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These are the web pages of the Physical Education Department at Blairgowrie High School.  We welcome you to our site. Please feel free to check out our pages and please revist again and again.

3 Activities

The activities studied at all levels is;


Basketball, &


Principal Teacher

PE Staff

Ross Allison
Chritine Chambers
Linda MacGregor
Helen Thomson
Paul Tramontanas
Jan Martin
Diane Morton


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Make the right choice!

You have reached the stage in school where exams and the qualifications they may bring you are becoming important for your future.  No exams are easy otherwise everybody would be getting top grades.  The fact that everybody does not achieve such results should show you that you require to make an effort to pass Standard Grade Physical Education.


You do not have to be an Olympic athlete to opt for Standard Grade Physical Education.  Standard Grade Physical Education is open to all abilities.  You do need a willingness to work at ALL of the components and all aspects, not just your choice of favourite sport.

Practical Performance

This is what you actually do when you perform in each of the activities.  You will be assessed on how well you perform in a grade in each of two areas;


PP1 is how well you can perform the skills of the activity individually with no pressure on you as there would be in a game situation

PP2 is how well you can perform skills within the context of the whole activity, e.g. within a game or a gymnastic routine etc.

Standard Grade Physical Education

In Blairgowrie High School the Standard Grade course is made up of seven different activites.


These activities are;


Badminton, Basketball, Fitness, Gymnastics, Outdoor Game, Swimming & Trampolining


These activities will be assessed within the course in three ways;


Practical Performance

Knowledge & Understanding,  &


Knowledge & Understanding

This is all about knowing how you do things in sport and physical education.  Knowledge & understanding is sorted into three sections

        1. Activities,
        2. The Body, &
        3. Skills & Techniques


The assessment for the whole course is proportioned as follows;


50% Practical Performance

25% Knowledge & Understanding,  &

25% Evaluation


Standard Grade Physical Education is not at all like your second year core Physical Education where all of the work was of a practical nature.  You cannot pass the course on the strength of practical work alone.  The Knowledge & Understanding and Evaluation parts of the course will naturally involve classwork, independent study and homework.


The ability to look at a sporting performance and describe what you see is called evaluation.  Evaluation also involves you observing a performance which could be done better and suggest way to improve the performance.  We practice evaluation in each component and the skill of evaluation is assessed by watching a video of a performance and then answering questions.

6 Success Questions

Answer these questions honestly and consider are you doing enough to succeed with your studying

1.  Do I attend regularly?

2.  Do I bring appropriate materials?

3.  Have I done what is required to pass the NAB?

4.  Do I complete homework on time?

5.  Have I handed in my training programme?

6.  Do I read notes at home?

National Courses

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3 PE Courses

National Courses
In Physical Education we offer 3 courses;


Intermediate 2, &

Performance Only

Both Higher and Intermediate 2 courses will follow a similar pattern in that they will both contain;


Practical Performance, &

Analysis of Performance


Both of these course will involve a considerable commitment to private study, research, homework , extended essay type answers to questions.  These courses should only be considered by pupils who are prepared to commit to considerable research and work at home.


Practical Performance and Analysis of Performance will involve the use of video evidence of pupils’ work.


Performance only courses are more suited to the pupils who want to participate in physical activity.

A course in Advanced Higher level will be considered where the level of demand makes this a viable option

Entry Requirements


    • Entry to Higher requires a Credit level pass at Knowledge & Understanding and Evaluation from Standard Grade Physical Education. Or,
    • Successfully completing the Intermediate 2 course at achieving an overall award at B.
    • Applications from year 6 students, with no background of certificate Physical Education, will be considered for those students with a GPA above 2.5


Intermediate 2

Entry to intermediate 2 requires a general level pass in Standard Grade.


Performance Only

Entry to performance only course requires a background of regular participation in Physical Education.

3 Activities

In all courses we complete the following 3 activities;


Basketball, &



If you have any further queries about the courses please feel free to speak to any Physical Education teacher.

Good Behaviour

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Positive Behaviour Management

 This page has been developed to clarify the standard of behaviour expected and to explain the code of conduct which is in operation within the Physical Education Department.

Self discipline

The majority of pupils are self disciplined and can be relied upon to behave and work well.  Some pupils require occasional reminders about their behaviour and a few require a system of sanctions which will encourage them to modify their behaviour. This final group of pupils need clear parameters and close supervision and the following measure have been planned to help these pupils to understand that developing self discipline will earn them the freedom they they often desire.

Pupils working in the department may be in a wide range of environments, such as outside, swimming pool, gymnasium, fitness, room, games hall or dressing room and any sanction system applied needs to flexible to reflect this.  The most appropriate sanction need to be applied and the class teacher will use their professional judgement in each situation.


The pupil is required to follow the instruction of the class teacher.

Failure to do so will result in an escalation of the situation.

Code of Conduct


Organise kit (note) the night before Physical Education - Consider valuables


Arrive promptly, change into Physical Education kit without delay


Follow all instructions given by your teacher, work well, ask permission if you need to leave the teaching area (during & at the end of the lesson)

Health & Safety

Follow all instructions given by the class teacher.  Procedures and rules will be clarified with you.  Avoid eating in class.  Learn to tie your laces and secure your laces when at Physical Education.


Treat others (including your teacher) as you would wish to be treated.  Look after the facilities and all equipment, be prepared to help taking kit out and putting it away.


Strive to be self-disciplined, especially when you are given the opportunity to work independently.  (For example, staying in class, appropriate use of the machines not leaving the department before the bell)