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More About Me

Well other that im 10 im also in middle school and

im 5'5 (pretty tall for my age) and I

have brown eyes and so is my hair. When i grow up I would like

to become a model, actress or a lawyer. I luv music

and just having fun and enjoyin' being a kid (which now is gettin boring.)


Chris Brown: Say Goodbye

.ComChris Brown - Say Goodbye

Music Code provided by Song2Play>

About me (of course)

I love to sing and dance even though im pretty shy.

I luv sports my favs are Basketball, Voeibol

(which im trying out for), and tennis. I have so many friends

and im known for being nice (if u r nice to me) and

bein' funny. Im an only child, but I live wit my younger cousin so he's

like my little brother. I LUV Bow Wow and Chris Brown as

u can see. I luv friends and family. And that's about it other than how

beautiful i am lol.







Danity Kane: Show Stopper

Fergie: Fergalicous

Bow Wow: Shortie Like Mine


Sammie: U Should B My Girl

UNK: Walk It Out

One Chance: Look At Her



This is a picture of Chris Brown!!! He was at the KCA. Looking as good as every i posted this pic on my page so i can always remember his beautiful face!!



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     I think that they named this story Tuck Everlasting because they the Tuck's are really everlasting and can't die. In the book they already explained how they drank from the fountain of youth. They also talked about when one of them had fell of that tall tree and didn't get any cuts or scraches and that's when they knew something was wrong with all of them. So that's why I think the they named the book Tuck Everlasting.

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Light is the source of seeing. Without light then the world would be pitch black!! LIght can also bend and change it's direction.

Teacher's Page (Comments)

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Cute page! You have done a nice job. I cant believe that that was all you could think of to write about Chris Brown... Make your Paragraphs longer and more detailed

MLK (Assignment)

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MLK Assignment







                                                          Martin Luther King Jr.                            


              It’s important to have a Martin Luther King Jr. monument because of all of the 


accomplishments he had made in the past and not just for african americans,


but for all different cultures.


            He went against what other people thought and belived because


he knew that this was wrong. He was a dedicated man and and was had his head up no


matter what happened. He inspired many people to stand up fot what they belive in no matter


what other people thought.


          Dr.King gave courage to many people. He had a very strong message. In fact his message his


message was so strong that  hundreds of people came to listen to him give his speeches


and joined in on the strikes he leaded and that eventually made a differance in the world. He gave


black and poor people a sense of dignity which helped them with there lives.


He belived in non-violent change in the nation and to be free. We all know he's famous words "I had a


dream" those words gave poeple the strength to belive they can have freedom.




       As I said in paragraph two he believes in non-violent changes and he also believes in


Non-violent protests which makes the risk less high of getting hurt. He cared of


the others no matter what they did to him and no matter the race, culture, or color of


them. So that’s why I believe that they should have a Martin Luther King Jr.








Chris Brown & Bow Wow

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Chris Brown:Poppin'

Chris Brown - Poppin'

Music Code provided by Song2Play.Com

5 chris browns

He's SOOOOOO fine!!!!!!!! And 5 Chris Browns it's just SOOOOOOO cute.

Chris Brown!!


My beautiful man!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CHRIS BROWN!!!!!!! Aint that picture

just so BEAUTIFUL...... Yes Well he's sorry but he's

all MINE!!!!!!!!!!!

GIMME DAT!!!!!!!!!!


Chris Brown

he stay fly no lie and we know it he's ballin!!! This is Chris' ballin' picture!! I posted this pic of him so that can remember that he truely is ballin'!!!!


they are so cute. Together they are so impossible to beat. I posted this picture on my page so i can look at them together at the same time!!

Bow Wow

This is Bow Wow. This is a picture when he had braids still. I posted this picture on my page so i can remember what he used to look like in the past.

Bow wow

OMG look at that smile!!!! Isn't it just so gorgoeus. He was also at the KCA when he took this picture. This picture reminds me of me of Chris Brown (sort of.)

This picture is just so gorgoues!! This is one of my favorites on my page (and the one next to it.) This is my favorite beacuse the pose is just so perfect and he looks so good on this pic.

Author Page

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About Jenette

   Jenette is the author of one of many favorite book "Fame, Glory and other things on my to do list." Really she writes about young teenagers going through things such as everyday life

and school. She also wrote many other books "It's A Mall World After All" "All's fair in love, war, and high school." Just to name a few of the books she wrote. She also has very, very good illustrations

that's what i also like about her writing.



Jenette Rallison

Student Comments

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This Yo Homie Kourtnie

HEY Bria this is your homie Kourtnie saying "Yeah Boy" sike naw but whats up.Call me today PLEASE................Ya Girl KCA aka Kourtnie Clarese Ashford


Wus up BIG HEAD!!!! You know who dis is call me later!!!

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Aaliyah: We Need Resolution

Aaliyah - We Need A Resolution

Music Code provided by Song2Play.Com

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HeyBria!! I have to go you know why! dont teachers get on your nerves just kidding!!

This is u

Image hosting

Image hosting

Bria thts u haha jk, ~Jennifer~

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