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Another favorite hobby

I love shoe shopping. Once i start i can't stop. I love any kind of shoes. From converse, flats,and heels.

My Fav. Musicians

Alicia Keys is amazing on the piano. I love her songs. They are always really well written and meaningful.

Favorite Hobby

I love to travel. I like to go to historic musuems, and to see different tourist attractions.

My first favorite author

I absolutely LOVE Lisa Yee. Once I read her book Stanford Wong Flunks Big Time, I was hooked I then continued to read the books in the sequel that followed after.

One of my favorite hobbies

Ever since I could talk my parents would read me books and I would know the whole book by heart and I would always recite them , since then I have loved to read.

My Fav. Winter Activity

I love sledding. Especially on big hills.

My favorite genre of literature.

I love a good mystery book. I am all for suspense, drama, and shocking twists and turns.

My fav. summer activity

I love going to the waterpark in the summer with my family.

My family

This is a picture of my mom and dad.

My favorite dessert

I love chocolate cupcakes. But no Buttercream icing please!!!

My fav. Fruit

Pears taste great.. they are by far my favorite fruit.

My Fav Veggie

I love tomato on B.L.T.


This is me with my sister, Kayleigh.

My second favorite author

I love judy blume. Especially her book Double Fudge.


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Mrs. Golfin


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Journal Entry #1 Verbal and Non verbal communication

Today it is very important that when conducting an interview you use verbal and non verbal communication correctly. When you watch the news or talk shows you always see the host making eye contact, showing recognition of the other persons feelings, and using correct posture. It would also help for you to show enthusiasm when conducting the interview to show the other person that you care about what you are doing. It is also important to show confidence when conducting an interview so when your audience then see the interview they are trustworthy about the information they are receiving. Make sure you punctuate your words correctly so when asking your questions the person answering can understand and answer them to the best of their ability. Also when the person answers make sure to be not to be overly redundant on any complicated answers, and make necessiate questions where the person has to elaborate on their answer, don't make yes and no questions.Just obliterate any other thoughts and just focus on the interview, and articulate your thoughts properly. It would behoove you to take these important tips on conducting an interview with verbal and non verbal communication. You then could have a interview appealing to others.

O Henry: After 20 years

      Sometimes in life you are faced with difficult situations, and it kills you to do the right thing. Well, this was one of those times. I was in English class sitting in the back as usual. We were taking a test online, and there I saw my best friend in the front row cheating with the person behind them. I then had to decide if I was going to tell the teacher what was happening or decide to just pretend like I never saw anything. I decided to tell the teacher about the situation.



      I decided to tell because it might be some minor consequences for the persons actions now that they have to face. But later on in life they might do the same thing again and have even bigger consequences. For instance, let's say I didn't tell on them for cheating now and later they cheat on a stanardized test the consequences would be greater. Hopefully, my decision will behoove them in the future. I will always have confidence in all the decisions I make.

