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All about Me


Abner & Me

My favorite genre of literature is nonfiction.

Ice Flag Football

One day in the winter my brother, my dad, and I we went outside in the driveway,we played Flag Football on ice.

My favorite veggie

My favorite veggie is Sweet Corn.

Pic of my family.

This a picture of my brother Jalen my sister Ariel, my mom, my dad and I.

My third Hobby

When I played volleyball for the first time I was all over the place.

My Favorite Fruit

My favorite fruit is Watermelon.

My first Hobby

My favorite sport is football.

My second Hobby

My second hobby is basketball.

My first favorite Author

My favorite Author is Jerry Spinelli.

My second Author

My next Author is Dan Gutman.


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Vocabulary & Definitions 1

Enthusiasm- Belief in special revelations of the Holy Spirit.

Confidence- A feeling or consiousness of one's powers or of reliance on one's circumstances.

Audience- The act or atate of heraing.

Redundant- To repat yourslef over and over again.

Posture- The position or bearing of the body whether characteristics.

Necessitate- To make necesarry.

Obliterate- To remove utterly from recognition or memory.

Articulation- A joint or juncture between bones or cartilages in the skeleton of a vertebrate.

Behoove- To be necesarry or proper.

Puctuate- A act of being puctuated.

Bonus Futilitarianism- One who believes that human striving is futile.

The Pigman Vocabulary/ Sentences 1

The Vocabulary

Unmentionables- Something that is not to be mentioned.

That subject was classed among the unmentionables.

Gestapo- The German state police.

The new regime is using Gestapo tactics.

Hazardous- Full of risk or dependent on chance.

A vacation to Hawaii can be hazardous.

Avocation- something a person does in addition to a principal occupation.

Our doctor’s avocation is painting.

Supercolossal- Extraordinary great in size, extent, and degree.

Most of the people in the United States are supercolossal.

Undernourished- Not nourished with sufficient or proper food to maintain or promote health or normal growth.

Some people are emotionally undernourished.

Incandescent- Intensely bright or brilliant.

The incandescent masterpiece.

Commemorative- To honor the memory of a personage.

Anything that commemorates.

Encyclopedia- A book or set of books containing articles on various topics.

I used to have encyclopedias at my house.

Stampede- Any headlong general flight or rush.

To scatter or flee in a stampede.

*Excruciatingly- Exceedingly elaborate or intense.

Done with excruciating care.

Vocabulary & Sentences 1

Enthusiasm- You should have the enthusiasm to pass a test.

Confidence- Ms. Campbell has confidence in you that you will do your work.

Audience- You should allways face your audience.

Redundant- Redundantcy can get annoying to some people.

Posture- You should always have good posture.

Necessiate- :Your work should always be nessiate.

Obliterate- You should never obliterate your education.

Articulation- Bones on some animals should always have a articulation.

Behoove- It would behoove you to do it right the first time.

Punctuate- It will behoove you to fix your puctuatuations.

Bonus: Futilitarianism- You should always have futilitarnism in your mind.


Rich text note

Personification - the attribution of a personal nature.

Sensory –of or pertaining to the senses or sensation

Furiously – Very mad.

Affectionate - having great affection or love.

Exhibition - a matchup or a game.

Enterprise - a project undertaken or to be undertaken.

Insignia - a badge or distinguishing mark of office or honor.

Dungarees - work clothes, overalls.

Invisibility - the ability to be invisible.

Mysterious – something that has mystery in it.


Vocabulary A Raisin in the Sun Definition


The quality of being just, righteousness, equitableness, and or moral rightness. 


Gratitude and thankful recognition. 


Absence or deprivation of advantage or equality. 


The making of amends for wrong or injury done. 


A steady persistence in a course of action, a purpose, and a state. 


The state of being persecuted. 


Respect or reverence paid or rendered. 


The practice or policy if assimilating. 


Something that remunerates. 



Capable of being approached.





Vocabulary Sentences 2

Sluggishly- I am very sluggish.

Optimistic- My class is very optimistic.

Antagonist- I read a book called Crash and it had a antagonist.

Protagonist- In that book it also had a protagonist.

Revelation- In the bible it has a book named revelation.

Momentarily- Please wait momentarily.

Incriminate-  I might have to incriminate you.

Grammaticlly You are to grammatic for me.

Idosyncrasy- You are the most idosyncrasy person I know.

Reluctantly- You reluctantly saved your life.

Bonus: Psychotherapeutic- You need some psychotherapeutic help. 

Vocabulary Definitions 2

Sluggishly- Averse to activity or exertion.

Optimistic- A doctrine that this world is the best possible world.

Antagonist- One that contends with or opposes another.

Protagonist- The principal character in a literary work.

Revelation- An act of reveling or communicating divine truth.

Momentarily- For a moment.

Incriminate- To charge with or show evidence or proof of involvement in a crime or fault.

Grammaticlly- Of or relating to grammar.

Idiosyncrasy- A peculiarity of constitution or temperament : an individualizing characteristic or quality.
Reluctantly- Feeling or showing aversion, hesitation, or unwillingness.

Bonus:Psychotherapeutic- Of, relating to, or used in psychotherapy.


