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Wythenshawe Forum Event - April 2019

Reaching Communities Attendees

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Wythenshawe Forum - 5 April 2019

A wellbeing event was held in the Forum  at Wythenshawe 2019.

I attended as an Unemployed Service User with the objective to collect contact detail.

But I met up with Alistaire and Daru from WCHG who agreed with me to bookmark the event.

However when I met up with Alistaire at The Bideford Centre he said that he just wanted to communicate with me via E'Mail and not do his own personal Social Bookmarking Site.  Effectively leaving me with Project Blue Flamingos  to run.

So - Off we go to WCHG to get a manager to report to - I contacted Rona Holland who agrreed to  a;;ow me to report to her. This is great because as a Community Guardian (BA019) I have had no manager at the town hall to report to for years. Manchester say the scheme is under review but I have not been able to find any body with any responsibility with the Community Guardian Project.

Perhaps Ran will help me with this.......

So .  Here we go Social Bookmarking - It is really simple, it educates you and helps your wellbeing.

Plus it is a place where you can keep private information. Rana phone number and E'Mail address is held in a private zone on this site,

Community Guardian (BA019) - Project Blue Flamingos Director    

Reaching Communities

29 Mar 2019 at 2:26pm
Good afternoon, I just wanted to raise awareness of a really helpful event that is happening in Wythenshawe Forum on Friday 5th April. It is called the Reaching Communities event. This event is designed to raise awareness of the fantastic organisations operating in the area and it will showcase the ways in which these organisations are able to support you. The event is 10am until 2pm and there will be many organisations there including : Wythenshawe Community Housing Group, The Tree of Life Centre, Motiv8, NHS, Back on Track, United Utilities and also various educational organisations from the local area.Please come down on the day and see what support is available to you in your local community

Personal Promotion



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About MAES / Lorna

I helped Lorna in 2015 to set up her websites.
At the time I was using NTL World - NTL World has now closed down, it went to Godaddy.

So the site that we created at MAES in the Forum Wythenshawe is no llonger there.

As for Lorna - we lost contact and she did not take up Protopage - Which is a real mistake.




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This tab is dedicated to the history of IT development in Wythenshawe Manchester.
It wll feature Feranti Computers and the influence that it had on the development strategy at Southmoor in Baguley and the recent developments of IT in the WCHG.


For information about this site contact : Alan Bramwell 07939525218.

WCHG Support and Reporting



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On 30 Apr 2019, at 12:29, Sarah Klueter <> wrote:

Dear Alan
I have been passed this email and would like to find out a little more about what you are doing and how we can best support you.
Is there a convenient time for us to talk on the phone?
Best wishes,
Sarah Klueter
Assistant Director  - Community Investment and Regeneration
Wythenshawe Community Housing Group
8 Poundswick Lane
M22 9TA
Phone:   0161 946 7544
Mobile:  07525 905 032


It was nice talking to Sarah at board level in WCHG - we had a very professional and long  conversation about project objectives plans and way forward. We talked about communication in the community an the failings to communicate ventures such as Motivat8 and other initiative and ways that I could possibly volunteer for WCHG or ways that they could help me with my personal wellbeing.

It is sad that a simple link from the WCHG site to the Wytenshawe Community site can not be arranged.

I will now have to continue with the upkeep of The Bideford Centre as my own personal project operating outside the WCHG community - I am now simply a service user that can not use the facility as it does not open weekends, This is discrimination against working people who need wellbeing support - WCHG should take that onboard.

Even though I was responsible for the ICT in the Bideford Centre and now this community wellbeing project WCHG has decided that they are not interested in an association with the Blue Flamingos project and that they can not take ownership on phase II of the project.

This leaves me with a real problem as I have not been able to contact management at Manchester Town hall for the community Guardian Scheme.

So as of 20:00 30/04/2019  The community wellbeing project  is suspended. 

Phase II will be completed as a Red Octopus Project called Quo Vadiz. 

See HTTP://


Alan Bramwell 
Director of Community Systems - Red Octopus 

Stop Press

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May 2019


Thank you for taking the time to compile this letter - I will store it on Blue Flamingos for safe keeping and as a communication to the Wythenshawe community just what WCHG are about.

I do not require help with employment but you can help me promote Blue Flamingos in a press release on your website.

Yes I will accept any offer of help regards volunteering.

I will now remove references to WCHG Active from the Bideford site and I will announce that Blue Flamingo is now open for business again for phase II which will be Recruitment Services.

Please see Phase II  this was completed after our conversation last night 

I will be contacting Career Wales for their support - I need a project master.

Thank you for your help.