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Response to literature

Response to Literature Breyden Kellam 2nd hour Recently, in our 7th grade S.T.E.M English class, we have been reading a teen fiction novel called “One Fat Summer” by Robert Lipsyte. Overall, I thought the novel was interesting and had many things in it that I can relate to. One Fat Summer is about a fourteen-year-old named Bobby Marks. Bobby hated summertime because during the summer you can’t cover up your weight, but any other season you can. As of that summer Bobby weighed more than 200 pounds, he couldn’t know how much he exactly weighed because when Bobby saw the number 200 roll up on the scale, he hopped off. Bobby’s dad, Mr. Marks, is always nagging him about losing weight. I know this because in the story he is always watching Bobby with a look of disgust when Bobby’s eating and he always gets mad at Mrs. Marks when she feeds him a lot of food. He said " He's not going to thank you in ten years when he weighs three hundred pounds." I can relate to this because my dad is always telling me about how I have to start exercising regularly and planning out a daily physical regiment. He says you have to be in the best physical shape you can be in because later on you’ll feel great knowing that you’re fit and healthy. Mr. Marks wants Bobby to get a job being a junior camp counselor for the summer. But, Bobby doesn’t want to. So he tries to get out of it by doing an extra credit assignment for the summer with his best friend Joanie. Joanie is Bobby’s best friend because they knew each other since they were little. In addition to that Bobby and Joanie are both teased because Bobby is overweight and Joanie had a long crooked nose. But Joanie unexpectedly goes to the city with her parents for a few weeks and Bobby doesn’t know how he is going to survive the next few weeks without her. I can also relate to this sometimes because my friend recently went to Alabama for a week and I had to go this party where I was the only big kid there so I kind of felt like if she was there it would have been better. Since Joanie was leaving Bobby had to have a back-up plan. So while at the carnival Joannie saw an ad for a summer job cutting grass. She convinced Bobby to call and get it. Sometimes I do the same thing, I hang out with friends to get out of doing work and sometimes it actually works. It just so happens that it worked for Bobby too. When Bobby calls to try to get the job, he is told to come by for an interview and if he passes he can have the job. When Bobby arrives for the interview he is greeted by a big house up on a hill filled with row after row of grass. Then he sees a man with black eyes with thin lips. His name was Dr. Kahn. Dr. Kahn then proceeded to ask Bobby about his age. Bobby told him seventeen, which was a lie. He also asked him some other things about himself. After the interview Dr. Kahn told Bobby he could have the job. While Bobby was walking home from Dr. Kahn’s house a blue and white Chevrolet pulled up to him. It was the guy from the snack bar that had been teasing Bobby and Joanie. He threatened Bobby saying that if he caught him back in the area he would run him back to the city. In the story, Bobby was always being teased about his weight. For example, Willie said “Listen, fats, if I catch you around the lake again without a license for that big can of yours, I’ll run you right back to the city where you belong. So Bobby goes to work for Dr. Kahn secretively without anyone knowing and he lies and told his mother that he had a job working for Pete Marino. Pete Marino’s father owns a Beach Club out on Rumson Lake. Pete is a great swimmer and a champion for breaststroke style of swimming. He is good looking and very slim and built. Bobby secretly wishes he could be Pete. I sometimes wish I could be like somebody else too. I love the person I am. But sometimes I want to be somebody else for their amazing qualities. So I could see why Bobby might want to be like him for different reasons. Bobby is actually a good swimmer and he is an expert at swimming underwater. Pete Marino used to give Bobby lessons but then Bobby started to feel uncomfortable in a swimsuit. I feel uncomfortable in a swimsuit to because sometimes everybody else is in there swimsuit to and others are looking at you, and it’s just a weird feeling. I sometimes don’t even want to go swimming for that exact reason. As the summer goes on Bobby notices that the job is getting easier and he’s losing weight. Now, Bobby has confidence in what he’s doing and he is trying to do it to the best of his ability. Just like Bobby I feel a sense of pride and accomplishment when I finally start to notice you can do something. And when I know I can do it, it feels easier and it’s more fun. For example in our house I do the dishes. When I first started I did the job reluctantly and effortlessly. But then I started putting my mind to it and I know I can get the job done in 20 minutes. One day Mrs. Marks tells Bobby that Joanie is back from the city and Joanie and her parents invited Bobby and his family over. When Bobby gets to Joanie’s house, Joanie is nowhere to be found. But then when she comes out, Bobby is so surprised he could hardly speak. Joanie had gotten a nose job back in the city. When Joanie ask Bobby what he thinks of her new nose Bobby says it looks nice, but he is not telling the truth for the most part. Just like Bobby, I sometimes feel scared to tell the full truth because if I do so I know it will hurt somebody’s feelings. You tell them what they want to hear but on the inside I’m scared of their reactions. At the end of One Fat Summer Bobby ends up losing weight and learning how to stand up for himself. After this summer of changes he feels great and now he loves summertime and doesn’t want it to end. Sometimes you think something is bad but you’re just not being optimistic about it, then when you give things a chance to work themselves out and you’re positive about a bad situation and you’re being proactive, amazing things can happen. So overall “One Fat Summer” was a great book and whoever reads this novel will be interested and relate to the various topics in the story. Not only is it a great read for teens, adults can take valuable lessons out of the story and get a great read from it.  

