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Ramsey Classroom Behavior Rules 1. A student will be in his/her assigned seat ready to work when the tardy bell finishes its ring. 2. A student will bring pencil, paper, books, and completed assignments to class daily. 3. A student will keep hands, feet, books, and objects to him/herself. 4. A student will not swear, tease cruelly, use rude gestures, or use “put- downs”. 5. A student will follow any school employee’s reasonable directions. Procedures Beginning of class: Come to class prepared, walk quietly in the room, sharpen your pencils before the bell rings, and begin working on the start up assignment. Asking questions or speaking: Raise your hand. Disposing of trash: Wait until the end of class to throw away trash. During intercom announcements: Do not talk and listen carefully. Going to the lab: Walk quietly to the lab, sit in your assigned seat, and wait quietly for directions. Dismissing the class: The teacher, not the bell, will dismiss you from class. Incentives 1. Praise 2. Tickets 3. Homework pass 4. Front of the line pass Consequences 1st Offense: warning—name on board 2nd Offense: check by name and 20 minute after school detention 3rd Offense: second check by name and 45 minute after school detention Severe Disruption: sent to assistant principal’s office

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Mrs. Bethel 2013-2013 8th and Pre-AP 8th Grade Science Daily Expectations: Bring textbook, notebook, homework, and pencils to class each day. Supplies Needed: A composition notebook , loose leaf paper, pen (black or blue ink) or pencil, small GB flash drive, and colored pencils. Grades: Grading will be based on bell work, classroom assignments, homework, tests, and notebooks. Scale: A (90-100) B (80-89) C (70-79) D (60-69) F (0-59) Assignments: Assignments are expected to be completed correctly, neatly, and should be turned in on time. It will be the student’s responsibility to get make-up work in the event of absences. The number of days absent will be the number of days given to make up missed work. All missed work should be completed; however, only make-up work from excused absences will be graded. Progress Reports: Progress reports will be given in the middle of each quarter. The report should be reviewed and signed by a parent or guardian before it is returned.

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