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About Me :)

I love E.A.S.T Lab. I go to Mt.Vernon- Enola High School. :) I am in the 10th grade. I love designing things. I like to help people in the EAST lab. :) well, I like to help anyone in general really.



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Environmental And Spacial Technonolgy is what E.A.S.T stand for. This class can help you with talking with people that you do not know. This class will help you with being a perfessional speaker. You can learn about computers and computer websites. Hard ware and Soft ware both are used in the E.A.S.T lab. we disign T-Shirts, we make presentations. One of the biggest things about E.A.S.T, is that we have to find our own personal projects. It basically gets you ready for real life living. This class is good for college and it is good for getting a good paying job when you get older. I take E.A.S.T because it helps me to talk to people. This class has helped me emensley. I am Proud to say that I am an E.A.S.T student.



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Team Project

My team is the Unagreeablez with a z. We do the recyling at the high school. We recycle News paper, paper, cans, cardboard, and more... We like to help and clean up our school. I think that this is a great project for E.A.S.T students to do. Its a project were you learn how to work and you also learn talking skills with other people. Helping out the community is a great thing to do, Recycling has made a great differents in our school and community. I hope this project soon reaches out farther then just the High School. As an individual project i did a few bell scheduales and reading logs. If a teacher askes me to do something for them as a project, well, lets just say I dont hesatate one little bit. I will help if you ask..


ASK ME FOR HELP AND I WILL DO MY BEST TO DO SO. Anything that you have questions for, I will try my hardest to help with the project and get it done the exact way you want it and on time.

My Team

Anthony Severns: He's the Co Leader and the task master. He is an E.A.S.T. 4 student. Brittany Goodsell: I'm the team leader and the secretary. I am an E.A.S.T. 4 student. Brennon Powell: He's the Historian and Co2 leader. He is an E.A.S.T. 2 student.