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Questions for 1st week of school interview



1. Based on this week, how do you think the rest of the school year will be behavior wise?

2.What kind of fun activies will you and your classes be doing this year?




1. How have you enjoyed getting to know your new teachers, this first week of school?

2.What class do you feel will challenge you the most this year?



1. Has the office been very busy the first week of school?

2. Do you expect the office to be like this the whole year, or do you think things will eventually calm down?



1. For the first week of school were there any major disciplinary issues?

2.As everyone knows you work at Mac-arthur and Levey. Was it hectic running back and forth from two different schools on the first week of school?



1. Was it very busy in the counseling center the first week of school?

2. Do you expect it to be like this the rest of the year?



1. I always see you in the morning outside making sure children are properly dropped off. Do you think that overall it went pretty smoothly for the first week of school?

2. You also patrol the hallways and make sure everything is under control in the lunchroom. Did you have any major confrontations while doing these tasks?


                                             Lunch Staff

1. What is your job in the kitchen?

2. Were there any difficulties with students not knowing things such as the lunchline procedures and putting in the student ID number?


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Vocabulary List #1

1. Enthusisasm- Strong excitement or feelings.  Michael showed alot of enthusiasm about sports.


2. Confidence- A relation of trust or intimacy.   I have confidence that you will complete this important task.


3. Audience- A group of listeners or spectators.  The audience clapped for me after my amazing performance.


4. Redundant- Exceeding what is neccessary or normal.  My long speech was redundant.


5. Posture- The position or bearing of the body wether characteristic or assumed for a special purpose.  When playing a musical instrument, you must have correct posture. 


6. Necessiate- to make necessary or unavoidable.  I had necessiate my bad attitide.


7. Obliterate- Remove completely from recognition or memory.  I tried to obliterate my scary nightmare.


8. Articulation- The aspect of pronunciation that involves bringing articulatory organs together so as to shape the sounds of speech.  My teacher told me I need to work on my articulation.


9. Behoove- To benifit, to be worthwhile.  It would behoove you to do all your homework before watching tv.


10. Punctuate- To give emphasis or force to.  I was very punctuate about the matter.

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Vocabulary List #4

1. Personification -the attribution of a personal nature or character to inanimate objects or abstract notions. Ex.  From reading about the talking animals I could tell the author liked using personification.

2. Sensory- of or pertaining to the senses or sensations. Ex. Our bodies have special sensory organs.

3. Furiously- full of fury, violent passion, or rage. Ex. She furiously stormed out the room.

4. Affectionate- showing, indicating, or characterized by affection or love. Ex. The mother was affectionate for the child.

5. Exhibition- an exhibiting, showing, or presenting to view. Ex. The talent exhibition of the competition was about to begin.

6. Enterprise- participation or engagement in projects. Ex. There was a lot of enterprise for this huge project.

7. Insignia- a distinguishing mark or sign of anything.  Ex. A floral insignia rose on his cheeks.

8. Dungarees- overalls, work clothes, etc. of blue denim. Ex. My dungarees fit perfectly.

9. Invisibility- not visible; not perceptible by the eye. Ex. His invisibility powers saved a life.

10. Mysterious- full of, characterized by, or involving mystery. Ex. The look on his face was very mysterious.


Vocabulary List #5

1.      Pandemonium- a wild uproar

The pandemonium in the classroom was a bit much.

2.      Inferiority- state of being inferior

My inferiority to her made me upset.

3.      Animation-animated quality, liveliness, vivacity, spirit

The amination on her face was exciting.

4.      Meticulously- taking or showing extreme care about minute details

He meticulously studied for his test.

5.      Anticipates-to realize beforehand

I anticipated the long wait in line.

6.      Inarticulate-lacking the ability to express oneself

When I am mad I am very inarticulate.

7.      Foreboding- a prediction

My foreboding statement made the audience burst with applause.

8.      Jubilation- a feeling or the expression of joy or exultation

The jubilation only lasted for a little while.

9.      Appalled- to fill or overcome with horror

I was appalled by a television show I saw tonight.

 10.  Requirement- that which is required

 It was a requirement that I read 5 books and write an essay on them.

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Eastern Hemishpere

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Algebra 1

Algebra 1

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