Phase.


Free Cities South Guild:

"The Tears of Lys" - Can only be played in Westeros. Player may select a card from a player in an adjacent area and remove the house card from the game (he may only discard Beric Dondarrion).  Raid Phase



"Ghosts of the Forest" -  All March orders on Road areas are immediately removed. Raid Phase.  (maybe even force everyone off the roads and allow the brotherhood to move infinitely on the roads this turn?)

The Wildlings Attack

Possible idea: the wildlings attack is also randomly focused on one of three sections of the wall (shadow tower/castle black/eastwatch) and only footmen mustarded to that specific space can help?)  too detailed?  Just seems like the wildlings will be too easily defeated if all 18 players are throwing up defenses together...



First six cards made: (six enough or more?)


1) Mance Rayder:

 "The Wildings track is not reset to zero after the attack."


2) Rattleshirt:

"Only land units (not ships) may be removed if lost."


3) Mag the Mighty:

"If victorious, all houses lose one additional unit."


4) Tormund Giantsbane:

"The Wildlings attack at one additional step on their track."


5) Alfyn Crowkiller:

"Footmen mustered to the Wall do not reduce the attack."


6) Harma Dogshead:

"The top bidder does not regain a house card."

Should the wildlings track be exponential rather than straight?

0 - 5 - 10 - 15 - 20 - 25 - 30  or

0 - 4 - 09 - 15 - 22 - 30 - 39 

or what?

  We'll play test with the higher numbers first and tone it down if it proves too much. - Lugi



Should it be possible for the easterners to bid on the wildlings?  To help an ally or possibly even get a card?  I guess probably not, since they wouldn't be able to send troop quickly to respond to raiders... - Mark

Yes, because for at least Braavos and Tyr it would represent their merchantile interests in Westeros. The main difference is that they suffer no negative side effects from a successful Wildlings attack unless they've already made landfall on the island. - Lugi

Place Deck V Card suggestions here

- A Bash of Bannermen:

All bannermen have the OPTION to break off  (VERY powerful)


-A Dance with Dragons:

"The Jig is Up" Targaryen player must dance again. - Lugi

Targaryen can hold this card, if/when a dragon dies, he can go to muster pool instead of being permanently eliminated.


-The Winds of Winter

The Brotherhood without Banners immediately becomes an Arryn bannerhouse.


-A Time for Wolves

Bolton, Frey and Arryn immediately are allied with Stark.


-A Dream of Spring

Martell does not have to reduce his supply when (what would normally be negative-result) supply cards appear


-Sleeping with Fishes

All Tully wars immediately are removed.


-Path of the Lion

Lannister may declare war against any non-allied power for free.


-Arms of the Kraken

Greyjoy ships may move up to two areas instead of one this turn.


-A Song of Night

Baratheon gains a sword and a raven until the next Clash of Kings.  (If already have, can now change two orders, or add +1 twice in a turn.)


-A House of Thorns

Henceforth, declarations of war against Tyrell cost an addiitonal power token.




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A Gift for Lugi

"Truly, truly I tell you: WOOT!" - Lugi, paraphrasing Jesus

Sample Brotherhood Card

Brought to you by: West Inc.

Who are those hotties?


Plain sticky notes


possibility of creating expensive permanent alliances?

Rich sticky notes

Terrain Forum

Unit Start Locations:

- I've run through all non-ridiculously obscure characters to place with Redwyne and have enough. However, Mathis Rowan's Goldengrove is bordering Crakehall territory and thereby not very close to the Arbor. Do the Bannermen units have to start together? I think it'd be great if some start on the Arbor and others on Goldengrove to help balance defence at the outset.


Land Areas:

Storm's End - obviously, Florent starts there and Gilbert Farring's text give bonuses.
Bear Island - Dacey Mormont's text gives bonuses.

Pyke - Split into two areas so that it isn't so easy to take anymore.

  - Great Wyk, Old Wyk, Salt Cliffe and Pyke as the Western Islands, but still called Pyke.

  - Blacktyde, Orkmont and Harlaw as the Eastern Island, called Harlaw

Goldengrove - relates to Mathis Rowan's text. Also, it is located in the middle of the Reach, an area that will see a lot of combat with Crakehall and the Brotherhood

Sea Areas:
Shield Islands - Put another space between the Sunset Sea and the West Summer Sea.
Bay of Ice - is too large an area because Greyjoy (and now Harlaw) can take Deepwood far too soon for the distance represented between Blazewater Bay, Bay of Ice and Deepwood Motte.

