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Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism in India Almost a decade after it was originally as a major phenomenon, medical tourism in India is beginning to take off. More and more people across the globe are eschewing expensive treatments or long waits at hospitals at home for the benefits offered by India combining a tummy tuck, say with a visit to the Taj Mahal or the beaches and misty mountains of Kerala. India also offers an impressive scale and repertoire of treatments, qualified, English-speaking doctors and a varied landscape in which medical tourists can recuperate – from the beaches of Goa to the desert of Rajasthan. India has always been known for its rich heritage of ‘Wellness’ tradition and has enormous possibilities to offer to ‘Wellness’ seekers. Alternative treatments such as Ayurveda, Yoga, Spa etc Gives India an added advantage over other countries




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Medical News Today


Medical Tourism

Welcome to the whole new world of healthcare!!! Medical tourism is becoming an accepted reality to more and more people all across the globe. The world of health care has changed significantly in the past few years. We all know that while the cost of quality health care has skyrocketed, the quality of that needed care may not have. It's a market like all others that is service driven, where hospitality and healing surroundings combine with superior quality medical care and unquestionably lower costs to create a very real incentive you can't ignore. Whether it's dental medical tourism, medical travel for cosmetic surgery, or a specific surgical procedure, the cost differential can be compelling. We operate with multi-specialty hospitals, which provide secondary and tertiary healthcare to patients. Our network of hospitals also include 'centers of excellence' providing quaternary healthcare in various areas, such as cardiac care, orthopedics, neurosciences, oncology, renal care, gastroenterology, and mother and child care. To deliver the best Indian healthcare, we are partnered with a select number of leading medical specialists and private hospitals to offer the highest possible standards to patients. In addition to our medical services, we also coordinate with all your travel needs such us complete transport, travel, accommodation and tourist assistance for seeking medical treatment anywhere in India. We shall also come up with Corporate Tourism and Wildlife Tourism very soon, keep on checking this space for more updates on the same.

Welcome to the whole new world of healthcare!!!

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