Alan Bramwell
Community Guardian BA019 - Director of Community Communications

On 1 May 2019, at 17:38, Sarah Klueter <> wrote:

Hi Alan
Thanks for your time on the phone yesterday, it was good to talk to you.  I’d like to clarify our position, our offer of support and the use of the WCHG name.
1.       WCHG’s position
In terms of your project proposal, this is not something that WCHG is able to support at this time.
In terms of supporting you as an individual, this is something we’d be keen to do, if you think it would be useful to you.  From our conversation yesterday, there are two offers I’d like to make that may be of interest to you.  I have outlined these below.
2.       WCHG’ offer of support
If useful, we can support you in your volunteering for the benefit of the Wythenshawe community e.g. putting you in contact with volunteering opportunities through Real Neighbours or the Timebanking scheme.  We talked about your availability only being in evenings and weekends.  Whilst there is a smaller range of volunteering opportunities available at these times they do still exist.  I’d be happy to work alongside you to see if we can find an opportunity that matches your interests and skills.
If useful, we can support you in identifying your employment options – this does not just relate to jobs with WCHG, rather jobs right across Wythenshawe and across a range of sectors.      
3.       Use of WCHG name
I am not aware of the WCHG Active project that you refer to in your email below. 
The Bideford centre, as you know, is managed by volunteers.  Should the Bideford centre wish to take you up on this offer of support, they would do so as the Bideford centre, not as WCHG.  If you would like to discuss this with the centre, Kirsty Taylor is the correct contact.   
Regardless of the decision of the Bideford centre, this project would not be part of WCHG and it would not be appropriate to use the WCHG name.
4.       Further support
Please do let me know if you are interested in either of the ways WCHG may be able to support you as an individual (volunteering or employment support).
Thanks again for your time and for your ongoing contribution to the Wythenshawe community.
Please do let me know if you have any questions.
With very best wishes,
Sarah Klueter
Assistant Director  - Community Investment and Regeneration
Wythenshawe Community Housing Group
8 Poundswick Lane
M22 9TA
Phone:   0161 946 7544
Mobile:  07525 905 032
From: alan bramwell [] 
Sent: 30 April 2019 20:06
To: Sarah Klueter
Subject: WCHG Active
Hi Sarah 
Whilst you will not support me there is still a WCHG project alive and kicking 
It is The Bideford Centre which is known as WCHG Active.
From time to time I will update this site and I will be reporting to the Wythenshawe Reporter that I set up IT in the Wythenshawe Community in 2013.
All I was asking was a little bit of recognition and promotion. - I do not know why you will not help me.

Phase II



Phase III



Tree Of Life



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Referral by doctor required


Application form to Jenny 21/05/2019

ITC Services

Supported by Clive.

  • Print Services - 10p per page black and white only.
Level 1 Support
  • Job search
  • CV Writing 
  • Job Applications
  • Universal Credits
  • Benefits
Moving House 
  • Manchester Move
No Programming Support

Age UK Silver Click

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Age UK - 22/05/2019

Thank you 

Re : Age UK Crossacre - Silver Click Refusal of Volunteering Offer

I am sorry that I did not make it clear on my application for for employment that I was a professional carer and to be rejected due to lack of experience in my eyes is a little short sighted.  I am also disappointed that you do not want me to put on IT Courses at your site that would bring you additional revenue. 

Since our meeting I have reviewed IT services at a number of venues in Wythenshawe and have elected to use Brooklands Library and the Tree Of Life as simply a service user.  I know that these two sites have a GDRP policy and that none of my personal information will be left dormant on their systems.

GDRP is very important and is something that you need to monitor.

I will simply promote your services at stating that you are a small two system subscription based service at £7 per month and are recited to the over 50s as part of my Wellbeing analysis of the IT services in Wythenshawe.

You will see that The Tree of life is  a professional 11 user service - Free to all.

I am sorry that you can not find it in you for you to try to increase your traffic / revenue.

I am used to rejection - The Community Church opposite to you are happy with their own ITdevelopment too - but they do have a plan and are working well developing their own solutions.

Please see : for a report on your services ( 

Kindest Regards.    
Alan Bramwell
Community Guardian (BA 019) Manchester City Council
Professional Carer 

Note : A copy of this script has been placed in Blue Flamingos for community reference - as part of my Journalistic Open Communication Policy.
Alan - Community Journalist - Project Blue Flamingos - Silver Click













MFT.NHS Cancer



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24th May 13:00 - Service User Group

Dear Alan


You may recall that I contacted you a while ago to invite you to be part of a focus group we were setting up to help us better recruit and involve people affected by cancer in our Trust Macmillan Recovery Package Project (improving care for those living with and beyond cancer).  The Focus Group has met twice and are progressing well with work on co-designing a leaflet to recruit service users.  At the last meeting it was agreed that, going forward, we should establish a ‘Trust Macmillan Recovery Package Project Service User Group’ that would meet on a regular basis to help us with implementing all elements of the Recovery Package across different cancer services. 