Building Ports

As with Forts. Use a consolidate power order, construct port, don't collect power token.

Great House Taxes

For every 3 power tokens that a Banner House gains in a turn, their Great House gain 1 free power token. This includes any power gained: through house cards, consolidate power orders, etc.

Bannermen Break, (June 23, 07)

Liege Lord:

   Bannermen must have a Great House they are allied to to and cannot be independent. If their Great House is defeated they must declare allegiance to another Great House (by the end of the turn? immediately?) Allegiance may be declared to any Great House still in play. No bannerhouse may attack its respective great house or another of its co-bannerhouses. In return they get the regional combat bonus of their great house. Allied houses may move through, stop in and/or be routed to spaces controlled by allied players.




   Banner Houses may not break until Turn 4 or 5. A breaking Banner House must declare that it is breaking and who it is turning to at the beginning of a turn (before/after orders are laid? before/after turn cards are flipped?)

   The remainder of that turn represents the shift in allegiance (ie. "loyalty update memos" being passed down through the ranks, political bridgeburning, etc.).


Until the next turn...

   ...the breaking Bannerhouse may attack neither it's former Great House nor other Banner Houses sworn to that Great House. It may also not attack it's Great-House-to-be, but it may attack it's future Great House's Bannermen (accidents happen; maybe some Captain didn't receive the Memo Sparrow).

   The breaking Banner House may March, Defend, Consolidate Power, and receive Support from anyone, but it may not give Support to anyone and may not Raid.


    If the breaking Banner House has units sharing the field with its Great House and/or other loyal bannermen, then those units must either:
a.) move to an empty field without combat and begin the turn there routed

OR if there are no empty fields to move to

b.) battle the units in the field. This battle is resolved after bidding for influence but before placing orders. In the case of multiple Banner Houses breaking, battles are resolved according to the Iron Throne track. Since the prerequisite for this type of battle is that there are no open areas for the Banner House to move to, if the Banner House loses this battle all its units are destroyed.

- Should support be allowed under b.)?



   Banner Houses have Supply equal to their Great House. If a Banner House takes control of an area with Supply Barrels it counts towards the Great House's Supply as if the Great House player had taken it. Once a Great House exceeds 2 Bannermen a -1 modifier is imposed on their Supply Track. This penalty increases by one for every two additional Banner House after. (eg. -1 at 3 B.H., -2 at 4 B.H.)



   Banner Houses may not declare for Targaryen until after Targaryen has been on Westeros for a full round.

Rule Mod: Knights

- Knights can "skip" road areas that are either open or controled by the player or an ally.

- Knights cannot be blank mustered in one turn, but must be upgraded from an existing (ie. minimum one-turn old) Footman.

Or possibly only in capital or home area?

Man the Wall

"Mustarding" happens at Castle Black
- takes one mustering point from main force
- each footman reduces the wildling attack strength and gives player a crown toward the "Game of Thrones" card
- no orders ever

Rob's Rule: Selectable Commanders

Each house now has twelve instead of seven Commanders. From this deck the player chooses two generals he wishes to have and deals himself the other five at random. This happens at the start of the game and each time he has used up all his cards.

Homage of Banners Rule

- Bannerhouses get the regional combat bonus of their great house.
- No bannerhouse may attack its respective great house or another of its bannerhouses.
- Allied houses may move through, stop in and/or be routed to spaces controlled by allied players.

Bastions and Free Cities


   are basically a bigger castle with three points of mustering. The only Bastions are King's Landing, Sunspear, Highgarden, Casterly Rock, Pyke, Riverrun, the Eyrie and Winterfell.  and Dragonstone?


Free Cities:

   are urban sprawl and disgustingly rich with four points of mustering.


Paul also suggested the Free Cities may be able to muster ships at a faster rate... (like 3 ships for 2 mustering points or something)  or perhaps make galleons for the same cost as transports...

 - That might be a bit over the top. If they can muster four points out of a free city, that works out to two galleons in one turn. Base strength of 4 + house card is a lot of sea power. - Lugi


Bid for Power...

   ...during bids for the Iron Throne, Feifdom, and King's Court tracks, as well as the Wildling Attack Banner Houses may bid, but the power tokens they bid count towards their Great House's bid.