Vocabulary Definitions 3

exuberantly-extreme or excessive in degree, size.
disciplinarian-one who disciplines or enforces order.
analyzed-to study or determine the nature and relationship of the parts of by analysis.
intricate-having many complexly interrelating parts or elements.
thunderously-making or accompanied by a noise like thunder.
poised-marked by balance or equilibrium.
quavery-to utter sound in tremulous tones.
legitmate-lawfully begotten specifically.
circumstances-a condition, fact, or event accompanying.
 illuminated-brightened with light.
Bonus: adventurousness-     


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Interview Questions


·     How has your experience at Levey been so far?

·     Do you like the schedule you have? If so who is your favorite?


·     During the years of teaching how have you enjoyed it ?

·     How was the first day of school with all the schedules switching and things?



·     Did the first chaotic, due to all the students not know where their classes are?

·     Do you think the school is better with or without a security guard? Why?


·     How was the first week due to switching student’s schedules?

·     Were you busier on the first day? If so has it become easier for you now?

Mrs. Teague/Mr. Lake:

·     Are you excited to do the paperless classroom and homework this year?

·     On the first day how was it viewed from your perspective?


·     Did you have a lot of paperwork to do registering all of the new students? If so was it difficult for you?

·     Has your job became easier for you on the second week of school/

Lunch Ladies:

·     Did a lot of students forget or didn’t know their Student ID #? If so did that affect the lunch line?

·     Is the lunch line running faster now since it’s the second week of school?

Online Test & Worksheets


Online Tests & Worksheets 3


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Journal Topic 1 Verbal & Nonverbal Communication

Like Ms. campbell said verbal and nonverbal communication is important.Verbal communication is to speak to someone using your voice so you can can call somebody and taqlk or you can talk to them face to face. But nonverbal is to like text somebody and talk or you can e-mail and talk.when you are taling to someone and they are listening they are your audience. When you are doing nonverbal communication make sure sure you punctuate before you send your message. When you are using verbal communication and you are moving or walking your joints always are going to have an articulation. when you are using verbal communication have some confidence and some enthusiasm in yourself that you will say the thing that you wanted to say.Oh and make sure when you are using verbal and nonverbal communication that you are not being redundant. Your posture is always important when you are doing things. When you are working that you are making your things nesessitate at all times and obliterate it also. it would behoove you to do it right the first time. Sometimes use futilitarianism when needed. 

Journal Topic 2 If You Were Jimmy Wells


If I were Jimmy Wells I would Do the right thing because I don't want a zero be cause of my friend. What I would do if my friend was cheating I would go tell the teacher because if I don't I will get a zero just like my friend. I don't want a zero because if I get a zero I am going to get in trouble. Plus if I let him just cheat he is not going to learn anything and if he keep cheating he will get redundant zeros. If he keep getting redundant zeros he could fell that class and the grade he did this in. After a while he will end up getting confidence in doing this nonsense.

If I do the right thing by going to tell the teacher I won't get a zero but I might end up losing my friendship but it is worth it. Everything is worth a try. If I do the right thing I might just get money on my debit card. You can do the right thing but it might be hard to get your friendship back or not. Just so you know don't do something stupid like cheat on anything and you won't end up with a zero like some kids. Those kids just don't listen or learn.

Rich text note

One Fat Summer Response

          One Fat Summer by Robert Lipsyte and my response is that this book was a good book because the author has left us with a cliff hanger. This is because in the exposition and in the rise of action the author left us by explaining the beginning of the story very well and understanding. Also, this story somewhat has something to do with my life.

          Bobby said, “His parents do not believe in him.” That has to do with my life because “My parents do not believe in me when it comes to doing certain things like doing chores and paying attention.”

Bobby also said, “One day he is going to look like Pete Marino.” That also somewhat connects to my life because “I always dream that I will someday look like someone like Pete Marino or even better.”

The Rummies said that, “Bobby looks like a very obese kid.” That has to do with my life because “My sister is a little overweight like Bobby.”

Bobby is thinking that, “Since he did all that work that he should be super skinny the next day.” That happens to me all the time because every day I say, “Since I ate all that food and did less exercising than eating that I should gain 5 pounds every week I get to 90 or 100 pounds, I am 89 pounds right now.”

Dr. Kahn said that, “If Bobby messed up the blade that he has to repair as of buying a new one.” That happens to me because the teachers say, “If we break any thing at the school than we have to repair it as of buying a new one.”

Bobby is thinking that, “Why does he have to pay for a new blade because the reason the blade is messed up is because Dr. Kahn has a bunch of rocks and stones in the front yard.”  I experienced that because “The students think why do they have to repair the things that were broke and were do not have a place to put our stuff because there is no space.”

Bobby is thinking, “Why is he getting bullied by Connie and she kind of went through the same situation as Bobby?” I think the same thing because I ask myself “Why are people bullying me and they are going through the same situation as me just in different settings and places.”

The Rummies said that, “Joanie is the one who blew the wind in.” People say that, “My sister needs to work out and lose some weight and they call her fat.”

In conclusion, I have explained my response for how the author did in the story One Fat Summer.  




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