I am contacting you today to invite you to become a part of this group as a Service User Representative.  The first meeting is planned for:-


Refreshments will be provided and we will reimburse out of pocket expenses including car parking (please bring your ticket with you so we can replace with a pre-paid one).  If you have any special requirements, please let us know.  We are happy to look at alternative venues for future meetings if the Group prefers.


This first meeting will focus on:-


Our Trust  Macmillan Recovery Package Project is time limited but the Service User Group could continue to be a voice of people affected by cancer beyond this.   Macmillan offers training to group members who would like to take a more active and formal role.  This is something that we can explore further with you over the remaining 12 months of our Project.


It is vital that we ensure that the voices of our service users are heard and acted upon and, as our experts through experience, you are the best people to help us.


We have really valued your contributions and feedback to date.  The members of our original Focus Group felt that it was a perfect way of giving something back to the service and does not require the specific time commitment of more rigid volunteering roles.


Please can you let me know no later than Monday 20 May 2019 if you are able to attend the first meeting of our ‘Trust Macmillan Recovery Package Project Service User Group’ later the same week – we really hope you will be able to get involved.  If you need any more information then please contact me.


I look forward to hearing from you.



Helen E Ankers-Brailsford

Macmillan Service User Involvement Facilitator

Macmillan Office - Area F

Ground Floor

Wythenshawe Hospital

Southmoor Road



M23 9LT


Team Tel - 0161 291 2583

Team Mobile - 07741 627968 (text or calls)



Project Name

At a loss to what to call this project I have decided to standardize it to my Intouchuk name defined for Age UK.

This can be scrapped and a new protopage named as and when the project name is defined.

It might end up as MFTnhsPathway / MFTnhsPegasus / MFTnhsNimrod to name 3 appropriate ideas consistent with SSNA Standards. 






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Business Model Canves for Wythenshawe Parkext note


Will you please answer my phone calls.

Wthenshawe Park is letting its Pitch and put and bowling greens go to seed.

I applied to take over the franchise in 2007 but it went to a catering company.

I will be setting up a golf creche for young working mothers hopefully as there are buildings and a small room available I have to do a business plan and contact a local nursery and possibly purchase a second hand minibus.

At weekends it could be used by assistant golfers to put on competitions for junior golfers / ladies of the 5 local golf clubs. 

I have already taken control of the local pub as a 19th ho;e and will be setting up their golfing society to run events there.

Also I have my own golfing society that will use it.

On 05/05/2019 I retire so I will be taking up the green keeping and course maintenance as a volunteer for the park / Manchester Permiting (Insurance).

Are you in or not for a Manchester Bitesize Golf Academy or should I go to Chris Smith / The Golf Foundation for support ?

You really should keep in touch with me - I have invested years looking after your interests.


This will only happen if Manchester agree to support me with green keeping and Insurance

Community Guardians Restoration Project 27/05/2019


Wythenshawe Park Bowling Green and Pitch and Put and tennis  are going to seed

Who do I see about taking over the franchise - I have a proposal.

Thank You 

Alan Bramwell
Manchester Community Guardian (BA019)

Note : I have been trying for years to get in touch with a Manager from Wenlock Way about the Manchester Community Guardian Scheme.

Can you please get any Manager at Manchester City Council to contact me so I can inform them about my latest projects.

Thank You 

Memorial Wall / The Oasis Project




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Bramwell Family History

Paul is working on a history of the Edwards Family - I thought today I would give his a taste of Bramwell History whilst I have nothing else to do.

Bramwell / Edwards / Ferranti

The Bramwell Edwards Family are Computer Scientists - Adam was employed at Hitec Computers and used to Freelance to help his friends when their systems  went down. He was a master of Apple - my go to Oracle.

With over 120 Million YouTube views Adam was a master of the Internet - Skills which I do not have. With his network of friends they did all the artwork and design for his Flip Recipe music label - skills that he could have sold had he had the ambition to run his own prompotions company.  We have set up Onboard Promotions in memory of Adam and I am trying to build the skill; set / network which  he had - it would be so much easier if he was still alive today. 

The Bramwell / Edwards family has strong associations with the Ferraniti organisation.
John Arnold Edwards was on the Executive  as D Division Production Manager and was a champion of home computing.  It is sad to see that MOSI does not have a Ferranti Home PC - It was a wonderful machine - I think I still have the manuals / software somewhere.