The Wildlings Attack:

   In the case of a successfully repulsed Wildling Attack, the Great House Player may pass his/her "restore discarded General to hand" option to one Banner House.


The Tracks:

   The Iron Throne and Fiefdoms tracks have 10 slots: one for each of the Great Houses and an additional one representing the Bannermen. The King's Court track has nine because the Banner Houses do not need to be represented there.

   The status' of the Banner Houses is displayed on a separate subtrack, also of 10 slots: one for each of the six Banner Houses with fours slots left open for any Great Houses which bend the knee to another Great House.


How are the Bannermen arrange on their Subtracks?:

   All Banner Houses are arranged on a subtrack according to the sums of the bid of the individual Banner House plus the amount bid by their Great House:

    eg. Lannister bids 3, Stark bids 2.

           The Lannister Bannermen bid 2 and 4. The Stark Bannermen 1 and 5.

           The Lannister's Bannermen thereby scored 5 and 7 (3+2 and 3+4). Stark's scored 3 and 7 (2+1 

           and 2+5). The final bids are 7, 7, 5, and 3.


The Messenger Raven:

   Great House players may change use the Messenger Raven to change the order of one of their Bannermen even if that Bannerman player does not wish the order changed. The new order still comes out of the Bannerman's stack of orders so for example: the Great House player cannot swap a March order for a Support order if the Bannerman doesn't have any Support orders left.

   The changing of orders using the messenger raven shuold start with the third place player, then the second, then the first place. This is so the first place player gets to see what the other two have done and gets to make the best decision.


Whoever controls the Iron Throne gets a +1 Strength to any defensive combat in their capitol city.

Transports and Galleons

   The regular ships (hereafter refered to as Transports) can be upgraded to Galleons. Galleons attack at two but cannot carry troops. Galleons are identified by turning Transports on their sides. Routed ships are now placed upright, standing on end.



   Transports can still be used in bridging and/or hold up to three points of mustering: 3 Footmen; 2 Footmen & 1 Knight; 1 Dragon. Place the units being transported in the same sea area as their transports. Routed transports lose one transported unit. Knights are removed entirely and may not be reduced to Footmen.



   Transports containing units are considered 1 for the purpose of counting Supply. (eg. one empty transport counts as 1; one full transport with three Footmen counts as 1; two transports count as 2; etc.)



   As many units as are being transported may disembark from a transport may only do so if they do not cause a Supply violation.


- Can a Galleon launch a Dragon? If so, does it matter whether the ship is a Transport or Galleon?

Individual Track: "Will to Fight"

Each player has a personal track where they keep a record of how many battles they've won.
Any battle won moves them up a point, any battle lost moves them down one. Supported battles don't count, even if it is your bannerman.
The track ranges from -5 to 10. At different parts on the track the player gains different "feats".

2 points lets you capture forts and built ports.

5 points lets you build forts & ports using the consolidate power order as normal, except that you also gain the power token.

10 points lets you leave behind power tokens taken from your discard pile.

"Take the Black"

   Under special circumstances a Great House may "Take the Black" and become a type of Banner House. This is only possible if you as the Great House meet 3 of the following 8 conditions:


  1.) you have 5 or less units total, not counting Bannermen.

  2.) you have no castles other than your capitol.

  3.) you have no capitol.

  4.) your Supply is 1 or less (this includes the modifier for 3+ Banner Houses).

  5.) you are surrounded by one Great House and/or its Banner Houses.

  6.) your dragons have all died.

  7.) all your units on the map are routed.

  8.) an opponent beat you by 10 points in a battle.


- What are the rules for who the Great House bends to?


   If a Great House qualifies and uses "Take the Black" they lose the House Card representing the head of their house (eg. Eddard for Stark, Doran for Martel, Edmure for Tully, etc.) because that individual has joined the Nightswatch. In exchange, the subjugated Great House (and by extension: it's ruling Great House) counts as providing +1 against a Wildling attack.

Adjacent mustering

Castles can muster into adjacent land areas as well as their own.  (Makes sense to create armies from disparate castles, and not entirely inconcievable - ships are mustered in adjacent areas after all)

Optional sea combat

A good rule, especially considering bannerhouses, would be that sea combat is entirely optional.  One or both sides must decide they want to fight upon entering the sea area, otherwise the units coexist or pass undetected.

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