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Welcome to Columbia Archu

Columbia Archu is designed to give us a place to creatively vent.*  To share funny stories about our favorite events of the day, smelly patrons, frustrating foibles, weirdness, and any other thing that comes across our minds.

Tab explanations:
Archu:  This is just for archu venting.
Venting is done ONLY in Archu: 5 - 7 - 5 people!
Tidbits: This is for sharing tidbits or submitting photographs.  Change names to protect the guilty and always be discreet.  Think of this as a "blind item" column.
Cartoons:  Okay, this is a page of cartoons.

Play with Protopuppy.

* Be discreet. 


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Hail Security For preventing disaster Death by lemonade.

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Units of measure
Now follow me in my sleep.
Deaccession now.


No bun on my desk?
Takes all the fun out of it.
Paranoid of all.


I love to ditch trash.
It tastes delicious to me.
Like warm cinnabons.



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The word "orchis" was first used by Theophrastos, in his book "De historia plantarum". He was a student of Aristotle and is considered the father of botany and ecology.





Savage Chickens

Being Five



Wizard of Id

Moderately Confused

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