Emma is also involved in the IT industry in Events Management for an Internet Company in Manchester - she was active in fund raising last year and raised over £16,000 for the Charity Mind in memory of Adam - I am very proud of what she has achieved without my influence.

Susan (my ex wife and friend) is the head of the Bramwell dynasty now - she has retained the Bramwell name and is the rock that we all hang on to following the loss of Adam. She has no internet presence and is not a fan of me using social media / the internet.


This has turned out to be a bit of a Bramwell family tree...... It wasn't meant to and does  include my sister Jen - though she may not like it. I have included my family without their permission as they are active on the WWW. The only member of my family that I can not get history of is uncle Harry - but he does have a namesake on facebook who is not related but happens to live in Stockport.

Here is a wall of people and things that influence me - whilst it was intended to be a memorial wall I realise that some people who most influence me are still alive.

I have included Nobby Stiles as it has been a long term mission of mine to get more recognition for Nobby on the Manchetser United Web Site / Club. I have contacted Manchester United many times about this injustice.

I have also included Brian Kidd - a quite almost forgotten man in Manchester football history. 

My Database will give you the chance to build on this wall.

Contemporary Art, Sports and Sciences

Watch This Space for a Contemporary Art, Sports  and Science Database application.

Legends of Manchester......


Tony Wilson

Anthony H Wilson (Manchester Man), Fac 501.

Adam and Matt (Charity Golf Day)

Adam Bramwell Charity Golf Day - Hazel Grove

Stockort Man

Alan Bramwell (SK8 Man)

Ian Curtis (Mayflower)

Curtis performing live with Joy Division at the Mayflower in Manchester in 1979

The Oasis Project - Just Giving

Blue Flamingos - Just Giving Project - The Oasis Project (Sports Aid / Water Aid)


Pathway to Snaresallday YouTube Channel - Over 120 Million Views. (Fac 502)

The Lads

Vinnie, Pete and Kenny. As loved as my own family.....

K S Lowry

L S Lowry

Belle View

Belle Vue played an important part of my lifew - as a child it was my play ground - I used to ask fot Matt Kelly and they used to let me in for free - I started work at Belle View at just 14 years of age - I said I was older.

Wayne Fontana (Glyn Ellis)

Lived next door to my family in the 1960's

Len Bramwell - Red Warf Bay

Uncle Len - An Interesting Man


Noel Gallagher

Brian Kidd

Probably the most influential man in Manchester Football today.

Tony Bramwell

Tony Bramwell - The Beatles - Influenced Oasis

Stockport Grammar School

Where Freddie Williams went to school

Nobby Stiles

Manchester Footballer

Harry Bramwell

I have no history about Uncle Harry - he was the father of Tony who had links to The Beatles. Harry lived in London we only met a couple of times.

Freddie Williams II

Artist - I can not find an image of Freddie Williams but it is really interesting that there is an American Contemporary Artist alive that gives me a link to the work I am doing for Manchester Museum of Art - and Richards Interest on Comics.


My sister Jennifer with husband Eddie

Peterloo Masacre

Politics In Manchester

Tom Kilburn

Manchester University

Friedrick Engels

Politics In Manchester

Alan Turing

In 1948, Turing was appointed reader in the Mathematics Department at the Victoria University of Manchester.

Emmerline Pankhurst



Rich sticky notes


One of my earliest memories as a little boy is my days out in the cheshire countryside - we used to drive past Ferrant to get to the back of Manchester Airport where we could watch planes land - on the corner there was a field and a gate with a white horse in it that we used to feed - we called it Pegasus. 

In 1974 i went to live in France - We stayed in Caen near The Pegasus Bridge untill an accident happened and we had to come home early.

We used to holiday in Greece and I use Greek names for my projects - I have just discovered Pegasus Agilent having already named my Agile Certification Pegasus.

A History of the technology that I have used - Note I did not get hands on of the Ferranti Pegasus but I was aware of it as I was born in 1956.. 

I lost track of what machines i worked upon after the 4300 series at Ingersoll Rand - I did not keep track after that as I had no hands on operational access - but I did manage the operations analysts.

Note : Apple II and Apple MAC missing - Why ! We just had bigger toys to play with...... 

And we still have not moved into writing mobile phone apps. We are just too busy .....

Manufacturing In Manchester

Manchester was a hot house for computing. With ICL having a manufacturing base in Gorton, Ferranti a manufacturing base in Wythenshawe and IBM a data Centre in Sale.

All Gone ..... 

IBM still has Jackson House but it is a shadow on what it was and the Data Centre further up the road is no longer IBM.

I believe that Fujitsu might have an interest in Manchester near the old ICL site at Wenlock House Gorton.

Tandam Computing

Not included here is Tandam Computing - which I was involved with in 1993 but was not aware of the machines we were running.

Systems House

In the year 2000 I started my own training academy and systems house.  I managed to obtain 4 IBM Personal Computers which I set 3 up as a network and the 4the machine as a SUSE Linux machine.

I also built my own machine called a Stratbox  based on an IBM 370 computer with removable drives. I had multiple operating systems, DOS 6.2/Win 3.1/ Win 95 / Win 98 / Win 2000 / Win 200 Advanced Server / Win XP / Beta Longhhorn (Vista).

Sadly there is no picture of this machine - it hoy destroyed due to a power outage even though it was protected.

After implementation of Vista I purchased a Vista Lap top  and MAC Mini to compare operating systems - this was the start of my transition to Apple Mac.  I have continued to buy Windows operating Systems and have Windows 8 and Windows 10 machines.  But my man focus is now Apple.

Ny current Stratbox is a Windows 7 Machine with IIS enabled acting as a home server.


Ferranti Pegasus

This Ferranti Pegasus computer, c. 1956, was designed by Christopher Strachey (1916-1975) while working at the National Research and Development Corporation (NRDC). He based his design on his experiments while working with Elliot Bros., where he pioneered the idea of constructing computers from modular packages.


ICL 1901 - Tanax Road Trafford Park - My first encounter with corporated Data Processing - Notice the tapes. My first encounter with ICL was at their manufacturing plant in Gorton Manchester where in reception they displayed a large sign - GIGO - Garbage in - Garbage out - it seams this is a skill that we have lost.........................................................

Ibm370 115

My first real toy - Ingersoll Rand Data Centre Wythenshawe Note the 4 disk drives : sysV01/SysV02/Workpack04/ApplicationsPack-nn - and two tape drives. Systems moving from tape master files to disk circa 1975. Still running as single DOS partition.. No PwerVS Spooling System yet and no Systems Accounting due to no TOD (Time Of Day) Clock. It was not until we learned the Alloc command that we realised that we could multi process - this was a major step forward operationally - It lead to scheduling systems..................................................................................................

System 36

System 36 - 5251 architecture at Gateshead linked by MRJE to Wythenshawe data centre for remote job submission.

Sinclair ZX81

1981 our first toy - Nightmarepark

IBM 4300 Series

IBM 4300 Series - Ingersoll Rand Architecture - SNA link to Woodcliffe Lake in America.

Commodore Pet

First met with Pet at Anthony Grahams house circa 1977 - Went on to program Ferranti Pet at JAE home circa 1980. We designed and programmed Monopoly to run on the pet as an exercise in graphics and structured programming.... We ran out of space and never went to market. Icons travelled around the perimeter of the screen whilst the centre of the screen became the transaction area / trading floor - it was great.


Circa 1974 I introduced Personal Computing to Ingersoll Rand with an IBM AT and a Time and Attendance System that linked to electronic clocks and the Mainframe


First - off the shelf / internet computer

Dragon 64

Our second toy - Dragon 64

Vodaphone Palm Pilot

Moving on to 2000 - Using a Vodaphone Palm Pilot similar to this image I was able to construct shop floor control systems for the monitoring of stock control and machine performance and support documentation at Communisis Broadprint / Arrow Mailing.

Mac Mini

My second Mac Mici - Bought for me by Adam in 2012 to replace my original / perfectly good Mac Mini that was out of date and would no longer accept system upgrade.

Ferranti 2860 - AT

Our first home PC. Replacement for Commodore Pet. Sister to Sinclair ZX81

Pegasus Agile

Pegasus Agilent Greece. I have declared my Project Management Certification - Pegasus Agile.


I now write Responsive Websites for mobile phones.

IBM Blade Server

I assume that these are what today's Data Centres have - I have lost touch with what is vogue.

Pegasus Bridge

Pegasus Bridge June 1944 - Caen Northern France. Where in 1974 an incident changed the path of my life.


Rich sticky notes

Stand Alone Zone

Use the chevron to tab down for all things golf

Pegasus Golf Day at Hazel Grove



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Pegasus Day 10/11 April 2020

A golf day has been booked for 10 April 2020 to raise funds for cancer and junior golf development.
It is intended to use this event as part of the Mersey Team Selection Process for the 2020 season.

Players not available or not wanting to pay for an open competition may chose to submit a card from their own course on 10 or 11 April in the form of a singles event.